Monday, October 31, 2011

" Library Records Wreck "

If your an avid Hip Hop Battlefield reader you already know about my affinity for library records, especially ones that were made in the 70's.....

Why ?

Because some of them are packed with crazy dramatic textures that are ripe for chopping, looping, and stretching out.....For instance, this Bruton masterpiece "Dramatic Action" will keep you on the edge of your seat....So click on your samplers and go for broke kid !!


Track 1 - In Pursuit / Steve Gray
Track 2 - In Pursuit (Alt. End) / Steve Gray
Track 3 - Roughed Up / Steve Gray
Track 4 - Roughed Up (Alt. End) / Steve Gray
Track 5 - Roughed Up (Sped Up) / Steve Gray
Track 6 - Daring Endeavour / John Coleman
Track 7 - Daring Endeavour (Without Brass) / John Coleman
Track 8 - Pressing Endeavour / John Coleman
Track 9 - Pressing Endeavour (Short) / John Coleman
Track 10 - Devil's Leap / I.Martin & B.Dee
Track 11 - Breakneck / Mike Vickers
Track 12 - Busy Highway / Stokoe & B.Bennett
Track 13 - War Of Nerves / John Scott
Track 14 - Test Of Strength / John Scott
Track 15 - Full Alert / John Scott
Track 16 - Face Of Danger / John Scott
Track 17 - Face Of Great Danger / John Scott
Track 18 - Motordown / John Scott
Track 19 - Motordown (Fast) / John Scott
Track 20 - Tearaway / John Scott
Track 21 - Knife Fight / John Scott
Track 22 - Racing / Chris Cunning


" The Bomb Squad Speaks "

While scoping out the Ego Trip blog (Chairman Mao) I spotted an interview with one of my main production influences, Hank & Keith Shocklee (Bomb Squad)....

When they came out with their "Wall of Sound" approach they instantly rearranged what I thought a Hip Hop producer was....They were so unpredictable with their beats that you never knew what types of sounds you would hear....

CM- " That style was reflected in the hectic nature of your production as well—the interludes, the dense, multi-layered walls of sound.

Keith: I think that came about because we was excited about what we were doing and we wanted to keep everybody’s attention. Being DJs and understanding the dance floor, we knew that when your record’s not full, it becomes stagnant. We liked to put stuff in a record so later on, after you heard the record like 12 times, you’d be like, “Yo, I didn’t know they put that in there!”

But the thing was, we put in stuff that made sense. I seen a lot of people copy the stuff that we were doing, but it just didn’t fit their records. We never put anything in a record that didn’t fit the record. We went through a lot of samples. A lot of samples! We liked confusion, but we still kept it at a point where it was danceable, it didn’t crowd anything and you always understood the song ".


" Monday Rockets "

The heat keeps popping off over here nonstop ya'll.....

Hip Hop past and present, breaks, meditative sessions, and of course under the radar joints that many of you have never heard before...This time around DJ Handjob ( yeah that name is quite ridiculous ) rocks a mix that features slept on cuts that will perk your ears up.....

The first person that sends me a correct playlist will get a special Hip Hop Battlefield gift....Seriously...

Handjob gets points for blending the majority of songs here (Cats are afraid to mix these days it seems)....If you need a little Monday night boost- tune in JACK !!!!


" Vocabulary Spill, Part 4 "

Yeah, I know that most of you do not come to Hip Hop Battlefield to read my rants....Everyone has an opinion- people are way too critical these days so why come to a Hip Hop blog to read rants from "another angry brother" ?

Right ?

Hip Hop Battlefield is a vehicle to highlight the music I dig so why take the time to dwell on the negative ?

Right ?

I feel you, but sometimes a brother has to hit the decompress button and air some things out......So I'm going to "Jump out the window" real quick and let loose on a few things that are puzzling to me.......

1..."BLOG BOZOS"...

It's crazy to see so many BLOGS fall completely the fuck off...I'm not talking lack of updates, I'm talking about dudes posting content that contradicts what their whole shit is supposed to be about...

