Wednesday, September 30, 2009

" Mighty 4, Eleventh Year Pop Off "

If your in the Oakland area on October 10th, this is the place where you want to be without a fraction of a doubt.....

B Boys, B Girls, special guest: Pharoahe Monche, open circles, appreciation awards ( if you look real closely, you will notice that my Zulu chapter is getting a pat on the back for all the work brothers have put in over the years ), live graff, and it's recession proof because the whole event is free..

Big up " Paulskee " you did it again......

" Let The Beats Rock "

Here is the latest edition of " K - Murdock's " Subsoniq instrumentals show on " X.M./ Sirius "........Exclusives, b- sides, forgotten gems, and all that other fly shit.....

Do yourself a favor and swoop this up with a quickness......And to all my beat nerds out there, pull out your pen and pad's....HAHAHa


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

" Cormega : Urban Legend Mixtape "

Cormega just released this mixtape ( Urban Legend ) to help build anticipation for the release of his upcoming album " Born And Raised " on October 20th.....

The mixing duties are handled by Chicago's Hip Hop Project D.J.'s , " Cosm Roks and D.J. Monkey ".......I suggest you check out their ill website as well HERE......

" Mr. Mega Montana " is still sharp with the darts so you better do the right thing......

Here is the playlist....( Shout out to HHG )

1. Fresh ft PMD, Grand Puba, KRS One, Big Daddy Kane
2. Forever ft Main Flow
3. Dirty Game Interlude
5. Dirty Game
5. Take Mine
6. Rap Game ft Little Brother
7. Get It ft Lake
8. Radiant Jewels ft Raekwon, Sean Price
9. Three ft Prodigy
10. Thun and Kicko ft Prodigy
11. U Crazy ft The Beatnuts
12. Propane Piff ft Agallah
13. Back Against the Wall ft Royce Da 5’9
14. The Come Up ft Large Professor
15. Fallen Soldiers (Alternate Mix)
16. Journey Interlude
17. Journey
18. We Gon Buck ft Capone N Noreaga, Lake
19. Get It In Interlude
20. Get It In (Freestyle)
21. Money (Freestyle)
22. What Did I Do
23. Professional Style ft AZ, Nature
24. Use Mad Clips ft Styles P
25. Break Bread ft Tragedy Khadafi
26. No Holding Back ft AZ
27. What the Deal ft KL, Blaq Poet
28. What’s Your Poison ft Mobb Deep
29. Loyalty ft KL, Blaq Poet
30. Top 10 (Live from DJ Eclipse’s “Rap Is Out of Control”)
31. Millie (Freestyle)
32. Who Can I Trust ft Lil Wayne
33. It’s Like ft J Love, Mayhem

Bonus Tracks
34. Maybach Music (Freestyle)
35. Last of A Dying Breed (Freestyle


" Quick Download "

The homie " Dan Boogie ", just hit me off with a practice session, break mix a couple days ago.....All of the top of the dome, all live, all flavorful.....

Good lookin D.......


Sunday, September 27, 2009

" Mr. Thing Rocks The Breaks "

If you enjoyed the " Portable Anorak " mix that I posted up awhile back, than you will lose your marbles over this slab of raw heat...

" Mr. Thing " reaches into his bag of goodies and blesses us with a gang of obscure breaks this time around....2 Thumbs up..

Peep the playlist.....

Josef Vobruba se svym Orchestrem - Preludium Cis Moll
The Honey Drippers - Streakin'
The Heads Of The Family - Troubled People
The Discoettes - Yes We Can Can
Sky King - Why Don't You Take Us
David Baptiste & The Gladiators - Funky Soul (Pt.1)
Leaf - Food Stamps
Bergendy - Tramp- Reszlet
Brother Lloyd's All Stars - The Tramp
Original Tropicana Steel Band - Calypso Rock
Blackbuster - Shack Up
Soulful Illusion - Soulful Illusion
Daniel J. White - Boxe Et Violence
Society Of Seven - Superstar (Remember How You Got To Where You Are)
The Crystal Mansion - Boogie Man


" K-Cut Drops Jewels "

Toronto legend " K-Cut ", takes time to chop it up with " Tochi " for his second installment in the " Retrospective " video series..
Make sure you check this out, you might just learn a couple things about " K " that you didn't know.....

