Wednesday, February 29, 2012

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 35 "

Since it is the last day of black history month, it's only right that I transport you into a contemplation zone..DJ Prestige (Flea Market Funk) opens up the vaults to unleash this "Special Request" mix that is flooded with heavy hitting reggae tunes...

All vinyl, all flavorful, all top choice selections..

So crack open that cold Red Stripe, and prepare for some explosive grooves....ROCK ON.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

" Troopers On The Set "

Remember when you could rock Troop gear on the avenue without looking like some type of weirdo ?

I used to post up in those ill Troop tracksuits backday...Shit, I can't even front, I had enough balls to wear a crisp pair of Ice Lamb's to school one day even though I knew dudes would try to crack jokes...HAHA..

But once brothers heard rumors of the brand being run by Ku Klux Klan members, that was a motherfucking wrap for the Troopers duke. Even the most dedicated Troop enthusiast turned their back on the brand with a quickness.

A couple years ago I scoped out a new Troop jacket at one of those new age corny boutique type joints (You know what the fuck I am talking about)... I halfway considered copping one just for nostalgia purposes, but I came to my senses and realized that I can't come off like these average "THROWBACK BROTHERS" on the strip ...

Anyway, Sneaker Freaker caught up with Troop's Design & Market Director Mike Rhodes for a interesting interview that you should peep...


" The Ill Cyde Vaults "

If your lucky enough to spot an original pressing of any Henchmen material you are going to have to spend a pretty penny homeboy...Recently I read about someone paying over a thousand dollars for one of their records....CRAZY..

Instead of trying to go the Big Willy route, you can catch a reissue for a much cheaper price with the good folks over at CHOPPED HERRING RECORDS...

Hip Hop Battlefield top picks...

"Brooklyn Bastards".....Produced by Ticnology.

"What You Going To Do"......Produced by Ticnology..

"Da Henchmen were made up of a bunch of different MC's hailing from all corners of NYC. They appeared around 1993 and 1994 as support act in NYC club venues for the likes of Doug E fresh, King Sun and Frankie Cutlass among others. They released an extended EP called 'Beware: Lyricly Dangerous' and a 12" 'Watcha Gonna Do' in 1994 both on Ill Cyde Records, which was set up solely to push the group. Contrary to mythology, there was no third single - but there was a different crew from NYC called Da Henchmen! Another overlooked fact was that two of the members, Ray Boogie and True Da Grynch (aka The Evil Twins) featured on Frankie Cutlass' huge Hip Hop club hit 'Puerto Rico' where they shout out Da Henchmen in their rhymes. Apart from these minor nuggets of information, as well as the status of both their releases as hugely desirable Indy Holy Grails, very little is known about this grimey,underground Hip Hop crew from NYC. Chopped Herring Records hopes to change that"....

" Joint Of The Day "

Todays joint of the day has to go to the Bronx Bombers Showbiz & A.G. "In Trouble"....Another leak off the MUGSHOT MUSIC album that we are all anxiously waiting for..


Sunday, February 26, 2012

" Let The Beats Rock "

Sometimes it's nice to hear strictly instrumentals when your trying to get in a certain type of zone...

Debonair P lets the instrumentals breathe on this Hydra Beats Mega Mix (80 Beats In 80 Minutes) session which rocks nonstop goodness with productions by Godfather Don, Kid Called Roots, Sean C, Beat Nuts, and many more...

I had this mix for over a month, but I never got around to listening to it until last night and it instantly helped me get my motherfucking mind right...

I'm positive it will do the same for you homeboy !


" Daily Diggers Radio "

This 90 minute broadcast from Mr. Breaks for Days (Kid Dyno) is packed full of quality selections...

The first segment rocks a heavy dose of breaks that will force you to hit the rewind button...And for the last 30 minutes he brings some under the radar nuggets to the table...Don't sleep.

Friday, February 24, 2012

" Drasar Monumental Wrecks The Remix "

The Double X Posse released a couple albums on Big Beat Records in the early 90's (Put Ya Boots On & Ruff, Rugged, and Raw)....There biggest hit was the anti-gold digger anthem "Not Going To Be Able To Do It", but the crew had some other joints up their sleeve that deserve attention as well..