Blantant contradictions...Your supposed to be a Hip Hop blog, but your steadily posting up that "fluff" just to keep traffic going to your site....

I see you...


Isn't it odd to see grown folks dressed up in all these silly costumes (Today is Halloween)......Dudes dressing like women, girls dressing up as hookers, white folks walking around with Afro wigs, black folks strutting around with Elvis wigs in their 50's ?

When I was a kid we used to throw eggs at you motherfuckers....



Now this might be a touchy subject for some of you out there....I can't front, I would rather see people resisting certain parts of this materialistic "system", but I'm really curious to know what the goal is when it comes to this "Occupation" situation.....

What are the long-term goals?

I once read that you "shouldn't speak about Revolution until you are prepared to eat rats to survive".....Are these protesters really in it to win it, or will they retreat to their mini mansion when it starts to get a little chillier outside ?

Yeah, I know some protesters are genuine with their form of resistance, but for some it's just a motherfuckin publicity stunt...Either way I'm all down for rearranging this whole shit...

Too much power in the hands of clowns who could give a fuck less about the "people"..


I'm slowly climbing the ladder to my 2000 post here on the battlefield...It could have easily been more, but I try my hardest to maintain some level of quality control....If I do not truly like it, I do not post it up...

Simple right......No politics, no dickriding, no favors, no middleman, no playing the game, no nonsense, no bullshit......This is my motherfuckin battleship and I'm going to stick to my guns regardless of how many times cornballs try to hit me up for add space...

Ya heard me ?


This is the end for "Vocabulary Spill"........No one cares so why keep rocking it, right ?

Four editions in four years and it's time to keep it moving.

" London Dosage "

My homeboy from London "Kid Dyno" is no slouch when it comes to his Hip Hop studies..

On his excellent blog Daily Diggers he covers all things Hip Hip related.....If your seeking quality write ups, Hip Hop history, radio shows, under the radar rockets, and of course breaks : Daily Diggers has you covered trooper...


Next up to bat from London (once again) we have Kool Skool with "Shucks One" who has held it down for a number of years.....

He recently rocked a interview with Cormega that will hold your attention....You also get over an hour of music.


"The Show features rare old & new tracks by Cormega, Kool Sphere, Capone & Noreaga CNN, Blaq Poet, DJ Premier, MC Eight, Beatnuts, AZ, Al-Tariq (Fashion), DJ Hot Day, Arkim, Kool G Rap, Lord Finesse, Tragedy Khadafi, De La Soul, Black Sheep, A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep, Big L, Mic Geronimo, MOP, Sadat X, Royal Flush, Fabulous, Freddy Foxx, Large Professor, Nas and


Friday, October 28, 2011

" Drasar Remix Pressure "

It's been a little while since I slashed you with a remix razor across the face...

So without further delay, here is another banger straight from my personal torture chamber where I abuse my records to the furthest extent....


You know how I do by now : anarchy chops, booming drums, mad beat changes, and that extra splash of BATTLEFIELD pressure that will make all the herbs look for an escape route....

Big shout out to everyone who feels the steez, more wreck on deck trooper (Make sure you listen to this on decent speakers or you won't truly absorb the low end manipulation).....

Rugged Brood featuring Shamus - "What's The Impact" Drasar Monumental Remix.......

" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Soldier Field, Part 13 "

Back in 1996 Grav repped Chicago to the fullest on his debut album, "Down To Earth"...

Grav wasn't the most explosive MC, but he maintained a solid flow, rode beats nicely, and rocked a street savvy presence that deserved attention (No Homo)...

One of the highlights of Down To Earth was a cut entitled "City To City featuring Lil Ray & Al Tariq....It also featured production from a unknown producer at the time that goes by the name Kanye West...

If Kanye would have stayed in this lane of beat making, I probably would take him somewhat serious in 2011.......Instead he chose to do what so many other producers do : FLIP THE SCRIPT.....


