Wednesday, June 30, 2010

" The Official Launch Off "

I'm right in the middle of having my first real studio built (no more bedroom/ lab shit for the kid), so I won't have the opportunity to join my brothers in this weekends festivities (but I will be there in spirit)...

Big up to all the famz down in S.D. and all Z's worldwide of course....If your in the Southern California area- you better do the right thing homeboy...

" Mixtape Of The Week "

Are you getting tired of wasting your precious time on wack mixtapes?

"D.J. Devastate" has just provided the remedy for all of you sleepy cats out there..."On The Floor: Chapter 3" is a straight-up breakbeat extravaganza that is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure levels a notch....

Peace to P.M.


" Respect The Vets: R.I.P. Rammellzee "

Any rapper that ever rocked a mask (M.F.Doom), rapped in a high pitched nasal voice (B-Real, Kool Keith), or approached Hip Hop from a off-kilter, bugged out standpoint, owes a tremendous debt to the man known as, "Rammellzee"...

After Guru passed away I told myself that I was done with R.I.P. post, but I would be a fool to not take time out to salute someone who was involved in my favorite Hip Hop movie of all time, "Wild Style"...

Gone but not forgotten....R.I.P. Rammellzee 1960-2010..

And for those unfamiliar with his work- You seriously need to check out this fifty minute interview with Rammellzee on "Uncommon Radio"...WOW.......Props to Fresh Paint for the link...


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

" New Shit On Deck "

Chicago is most definitely in the house....

Peep this new heat from Capitol D, Rhymefest, and Cuttness Tone (Destiny)......Produced by Tone B Nimble......

Monday, June 28, 2010

" 5 Monday Sure Shots "


Here are a few cuts that will force you to hit the rewind button.....Put on your seat belts, fasten your combat helmets, and tighten up that bulletproof vest......BLAM,BLAM, BLAMZ.........

1..."Real Money"----Vitamin D..

I posted this burner up a couple months back, but it is so fresh that I had to bring it back for all of those that slept....Vitamin D rocks the mic and rocks the boards this time around with true finesse...

Big up to all my peoples in Sea-Town !!!!


2..."Flip Shit"----Ghetto Dwellers..

D-Flow, A.G., & Party Arty made some filthy Hip Hop over the years...On this cut right here they definitely get down for their crown...


3..."Play It Close"----Horror City..

Thank goodness Prince Paul decided to take matters into his own hands and make sure that this album saw the light of day...Long Island stand up...


4... "Inna Cipher"----Down And Dirty Tribe...

I'm almost positive that this is the only release from Jersey crew (Down And Dirty Tribe)....When I first heard this on a Tony Touch tape back in the day, it sent me on a mission to find out who and the fuck these kids were...

It's well over ten years later and this song still makes me want to push someone off a cliff.. (Especially the dude on the second verse)........Two thumbs up....


5..."Alphabet Soup"----Raekwon...

Even though the alphabet theme has been rocked before (Gift Of Gab, Saigon, etc), the Chef goes in over such a raw beat that I had to give it the seal of approval.....This is my favorite joint off of the "Cocainism", Brinks Boys mixtape.....


" Public Enemy # 1 "

The BBC take us on a 30 minute journey detailing the impact of pioneering group Public Enemy....Soul To Soul frontman, "Jazzie B" plays host .....

WOW- you don't want to miss this piece of action !!!!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

" D.J. Eclipse: Rap Is Outta Control 6/20/10 "

"Here’s last Sunday’s “RIOC” show with guests Stupit Amerikinz. That’s J-Ro from Tha Liks new crew along with Maylay Sparks & K-Skills. Their new album will be coming out soon on Soul Spazm Records. I’ll be filling in for Premier again tonight and then he’s back next week to regain control of his own show. Every Friday & Sunday night on Hip Hop Nation Sirius XM from 10-12 you can here these shows live".