Big shout out to " The Real Frequency " .......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

" Drasar Monumental Rocks The Remix "

Don't think for a hot second that I'm snoozing when it comes to these beats JACK!!!!!!!! I'm just real critical with my shit....Sometimes I will listen to a beat for weeks before I release it to the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD POSSE.....Anyway, I posted this remix almost a year ago ( Big Noyd- Usual Suspects ) and I think it's dirty enough to splash up again....

This is the kind of joint you play before slapping someone upside the head...(Play close attention to the low end manipulation)


And here is a extra torpedo that will sizzle your speakers up.........All beats by me...POW,POW,BLAMZZZZZZZZZ


Friday, September 25, 2009

" Last Night's Show "

Thanks to everyone that checked into the show last night......It is appreciated homeboy.....We have big things in store for " Battlefield Funk Radio ", so make sure every Thursday you tune in.....

Big shout out to " Talk Sick " and " Bron Onerz " for answering the trivia questions....We got you..


Thursday, September 24, 2009

" As Live As It Gets "

Every single Thursday, " Mr Funk What Ya Heard " and I clique up to bless cyberspace with that sureshot firepower.....Live blends, jokes, trivia, and all types of madness....

You already know the M.O.......Make sure you tune in to see how we get down in VIETNAM CALIFORNIA....Shout out to all the cats that check in on the regular.....

View Show Live Here @ 9PM Sharp!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

" Roc Raida Dedication "

" Chairman Mao's " new Spine Blowing Decisions show, is dedicated to the late, great " Roc Raida ".....You do not want to sleep on this one JACK !!!!!!!!



" Freestyle Mix Sessions "

Straight outta " Cap City ", ( Sacramento ) comes this one-track, off the dome mix, by my homeboy " Riff Raff ".....I haven't even had the chance to listen to it myself, but I've known " Riff " for over ten years so I have faith that he won't bless us with that bullshit.....

Quit stalling duke, you know what time it is.......Big shout out to everybody in the 916.....


" Scratch Overdose "

San Diego's " D.J. Tension ", released a scratch project a couple years back that still manages to hold my attention....Why ?...Brutal beats, aggressive scratch sentences, and a whole lotta attitude.....

Some of this stuff is just straight up evil.....Big shout out to all those S.D. kids getting biz.....

You better check in....

Track 1 Download

Track 2 Download

Track 3 Download

Monday, September 21, 2009

" Wrong Side Of The Tracks Radio-September 19,09

" Dug Boogie and Miss A.Z. " are back to burn with another fresh podcast....You will hear exclusives, doubles, drops, newness, and a healthy dose of flavor....

Start your week off correctly duke......Here is the playlist..

Premo & Anita Baker- my hip hop angel (dj dug boogie exclusive)
M.O.P- stop pushin'
Dj Honda feat Sean Price- d.r.e.a.m
Verge feat Large Professor- amaman verge remix
Tiye Phoenix- half woman half amazin'
Rapper Big Pooh feat Posdnous- people remix
Punchline, Senor Kaos, 4ize & Ph- flava in ya ear 2009
The Roots- distortion to static
Dillion & P. Locke- love died
Dynas- totally tanya
Familiars Unseen feat Derrick Buck- some shit
Kev Brown- the random joint
Kooley High- kooley is high
Raekwon feat Slick Rick, Masta Killa & GZA- we will rob you
Tanya Morgan- got 2 get done
The Globetraddas feat Derrick Buck- love
Wale feat Daniel Merriweather- pod of gold
Median- how big is your world?
MF Woolly feat Sky Inkwriter- the box
Black Milk feat AB- reppin for you
Diamond District- in the ruff
Jay Dee- won't do
Ishues, Tea da Herblist & D.R.E.S the Beatnik- stop bitin'
*break- Flying Lotus- Dilla Tribute


Sunday, September 20, 2009

" Turntable Insanity "

In 2008 " Ill Insanity " ( Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, and D.J. Precision ) released a project full of wicked production, next level scratches, etc...( Ground Xero )

Here are a couple cuts that will send you back to the lab to get your shit together......

