Monday, August 31, 2009

" Back To The Underground Mixtape "

Ever since I can remember, I have been a straight up fiend for this thing we call Hip Hop....Instead of buying G.I. Joe figures,baseball cards, etc , my father and I were travelling to local record shops to cop the latest 12 inches....While most youth's were obsessed with cartoons and video games, I was locked up in my room analyzing album covers and trying to perfect my blends..

That's why it amazes me that in 2009, I can hear a joint from the 90's or 80's that bypassed my radar...For instance, this mix by " Ill Dome " rocks a gang of cuts that I had no clue about...

Good to hear a mixtape with actual mixes ( Lost art these days it seems ).......

Here is the playlist.

02.Dark Skinned Assassin - Lock Shit Down
03.Supernatural - Buddah Blessed It
04.N.O.T.S. Click Instru
05.Always Living Foul - High And Bent Rmx
06.Publik Anounsa - Comin Froom Crooklyn Joints
07.Natural Mystics - How It Go
08.Shadyville Allstars - Nowadays
09.Ghettolandz - Can He Come Out
10.Da Ooh - Da Chemistry
11.Ruggedness Maddrama - Me And My Squad
12.Mr Mic Rippa - 96 Cream Hunt
13.Pressure feat. Araphat - Ny War Stories
14.Da Madd Klique Instru
15.Tainted Mindz - Any Time Any Place
16.Mr Sta Puff - Hip Hop Dont Stop
17.Pop Da Brown Hornet - Can You Wu Wu Wu
18.Innersoul - Its The Right Time
19.Godfather Don Instru
20.Nomad - N.O.M.A.D.


Hip Hop Battlefield top cuts....." Dark Skinned Assassin " ( Haven't heard this in ages, fresh )....." Supernatural " underrated smoke anthem......" Natural Mystics "..." Shadyville Allstars "...." Ruggedness Maddrama " ..." Mr. Mic Ripper " ( sounds like early 90's Nas )...." Pressure and Araphat " ( My favorite joint on this mix )...." Mr. Sta Puff ",..." Pop Da Brown Hornet "...." Godfather Don "..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

" Tony Toca Interviews Havoc-8/25/09 "

Havoc took a little time to chop it up with Tony Touch on his Sirius Satelite Radio show last week...Your boy " Alchemist " is in building as well..

Tune in...( Free P )

Saturday, August 29, 2009

" 4 All My Fly Kick Rockerz "

If your in the Sucka - Free, you know what time it is.....

" 4 All The B Boys "

Check out this footage from the " Battle Of The Year " in Germany that popped off recently....I guess it's time to get my footwork back in order...DAMN..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

" Tonight At Nine O'Clock Sharp "

Tonight the " Battlefield Funk Team " will start the turntable abuse at Nine O'Clock sharp homeboy...Make sure you tune in and peep how we get down for ours...

No pre- rehearsed sets, just that off the top of the dome goodness...DO NOT SNOOZE..


" Eclipse- Rap Is Outta Control 8/23/09 "

Eclipse is back to bless us with that brand new heat...Don't act like you dont know ; doubles, blends, and all that other good shit.

Here is the playlist..