For instance, the Lord Finesse produced "Money Talks" accurately describes the frustrations of trying to accumulate wealth in a "crabs in a barrel" environment......You can literally feel the hunger in Sugar Ray's voice when he yells, "Nowadays it's hard with no money to stay alive / some people might do anything, it goes with the will to survive".....

So I decided to give the song the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD remix makeover...

Instead of sticking to one groove, I switched up the beat several times to keep the momentum pumping...No keyboards, no kits, no cornball arrangements, just raw wattage blazing out of the speakers....Big up to everyone that appreciates how I get down over here......Take a listen trooper..



" Live From Union Square Steez "

I'm going to place you in a Hip Hop time machine real quick ya'll, and transplant you all the way into the Union Square nightclub circa 1986....Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince go all out on this stellar 20 minute performance that has managed to age very well...

And for the record this is the full version not the one you hear on the "He's The DJ I'm The Rapper" release...

Straight up B-Boy madness....


" Hit Squad 2012 "

Back in the mid 90's I was lucky enough to catch the Hit Squad tour when it rolled through town....Redman came out with a Louisville Slugger, DJ Scratch donned a Jason hockey mask while cutting shit the fuck up, Das-EFX straight up killed it, and of course EPMD housed the entire set with a barrage of classic material...

Fast forward to 2012 and the hit squad patrol is about to unleash a bomb on New York City (I honestly feel like grabbing a flight from California to see this one)...

Anyway, Combat Jack recently caught up with the duo to talk about tonight's festivities, Long Island, beef with Rakim, Hip Hop history, and all types of other shit......


Thursday, February 23, 2012

" J-Zone's Top Ten Sample Flips "

You kids have it easy in this day in age....

When I was coming up Hip Hop was all about secrecy....During the Pre- Internet era you had to be connected if you wanted the jewels to get passed down to you..All the way from the kicks to the illest new mixtapes, you had to be on your motherfuckin toes in order to be in the know..

Now you can click a button and find out the sample source of a particular record within seconds.....CRAZY...

Things have definitely changed, but I'm not complaining at all especially when you have cats like Large Pro, Lord Finesse, K-Def, and J-Zone going in....

" Ultramagnetic MCs – “When I Burn” (Next Plateau, 1988)
Producer: Ced Gee

The funny shit about this, I didn’t actually own Critical Beatdown ‘til 1993. I had Funk Your Head Up and The Four Horsemen first and then went back to get this. I always loved the “Cookies” break beat and I’d started making beats already, so I’d always try to loop it. But there was that loud car horn at the end of the loop that kind of threw it off. I heard this and lost my mind. Ced Gee chopped it at the snare and got the effectiveness of it as a drum loop and cut out the horn. Plus he piled all that other crazy shit on top. I still want to flip “Cookies” so bad, but I’ve never come up with anything that can top this. From the first three Ultra albums to Tim Dog’s Penicillin on Wax, Ultra’s shit has never been duplicated ".


" Thursday Rockets "

A couple weeks ago I posted up Calhoun's "Dust Your Tape Deck" mix part one, now I'm going to splash ya'll with part two to keep your Hip Hop morale up...

You know the drill : under the radar rockets, B-Sides, and remixes...