" Soul Train Line " ( PSA )

" Scratch Live " featuring GRAND MASTER ROC RAIDA......

Saturday, September 19, 2009

" R.I.P.- GrandMaster Roc Raida "

For the last couple days I have heard a couple things about " Roc Raida's " hospitalization....I was alarmed but I figured he was young, and everything would be alright...

All of the sudden, BAM....Twitter is on fire with R.I.P. " Roc Raida " dedications......What, this can't be....There must be some type of mistake or something....So I decided to check " All Hip Hop.Com " to see what the official word was........

Unfortunately " Roc Raida " passed away earlier this morning.....Not quite sure how or what the details are surrounding his death
( The car crash or martial arts scenario are still unconfirmed ) ....

What a crazy year this has been....

Roc Raida was one of the nastiest on the decks....I ran into him a couple times, and what struck me about " Raida " was how humble he was....We talked briefly about some of his production accomplishments, ( I always loved that " Funky Piano " beat he did for " E. Brothers " ), touring, upcoming projects, etc......

I'm at a loss for words right now.....Instead of blogging, I'm going to get on the turntables and play some " Roc Raida " joints loud as fuck.....

That album he did with " Wayne- O " will be the first one on the list.......R.I.P. brother, you will be missed.......

Thursday, September 17, 2009

" Get Live Motherfuckers "

AHHHHHHH, yes it's Thursday again so you know what that means troops, BATTTLEFIELD FUNK radio time!!!!!!!!!!!

This week we have a couple tricks up our sleeve, so I suggest that you CHECK IN...New music, under the radar firepower, shenanigans, non-stop jokes, live mixing, and a little Hip Hop trivia......Much respect to everyone that know's what time it is...


Watch show live at 9 0'clock....

" D..J. Premier -Rap Is Out Of Control "

Unfortunately I don't have Serius/ X.M radio so I can't check out Preems or D.J. Eclipse's show every week....But the good folks over at " WYDU " recently posted the links to the 9/6/09 broadcast ( Premier filled in for Eclipse this time around )........

Thank you....

You already know how " P " get's it in....Doubles, blends, exclusives and all that other fly shit.....POW...

Here is the playlist homie...

1. NYGz--READY?--(Prod. By: DJ Premier)
2. Raekwon(f. Busta Rhymes)--About Me--(Prod By: Dr. Dre)
3. Smitty(f. The Last Poets)--Run Nigga Runnnn !--(Producer Unknown)
4. Fabolous--I Miss My Love--(Prod. By: Sean C & LV)
5. M.O.P.(f. Rell)--What I Wanna Be--(Prod. By: DJ Premier)
6. Grand Puba(f. Large Professor)--Same Old Drama--(Prod. By: Large Professor)
7. Beanie Sigel(f. Young Chris)--Return Of The Chain Gang--(Prod. By: Beanie Sigel Production Team)
8. Blaq Poet--i-Gititin--(Prod. By: DJ Premier)
9. Marco Polo & Torae--Coney Island--(Prod. By: Marco Polo)
10. La Coka Nostra--Once Upon A Time--(Prod. By: DJ Lethal)
11. Ras Kass--Thank You--(Prod. By: Sincere for "Stupid Americans")
12. Big Twins(f. Prodigy)--Drop Em Off--(Prod. By: Sid Roams)
13. Thunderclaps(f. Shameless)--The Man With No Shame--(Prod. By: The Thunderclaps)
14. Dynasty--Femcee--(Prod. By: Jinx)
15. Slaughterhouse--Microphone--(Prod. By: Alchemist)
16. Blaq Poet(f. Panchi, Imani Montana)--Stretch Marks & Cigarette Burns--(Prod. By: DJ Premier)
17. M.O.P. (f. Termanology)--Crazy--(Prod. By: Statik Selektah)
18. Raekwon(f. Slick Rick, Masta Killa, GZA)--We Will Rob You--(Prod. By: Allah Justice)
19. Jay-Z(f. Alicia Keys)--Empire State Of Mind--(Prod. By: Al Shux)
20. Kurious--Smiling--(Prod By: Domingo)
21. La Coka Nostra(f. Sen Dog, Big Left)--Bloody Sunday--(Prod. By: DJ Lethal)
22. Dead Prez--Summertime--(Prod. By: Green Lantern)



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

" Under The Radar, Part 2 "

I can't believe " J.U.I.C.E. " isn't a household name after all the work he has put in.....Countless battles, albums, mixtapes, sureshot singles, and a incredible freestyle game should have laid the foundation for a stellar career....

