Thursday, March 31, 2011

" Blog Shots 44 "

Normal Bias is a blog you should scope out while your floating around in cyber-space.....You will find tons of rare radio shows, reviews, Hip Hop history, and all types of other gems...

When you head over there, tell them that grimy kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

" Large Pro & Neek The Exotic "

Yeah, this is not "Faking The Funk" status, but it still deserves some burn homeboy.......

"Still On The Hustle" is the second offering from the upcoming album by those Queens dudes- Large Pro & Neek.....You know the motherfucking drill..

Via- Black Out..


" It's Sean P "

BCC rhyme launcher Sean Price keeps dropping that smack em up rap with the release of this new blazer, "How The God's Chill Remix" featuring Mayhem Lauren & Roc Marciano...

It's nice to hear these three smoke the mic, but I just wish this beat could have been better.......I enjoyed listening regardless...



" Mode 2 Speaks "

When I ran into Mode 2 at the Aero Soul 2 art exhibit a couple months back I didn't really know what to expect.....I had heard that he didn't really like taking pictures, but how often does Mode come to California ?

Fuck that, I was determined to get a flick.....Not on some weirdo fanatic shit, nah just simple admiration for the amount of work he has put in over the years......So I ran up on dude right before I was going to hop on the decks..."What's up Mode, blah, blah, blah would you mind if I took a flick of you brother"......

His reply was "Uh, uh, I stopped taking pics since 1996"........At first I was stunned by his reaction......So I just kinda stared at him and gave him the gas face / screw face special......You gotta understand something before I even go further with this shit...I'm not the type of dude that runs up on everybody and whispers in their ear for autographs...

Not because I'm unable to humble myself in the presence of greatness....It's because in my mind we are all great....Even you weirdos that behave like motherfucking savages are great in your own right...Everyone has a talent, it's just that some people are unable to tap into their inner greatness (More on that in a future book or something)...

Anyway, he smiled at me and I just turned around and chuckled to myself on the way to the D.J. booth..........I quickly forgot about that little episode and started flipping through my record bag to get it popping......My set is groovy, people are snapping their fingers, girls are bobbing their heads and all that other fly shit........

I decided to throw on a JVC Force cut, "Strong Island"...........Instantly heads perk up a little bit more and the room gets a little steamier.....Guess what happens next ?...........Your boy "Mode" rolls up on me and gives me dap and a motherfuckin salute...

Fast forward to the next day-

I see Mode again, we crack a few jokes about Hip Hop ..... I mind my own business, pull out my trusty camera and take a flick.....HAHAHAHA......

Format Magazine caught up with the Chrome Angelz general for a round of discussion.....


" More Heat On Deck "

Don't be alarmed when you initially tune into this mix by Freddie Massif & Trinidad (You will understand what I'm saying)....After a mis-step with the first joint, they quickly get it poppin correctly...

Featuring songs from Grandmaster Caz, Roc Marciano, Phil Most Chill, Money Boss Players, Sadat X, Freestyle Professors, etc...If you enjoyed the Money Boss Players podcast that I posted awhile back- you will appreciate this as well...


" J- Rocc : Play This Too "

This is the first single for Beat Junkie president J-Rocc's upcoming album, "Cold Rock Stuff"......."Play This Too" sounds like a break beat parade explosion on acid tabs....

Crunchy drums pounding a creepy carousel type vocal loop, over constantly changing arrangements......Original, heavily layered, and innovative.......Two thumbs up status...

Be on the lookout for "Cold Rock Stuff" April 5th on S.T.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 13 "

Ya'll ready for some official soul power ?

Are you prepared for heavy grooves that will cause even the most grimey dudes to jump up and do a little two-step ? Honestly, this complilation will help you get your motherfuckin mind right.....Instinct Records.


* And for all you beat nerds out there- this rocks an insane amount of open drum breaks so don't sleep....

Tracklisting :
01. The Poets of Rhythm - North Carolina
02. Soul Sliders - Practice What You Preach
03. Bo Baral's Excursionists - Getting Down into Somethin'
04. The Poets of Rhythm - Upper Class
05. Dynamic Soundmakers - On the Run (Chase Theme)
06. The Whitefield Bros. - Donkey
07. The Poets of Rhythm - It Came Over Me
08. The New Process - More Mess on My Thing, Pt.2
09. The Pan-Atlantics - Serengeti Stroke
10. The Poets of Rhythm - Strokin' the Grits
11. Dynamic Soundmakers - New Day Has Begun (The Big Gringo)
12. The Pan-Atlantics - Rhodesian Girl
13. The Poets of Rhythm - Saltin' the Soup
14. The Soul-Saints Orchestra - Into Space and Time

" Best Of Ed. O.G. & Masta Ace Mixtape "

* Above pic- Masta Ace & Mr. Hip Hop Battlefield....HAHA..