1. The Roots feat. John Legend “The Fire” prod. by ?uestlove, Dice Raw & Richard Nichols
2. Dumhi feat. Reef The Lost Cauze “Philly Cousins” prod. by Haj
3. Blacastan feat. Bad Newz “The Way It’s Done” prod. by ColomBeyond
4. Diamond D “Superman” prod. by DJ Scratch
5. Koolade feat. Maylay Sparks “Philly Morning” prod. by Koolade
6. Eternia & MoSS feat. Tiye Phoenix & Jean Grae “The BBQ (Remix)” prod. by MoSS
7. Branespark feat. Nutso “It’s A Shame” prod. by Branespark
8. Vinnie Paz feat. Block McCloud “End Of Days” prod. by Sicknature
9. RZA feat. Kinetic 9 “You Must Be Dreaming”
10. J-Live “Poetry In Motion” prod. by Floyd The Locsmif
11. Stupit Amerikinz “Spell It”
12. Mario Dones “Ring To It” prod. by Keelay & Zaire
13. Illa Ghee feat. Big Noyd “Hardbody (Remix)” prod. & cuts by DJ Skizz
14. Reef The Lost Cauze feat. Akir & K-Beta “Bosses” prod. by Guns-N-Butter
15. Heather B “Flyin’ Higher” prod. by B-Money
16. K Skills & Maylay Sparks “Bank” prod. by LG
17. The Roots feat. Truck North, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw “Walk Alone” prod. by ?uestlove, Jeremy Grenhart & Dice Raw
18. Apollo Brown feat. Buff 1 & Magestik Legend “Brag Language” prod. by Apollo Brown
19. PackFM “I Fucking Hate Rappers” prod. by Tonedeff
20. 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) feat. Chace Infinite “The Darkest Cloud” prod. by Statik Selektah
21. Hell Razah “Kids In The Street” prod. by Ayatollah
22. KRS-One “Who Da Best prod. & cuts by DJ JS-1
23. Big Shug “Spit Six” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
24. Roc Marciano “Panic” prod. by Roc Marciano
25. Stupit Amerikinz “Drunk N High”
26. Stupit Amerikinz Freestyle



" Malcolm Catto On The Decks "

Since I was away from the BATTLEFIELD for a couple days, I feel that it is only right that I pull out some heavy flames to scorch your ear drums...

Gerald & Malcolm Catto bless us with some feel good music on this Sunday morning......C'mon, you know what feel good music is famz....The type of joints that make you want to hop on the floor and do a little two-step...

Here is your chance to get your mind right..


Louis Carpenter Yeah! tittyshaker
Mickey Baker Steamroller tittyshaker
Hugh & the Madmen I'm the Fat Boy R&B
The Experts My Love is Real Northern
Belita Woods My Love is Real Soul
Lightmen Plus One All Praises due to Allah spiritual jazz

Nilo Sergio Afro Brasilianos batucada
The Action More Bread to the People Afro funk
Morte di Jonas De Luca Italian library
Ocura Madagascar Danse pour un Vuurumbee ethnic
Sun Ra Somewhere in Space Sun Ra
Trinidad Steel Band Calypso Jazz Improvisation ethnic jazz
Felo Bergaza Descarga en do Menor latin
Puchito Otre Descarga latin
Felix del Rosario Carmen latin jazz
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown dub
Banda Polyphony Initiation Song ethnic
Friendsong Joyride psych jazz
UFO Gotta Nice Buzz
Psychedelic Aliens We're Laughing Afro funk
Improvisational Arts Quartet Ettenro Occlam jazz


" D.J. Trouble: A Journey Into Fresh Digging "

All the way from France comes this impressive Quasimoto concept mix from "D.J. Trouble"...He goes all out with a barrage of blends, cuts, remixes, and all types of turntable abuse...

If your a Madlib fan, or just a cat that appreciates thorough mixes: you better swoop this up with a quickness......Hip Hop Battlefield gives this project the two thumbs up..

I have the playlist but it exposes all the original samples- so I decided to do the ethical thing and leave it out......(Sample snitches end up in ditches HAHAHA)....


Saturday, June 26, 2010

" A.G. - Everything's Berri "

Even though A.G.'s new album has it's moments, I still believe he sounds best over Showbiz's production (Maybe I am biased because I am a die-hard Show & A.G. supporter)...

But don't sleep- there are a couple bangers on here produced by up and comer "Ray Berri" that deserve your undivided attention...

"Party Hard, Hustle Hard" featuring Party Arty......R.I.P.