But you know how the game go: politricks, Hip Hop popularity contest, shady labels, dick riding, etc....Play a part in keeping the nicest M.C.'s away from the accolades they truly deserve....

Some cats might say that the battle with " Supernat " shook him up.....I don't think so...And if you really watch that battle again you would realize how close of a battle it was.....

Anyway, Peep one of " J's " more recent cuts, ( Dear Battles ) ......


And while your at it, check these interviews conducted by " FSD ".......Big up to my man, Big Matt in " The Go ".....

PART ONE......

PART 2...

" Back To The B.X. "

It's time to get a little grimy, so I'm going to bless you with some hardcore shit courtesy of the " Freestyle Professors ".....Ever since 1994, the Bronx crew have been wildin out with their brand of dirty Hip Hop.....

" Heavy Listening " does a thorough job on this podcast...( Good job troopers )....So quit stalling G, turn this shit up past ten, and get ready for a heavy dose of that raw....AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH...

Here is the playlist....TRUST ME, you do not want to snooze...

1- Intro
2- Hear what I hear
3- Down with the Freestyle Professors (Showbiz remix)
4- Rap Mathematician
5- Hot Damn!
6- Steppin' on roaches
7- Your pockets been picked
8- Corporate America
9- Sweet Tooth
10- Interlude
11- Take it back
12- A lil sum' em sum' em
13- Testify (exclusive)
15- Dear Hip Hop
16- Pelon iz on da set
17- Flow time
18- The hardcore villain
19- Let me tell you something (exclusive)
20- Outro


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

" Under The Radar "

When I first heard this song a couple day's ago, I was instantly locked in to the somber texture of the production...Dreary keys lace stuttering snares and kicks....But after peeping the rhymes, I realized this cat ( Wombaticus Rex ) is dropping some well though out heat...

" Give " is a song that you probably won't hear anywhere else except here.....Enjoy this fresh Hip Hop from Vermont...( It's not where your from it's where your at ).......Listen up...


" Hip Hop Battlefield Rants "

Welcome to my new column " HHBR ".....Every week I will let off a full clip of rants, opinions, observations, etc.....So fasten your seat belt homeskillet, I'm going in.......

1...This past weekend I went to a B Boy battle in Santa Rosa California... ( The Rose HAHAHA ) I couldn't believe how ill some of these cat's are....Just when you think you have seen it all, a new move, or a new combination slaps you back into reality.....

For example this cat from Sacramento ( forgot his name, my bad ) tapped me on the shoulder and asked me " Should I add another one ", I turned around and replied, " Sure black, go ahead "........I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about, but instantly I noticed a group of seven people, on all fours, lined up in a row.....He gives me a strange look, then proceeds to run as fast as he could towards the group......Then out of nowhere he jumps up and does a gang of ninjitsu type, corkscrew flips over the heap of bodies on the floor.......God damn.....He cleared them by at least a two feet....

That was some crazy shit that I will never forget, and I will never forget when my manz " Sha- Onerz " stopped the B Boy battle to bless me with the jacket you see in the above picture....Thank you Akhi, you always have a suprise up your sleeve.....And a big shout out to Remind, Crumbs, Zulu Gremlin, Bas Onerz, Ground Level, P, Dragon, Mannie, Mane One ( your funny as hell duke ), Mel, Foots, Goblin, those cat's from Miami, and Renegade Rockers for winning the whole shit.....