I posted up this mix last year......I'm bringing it back for all of you Hip Hop creeps that slept the first go-round...

D.J. Mensa and Surreal Sound cover a lot of ground on this one.......Ed O.G & Masta Ace: past, present, and all that other fly shit...


" Camp Lo- 80 Blocks From Tiffany's "

This new mixtape by Camp Lo uses some of P.R.'s classic joints as well exclusive joints from their upcoming album (80 Blocks From Tiffany's)....

I'm only half-way through and it's sounding rather explosive......If this is a indicator of what they have cooking up-they just might have a certified scorcher on their hands.....


Monday, March 28, 2011

" Monday Hip Hop Morale "

My homeboy from FUNKWHATYAHEARD "M.P." put this off the dome, one-track mix together recently.....You should already know by now that he plays no games, and he brings crazy flavors to the table every time he goes in....

So do the right thing and turn the volume to ten......

Saturday, March 26, 2011

" Drasar Monumental Wrecks The Remix "

O.K. O.K. here we go again with that 2011 drama.....

When it comes to this remix shit, I build the beat around the vocals instead of just throwing accapellas over pre-made productions..

Everything is taylor made to fit the rhymes homeboy...

This time around I decided to flip G. Rap's "Foul Cats" and create another foul concoction.......If you don't know the drill by now- grab your war goggles, strap on some protective head gear, and prepare for collision.....I'm going in..


Thursday, March 24, 2011

" Thursday Body Rockers "

Awwwwww man the weekend is here already....So you know what that means: Bar fights, copious amounts of alcohol, chicken hawking, champagne poppin, kicking up dust, and some good old fashioned drunk driving........I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about you motherfuckers......HAHAHA....

If you need some theme music for your weekend shenanigans- D.J. Return has the remedy with this mix "Bounce, Rap, Break, Roll".....Over an hour of street jams that are sure to put you in freak mode......

Listen up.....

Track List:
1. Syreeta – Move It, Do It [1981]
2. T-Ski Valley – Never Let Go (Rap & Breaks) [1982]
3. Spyder D – Smerphies Dance [1982]
4. Les Femmes – Yes, You Thrill Me [1984]
5. Fonda Rae – Over Like a Fat Rat [1982]
6. Just Four – Jam to Remember (Disco Mix & Breaks)[1982]
7. Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three – Request Line [1984]
8. Videeo – Closet Freak (Special Mix) [1982]
9. The Whispers – Keep on Lovin’ Me [1983]
10. Convertion – Let’s Do It [1980]
11. Casper – Casper’s Groovy Ghost Show [1980]
12. Super Wolf – Super-Wolf Can Do It [1980]
13. Capt. Crunch & The Funky Bunch – The Gigolo Groove (Party Version) [1981]
14. Bon Rock & Cotton Candy – Junior Wants to Play [1982]
15. Little Toni Marsh – Video Burnout [1983]
16. Planet Patrol – Rock At Your Own Risk (Instrumental) [1982]
17. John Blair - Momma Said Shut Up [1985]


" Crate Damage, Part 3 "

Yeah I was unable to rock the "C.D." shit yesterday, but I'm going to make up for it by giving ya'll a certified domecracker....

If you grew up in the Yo MTV Raps era you might have caught a video from Powerule (E-Ville, Prince, and Ax)......."Smooth" was probably the trio's biggest hit....Matter of fact that video received heavy burn for a short time period....

I'm not sure if they are still recording-the last thing I heard from them was "Bright Lights, Big City" 1997 Dolo Records....

Back in 1991 they dropped the Volume 1 album on Interscope Records (Damn, Interscope has changed for the worse over the years HAHAHA).......Here is one of my favorite cuts from that joint....

"Ruffneck Style" produced by Powerule....

" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Soldier Field, Part 8 "

What's going on out there HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD posse ?