"Marcberri" featuring Roc Marciano...


Here is a little extra bonus interview with Ray & A.G.......Peep.

A.G & RAY BERRI (interview) / INFECTED (visual audio) from andre m berri on Vimeo.

" For All The Wu- Headz, Part 8 "

Damn, those conspiracy radio dudes are on a rampage with the fresh interviews...This time around they bring the abbot of the Wu-Tang to drop some heavy jewels...

Also Bumpy Knuckles, Sandman, Dogg Pound, Tech Nine, etc....So do the right thing and "CHECK IN" duke !!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Battlefield Funk Radio.. 6/17/10

Peace all you Battlefield junkies.. This is your boy "P" from FWYH I just wanted to check you all in right quick on this Monday afternoon. Normally my mans Drasar Monumental holds down the controls, but due to a last minute gig my man had to fly down to Southern California and won't be returning till Thursday. So till then he asked me to hold it down till he returns..So that is exactly what im going to do..

So with that being said, here is last weeks Battlefield Funk Radio show.. Like always we dropping all that new Hip-Hop and then some. This weeks trivia question is still unanswered so if you know it hit us up and the Hip-Hop package is yours..
One Love,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

" Dough Or Die, Part 2 "

Wild Cowboys part 2, Cuban Linx part 2, and now Dough Or Die part 2.....If this song by A.Z. is any indication of what that project will sound like, Anthony Cruz will definitely WIN in 2010...

Not many M.C.'s out there can biz like this..."Feel My Pain"- produced by Frank Dukes...


And here is the MP3.....


Thursday, June 17, 2010

" Battlefield Funk Radio's Revenge "


Tonight at 9'oclock sharp (Cali-time), we will be blasting cyberspace with that raw heat.....Mr.Funk What Ya Heard and I plan on going all out this time around so you don't want to get caught snoozing...

Big shout out to all of the cats that have showed support from the gate....

You know how we do: Blends, doubles, newness, under the radar rockets, remixes, etc....


" Straight Outta Michigan "

Spine Magazine have just added another D.J. to their roster..."D.J. Graffiti" will now have a show alongside "Kon&Amir", "Greenpeace", "Chairman Mao", etc...

On his debut outing he drops new cuts by Common (I was actually surprised how fresh this one was),14KT, Guilty Simpson, Sean Price, Dice Raw, Slum Village, Black Milk, and plenty more..


" What Is A D.J. If He Can't Scratch ? "

To this day, the illest concert I have ever been to was the "Hit Squad Tour" in the early nineties..Your talking about motherfucking "E.P.M.D.", "Redman" -(Before all of the deodorant commercials), "Das-Efx", "K-Solo", and of course the dude rocking the jason hockey mask, D.J. Scratch....

The crowd was practically slam dancing on that night...No one was standing around trying to look cute and all that other new age shit, everybody was drenched in sweat by the time the night was over....Banger after banger the intensity reached an all time high that left a tremendous impression on me ....

Over the years "Scratch" has emerged behind the mask and has made a name for himself on the production tip... I recently came across his radio show that gets broadcasted 24/7 with guest D.J.'s as well....


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

" Lou Donaldson On The Breaks "

I don't know about where you live, but here in Vietnam, California the weather is absolutely gorgeous..It's days like this that I count my blessings, give thanks to the creator, and all that other stuff...

So without further delay-I'm going to bless you with some meditation music..Lou Donaldson "Blue Breakbeats"....Go go cop a cool beverage and zone out.



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

" D.J. Bachir : The Nonce 90 B.P.M. Mixtape "

All the way from France comes this concept mix from D.J. Bachir...It features cuts by the criminally slept-on group, "The Nonce"...

Hip Hop Battlefield gives this mix the two thumbs up, so quit stalling and do the right thing !!!

R.I.P. Yusef Afloat


The Nonce: Bus Stop
Aceyalone: Annalillia? -Produced by Nonce.
The Nonce: Articulate With Math
The Nonce: Open Up
Sach: Miracle
The Nonce: J to the I
The Nonce: Turn It Out
Aceyalone: All Balls Don't Bounce -Produced by Nonce.
Sach: Each One
The Nonce: Haiku Busho Sach San
Sach: Hip Hop Exposed
SonGodSuns: Dream Small-Produced by Nonce.