2..." THE BLOG GAME "..........When I first started this blog, I approached it from a disgruntled Hip Hop Head standpoint....I wanted to lash out at everybody that I felt was wack, I wanted to pop blog shots at anyone who was half-stepping, and put a spotlight on fools who souled their soul just to exploit Hip Hop for financial gain.....Lofty ideas right....

Now a year and a half later, my focus for " Hip Hop Battlefield " has definitely changed....Instead of putting my energy into things I obviously can't control, I would rather spend that time harnessing my own skills....We all know that wack motherfuckers exist, but everytime someone makes an alternative to the fuckery, WE WIN......

Instead of crying about bringing the 90's back, cat's need to be creative, study the right blueprints, clique up with like-minded individuals and DO YOU.......

3...." The Great Recession ".......Funny how everyone is making it rain in a god damn recession...Stores are closing up shop, I notice more homeless families digging through my trash, close friends with degrees can't even find a decent job, foreclosures on homes everywhere you look, prisons filling up past capacity ....Where is the next " Public Enemy " ?....

4.... " Kanye West Fiasco ".....To be honest, I never cared for his music....NEVER....But he should get a job as a comedian, because he is one funny ass brother.....Everyone acting like the " M.T.V Awards " are so prestigious...Fuck M.T.V until they bring Dre, Fab 5, and Ed Lover back.......POW...

5.." Gangster Robots ".........In the late 80's early 90's, California was a motherfucking war zone....At the high school I went to fools would get slapped up, stabbed, stomped out, on the regular....Dudes that used to be all " B Boyed up ", traded in their Lee jackets, for Raiders parka jackets and started flagging colors.......I'm actually suprised I made it through that era ( some of my closest friends didn't )....But what even suprises me more is that in 2009, I see a resurgence in gangbanging activity......Wow...Are you cat's for real, you need to knock that shit off before you get hit off with that DRAMA.....

6....If you want me to review your music send to ZJUDAH@YAHOO.COM.....Please do not send me that weirdo bullshit, PLEASE...

7..." Over Analytical Hip Hop Bloggers "........I'm not one of those bloggers that's going to bless you with a Hip Hop essay every time I post ( Even though I easily could, I used to be a journalist for a major newspaper in Sacramento )......Plus, I can't give all my jewels away dogz.....If we are face to face, we can chop it up about the science of this shit, but don't expect me to over analyze every nuance of someone's music on every post......

8....That's it for now fam, see you on the flip side.......

Monday, September 14, 2009

" The 2,752nd Victim Of The 9/ 11 Attacks "

Taken from the N.Y. Times :

"Leon Heyward emerged from the subway just as the second plane struck, piercing the south tower. As others fled, he helped evacuate disabled employees from 42 Broadway, where he worked for the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs, and when the first tower fell, he was caught in the churning plume of contaminated dust and smoke.

Within months he started to feel sick. A father of two who prided himself on being fit, Mr. Heyward found himself overcome with fatigue. He had seizures; his memory slipped.

Mr. Heyward was known by many in the music world by another name, MC Sundance, a member of the Jazzy Five, one of the first rap groups to form in the South Bronx in the 1970s. He liked to work out and play basketball, and landed a job with the city.

Last October, after developing lymphoma, Mr. Heyward died at age 45 in the Bronx, where he was born. He became, officially, the latest casualty of the Sept. 11 terror attack, and just after 10 on a gusty, dreary Friday morning, the name Leon Bernard Heyward was read for the first time at ground zero as the nation paused again to remember its losses."


" Keep It Street Level "

For over 20 years, " Sue Kwon " has photographed some of Hip Hop's biggest personalities before they climbed the ladder of fame....

In this book " Street Level ", she ventures out to every borough in N.Y.C. and documents the lives of the people that help make the city tick...

You can get your copy HERE

" Big Twinz Shit "

Check out this clip of " Big Twinz " going for his in L.A.....FREE-P..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

" Tonight At Nine O'Clock Sharp "

Make sure you tune in to the " Battlefield Funk " radio show tonight...Live blends, jokes, trivia, doubles, and all that other good shit....

We have a special treat for all of the faithful listeners this week so don't sleep ( That rhymed HaHa ) ..Major shout out to " D.J. Deuce " for answering the trivia question...Your package is in the mail brother...