1. Big Twins feat. Alchemist "When I Walk Away" prod. by The Alchemist
2. Apathy feat. Phonte "True Love" prod. by Apathy
3. Bekay feat. Masta Ace "Brooklyn Bridge" prod. & cuts by DJ Babu
4. Little Vic "Poor America" prod. by Big KO
5. Havoc "Fly With Me" prod. by MoSS
6. O.C. & A.G. "Think About It"
7. Black Milk "Set Go" prod. by Black Milk
8. Big Twins feat. Blaq Mobb "When I Say G" prod. by Jake One
9. Mic Geronimo & Royal Flush "Queens Get The Money" prod. by Ty Fyffe
10. Tona feat. Via Linez "One Stop" prod. by Lyve
11. Slaughterhouse feat. Kay Young "Lyrical Murderers" prod. by Focus
12. Trife Diesel "We Get It In" prod. by DJ Snips
13. DJ Spinna feat. Kriminal (Jigmastas) "New York" prod. by Spinna
14. Kam Moye "Step By Step" prod. by D.R.
15. DJ Honda feat. Mos Def "Magnetic Arts" prod. by Honda
16. Saigon "Aye, Aye, Aye" prod. by Buckwild
17. Statik Selektah feat. Lil Fame, Saigon & Sean Price "Critically Acclaimed" prod. & cuts by Statik
18. La Coka Nostra "Get You By" prod. by DJ Lethal
19. M.O.P. feat. Styles P "Bang Time" prod. by DJ Green Lantern
20. Alchemist feat. Oh No, Roc C & Crooked I. "Acts Of Violence" prod. by The Alchemist
21. Punchlyne & Fokis feat. Steele "Enemies Of The State" prod. by Jaisu
22. KRS-One & Buckshot "Survival Skills" prod. by Illmind, cuts by DJ Revolution
23. D. Black "The Return" prod. by Jake One
24. Raekwon feat. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface & Method Man "House Of Flying Daggers" prod. by J Dilla
25. Slaughterhouse "Cut You Loose" prod. by Denaun
26. Naughty By Nature "I Gotta Lotta"
27. Concise Kilgore feat. Evidence & Guilty Simpson "Teknoir" prod. by Finale, cuts by DJ Revolution
28. DJ Spinna feat. John Robinson "Lights Out" prod. by Spinna
29. Havoc "Letter To P"


" Ed Lover Still Got Jokes "

Damn your manz " Ed lover " still has that funny bone in his body.......Check out this clip of him going in and calling out anyone that he feels like...HAHAHA.

M.T.V. should rehire him & Dre if they know what's best for them...And while were at it, rehire Fab Five Freddy too..Or else...

" Got To Get Your Fingers Dusty "

For all those crate digging cats on the west coast ; here is your chance to add a little bulk to your stacks...805 STAND THE FUCK UP !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

" Braziliance Mix "

Summer is almost over, but Hip Hop Battlefield will keep the flames burning for all of you that check in on the regular...This mix by " Dreams In Audio " is hot enough to melt your speakers...

Pour yourself a glass of guava juice, bless yourself up, and let the Brazilian vibes soak in...Peace to " L.A.T. for the linkage "...

Here is the playlist..

Braziliance Vol. 1

01. Jorge Ben – Ponta de Lanca Africano
02. Tim Maia – O Caminho Do Bem
03. Claudia – Deixa Eu Dizer
04. Rubinho e Mauro Assumpicao – Os Olhos
05. Dom Salvador – Hei Voce
06. Gilberto Gil – Domingo No Parque
07. Marcos Valle – Vinte E Seis Anos de Vida Norm
08. Arthur Verocai – Na Boca Do Sol
09. Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser
10. Perfume Azul Do Sol – Sopro
11. Karma – Depois Do Portao
12. Celia – Lennon-McCartney
13. Joao Donato – Cala Boca Menino
14. Quinteto Ternura – Ele e Ela
15. Piri – Cupido Esculpido
16. Jorge Ben – Minha Teimosia, Uma Arma Para Te Conquistar
17. Caetano Veloso – Tropicalia
18. Arthur Verocai – Dedica A Ela
19. Satwa – Amigo
20. Lula Cortes e Ze Ramalho – Regato da Montanha


Monday, August 24, 2009

" Sound Burial "

Check out this soundclash with Mikey Don and Konny Kon vs. Blood And Fire Sound that took place in Manchester 2004...It sounds like the crowd was getting gully as fuck up in there...

LICK SHOT !!!!!!


" Jus Allah's New Solo Album "

Something about the tone in " JA's " voice sounds so hateful to me....Hopefully he can channel his frustrations over some dope beats, because his last solo offering " All Fates Have Changed " rocked way too many sup-par productions...

On this leak for his up and coming album ( Meanest Man Alive ), " JA " comes off like a man possessed ( in a good way hahah ), hell bent on incinerating any sucker M.C within range...

Check In....


Sunday, August 23, 2009

" Ricci Rucker On The Beats "

We all now Ricci is a beast on the cuts, but many are unaware of his production work...On this mix ( Ruckazoid- Rrrrrap ) you will hear a gang of funky remixes,insane scratch sentences, and all types of way out beats...Impressive stuff..