Are you an M.C. that is confident in your skills ?........Are you a D.J. that still actually mixes and practices your hand control on those scratch patterns ?......Maybe your a graff head that knows what time it is ?

Or are you a producer that donates a good amount of time to perfecting your craft ?..........

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you can send your material to ZJUDAH@YAHOO.COM and I will give it a listen to see if it is HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD status HAHA.......On the real though, send me your joints and I will see what's good famo...

Anyway, Hip Hop Project blesses us with 4 hours of non stop hip Hop chaos.......Big up to all my peoples out there in Chi-Town, see ya'll in a second....


Prodigy- keep it there
Prodigy- Livin the life
Prodigy- tick tock
Prodigy- hooked on you
Prodigy- veterans memorial
Mobb Deep- Creep
Mobb Deep- Bloody Money
Mobb Deep- So ill
Prodigy & Alchemist- Backwards
Mobb Deep- Eye for Eye
Mobb Deep- Get Away
Mobb Deep- Stole Something
Prodigy- Bang on Em
Prodigy- Bad Power
Prodigy- Real Power is People
Prodigy- Stop Frontin
Prodigy- Young Vet
Alchemist- Hold you down
Cormega/Prodigy- Three
Big Twins/ Pacino/ Prodigy- anytime
Big Noyd feat. prodigy- Louder
Jigmastas- c.s.s
Freddie Foxx- Freddie Dynomite
MOP- Firing Squad
KRS- Hip Hop Lives
J.U.I.C.E- The Come Up
Cormega- A Thin Red Line
Jay Electronica- Exihbit C
Murs- Freak these tales
Dr. Dre - Xxxplosive
Gangstarr - Deadly Habits
Liquid Junkies - s.c.a.n.s
Beatnuts - Strokes
Mad Skillz - 2006 Wrap Up
Quasimoto - Axe Puzzles
RTST Intro- Take Notice
Artifacts- ComeOnWitTaGetDown
Jay Z- DEvils
Mobb Deep- Temperature's Rising
Deda & Pete Rock- Can't wait
J Period- 5 on It Remix
Busta Rhymes- So Hardcore
East Flatbush Project- Tried by 12
Sir Menelik- XXL
Lootpack- HitUWitDat
Camp Lo- Park Joint
Jneiro Jarel- Lets Get Wit It
The Roots- Dynomite
Apollo Brown- Streets Wont Let Me Go
Mad Skillz- Extra Abstract
Savant of Rarebreed- Say Your Prayers
RJD2- Ghostwriter
Beatnuts- Simple Murder
Gang Starr- Speak Ya Clout
The Roots- Distortion to Static
Scheme - Billion Dollar Dream
Opus- Organic Mind Unit
Daily Planet- Commisioners
Juice- Ridaz
United Center- Never Gonna Be
YP- question
Youngz- Grimy Affair
Prime, Que Billah, KRS One- Today's Lesson
Verbal Kent- A City Without a Villain
Akbar- Hip Hop Is
daily planet- we like to party
decay- call to arms
Legendary trackster- d tribute
Nacrobats- The Jiggy
Rasheed Hadee - Tempting
Verbal Kent- Big Buildings
Common- Stolen Moments
Mik Luter- Let The Games Begin


" Onyx- Classic Terror "

Peep the visuals for the latest rocket from those Onyx dudes, "Classic Terror"......Be on the lookout for their upcoming album Cuzo this Summer....


" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 12 "

I'm not sure where you live, but here in Vietnam, California it has been raining for the last 5 days straight.........It's times like these that I need to listen to music from a tropical region of the world....

Phat Kev delivers the goods with this Brazilian "Bits & Pieces" mix......Tune in if you know what's best for you...Two thumbs up.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

" Crate Damage, Part 2 "

Alright folks, I'm going to keep the momentum rolling with part 2 of the special Drasar Monumental "Crate Damage" segment.....So step into your Hip Hop mothership, and lets travel back to 1988 for another round of headbangers....

"Q.B.C." -Queens, Brooklyn Connection is one of those songs that I want D.J.'s to play, but for some strange reason I never hear it rocked.....Not even on the so-called "random rap" mixes dudes put out these days ..

(Since this came out on Capitol Records maybe it's not random enough for them-HAHAHA)....

What a shame because it showcases one of Kurtis Mantronix's illest beats.........POW...