Odd Squad : I Can't See
The Future Sound : Bop Step
Raw G : Busykickinrhymes2therythem
Sham and The Professor : Coney Island
Tony D : Tony Don't Play That
Mcm : I Got Soul (Trunk A Funk Mix)
Run Dmc : Get Open
Cypress Hill : Lick A Shot (Baka Boyz Remix)
Jaz B Lat'n : Set It Off
Strange Behavior : 2 Peas In A Bucket
Asphalt Poetry : Lyrical Decay
Undaworld : Fuck Work
Yaggfu Front : Slappin Suckas Silly
Lord Finesse : You Know What I'm About
Onyx : Shiftee Remix
Doomsday Project : Step Up Front
Freestyle Professors : Your Pocket's Been Picked
Mc Essential & Awol : Bring It Up
Da Henchmen : What U Gonna Do ?
Black Madness : Wild Brooklyn Bandits
Greyson and Jasun : Livin Like A Troopa Remix
Legion Of Dume : Son Of Sam
The Hoodz : Pull Out Your Gatz Remix
Okey Doke : Who's Da One Rappin
Apple and Orange : I Kick Da Flava
Born Discipline : Brothers Wanna Clown Around
2 To The Heat : Dance Wit The Devil
Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M : Talk About The Green
Rahmel : Straight Out Of Brooklyn
Renaissance : Flyz In Da Attic
Finsta : Payday Is Bliss
Mc Cash : At The Drop Of A Dime
Double X Possee : Girls Be Frontin
No Concept : Help Us We're Dope
The Runaways Slave : Booty Mission
Little Shawn : Keep Ya Distance
Ll Cool J : I Get Busy
Percee P : Lung Collapsing Lyrics
Rough House Survivers : Straight From The Soul
Red Hot Lover Tone : Gigalow Thing
Phase N' Rhythm : Swollen Pockets
The Chief Groovy Lou : Ain't Got Nuttin
Lord Ishawn and The Bronx Outlaws : Microphone Check
Crazy Sam and Da Verbal Assassins : 5 Boros
Del Tha Funky Homosapien : Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo Remix
The Hansoul Project : For The Niggas
Da Bush Babees : Swing It (Jazzyness)
Umc's : Staten Island Comes First
Kaotic Style : Let A Nigga Flow
Money Boss Players : Nighty Night
Dougie Dee : Do You Wanna Ride Remix
Black Poets : The Hand That Robs The Cradle
Shadasious : Phunck What You Heard Remix
Fatal : Pass The Kronz
Kool G Rap : Hey Mister
Crusaders Of Real Hip-Hop : La Cosa Nostra
Gello Tha Hip-Hop Scholar : Unified Hip-Hop Nation


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

" Milkcrate Jewels 38 "

This past weekend I caught this nice piece of wax by the consistently funky KENNY DOPE.

"Rama Jama - Trooper Super Version" featuring the Mad Racket is the type of joint you play when your in full party preservation mode and you want to kick things into high gear...

Give it a listen, but prepare yourself for heavy turbulence.HAHA.

1993 Big Beat Records..


" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 34 "

God damn this compilation of scorchers (Brand New Wayo-Funk, Fast Times & Nigerian Boogie Badness) will put you in the right frame of mind....

Soul power, freak mode beats, and that special extra dash of African funk on deck...DONT SLEEP..

"Comb & Razor Sound launches its exploration of the colourful world of popular music from Nigeria, starting with the post-disco era of the late 1970s and early 80s.The years between 1979 and 1983 were Nigeria's Second Republic, when democracy finally returned after 23 years of uninterrupted military dictatorship. They were also the crest of Nigeria's oil boom, when surging crude prices made the country a land of plenty, prosperity and profligacy. The influx of petrodollars meant an expansion in industry, and the music industry in particular. Record companies upgraded their technology and cranked out a staggering level of output to an audience hungry for music to celebrate the country's prospective rise as global power of the future".


Tracklisting :

A1. Mixed Grill - A Brand New Wayo
A2. Kris Okotie - Show Me Your Backside
A3. Murphy Williams - Get On Up
A4. Joe Moks - Boys and Girls
B1. Amas - Slow Down
B2. Oby Onyioha - I Want To Feel Your Love
B3. Dizzy K. Falola - Excuse Me Baby
B4. Chris Mba - Funky Situation
C1. Bayo Damazio - Listen to the Music
C2. Martha Ulaeto - Music Alone
C3. Segun Robert - Big Race
C4. Amel Addmore - Jane
D1. Honey Machine - Pleasure
D2. The Stormmers - Love or Money
D3. Emma Baloka - Let's Love Each Other

Monday, February 20, 2012

" Ali Shaheed Speaks "

Do yourself a favor and watch Mr. Ali Shaheed Muhammad drop extensive jewelry with the Red Bull Music Academy......Over an hour of Hip Hop history, nostalgia, production techniques, and all types of other goodies that will hold your attention...