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD'S TOP PICKS...#3, #5, #7, #8, #12,


This is what " Ricci " had to say regarding this project.....

Thank you for downloading this album,

- You can make physical cds of the audio files in this folder

- I've also made a letter which you can sign your name on, and send with a copy of the cd to your favorite magazines

* Do to size constraints, I had to make this album available as a High Quality Mp3 instead of WAV files.

* Throughout the album there are "promo" drops to avoid any bootleggers trying to officially release this album, which could end up getting me in legal trouble if it hit stores.

* The album artwork also has "free download" on it, just in case bootleggers try to make it official and
sell it under my name.


* Feel free to give this album out


I made this record in early 2005. At the time, I realized that Hip Hop was less about wordplay, and more about talking to a beat, while at the same time, the backbone of hip hop, lost it's backbone to the laptop. Skill development is no where to be found.

Hip hop, like politics, only has a handful of flavors, and a group of subscribers of each. Gangster, South, Westcoast, Hipster, Underground, and a few more. This is what's left, if you don't fall into this, you are NOT "hip hop". The artform I fell in love with, changed, very much, and it's an empty shell.

RRRRAP is an ode to a dying culture, and my last offering to hip hop in a format that is recognize as "hip hop".


Saturday, August 22, 2009

" Hip Hop Battlefield Remix Series "

I flipped this remix back in July of 08....It rocks one of my more simplistic styles of production but very menacing nevertheless..Sometimes less is more..

The vocals are from a Wu - Tang affiliated outfit ( Ruthless Bastards ), expect large amounts of boulevard monster rap..



Friday, August 21, 2009

" HHC New Issue "

Hip Hop Connection just dropped their latest digital issue...A heavy focus on D.J.'s this time around..Craze, Q- Bert, Roc-Raida, Cut Master Swift, etc get some well deserved shine time...

Even DMC champ " D.J. Switch " blesses us with a quick mix....Here is the playlist..

1. DJ Switch Scratch Intro
2. Breeze Evahflowin feat. Swave Sevah ‘Over’
3. Jay Are ‘The Lee Morgan Story’
4. DJ JS-1 feat. Large Professor ‘Like This’
5. Soundsci ‘The Remedy’
6. Juice Aleem feat. Jewels & Blackitude ‘Straight Outta BC’
7. Stoopz N Breeze feat. Baatin ‘The Set Up’
8. Will C ‘It Ain’t The ’80s’
9. Fresh Daily ‘Gotta Go’
10. LEGACY feat. Sean P, Phonte & Chaundon ‘TKO’
11. Trackademicks ‘Enjoy What You Do’


Thursday, August 20, 2009

" Once Again It's On "

Tonight 9 o'clock sharp, " Battlefield Funk Radio " will be dropping nothing but that official heat....This time around our sound complications are figured out so you better keep your ears perked up...

Live blends by " Mr Funk What Ya Heard " and myself......DO NOT SNOOZE..


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

" Js-1 Drops Jewels "

Had no idea " Js-1 " was this funny...For real, he is crazy comical in this clip...

Prepare to hear a man speak what everybody is thinking but too shook to address..Whatever happened to motherfuckers speaking the truth in Hip Hop ? ..

Shouts to HHG..

" Chef Files Mix "

September is right around the corner cousin, so you all know what that means....The release of the highly anticipated " Purple Tape pt2 ".....

Everyone and their mama is waiting to see if your favorite Chef can still cook up that marvelous shit...With Raekwon approaching 40, ( He is now 39 years young ) I am eager to hear if that hunger is still there....

This dope mixtape by " Omega N.Y.C. " should hold you over until the " OBFQL 2 " season officially starts....POW..


" New Havoc Mixtape "

I looked in my inbox this morning and stumbled across a new mixtape by " Havoc " ( From Now On )....Haven't even had the chance to listen to it yet, but I'm going to post up this shit anyway ......