" Timbo King- Grind Wave "

Former Royal Fam repper Timbo King keeps the flames burning with the release of the "Grind Wave" mixtape....This is my favorite cut from the project, "The Alliance" featuring Math Hoffa....Produced by Terminal 3...

Don't forget to turn the volume up to ten, this is that official ugly shit....

" When I broadcast basement under the stairs / all my criminal pairs doing federal years...Laughing at your funeral nobody cares / he was sleeping with the enemy, internal affairs "....BLAM, BLAMZ....

" Stand Up It's Killer Ben "

Killer Ben has been on the set for a minute now.....The first thing I heard from him was the insane Exercise / Hitman For Hire 12 inch that dropped in 2000...Go back and cop that shit if you slept the first time around homeboy...

He steps up to the plate with some 2011 steam with "Earthquake Flow", produced buy Dirt Diggs......FRESH...


" Rap Is Out Of Control- 20/03/11 "

Preemo filled in for Eclipse for the "RIOOC" radio show last week.....You already know how he put's it in: doubles, newness, and special guest Pharoahe Monch calls in for a breakdown of his newest album "W.A.R." on Duck Down....

And in case you didn't notice- that is a birthday cake that P is holding.....Happy 45th ....


1. Kool G. Rap & A.G.–Rap Is Outta Control Intro
2. Justo–It’s Our Year
3. Fat Joe (f. Vado)–Massacre On Madison
4. Mike Beatz & Adonis (f. Guilty Simpson, R.E.K.S.)–You Know Who
5. Apathy (f. Diabolic, Paradime, Joe Scudda, Rob Kelly, Ryu, Mac Lethal)–O’Doyle Rules
6. MC Eiht–Where U Goin 2 ?
7. Slim The Mobster–Get Your Money Up
8. Raekwon (f. Method Man)–Every Soldier In The Hood
9. Mobb Deep–Love Y’all More
10. Pharoahe Monch–Evolve
11. Mayham Lauren (f. Action Bronson)–Typhoon Rap
12. Pharoahe Monch–The Hitmen
13. L.I.F.E. Long (f. Rich Porter)–Crack In Tha Booth
14. R.E.K.S. (f. Styles P)–Why Cry
15. Showbiz & Krs-One–Show Power (Mirror Mix)
16. El Gant (f. J57 & Tek Of Smif N’ Wessun)–Problems
17. Nutso (f. Panchi of NYGz, Torae, Punchline)–Street Corner
18. Snoop Dogg (f. Pilot)–Gangbang Rookie
19. Malcolm And Martin (f. Versatile)–Lunchtyme Ciphers
20. Singapore Kane–Dividends


PART 2...

Monday, March 21, 2011

" Crate Damage, Part 1 "

* Above pic.....Me, Sha Onerz, & Peezoe (Funk What Ya Heard)....

As promised, I'm going to hit you off with precious jewels straight from my overflowing temple of crates......Of course I will sprinkle other post throughout the week, but I am determined to bring out certified vinyl treats at least once a day for all of the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD faithful.......

Before I get started though, I feel it is mandatory that I give you a glimpse into my history....

My father was apart of a mobile D.J. unit in the early 80's (Boogieland Express).....Every week, my father and his crew would load up a van full of turntables, records, etc and head out to provide music for high school students, B-Boy contest, military party-goers, and various other types of functions in the southern California region.....

Sometimes they would even set up their equipment in the front yard and get busy for all the kids in the immediate area....

Needless to say, I was under a heavy spell by the beats, so I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and demanded that he purchase a set of turntables for me on my 8th birthday......

Pops did the right thing and set me up with a pair of wobbly turntables and a brand new "Realistic" mixer.....The first record I bought was Grandmixer D.S.T. & The Infinity Rappers- "The Grandmixer Cut's It Up" 1983...I still have this record to this day...

While most kids were out playing hide and go-seek, I was holed up in the crib trying to get my blends and scratches together....Instead of playing with G.I. Joe figures, I had my hands wrapped around the newest Profile Records release...


Within a short period of time I had amassed a substantial amount of crates.....

Boom...... Fast forward to 2011 and I'm still on the same frequency.....Most of my collection consist of Hip Hop shit- past and present, but I also have plenty Jazz, Bossa-Nova, breaks, funk, reggae, obscure wierdo shit, psych rock, and of course mad hardcore punk rock joints (More on that some other time)....

I think you get the motherfuckin point....I'm one of those vinyl dudes...