" New Mass Influence "

Good to hear some new Hip Hop from those dudes from Atlanta, "Mass Influence"...It's been a minute since they have dropped anything, so this is a nice look..

I'm looking forward to seeing what else they have up their sleeves...

"Morning Breath Chasers" produced by Devil Mcdoom..


" Burn Your Face Off "

All you toys out there better run for cover...2 Rude (Keo) and Enue are not playing games in 2010 so I highly suggest you get your hand styles up.......FAST...

*Click the photo for further analysis.

Now that I have your attention: Ironlak is having a competition to see who is ready to face off for a healthy stash of paint..If you think you have the right stuff-CHECK IN!!!!!

" We’re searching for the freshest pieces and craziest productions in Australia/New Zealand and the Americas.

Select a category:

Category 1: Best production.
Paint a production wall with your crew/ homies (2-6 people per entry).
Entries will be judged on overall theme and composition, background elements, characters and pieces/ letter styles. Aim to impress!

Three winners will be chosen from Australia/ New Zealand and three winners chosen from North/ South America; Judged by the Ironlak Family.
First PRIZE: 500 cans of Ironlak.
Second PRIZE: 240 cans of Ironlak.
Third PRIZE: 120 cans of Ironlak.
Encouragement award: 48 cans of Ironlak.

Category 2: Best piece.
Rock a solo piece (One person per entry only).
Entries will be judged on style, letter structure, originality, connections, colour scheme and fill effects. Make it burn!

Three winners will be chosen from Australia/ New Zealand and three winners chosen from North/ South America; Judged by the Ironlak Family.
First PRIZE: 240 cans of Ironlak.
Second PRIZE: 120 cans of Ironlak.
Third PRIZE: 60 cans of Ironlak.
Encouragement award: 36 cans of Ironlak.

How to enter:
Select your category above. Email a large photograph of your finished wall AND photographs of your used cans in front of the wall to:

Pieces must be painted with 100% Ironlak paint (roll/ buff paint is allowed as a base). Enter as many times as you like. Competition closes 31 August 2010, so don’t sleep "



Monday, June 14, 2010

" In The Sucker Free "

Oh shit, this is looking kinda crazy right here.....If your in the bay area-you know what time it is homeboy !!!!!

And while your at it, you might as well scoop up this new heater by Cannibus with Preemo on the boards...I am a little late on this, you gotta give me a pass I was in Chicago for a couple weeks...


"Golden Terror Of Rap"

" Scratch Overdose: Part 7-Repost "

I rarely do the "repost" thing, but this batch of hardcore scratch cuts by "D.J. Tenshun" still gives me the goose bumps...It's the perfect combination of eerie beats, well thought out scratch sentences, and true drama...

Peace to all the fam in S.D. Nick Nayme, Daze, W.S.T., Rock , Mane -One, Z's, etc...


" Black Merda Madness "

Pioneering funk/rock outfit "Black Merda" were ahead of their time ...Hailing from the city of Detroit, they dropped two critical albums in the early 70's "Black Merda", and "Long Burn The Fire" that have managed to age very well....

One of their biggest hits was a collaboration effort with soul-slinger Ellington "Fuji" Jordan- "Mary Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip"......Due to poor promotion, and label politricks the group remained under the radar until a reunion show in 2005...

Here are a couple cuts that will make you snap your fingers...

Why is it that the best bands usually have the freshest names ?



" Rare Frequencies Radio "

This compilation of goodness was put together by Rare Dave (Diggers With Gratitude)....He went through 100 old radio tapes from 90-96 and pulled out all the exclusives that you will rarely ever hear...

Unreleased Big Daddy Kane (Sing My Song), a rough as hell Zulu Nation Gestapo rhyme-fest, under the radar Tragedy cuts, and a few surprise versions of songs that will force you to hit the rewind button...

No tracklist this time around, but don't sleep....


" Beat Battle Shit "

Major props go out to the homie, "Monsrock" for taking the crown at last week's bay area beat battle....The crazy thing is that he didn't even plan on entering..My dude hopped in their on some last minute shit and still housed everybody...