Hopefully " Hollywood Hav " comes through in the clutch, because his last solo joint was a little shaky to say the least..Regardless,
the Mobb are one of the most consistent groups in Hip Hop with a catalogue that is straight up ridiculous...

Peep the mixtape and I will write up a review after I get a chance to meditate on it...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

" Kaotic Style "

Nervous / Wreck records had a ill roster in the early 90's, " Black Moon ", " Strictly Roots ", " Smiff N Wesson ", " Funk Flex ", " Brooklyn Slumlords ", and Brownsville Brooklyn's " Kaotic Style ".....

" KS " released a couple singles, and the highly sought after " Diamonds In The Ruff E.P. ".....Angry gun clap rap is their forte, with a splash of Onyx, and another Brownsville outfit M.O.P.

Check out these rowdy hardcore bangers...

" Freestyle " ( I remember hearing this on a Tony Touch mixtape back in the day )

" Streets Of Brownsville " featuring Trigga The Gambler and Smooth the Hustler ...

" Mad Hardcore " featuring M.O.P., Cella Dwellas, and Heltah Skeltah....

" Beat Tape Shit "

All the way from Germany by way of Tokyo, comes this beat tape courtesy of " Samon Kawamura ".....It's on the smoothed out tip without sounding neo- soulish....( I just made up a brand new word HaHa )...

His style is hard to pin down..Jazz inspired composition with a down tempo twist....This is what he had to say regarding this project ( Translations )....

"I dislike art that elevates itself above reality”, says Samon Kawamura. “When I make music I try to be honest most of all. There is just no other way for me.”.....Say word...


" The Great Dot X "

When it comes to rhyming , you got to give it up to " Sadat X " for being the father to his own style....No one even sounds remotely close to him...Unique voice, unorthodox patterns, and a off- kilter sense of humor help him stand out in a world of un-original M.C.'s...

As soon as he spits a couple lines you automatically know it's him without question...On this rare cut ( Flip Styles ), " X " blesses us with more of his unpredictable wordplay....Produced by "Diamond D "...


Monday, August 17, 2009

" Blog Shots 22 "

Bay area graff legend , " Crayone " has a blog that you should peep next time your cyber - surfing...No games are being played, just heavy doses of style....

When you head over there make sure you tell em that kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!!!!!

Thank you " Cray " for hitting me off with one of those ill silver and black joints....Z's up..


" Hardcore Hip Hop Will Never Die, Part 2 "

Are you a 90's type of Hip Hop head that is tired of hearing " Funky Child ", " Once Again ", " Take It E.Z. "over and over again ? You see I love those joints but there is plenty 90's records that get absolutely no burn....

For instance this compilation by " D.J. Isako " rocks a heavy roster with names like, " Art Of Origin " ( Chino X.L's first group ), " Fort Green Assassins ", " Now Born Click ", " 4 Izza Crew ", etc....

Some of these songs have aged very well, check in for yourself cousin....HARDCORE HIP HOP WILL NEVER DIE AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

" Summer Madness "

If your in the " Sucka Free " area, you know what time it is homeboy...Major shout out to Vinroc for keeping me in the know. Peace to my posse on Mission street...

Friday, August 14, 2009

" Battlefield Funksters "

Thanks to all the true- believers that checked out the show last night..What a motherfuckin blast..No scripts, no playlist, no groupies, no 40 ounces of Old English, just a raw broadcast from two D.J.'s trying to do their part.....

If any of you cat's want us to play your music, my e mail address is ZJUDAH@YAHOO.COM...

By the way, make sure you check out the " Wax Weapons " series on this blog....Over 20 volumes of pure turntable abuse.....Don't be afraid to dig around on the Batttlefield, over 700 post and counting....

Here is the show from last night...Enjoy..

" Can't Hide The Truth "

It seems like no one cares about this shit anymore....You know what I mean fam....Biting, stealing, robbing folks...This may be old news for some, but check out the proof if you weren't in the know...

" J Rocc Live "

If your in the L.A. area this Sunday, make sure you go check out the " Beat Junkie President ", J Rocc at Amoeba's record store.You
know how he GET'S IT IN....