Lecture: Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Los Angeles 2012) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

" D.I.T.C Underboss "

These days I get so many E-Mails that it's impossible to sift through all that shit without wasting a tremendous amount of time....While scanning through the inbox, I noticed that the good people over at "Slice Of Spice" are taking pre-orders for a Lord Finesse 7 inch (Hands In The Air, Mouth Shut/ Isn't he Something Remix)..

Awww shit, I'm going to cop doubles ASAP on general principle......If your thinking along the same lines do the right thing and check in...


" Joint Of the Day "

Here is a sure shot heat rock from Gensu Dean's "Lo-Fi Fingaz" project on Mellow Music Group, "Yen" featuring Roc Marciano.....Turn the motherfuckin volume up a couple notches..


Friday, February 17, 2012

" Goretex Wreck "

Earlier this week while doing some heavy digging I ran into "Goretex" formerly of Non Phixion...

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the break up of the group, but I'm not a motherfuckin gossip reporter so I didn't bother asking him any cornball questions...We just chopped it up about Hip Hop, records, and how phony cats are these days...

I'm definitely familiar with the material that the trio put out during NYC's independent boom in the late 90's - but I wasn't really up to speed on Goretex's recent releases, so I did a little investigating to see what the Brooklynite has been up to...In 2004 he dropped "The Art Of Dying", and last year he came with the "Coffin Syrup" project that contained various versus he recorded throughout the years...

Conspiracy theory murder rap is the steez....

"Dedication" featuring Timbo King & Killa Sha (R.I.P.).

"Mother Natures Son"

" Let The Beats Rock "

Last year 86'D put out a rugged beat tape "Skyler - The Reanimator" that had a few joints on it....

My top pick out of the bunch is the awkwardly titled "Peace Based Gods".....It features a bouncy reggae sample that gets shattered into a million pieces under cracking drum hits..


86'D - Piece Based Gawds by

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

" Attack Of The Killer Demos 7 "

It's been awhile since I rocked a "Attack Of the Killer Demos" joint for the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD posse, so I will do the right thing and slap you cats with a doozy...

Strong Island's "Keefy Keef" also known as Keith Murray comes correct on this demo from the early 90's...I'm quite sure many of you have never heard this before, so quit stalling and give it a listen....BLAM,BLAM...


" Strong Arm Steady Rockets "

To help celebrate the launch of their new website, "SAS" are offering up a free download of Phil The Agony's "Steady Aromatic" mixtape....It features collabs with King-T, Self Scientific, Defari, Tash, and many others..

You know the motherfucking drill.


" Baby Paul Speaks "

Former Beat Miner "Baby Paul" recently sat down with those dudes over at Nod Factor for a in-depth interview that will hold your attention....I highly suggest that you take time out to soak up the gems famo...

"Did anyone show you how to use the equipment?

The SP-12 was self taught. The first MPC I invested in was the MPC 2000. I never had a MPC drum machine until the 2000 came out. I never had the MPC 60 or 62. I had the SP-12 Turbo that had the Commodore 64 external hard drive. Then I had the SP-1200 and then a bunch of AKAI racks. That was my starting gear.

Then when the MPC 2000 came out I called Evil Dee for some advice and pointers and then I taught myself (the rest) after he gave me some pointers. A lot of the gear was self taught. I feel blessed that I took initiative, experimented and I learned how to filter my samples myself.

As far as programming the drum machines I did watch Large Pro do a few tricks here and there on the 1200 and then I experimented and taught myself how to sequence, truncate my sounds, as far as my drums. As far as synching the Akai rack sampler with the Sp 12, the drum machine was the master and the Akai was the part I’d synch all my loop samples in and sequence everything in the 1200.

Eventually I started getting into integrating live sounds and midi synching keyboards, keyboard racks to now we’re in the software game".


" New Ka Steamers "

Grief Pedigree is finally out folks....

After a lengthy wait, and numerous videos now we can finally hear the project in it's entirety....I'm on a straight up mission to get a copy today by any means necessary....If you guys can track it down before me- slide a brother the goods..

Anyway here is his latest visuals...