When Serato first came out I was mad at the whole situation....Now, I could care less.....Do what you do, it doesn't matter what format you use, just try to keep it flavorful....Sticking with vinyl is a PERSONAL preference for me, but I can't expect everyone to subscribe to my way of thinking.....I stick with vinyl because it enables me to pay homage to the ORIGINAL way the art form was handed down to me.....

So now that I got all the extra shit out of the way, here is a record from the stacks that makes me flashback to a interesting period in my life....Lejuan Love- "My Hardcore Rhymes" 1989...........

Why can't teenagers rhyme with this much passion in the 21st century?

Listen up...Luke Skywalker Records 1989.....

Friday, March 18, 2011

" D.J. Toshi On The Decks "

Here is episode 85 of D.J. Toshi's Classic Storm radio, with special guest Dom Pachino......

1. Nutso feat. Sick Jacken - Psychoz & Hoodrumz (bunty beats remix)
2. Reks - 25 Hour (produced by DJ Premier)
3. DJ Premier feat. Teflon, Saigon & Papoose - Lifetime Membership
4. Maffew Ragazino feat. Masta Ace - Where I'm From
5. Dom Pachino - M-16 (produced by 5th Seal)
6. The Teraban - Bloody Turban
7. Timbo King feat Math Hoffa - The Alliance
8. KRS-One & Showbiz - The Truth
9. B.A.M. feat. N.O.R.E, Skyzoo & Reks (Allstar Remix) (produced by
Fizzy Womack)
10. Heavy Metal Kings - Keeper Of The Seven Keys
11. Bugsy Da God - Terrorist Advocate
12. Dom Pachino, Bugsy Da God & Chapelz - Freestyle
13. J-Live - No Time To Waste (produced by Diamond D)


" Friday Firepower "

Without the aid of the internet this O.C. Starchild remix project would have never seen the light of day (Unfortunately).....Grit Records were set to release this in 2005, but somehow it got lost in the shuffle....

So strap on your helmets, turn the volume to ten, and prepare for some heavy turbulence......Two thumbs up....

Via-Claaa 7..

01. STARCHILD (The Beat Fanatic Remixes Promo):
* "Intro" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Who Run It" [prod. !llmind]
* "Acid" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Mush" [prod. !llmind]
* "Underboss" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Outro" [prod. !llmind]
02. "1nce Again" [Pete Rock Remix]
03. "Childhood" [Pete Rock Remix] (Snippet)
04. "Story to Tell" [!llmind Remix]


" KRS-One's Bag Of Goodies "

The blastmaster of this hip Hop shit, K.R.S.-One stopped by my favorite record store (Amoeba's) to cop some music for his son...Nice selection of classics...

Tune in..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

" Diamond D Rocks The 45's "

Gotta give props to Diamond D for this all the way live 45 set that popped off in London not too long ago...If this doesn't boost up your Hip Hop morale levels, than you might need to get your pulse checked homeboy.....

Craig G even pops up on the set for a session of mic wrecking......Do yourself a favor and download this with a quickness...Over an hour of breakbeat chaos.

Via-Soul Brew


" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 11 "

Damn, the Truth & Soul Label are no joke when it comes to providing that dusty, lo-fi, funk mode shit......Many people are aware of the El Michels affair, but their roster is full of hidden talent that deserve an equal amount of shines....

Earlier to day I listened to the newest compilation from Truth & Soul (Falling Off The Reel 3) and I am truly impressed.....Gritty melodies rocked over heavy percussion always gets my attention...


HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS-.......Cosmic Force -"Ghetto Down", Quincy Bright- "Stay the Night",El Michels Affair - "Spread Your Soul", Both of the tracks from the "Olympians", Ghetto Brothers- "Power", Michael Leonhart - "Scopolamine".......

" Mid-Week Flavors "

Bazooka Joe is back with some more 2011 treats for all you Hip Hop junkies out there....Live From The 90 Minute Era #3 runs thirty songs deep featuring all new material........