1.P.M. sharp....Make sure you tell em that kid from Hip Hop Battlefield sent you JACK!!!!!!!!

And since were on the topic of " J Rocc ", you might as well swoop up this " Original Glaze " mix he did 3/14/09...


Thursday, August 13, 2009

" The Official Pop Off "

Didn't I tell you motherfuckers " U- Stream " was about to crack off in a major way ?...Tonight at 9 p.m. pacific time, Mr. Funk What Ya Heard and myself are going to journey into live mix territory....You better check in if you know what's best for you....

No corny games are going to be played, just nonstop blends from the GET BIZ KIDZ...Major shout out to all the cats that have supported us ever since we splashed up the blog game....It is appreciated...

And to all you wobble- headed busters that still try to front on us, get the BOZACK !!!!!!!!!!!

See you at nine o clock sharp...POW.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

' D.J. Supreme At The Get Back "

Jon Doe is the creator of the " Get Back ", a monthly party thrown in Las Vegas with a heavy emphasis on funk, soul, breaks, and all types of dance floor goodness...

No Serato allowed, no C.D.J's, no I- Pod's, it's a vinyl only format ( interesting )....Last week " Supreme " was invited to GET IT IN and bless the crowd with his brand of party rocking....You will hear over two hours of nasty selections by this Seattle, Washington crate digging heavyweight.....

For some reason he doesn't blend very much on this session, but he still manages to keep things flavorful....

Find out for yourself homeboy.....


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

" D. J . Modesty Special Queens Mixtape "

Modesty just hit me off with his latest edition to the " Real Hip Hop Show " series..Special Queens is loaded with a massive amount of gun clap rap courtesy of Tragedy, CNN, Nas and lesser known cats such as Darcsyde, Crime Fam, Chrome Rebel Dynasty, etc..

Doubles, blends, and drops galore....Big up to Modesty for checking me in..


Monday, August 10, 2009

The Program ( K Def & Dacapo ) - The Article E.P.

After I read that " K -Def " was trading in his M.P.C for a strictly software production set up, I was worried his beats would end up losing that " KD " sound...

That is not the case..On this E.P. ( The Article ) , " K " demonstrates how to flip technology and keep the soul power intact...For instance, " Day Dreaming " rocks a beat that will leave you speechless.. Good stuff..

On the rhyme tip, " Dacapo " sounds mature, introspective, and confident....


" Day Dreaming "

Sunday, August 9, 2009

" Producer Spotlight : Architect Edition "

It's crazy how some cats get criminally slept - on.." Architect " has been putting in work since the early 90's, dropping joints for "Stones Throw", "Certified", etc...

The beats he did for " Homeless Derelicts " have aged very well...I recommend you go back and listen to those albums..

Recently, " Architect " produced a album for " Opio " ( Vulture's Wisdom )....This is " Opio's " best work in years..

" Original Lyricist "

And the Japanese only release, " King Medallions vs. Arch Angel " features some heavy duty production from " Architect "..In my opinion, " Planet Asia " should spit over these types of beats more often..This cut right here " Supernova ", is straight DRAMA..


Salute to you " Architect " for keeping it gritty out here in the west....

" Premier PPPP Premier "

I wouldn't necessarily call this a mixtape, but every once in awhile you need to hear something like this to realize how much heat " Preem " has dropped over the years...

A cat named " Gimantalon " put this project together and I have to give him props for doing something different..

Props to DJPBS...


" What Happened To Def - Jux ? "

Remember when " Def - Jux " was on the forefront of that next level Hip Hop ?..When " Can- Ox " first popped off I thought the label was headed in the right direction...Somehow along the way, " DJ " has turned into a big mess..Matter of fact I haven't heard a decent release from the label in over 5 years...What the fuck happened ?

Money disputes, jealousy, backstabbing, gossip, etc...The same old song with different players...You have all probably heard the Vast Aire diss aimed at Cage, but there is a lot more to the story than that...

If your a fan of " Can- Ox ", you have to check out this blog " Vast " recently put up breaking down the demise of " Def Jux ", leaving the Weatherman, emo rap, etc..