And a big thank you to all of the cat's that continue to support...



" Mixtape Artillery "

This mix by " D.J. Beat ", ( I know, the name is so nondescript ) is packed full of hardcore burners that will have you pushing the rewind button...

Never heard of this cat before, but I was impressed with his selections, composition, and overall approach to this project ( Underground Railroad Volume One )....

Any mix that rock's " Down And Dirty Tribe " is a winner in my book.....If your into that raw, under the radar shit, scoop this up pronto, JACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


01. Intro
02. Sian And Yeshuha Dapo Ed / The mystery
03. DJ Kam / Gangsta shit
04. Finsta And Bundy / Sunny side
05. Street Smartz / Problems
06. Gravity / Back to the essence
07. Organized Konfusion / Bring it on
08. Mic Geronimo / Natural
09. Marvel woroz of
10. God complex secret wars
11. DJ Beat / Monotone swing
12. Ground Foor / One,two
13. Ruff-N-Rugged / Swing sumpin ruff
14. Smoothe Da Hustler / My brother my ace
15. Mr.Complex / Visualise
16. Twisted Mind Kids / The baddess
17. Twisted Mind Kids / I feel you
18. Unanimous Freshest / On the mic
19. Beats,Lyrics And Conscious / Knowledge seein’ in
20. DJ Beat / Break it down like this
21. Paula Perry / Paula jam
22. Down In Diirty T / Ribe inn’a cipher
23. Ayenas Concubines /
24. Kool G Rap / Hey mr,mr
25. Showbiz + AG / Under pressure
26. Tommy Hools / Miran
27. Cash Crop Shock / Therapy
28. Keep the art divine drama
29. Ras Kass / Anything goes
30. Still Diggin / Back to berth
31. Shades Of Brooklyn / When it rains it pouns
32. Science Of Sound / No diggidy
33. Tommy Hools Manchester


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

" D.J. Muro Rocks The 45's "

If you have ever spun with 45's, you know that you have to have a steady hand in order to rock shit properly..One false move and your needle is flying all over the fuckin place...That's why this mix by " Muro " get's the nod of approval from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD..

All 45's, all flavorful, all enjoyable tunes...This was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the " Staple Design Company "...

Here is the playlist....

# Star Children – Mighty Ryeders
# Proud Of You – Johnny Guitar Watson
# I Too Am Wanting – Syreeta
# A Warm Summer Night – Chic
# I Get High (On Your Memory) – Freda Payne
# I’m Just Doing My Job – Bloodstone
# Seven Days – The Moments
# I Wanna Give You My Love ‘till You Scream – Alfonzo
# Out Of My Life – Bloodstone
# Phatom Lover – Leon Ware
# Sharing – Vitamin E
# Mariya – Family Circle
# Cause I Love You – Lenny Williams
# Make A Little Love To Me – Isaac Hayes
# A Few More Kisses To Go – Isaac Hayes
# Capricorn – The Cannonball Adderley Quintet
# Maracas Beach – Grover Washington Jr
# My Funny Valentine – Dianne Reeves
# Starlight & You – Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes
# It’s A Terrible Thing To Waste Your Love – The Masqueraders
# Dying To Live – Edgar Winter
# You Mean Everything To Me – Black Ivory
# Faithful To The End – D.J. Rogers
# Call Me – Aretha Franklin
# Wish That You Were Mine – Manhattans
# Strangers In Dark Corners – Tavares
# Baby Come Home – Willie Hutch


" Crate Digger Extravaganza "

If your in the " Yay Area ", and you need to add a little spice to your crates, this is the place you want to be...Big shout out to my dude " Riddim ", who has blessed me with some ill records over the years...

( Funky Riddim Records still lives HaHaHa )

See you there..


" Limited Edition Vinyl "

" One Leg Up Records " is back at it again with some " Brand Nubian " gems from the vaults....

" The Now Rule Files " are limited to 200 copies cousin...Pre - order here...