01. Ghostface feat. Black Thought - In The Park
02. Beneficence - Heavy Hitters (prod. by Diamond)
03. Action Bronson - Amuse Bouche
04. KRS-One - Improve Myself (prod. by Showbiz)
05. Gangrene - Chain Swingin (prod. by Alchemist)
06. Dom Pacino feat. Shyheim - Broadway All Day
07. Kaimbr & Kev Brown feat. Sean Born - Rapping
08. Group Home - Bodega
09. Uppanotch - Rare Form
10. Khaleel - Hot Flames (prod. by DJ Premier)
11. Saigon - Greatest Story Never Told (prod. by Just Blaze)
12. Gensu Dean feat. Large Pro - Forever
13. Monsta Island Czars - Bloody Knuckles (prod. by X-Ray)
14. Raekwon feat. Lloyd Banks - Last Train To Scotland
15. L Pro - Encore
16. Meyhem Lauren - Classic Material
17. Termanology feat. Kali & Ghetto - Assassins (prod. by Statik Selektah)
18. Bam feat. Noreaga & Royal Flush - Hoodness (prod. by Lil Fame)
19. 07 - The View
20. Bugsy Da God feat. Leathafase & PR Terrorist - Bloody Medallions
21. Lord Superb - Last Stop Musik
22. Joell Ortiz feat. Fat Joe - One Shot (Killed For Less)
23. Dynasty - Epic Dynasty (prod. by DJ Premier)
24. Rasheed Chappell feat DJ Scratch - What I'm Here 4 (prod. by Kenny Dope)
25. Reks - Underdog
26. Dirt Platoon - Man vs Man (Bazooka Joe Remix)
27. Meyhem Lauren feat. Roc Marciano - Crossroads
28. Bugsy Da God feat. PR Terrorist - Firestorm Rush
29. Lord Nez - Wheel Of Fortune (prod. by Ayatolah)
30. Lyrikill - Brother Mouzone (prod. by Prospek)


Monday, March 14, 2011

" Bobcat Speaks "

* In the above pic (E- Love, Cut Creator, and Bobcat)......

Bobcat was once a member of the high-powered production outfit the L.A. Posse (Darryl Pierce, Dwayne Simon, and D.J. Pooh)...They produced for Breeze, MC Ren, LL Cool J, Tupac, Ice Cube, etc......

Here are a couple Bobcat facts that you might not be aware of....

1..Bobcat is responsible for Nikki D signing to Def Jam (The first female MC signed to that label)....

2..After Kool Moe Dee attacked L.L. with the scathing "How Ya like Me Now" diss, it was Bob that convinced L.L. to pen "Jack The Ripper"....

3..Bob's solo album "Cat Got Ya Tongue" had a couple heaters on it....Go back and check for yourself (He was better behind the boards than on the mic though, HAHAHAHA)...

4..He is the mastermind behind the production for the classic song, "I'm Bad"...

The dudes over at Gear Slutz recently conducted a interview with Bobcat to chop it up about his 20 plus years in the music industry......


" Strong Island Steez "

What do Public Enemy, Roc Marciano, Leaders Of The New School, Prodigy, Grand Daddy I.U, E.P.M.D., Keith Murray, Rakim, and J.V.C. Force have in common?..... They all came from Long Island, New York.....

I don't know what they put in the water over there , but somehow they have managed to churn out top notch M.C.'s from this often overlooked section of the east coast....

B-Luv, Curt Cazal, and A.J. Rock put out some heavy material in the late 80's through the early 90's......Unlike many crews from that era, their music still resonates with innovation and freshness.....If you think I'm bullshitting-take a listen to this compilation assembled by Dee-Ville (Bust The Facts)......


" Lil Vic - Apocalypto "

Yeah, I know I said this week would be a strictly Drasar Monumental crate affair, but I'm going to put that on hold until next week.....

So to start this week off here is a brand new joint from Lil Vic (Walking Contradiction), produced by Buckwild off that Apocalypto mixtape that just dropped....

Check In....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

" North Kakalak- Clack, Clack "

Before Little Brother started making noise, there was a group called "Yaggfu Front" that put North Carolina on the motherfuckin map (The first N.C. based Hip Hop group to have a major record label deal--Mercury Records)......

Jingle, Spin 4th, and Damaged put out two albums, Action Packed Adventures (1994) and The Secret Tapes (2002)..........In my opinion their first album is a certified classic.....Some songs I like more than others, but their overall approach is what makes/made this album a timeless piece of creative Hip Hop....

If your looking for an example- check this video for "Left Field"........Damn, this brings back memories...

And while your at it, peep this recent interview with Damaged conducted by those dudes over at Culture King.......Two thumbs up...

TUNE IN.....