Tuesday, October 25, 2011

" New Shit On Deck "

Never heard of this cat Ras Beats, but this new joint with Masta Ace sounds interesting.....

On the flip he teams up with the Wild Cowboy Sadat X for a round of goodness....

Take a listen jack..

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Donaleski said...

Shit nigguh… ya just dont stop that post!
Whenever I see them other blogs all pullin the same shit, im always impressed how u manage to keep spreading some different level shit!
Anyways, thanx for these Ace and Dat X joints. I dunno either where the man Ras from but its serious.
I had a though tho regarding them Mobb affiliates, Ty Nitty just released a good album recently, despite his "what the fuck is that flow" flow, check this track out:

Peace homebwoay!