Friday, August 7, 2009

" Blog Shots 21 "

" Dirty Waters " is a dope blog that you should check out next time your floating around in cyber - space..What really caught my attention was a mix that featured a interview with " Kool Keith "......Funny stuff.

Keith unveils tracks from the mysterious " Personal " album that never saw the light of day....YOU BETTER CHECK IN..

Here is the playlist..( Radio Ruckus July 25th, 2004 )

1) Intro
2) Ultimate Force - I'm not Playin
3) Unique - Pure Dynamite
4) Boogie Down Productions - Poetry
5) JVC Force - Strong Island
6) Positive K - Quarter Gram Pam
7) YZ - In Control of Things
8) Too Poetic - God Make Me Funky
9) N.W.A. - Something Like that
10) Alliance - Bustin Loose
11) Divine Sounds - Bedstuy Do or Die
12) Schooly D - Saturday Night
13) Eric B & Rakim - Paid in Full
14) Ultramagnetic MC's/Kool Keith joints
(about 30 minutes worth)
15) Kool Keith Interview
16) Kool Keith - It Gotta Be That Way
17) Kool Keith - Girl Wants to Kill Herself
18) Kool Keith - Freestyle
19) Oktober/2 for 5 joints
20) Oktober Freestyle


Thursday, August 6, 2009

" Wrong Side Of The Tracks Radio "

Do yourself a favor and download this radio show by " Dug Boogie and M.s. A.Z. ".....It features all new joints, exclusives, doubles, nice blends ( lost art these days ), and all types of flavor...

So quit sleeping, and scoop this up PRONTO....

Here is the playlist..

The Nice Guise (Catalyst & Ty-Vicious)- chopped and dude
D.O.E C.I.G.A.P.O.M- its all over now song pt II
Lex One feat BK Cyph- years on the block
Pete Rock- just a word or two
Boog Brown- the essence
Dynas- get ya mind right
R. Mason- really real
Royal Flush- rotten apple (instru)
Royal Flush- rotten apple
Walkin Large feat Jeru the Damaja- when i flow
Jazz Liberatorz feat T Love- force be with you
MF Doom- ballskin
Mood feat Talib Kweli- tunnel bound
Fashawn- the outer city
Marco Polo & Torae feat Dj Revolution- double barrel
Random- spread the love
Kato- declaration
Hi-Tek- breakin' bread
Big Daddy Kane- crazy world
KRS-One & Marley Marl feat Magic Juan- musika
Dave West/Dug Boogie edit- big mouf De La Soul vs. Whodini
De La Soul- Big Mouf
Elzhi- deep
Tableek- wrong thing
*break E Boogie- Funky Piano


" Soul Food On The Platter "

After listening to this beat tape by " King Flow And Killa P ", I am in a summer time, go for mine type of mood...Decent stuff going on here, soulful chops, 2 A.M city cruising type of vibes, and a unique approach make this beat tape a keeper....

Never heard of these cats before, but I'm quite sure if they have tricks up their sleeves like this project ( The Soulfood Album ) , I will be hearing more from them in the near future...

* I could of done without the JZ remix..It sounds off beat to me...Plus JZ, hasn't been the real JZ in a long time ( GET ME )

01 Intro
02 Actual Situation
03 Priceless Vibe
04 Nothing New
05 One Night Away
06 Funky Music
07 Making Of A Classic (Skit)
08 The Way To Do It
09 New Generation
10 Change Gon Come
11 The American Dream
12 Past Years
13 Straight Outta NY
14 Roc Boys (DJ King Flow Remix)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

" Murdoc - Truth The Mixtape "

Last year " Murdoc " was chosen by M.C. Lyte, Wordsworth, and Charlie Tuna to record a album and film a mini reality show M.T.V style, documenting the complete recording process...

6 months later, he was invited by " King Tech " to rock on the infamous Wake Up Show.." Truth The Mixtape " includes "Murdoc's" freestyles and interviews from those Wake Up Show sessions, plus a nice mix of well crafted songs...

Check out this kid, he is one of the better up and comers out there making noise........

