Monday, October 3, 2011

" Monday Rockets "

It's starting to get cold outside , but I can promise you that HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is going to keep those flames burning for all of you still looking for high powered frequencies....

DJ S Rock comes equipped with a mix stacked with ultra rare joints that are bound to perk your ears up.....Don't be alarmed by the first song- things get on the right track shortly afterwards....


-chase and destroy.


-da naba hood threat

-soul party

-armed & dangerous


-corners 2 corner


-da beat terrorist feat syndicate east

-da funk


-steady b


-ruff rugged and raw

-mad drauma

Part 2:

-low end

-olori rock

-the art of origin


-lord ishawn and the Bronx outlaws

-interlude precise and the boys part1


-operation doomsday.


-da henshmen

-interlude precise and the boys part 2


-x-tra pleza

-dance with the devil

-interlude precise and the boys part 3

-5 star grew



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