"Feast or famine, in the streets with a canon / peace to my man's deceased, I'm still standing ".......SAY WORD.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

" The Return Of Actual Facts "

Back when I first started this blog over four years ago (damn, time is literally flying), I rocked a short lived segment entitled, "Actual Facts"...I would hit ya'll off with 10 lesser known Hip Hop facts just to keep things interesting over here..Since I'm in a giving mood today I decided to resurrect "AF" in the 2012 season to help raise your Hip Hop morale levels..So without further delay here it is folks.

Grab your popcorn, ice cold beverages, and stop eating all those god damn sweets for a minute (it is Valentines Day right ?), and prepare for some BATTLEFIELD jewelry..

1. Contrary to popular belief, Q-Bert is not the inventor of the hamster scratch technique....That title would go to DJ Quest from the "Bulletproof Scratch Hamsters", hence the name...

2. I love Fab Five Freddy just like everyone else (He helped the movie Wild Style get created, and he also directed the BDP "My Philosophy" video for christ sake, not to mention hosting MTV raps, etc), but it is a fact that he recently took credit for some artwork that wasn't 100 % his own...READ MORE HERE IF YOU THINK I'M BULLSHITTING...

3..Please let it be known that Money Boss Player "Minnesota" is responsible for the production on Big Pun's classic song, "I'm Not A Player"...R.I.P.

4.That cornball from the Black Eyed Peas "Will. I. Am.", was once signed by the late great Eazy E to Ruthless Records as part of the group Atban Klan..They were a hybrid of the Pharcyde & Arrested Development...IMAGINE THAT..

5.. According to King Sun on the Preserving The Culture podcast, he helped ghostwrite bars for Fat Joe on his debut album "Represent".....For some reason I wasn't surprised by that one in the least...HA.

6.. DRASAR is a acronym for DANGEROUS-RHYMES-ASSASSINATE-SUCKERS-AT-RANDOM.......Yeah I make beats, spin, and rap circles around most of these lames I hear trying to clutch mics.....Get your motherfuckin bars up !!!

7..Funky Four Plus One were the first Hip Hop act on National T.V. (Saturday Night Live)...

8..M.C. Hammers album "Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em" from 1990 is ten times platinum......That goes to show you that it wasn't all good during Hip Hop's golden age people....

9..9th Prince (Killarmy) and the RZA are biological brothers....

10..That's it for now troopers...Be on the lookout for more heat on the BATTLEFIELD this week duke, and that's a motherfuckin fact jack.

" New Shit On Deck "

Never heard of this cat Synopsis from Kooley High before....I decided to give his newest release a listen last night and there were some beats on it that caught my attention...

The Buzzfactory Volume 1 runs ten songs deep which is the perfect length for this project in my opinion....Don't get it twisted though trooper- this is a solid effort that you should peep..


Monday, February 13, 2012

" Muro - Electric Kingdom "

Now this is more like it....

One of the hardest working DJ's on the planet continues his streak of explosive mixes...DJ Muro pulls out all the stops on the very flavorful "Electric Kingdom" joint.....I'm real particular when it comes to these types of sessions, but Muro keeps the momentum pumping with a barrage of top choice selections, well executed blends, and on-point composition...

Turn on your cruise control and let the beats rock !


Sunday, February 12, 2012

" Power Speaks "

Jeff Weiss caught up with Wu-Tang affiliate Oli "Power" Grant to chop it up about various topics....If your in the mood for a well thought out interview - you know the motherfucking drill cuzzo...

"In a way, did your lack of formal business education, pay any dividends because you didn’t get bogged down in arbitrary rules that you’d learned from a book?

It’s the gift and it’s the curse. There’s no schooling, so the value comes from learning life lessons. Every day you can learn lessons if you tune in, if you tune in for what’s bullshit and what’s not. Everyone doesn’t have a Wu Tang story, there’s lots of dudes from the streets who don’t make it. The reality is that you can be from the streets, but have your eye on the wrong dreams, and certain things never come to light, you don’t have the wherewithal. We was blessed, but at the same token, at the same time, we strived to make a way for ourselves".


" Sunday Firepower "

Sure you might have heard some of the songs on this mix by Revolution (Series 25), but the way he flips them will keep you on your toes....You will hear loads of doubles, cuts, and nonstop classic shit..