Take a listen to "City To City" and reminisce when your boy Yeezy was rocking without all the motherfuckin extras...Sure shot single material if you ask me....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

" Funk Mode Steez "

The Funk Ark crew from Washington DC know how to get the god damn party started....

If your in the mood for some explosive grooves, you just found it trooper.....Shout out to my dude in DC "Big Mats" who just got married, salute my brother....


1. A Blade Won't Cut Another Blade
2. Diaspora
3. Funky DC - feat. Asheru & Sitali
4. El Beasto
5. Carretera Libre
6. Horchata
7. Katipo (The Spider)
8. From The Rooftops
9. Pavement
10.Power Struggle


The Funk Ark - Diaspora by afrobeatblog

" Machete Vision "

First off I have to big up the title "Machete Vision"......When you hear wordplay like that, you know right from the jump it's going to be on some extra cinematic sinister shit....

Secondly, the cover for this album is straight up ridiculous......Next level animation murderation that forces you to take heed..

Marq Spekt and KNO 2011 blades...


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

" Mad Face Invasion "

I would rather listen to feedback than hear all this soft bullshit that some of these dudes out here are yelling these days.....

They might dress the part, they might even have a couple slick punchlines, but I'm not feeling the raw soul power that would make my Hip Hop antenna activate....

After watching this collection of Onyx wildness I am more determined than ever to keep it anti-cornball...

Ya heard me !!!

There was a time when I was feeling Onyx....The first album "Bacdafucup" definitely had it's moments- on their second album though (All We Got Is Us) they perfected their smash mouth approach with some ill beats from Fredro.....

If they would have continued to build on this formula there is no telling how ugly things could have gotten, but shortly afterwards to my dismay they switched up their production steez (They started incorparating more synths and keyboard work and moved away from sample based beats)....

Anyway, go grab some popcorn, tilt your chair back and prepare for some rough turbulence....

Onyx- 15 Years of Videos, History, and Violence.....


" More Battlefield Steam "

Turn your speakers up a notch, and tune into the "Main Ingredient" broadcast featuring the legend Mikey D.......

"It was an honour and pleasure to have Mikey D and Pritt on the show ahead of tonights show at the Hare and Hounds (Kings Heath), he's still got it and has stories for days (as well as being one of the most humble rappers I've met) a true unsung hero, during the show he talks about winning the New Music Seminar Battle, working with Paul C, Large Professor, Main Source, LL Cool J, Rahzel, MC Serch, park Jams and much more, get your download on and peep the science"...


Mr Magic Radio Show Freestyle 1986 (Shouts to Oxygen!)
Large Professor feat Mikey D - Pump Ya Fist (Gold Dust Media)
Main Source - Merrick Blvd (Wild Pitch)
Mikey D & The LA Posse - Takin No Shorts (Micsic Recordings)
Solid N Mind - Centre Stage (Liberty Grooves)
Freestyle Professors - New York Swagger Remix (Freestyle Records)
DJ Spinna feat Sputnik Brown - Elemental (High Water Music)
O.C. - Let It Slide (Wild Pitch)
Big L - 8 Iz Enuff (Columbia)
Mikey D - Dawn (Micsic)
Mikey D - Comin' In The House (Sleepin' Bag)
Mikey D - I Get Rough (Public Records)
Mikey D - Kill That Bass (Micsic Recordings)
Mikey D Freestyle
Kuda - My Girl (Exclusive)
??? Peaks selection I'm not sure what it is!
De La Soul - Supa Emcee (Tommy Boy)
Main Source - Bootlegging (DWG)
Mikey D - The Chosen One (Exclusive)
Soundsci - King Of The Beats (Exclusive)
Cappo & Endemic - Crumbs (No Cure)


" New Shit On Deck "

Never heard of this cat Ras Beats, but this new joint with Masta Ace sounds interesting.....

On the flip he teams up with the Wild Cowboy Sadat X for a round of goodness....

Take a listen jack..

" Fresh Is The Word, Part 7 "

The above piece was rocked by my brother Kufu Onerz.......