01. "How Ya Livin’" *
02. "I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That"
03. "The Devil"

01. "Mind Your Business (Original Mix)"
02. "Where Is Puba?"
03. "Probable Cause (Original Mix)"
04. “Love Vs. Hate” [Alternate Version] +

Produced by Brand Nubian
* Produced by Pete Rock
+ Produced by Lord Finesse


Monday, September 7, 2009

" South Bronx Bangers "

When it comes to that original recipe , gutter, block bully rap, " Money Boss Players " got you covered homeboy...The " Heavy Listening Crew " blesses us with a hour long session of nothing but that grimy B.X. flavor from Soundview's finest...

Time to GET LIVE motherfuckers....

Hosted by Eddie Cheeba & Bag-O...

MBP : Bronx Niggas
MBP : Games
MBP : Players Pinnacle
MBP : Area Code 212
P BROTHERS & BOSS MONEY : Blam Blam For Nottingham
MBP : Crap Game
MBP : Gunplay
MBP : Walk With A Limp
SADAT X, MBP & SHA SHA : Games's Sober
MBP : Saturday Night, Sunday Morning
P BROTHERS & BOSS MONEY : Boss Money Gangsters
BAG-O Outro


And just to keep it official, peep this video , " Modus Operandi " by Minnesota ......THIS IS THAT SHIT !!!!!!!!!!

" Black Moses Still Lives "

Who in the world would have the balls to remake some of Isaac Hayes's classic joints ? " El Michels Affair ", that's who fool...

When I first caught wind of this project I didn't know how well things would pan out, but after checking in, I had to give it the thumbs up...

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes, your music lives on....

Walk On By
Run Fay Run
Hung Up On My Baby
Red Rooster
Bumpy’s Lament
Walk On By


Sunday, September 6, 2009

" Fab Five Freddy Interview "

" Urbananotomy " recently conducted a interview with Mr. Hip Hop royalty, " Fab Five Freddy "...He drops info about Andy Warhol, Wild Style, Basquiat, upcoming projects, etc..

M.T.V. has never been the same after dropping " Yo M.T.V. Raps " from their roster...

Salute to you " Fab ", for lacing me with a lot of classic moments...


Friday, September 4, 2009

" Summer Time Flames "

I'm not going to even lie, 85% of the time my musical taste gravitate towards mostly hardcore music, but on a lovely day like this it's only right that I snap my fingers to something a little less gritty...

This album by the " Shaolin Temple Defenders " is a perfect backdrop for summer time shenanigans....Real funky shit poppin off on this project, you do not want to sleep....


" New M.O.P. Burner "

FIYYYAAAAHHHHH....Yeah, just like everyone else I am waiting to hear that new " M.O.P. " artillery....This cut right here ( Crazy ) produced by Statik Selektah, is rowdy enough to get somebody scuffed up....

" Termanology " even drops in for a 16...In his rhyme, he calls himself a " young Rakim "......I don't really know about all that " Term ", but you definitely do your thing....

Be on the lookout for that new M.O.P. ( Foundation ) when it drops in a couple weeks..


BattleField Funk Radio.. (9/3/09)

Big up to everyone that checked in with us live last night..

Thursday, September 3, 2009


You know what it is... Check in LIVE TONIGHT as we drop all them bombs for the masses....


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

" Jihad The Roughneck "

When cat's are talking about top ranking west coast lyricist, " Jihad " is a name that you should hear pop up....Pound for pound, he is one of the illest M.C.'s on this side of things...

Sometimes his beat selections are a little out there, but with the help of " D - Styles ", Jihad is carving out his own lane with his well thought out, dark, brand of Hip Hop..

" Fuckin With Kids " featuring D - Styles.............. Ill vocab...

" Shit You Never Thought Of " featuring D-Styles......Insane scratching on this..Damn...

" Cuban Linx 2, The Chef's Revenge "

By now you have probably heard the " Chef's " new joint....Wow...I was kinda suprised that he would deliver the goods at this high of a level...It's one of the best albums I have heard this year without a fraction of a doubt..

You can practically listen to the whole album in it's entirety without having to hit the fast forward button.....2 thumbs up.

This cut right here ( Ason Jones ) produced by " Dilla ", is a heartfelt tribute to O.D.B......R.I.P.