01. I'm Leaving
02. Wake Up Show Pt 1
03. Ran Dumb
04. Vending Machine
05. Inevitable
06. This Kinda Sucks
07. Wake Up Show Pt 2
08. Add A Lesson
09. Thc feat. Thirstin Howl III
10. Funky To The Bone feat. Copywrite & King Dom
11. Destruction
12. Sedation
13. Myself
14. Wake Up Show Pt 3
15. Wus Drop
16. Wacovia Bankshot
17. Be Invited feat. King Koopa
18. Canceled feat. Mygrane Mcnastee
19. Reboot
20. Crystal Pipes feat. Uptown Swuite
21. Wake Up Show Pt 4


Monday, August 3, 2009

" A.C. The P.D And Double K Mixtape "

Back in 2005, A.C. ( Hip Hop Philosophy ) and Double K from ( People Under The Stairs ) clicked up to drop this mixtape...Over an hour of critical selections....

Thumbs up fellas....Here is the playlist...

1. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Freshest Rhymes In World
2. Don Baron - 'Let's Dance'
3. Double K's Break Bridge
4. Leaders Of The New School - 'Base Is Loaded'
5. Dooley O - 'I Don't Wanna Lose You'
6. King Tee - 'Dray Fay Jay'
7. Fantastic 4 - 'Gotta Turn Out'
8. All Natural - 'Down 4 Eva'
9. Count Bass D - 'The Mingus Sextet'
10. Beatnuts - 'Bring The Funk Back'
11. Gangstarr - 'Gotta Get Over'
12. Ice Cube - 'Really Doe Inst.'
13. Natural Elements - 'Definitely'
14. MC Shan - 'Juice Crew Live'
15. Double K's Break Bridge
16. Solid C And Bobby Dee - 'Wacky Rap'
17. Geto Boys - 'Size Ain't Shit'
18. Nice And Smooth - 'No Delayin'
19. Freestyle Fellowship - 'Cornbread'
20. LL Cool J - 'Get Down'
21. Eazy E - 'Eazy Street'
22. Threat - 'Shut Your Punk Ass Up'
23. MC Lyte - 'Too Young For What'
24. Audio Two - 'Giz Starts Buggin'
25. Turtle MC - 'Cash Money'
26. Lynn Collins - Message To The Soul Sister'
27. Joeski Love - 'My Girl'
28. Big L - 'How Will I Make It'
29. Sweet T - 'On The Smooth Tip'
30. Last Song - 'Can't Tell'
31. Compton's Most Wanted - 'Can I Kill It?'
32. People Under The Stairs - 'The Next Step'


" Unreleased Tame One "

This is a unreleased joint from " Acid Tab Vocab ", that should have been on the album..." Freedom Of Speech " was produced by Custodian Of Records and it is indeed a burner...

Tame sounds hungry again...Check in for yourself duke....


" Hex Murda On Baatin's Death "



" Edan Radio Show Part One "

Edan has a good ear for quality music.If you don't have his "Fast Rap" mixtape, you need to go swoop that up with a quickness.

On this 2 hour radio show, he plays a very diverse selection of music...Breaks, old school under the radar joints, and all types of other shit...

Sit back, relax, get your mind right, and catch a vibe....


" B.X. Bombers- 3rd Eye Edition "

There was a time when " 3rd Eye, A.K.A. Jesse West " was rolling with " Bad Boy ".......He was poised to be the next big thing out of New York after dropping cut's like " Ease Up " ( which was featured on the Who's The Man Soundtrack ), " Dolly My Baby RMX " ( Supercat ) featuring Notorious B.I.G., and some ill verses on several mixtapes in the early 90's helped garner a heavy street buzz for the release of his upcoming Bad Boy album.....

Somewhere along the way, he parted way's with " P- DIZZY " , Craig Mack's album blew up, B.I.G. blew up, and 3rd focused more on his beat game, producing songs for " Ill Biscuits " ( Exclusive Debut ), " Positive K " ( Supreme Alphabet ), " Xzibit ( What You See Is What You Get ), " Top Quality " ( What ), etc........

In 1999, " 3rd " released an album ( Planets ) that had a couple heaters on it.....This cut " Naw Mean " featuring " Nine ", is one of them......Salute