I highly recommend listening to this from front to back for maximum effect.

Salute to Rev for holding it down on the decks for 20 plus years and counting....

Friday, February 10, 2012

" Beatminerz Vs. X-Ecutioners "

Awwwww man, you know shit is real when two of these heavyweights link up to splash up the set.....

Quit stalling and do the right thing...

"Two of the greatest crate-digging, coast-to-coasting, break flipping, scritchy-scratching crew of all time–Da Beatminerz and the X-Ecutioners–will be joining forces this Sunday February 12th (that’s 2/12/12 for the numerologists out there) for a live event at NYC’s Highline Ballroom featuring heaps of special guests (use your imagination). In order to commemorate this historic meeting of the mines, they have put together this unique mixtape cut together out of six short sets from DJ Precision, Total Eclipse, DJ Esquire, Boogie Blind, Evil Dee and Rob Swift".


Thursday, February 9, 2012

" Classic Storm Radio - 1/20/12 "

On this broadcast of "CSR" Toshi plays joints from Raekwon, Saigon, The Funk League, and they even bring in a special guest, Mr. C-Rayz Walz who freestyles for his entire interview...HA.

You already know the motherfuckin drill..


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

" Download Material "

Are you motherfuckers prepared for some 2012 head nodders ?

All the way from Brazil comes this collection of grand grooves from DJ Uilson (Selecta Funk 2)...If your searching for a power boost on this frigid Tuesday evening, you just found it...

Big up to all of you that scope out the BATTLEFIELD on the regular..


1 - Super Erotica - Erotic Rhythm (Macumba)
2 - Super Erotica - Jungle Fever
3 - Super Erotica - Le Couple
4 - Waltel Branco - Meu Balanço
5 - João Donato ( A Bad Donato ) - Straight Jacket
6 - Free Sound Orquestra* - Tarcisiu´s Theme
7 - Ed kennedy * - I´ll Never Fall In love Again
8 - Orquestra CBD - Tema da Zorra
9 - Raulzito & Impacto 8 (Raul de Souza) - Cantaloope Island
10 - Azymuth - Melô da Cuíca
11 - Waltel Branco - Luar do Sertão
12 - Claudia - Vai Baby (Peter Gunn)
13 - Bertrami e Conjunto Azimute (Azymuth) - Pela Cidade
14 - Marcio Montarroyos - Makaha
15 - Airto* - Zuei
16 - Azambuja @ Cia* - Tema de Azambuja
17 - Wanderlea - Ginga da Mandinga
18 - Airto fogo* - Black Soul
19 - Helio Matheus - Boi da Cara Branca
20 - Odair José* - Nunca Mais
21 - Claudia - Poeta do Medo
22 - Trio Mocotó - O Xamego de Iná
23 - Tamba 4 - Samba Blim
24 - Super Som T.A - Agora Chega
25 - Tony Bizarro - Não Vai Mudar
26 - Marcos Valle - Mentira
27 - Eumir Deodato - West 42nd Street
29 - Paulinho da Costa - Toledo Bagel

" Tuesday Rockets "

What do you get when you combine Heaven Razah & Grand Puba on the same track ?

Substance over style homeboy...

"Writing On The Wall" is off the Razah Reborn album that is currently available......


" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 33 "

Trinidad & Freddie Massif (Heavy Listening Crew) are no slouches when it comes to assembling a dope podcast.....I already posted the ones they did with Money Boss Players & The Freestyle Professors, now your going to get the soul power explosion duke..


"Over 1 hour of real soul music from all eras.
Modern,northern and crossover.
We featured the soon to be released Moments reissue from Wax Poetics along some classic rarities such as the Trinikas,East of Underground and Hot Chocolate.
Guest shout-outs from crate veterans Amir (from Kon & Amir),Wax Poetics editor Dante Carfagna,Bronx legend Danny the Beatman and more."


" NY - CT Connect "

L.O.N.S. Alumni "Dinco-D" is still blessing microphones in the new millennium...Last year he came out with the NY-CT Connect project with Elvee..All of the production duties were handled by DJ N.E.B......

Glad to hear that "D" is still maintaining and doing his thing....