This is a big deal for home team......

Be on the lookout for Monsrock's group (CashDreed) to be dropping some heat this summer....


Sunday, June 13, 2010

" Hip Hop Battlefield Remix Series "

Alright folks, it's time for me to pull out the crazy flame thrower remix shit to melt your ear drums off !!!!!!

Since I was away from my sampler for a couple weeks- I decided that today I had to go in the lab and construct some aggressive, UFC, type heat...And who sounds more aggressive than the MASH OUT POSSE ?

You know how I do on the remix tip....NO corny synths, NO hollow sounding drums, and definitely NO half-stepping....If your looking for some angry frequencies to boost your Hip Hop morale, you just found your theme music...

" Boom, Boom Boom, there you go bastard / murder international, custom made caskets ".......

"Pounds Up Remix"

" Hardcore Hip Hop Will Never Die, Part 4 "

I like my Hip Hop a little rough around the edges (If you haven't noticed by now)...Matter of fact some of my favorite tracks were probably recorded in someone's stank dungeon/bedroom with blunt ashes spilled everywhere, crates thrown about, and Hip Hop idols splattered all over the walls (Reminds me of my lab actually)....

Whenever I have done any work in a heavy-duty studio, I felt uneasy....In my opinion-dope Hip Hop can be made on a 4-track set up...Some dudes have things all twisted: They think the more money that they spend on equipment, the better their music will be...

You don't need all that space-age equipment to come up with fly shit, all you need is a creative mind with a little knowledge of what this shit is REALLY about (YA HEARD ME)....

Anyway, hardcore Hip Hop will never die my man.....When it comes to grimy, no nonsense, street bully rap-"Minnesota" is one of the last true kings....He rhymes, produces (Made the beat for "Not A Player" for Big Pun- just in case you forgot), and engineers his own stuff....POW,POW,POW..

This joint came out a couple years back, but it still bangs !!!!!!

"Modus Operendi"

Peace to my manz, "Hektek" in the B.X.

" Mayhem Lauren: Queens Outdoor Lo-Life "

Queens kid "Mayhem Lauren" has been on the come-up for sometime now...I first caught wind of his material on some older J-Love mixtapes..

With every release, his rhymes and concepts have gotten sharper and more on point.....Here is a compilation of joints that should help jumpstart your Sunday morning..


01. Bout 2 Win Again
02. Glorious
03. Heavy Cream
04. 7000 Thoughts
05. Sound Boy Burial Freestyle
06. Queens
07. Swiss Alps (Ft. Action Bronson)
08. Got The Fever
09. Timeless Greatness (Ft. J-Love & Timeless Truth)
10. Lost Souls
11. Just Cant Win
12. Where Do You Come From (Ft. J-Love & The Large Professor)
13. (2)Dope Radio Freestyle
14. The Bigger Picture
15. True Confessions Freestyle

Hip Hop Battlefield top picks- "Bout To Win", "Heavy Cream", "7000 Thoughts", "Swiss Alps", "Got The Fever", "Where Do You Come From ? " featuring J-Love & Large Pro....


" Chicago Style Warz "

Oh man, this piece by Phase-(Lab Rats) is on some whole other shit!!!!!!!!

GET YOUR HAND STYLES UP....Click the photo for further analysis.


" Respect The Vets: Part 2 "


Saturday, June 12, 2010

" Fresh For 2010 "

GGRP sound are killing the game with these joints....I need to cop one of these pronto !!!!!!


" Back On The Battlefield "

Now I am back on the battlefield so you better strap on your combat helmets, focus your binoculars, and lace up those boots homeboy !!!!!

In 1970 the U.K. band "Demon Fuzz" put out their sole album, Afreaka on Pye Records....WOW....This is the kind of music you play when you are looking for inspiration...Funky, unpredictable, soulful- afro-rock vibes...

It's a damn shame these cats never recorded as a unit again because this is some powerful stuff.....Big up to my dude Selfish for looking out......Turn the volume to ten if you know what's best for you....

"Message To Mankind"

"Another Country"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

" Live From The Windy City "

Yeah...... As you could have guessed, I'm still cold chilling in Chicago (that explains the lack of updates )....While in search for the perfect beat in the "city of wind" I ran into my beat digging evil twin Big Mattlock.....

Years ago (while on another vinyl mission) I met him while he worked at a fully explosive record store in Seattle (Underdog)...We struck up a heavy conversation about breaks that would bore most people, but beat fiends like myself get hype in situations like this !!!!!

We have been friends ever since....We exchange breaks, secret society Hip Hop info, and all types of other shit....His knowledge of Chicago Hip Hop is staggering...He also ran a studio in Chicago 1995-2002 (EV Productions) that blessed artist like K.R.S.ONE, Planet Asia, Akbar, Diverse, Longshot, etc.....

Before a night out on the town, I decided to ask him a few questions about whatever the fuck I felt like......Pay attention you might just learn something....HAHAHAHA..

1...HHBF-.....Damn Matt, where is all the graff ?....For a city this size, I was expecting to see more roof-shots, freeway hits, and all that other shit....What's the deal kid ?

1...Mattlock.....It's out there man, you just gotta keep your eyes open. It's nowhere near like it used to be at all though. Mayor Daley made it his mission to wipe out Graf and he's done a great job. I worked on a documentary called "I Write On Stuff" that details a lot of the reasons why graf got shut down in the Chi(search for it online, you may find it).

It's def starting to come back cause the recession has affected Daleys abilty to pay his fools to wipe it out with the buff trucks. A few years ago you would do a piece at midnight and it would be gone by 4AM. Now pieces are running a lot longer.

Also you gotta check out the hood and not just the train lines. There are tons of pieces running on the South and West sides.

Another thing is you will get a felony and go to Cook County Jail for doing graf. Cook County is no picnic, I know from experience lol. The police are very hard on graf out here so only serious cats will get it in out here. I was in there with murderers and they were laughing at me once I told them why I was there haha!

I gotta give props to TAS Crew, XMEN, PUMA Crew, UAC and all the other crews I came up around in Chicago.

RIP to my brothers KEP XMEN,and TEWEL CAB Crew and all the other fallen graf soldiers.

2...HHBF...O.K. O.K. That's what the fuck is up !!!! I have heard some of your beats over the years, and you have your own type-of sound going on...Who have you produced for and what type of equipment do/did you rock ?

2...Mattlock...I've produced mostly Hip Hop artists like Diverse(Chocolate Industries), Longshot, Juice, Ang 13, Akbar, Crucial Conflict etc...

I've also worked with Blues legend Harmonica Hinds and Rob Mazurek from Chicago Underground and Stereolab. I've also had the pleasure of working with Jazz greats Jeff Parker and Ted Sirota.

As far as equipment recently I've been messin with different software but I'm not feelin it too much.

In the past I've had a MPC 3000 midied up to a S950. I also had an Ensoniq EPS 16+ for basslines. I've owned SP 1200's and SP 12's.

The best thing was my high school had a MPC 60 so I got my start on making beats in 1989. I started DJing in 1987 with my shitty pawn store Gemini turntables so once I got Techniques it was like heaven!

Longshot "I" - Produced by Mattlock...2002

3...HHBF....Yo, there is another cat out in Chi-Town that goes by "Mattlock"....HAHAHAHAH, what's the science on that shit ?...Who is the first, O.G. Mattlock famz ?

3...Mattlock...Uhh well my friends started calling me Matlock in 1990...I don't even think that kid was born at that time lol. It's all good though I'm a behind the scenes type of cat and plus there are other dudes callin themselves that. My name is Matt Sibert from Evanston; I don't give a fuck about that nickname shit!

4...HHBF...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.....I'm not the type-of guy that likes to expose spots....But I'm feeling so good out here-I feel it's only right that you tell the people about some record spots out here that are holding....

4...Mattlock...I haven't been diggin in a long while but I've always come up at all the Reckless Records spots in the city. Dusty Groove has a wide selection and I've spent a ton there. Out of the Past on Madison can be a come-up. The last time I was there with you I got out of the car and kids on the corner pointed at me and said "look a white guy"! Like they never saw one before haha.

The best come ups are outside of Chicago in the sticks and that's all I'll say on that.

Longshot featuring J.U.I.C.E.- "No Wins".....Produced by Mattlock-Co-produced by K-Kruz..