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS...."Amongst Them", "Text Love", and "Last Days"..

" Samples Vs. Bands "

"I'm tired of rappers with live instruments on the stage / save that shit for parades...And while your at it why don't you dress like a clown / and draw yourself a permanent frown..

Rappers doing this should retire / niggas looking like Earth, Wind, and Fire"...

"Kiss My Black Ass"..MC Ren 1992.

I wouldn't personally word it the way the former NWA rhyme slayer did, but I understand his sentiments whole heartedly......Too many dudes forget that Hip Hop was built on the manipulation of breaks...Sometimes when you actually incorporate a band into the mix the results are lackluster..

For instance, Black Moon chose to rock over a band late last year to perform the entire "Enta The Stage" album.....There are a couple interesting moments, but I will choose rugged Beat Minerz production over the band scenario any day of the week...

*On a side note- I wasn't digging that Onyx & Biohazard collabo "Judgement Night" either...HAHA..

Am I alone on this one ? What do ya'll think ?



" New Shit On Deck "

Planet Asia & Doo Wop are about to release a mixtape entitled "The Arrival" in the very near future...Leather Goose Music is the first leak from the project...

Doo Wop is still one of the nicest DJ's on the mic device..


Monday, February 6, 2012

" Dust Your Tape Deck "

DJ Calhoun recently dropped a mixtape that should grab your attention...

The Rah-Rah Mix (Dust Your Tape Deck) is loaded with treats....If you think I'm bullshitting - peep the motherfuckin playlist....90% of the time I listen to a project in it's entirety before posting, but for some reason I'm going to let this one fly.....

I will give you a update after I give this a thorough listen...

Just Ice - Keep it Real
Grand Daddy IU - Who got da Gats ?
Horror City - Aah's & Oohh's
Dred Scott - Nutin' Ta Lose (Marley's Mix)
Preacher Earl & The Ministry - Fool I Got Your Back
The Nonce - Hoods Like To Play
Powerful - Murder 1
Red Hot Lover Tone - Give It Up (Diamond D Remix)
Wise Intelligent - Shitty Inna City
Steady B - Bogardin'
Natural Elements - I Got Your Heart
Aceyalone - Feet Upon Da Table
The Lost Boyz - Renee (A Ghetto Fairytale)
Doomsday Project - Bodycatchers At Da Bullet Fest
Kamakazee - Bridge 95
Rampage the Last Boy Scout - Beware of The Rampshack
Poor Righteous Teachers - Lick Shots
Ace C Ducey - Pop Ya Trunks
The Brotha Life & X Man Project - Gotta Have It
Lethal Terrorist :Truth Or Dare
1st Platoon - Damn "U" The Man
Pashun 'N' Da Loonatik - Lyrical High
Tasc4ourse - Sound In Your Ears
Nuff Ruffness - Styles Come At Ya
Van Full of Pakistans - Monkey on my Back
The Dereliks - I am a Record
Izzy Real - Is He Real
Ghetto Concept - Deifitrec
Top Quality - What
Ra Kapone - Neva Under Pressure
Apple and Orange - Givin Ya a Taste
Finsta - Finsta Baby
The Funk League - The Boogie Down Bombers
Black Moon - Make Munne
Souls Of Mischief - Let 'Em Know
Funkdoobiest - Holdin It Down
Lo Down - Mad Fright Nights
Da Henchmen - Basket Case
Civilized Savages - Ill Rhyme Skill
Saukrates - Hate Runs Deep
Controversy - 2 Da Beat Y'all
MF 911 - 900 (Remix)
Brooklyn Zoo - Boo
Madman Shawn - Walk thru Hell
The Muck Men - Pokin Fun
PMD - No Shorts And No Sleep
Myster-Me - Call Me Myster
Diezzle Don & Tha Govener - Ill Funk Flow
Mobb Deep - Take It in Blood
OGC - Dan-jer
Little Shawn - Check It Out Y'All
Street Life The Dy'nasty - No Matter Where
Sham & The Professor - So-Low-Ist (The Kenny "Dope" Remix)
Peach Tha 5TH Trooper - Madflow Yo !