5...HHBF...Yeah, we were deep, deep, deep, deep in the hood for that mission when you got called out...They were probably wondering why I was hanging with your white ass ....HAHAHAHAHA.....Anyway, "Rubberroom" are one of my all time favorite groups from the "GO"...Some of their shit is straight HARDCORE.....You ever see those dudes live ?

5...Mattlock..Yeah man I've seen Rubberroom live many times back in the day! They had some of the most energy and conviction out of any group I've seen from anywhere. Rubberroom was from a time in Chicago where you had to come original and with skills or you were going to get thrown off the stage!

I've seen or heard of Rubberroom performing at Ska, Punk, and Hip Hop shows, they def got around and did they thing.

6...HHBF...Wu- Tang or Juice crew ?

6...Mattlock...C'mon man Juice Crew hands down...Should I even elaborate on that?

7..HHBF... Of course you should homeboy....We will save that for part two (I guess)..

When you look at the news (Regarding Chicago) all you hear about is the crazy gunplay out here....This place has a history of gangsterism....Even the last governor of Illinois is currently facing prison time.....

But what about all the good things that are happening out here ?.....Tell the Hip Hop Battlefield posse about the positive aspects of growing up in Chicago ?

7...Mattlock...Oh man I grew up in a neighborhood of Rastafarians, Nigerians, and Black folks. Everyone looked out for each other... I love Fela Kuti and Lee Perry because of where I'm from. I got into Hip Hop because of my community, it was the antithisis to the gang shit that was going on and still is.

Chicago has more choices for live music in any given night than any city in the world including New York. Tonight we're going to check out Jeff Parker from Tortoise with Josh Abrahms(og Bassist from the Roots). Then we're going to a Hip Hop/Reggae spot a block away after that. What other city has a vibe like that?

Chicago is what you make it. You can hustle and gangbang or you can create a beautiful life. I think it's a lot tougher here than other places I've lived but it's easy to create a great life here.

8...HHBF...It's time to hit the motherfucking avenue (YA HEARD)...You have any shout-outs ?

8...Mattlock...Shout outs to Drasar of course and my Chicago people Hek, Diverse, Chosen, Longshot, Ang 13, Akbar, K Kruz, Racecar, and all the crews I came up around!

HHBF---Word up thanks for that G......Hip Hop Battlefield will be back to normal when I get back to California on Saturday....


And here is a slept on Chicago heater that Matt put me up on....Fully-G "There She Goes Again"......Don't sleep this is fresh as hell...1994 goodness..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Soldier Field, Part 6 "

I'm off to the wonderful city of Chicago for about a week or so, but don't trip...I'm still going to bless ya'll with post from time to time....Antibalas, Premier, and D.J. Spinna will be in town while I am there- so it looks like it is going to be a jam packed week..

Peace to everyone that checks out the BATTLEFIELD on the regular....Time for me to fly out of sunny Vietnam California, and start my journey..

Chicago is known for heavy digging spots, so you know I'm coming back with those flames....


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

" Funk What Ya Heard Mix "

My partner in GRIME, Mr.Mad Planet just finished up this 40 minute mix for Terry Urban & Mick Boogie's Serius radio show (Press Play)....I'm not going to even front-I haven't listened to it yet..

But I have known "P" for over ten years, so I know for a fact he will get down for his crown...Matter of fact , I'm going to quit typing and listen to this joint in the booming system right now !!!!!!!.....DON'T SLEEP..


Krs One – "Who Da Best"
Apollo Brown feat. John Robinson & Ken Starr – “Balance”
Green Lamas - feat. Selfish, Decay, Ton Liv – “Chameleon”
Ken Starr - Feat. Akir & Oddisee – “Represent”
Murs & 9th Wonder feat. Verbs – “The Lick”
Pete Rock feat. Rakim – “Living For The City” ( Unlreleased)
Dooley O – “Hip Hop” (Get Bizz Kids Drasar M. Remix 2010)
Addict Merchants – “Why O”
Ill Poetix – “The Touch”
Opio – “Cherish”
Raekwon – feat. M.O.P. Kool G. Rap – “Ill Figures”
Cash Dreed – Steel Weighting