I'm not sure how ya'll get down, but over here we give our Hip Hop comrades gifts to keep their motherfuckin morale up.....Kufu blessed me with this for my bornday a couple months back- and it now hangs above my turntables in the lab.....

Take some time to analyze the wreck.....Dude did this mad quick and still smashed it with the color schemes, fills, and even rocked a motherfuckin character........

"The D stands for dangerous in case you didn't know"........POW...

This looks like a 45 right ?

Nah fam, it's a god damn Hip Hop vinyl pot holder.......My brother Mad Miguel found this while he was out and about running his daily errands......Surprised he even gave me this shit, I would have kept it for dolo...HAHA....

Just kidding Miguel- thanks for looking out (Errands Posse on the rise)..

The Style Supremacist Refa One hit me off with this ill piece of science for my year old son, "Jahmel"......

Wow, brothers are not playing anymore........Peep the Kemetology, scope out the bars, and I'm quite sure you can tell a lot of thought went into this....Salute to you Reef for keeping it extra live..

My son is surrounded by so much Hip Hop energy, I wouldn't be surprised if he turned into a full fledge soldier like his grumpy father..HAHA.....

Anyway, thanks family for keeping the spirit of giving alive......

Monday, October 24, 2011

" Monday Hip Hop Morale "

A couple weeks ago I splashed ya'll with the Aroe & The Soundmakers "Crown Jewels" mix, now it's time to hit you with another Aroe mix that is bound to crack your ear drums....

"Wreck Shop Philly Golden Era" requires repeated listening if you know what's best for you.....

If you need a little Monday Hip Hop morale - you just found it trooper.....BLAM,BLAM...


1 Aroe & The Soundmakers - The Soundmakers Philly Intro
2 Robbie B & DJ Jazz - Get Hip To The Real Thing
3 Another 1-4-U-2-N-V - You Gotdamn Right
4 Tuff Crew - Smooth Momentum
5 Cool C - Juice Crew Dis (Opsta Now Remix)
6 Three Times Dope - On The Dope Side
7 Cool C - Down To The Grissle
8 Steady B - I Gotcha (12" Philly Mix)
9 M.C. Prelitique & Sweet - Another Lie / We Got The Right To Front
10 Von Love - This Is How It Should Be Done
11 Plush Bros. - Back To The Lab
12 Plush Bros. - No Gun
13 Ultrafunk - The Masters Here
14 3rd Dynasty - It's Curtains
15 Larry Larr - Keep On Y'all
16 Hip City Swingers - I'm The Man
17 Larry Larr - Line 2 Line, Rhyme 4 Rhyme (Instrumental)
18 Tuff Crew - She Rides The Pony (Remix)
19 The Roots - Boom
20 Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town (Remix)
21 Tuff Crew - Show 'Em Hell
22 Tuff Crew - Attack From The Rear
23 Tuff Crew - Open Field Attack
24 Tuff Crew - Nut (Soundmakers Remix)
25 Mobb Sqwad - T.L. Back To Yell
26 Too Brown - Erie Avenue Is The Promised Land
27 Singing MC Breeze - It Ain't My Baby
28 Baritone Tiplove - All Hell Is Breaking Loose
29 Phill Most Chill - Damage
30 Another 1-4-U-2-N-V - I Am Chaka
31 Rock Hard Delegation - Just For The Audience
32 Ice Cream Tee - I Can't Hold Back
33 Three Times Dope - Once More You Hear The Dope Stuff
34 Three Times Dope - From The Giddy Up
35 Lightnin Lee & Poppy P - Lightnin' Is In Effect
36 Todd 1 - Give 'Em Something Radical (Soundmakers Dangerous Mix)
37 Todd 1 - I Did It
38 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
39 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Hip Hop Dancers Theme
40 Singing MC Breeze - Superbad
41 Jewel-T - I Like It Loud
42 Jewel-T - School Of Hardknocks
43 Phill Most Chill - On Tempo Jack
44 Steady B - New Breed
45 Steady B - Let The Hustlers Play
46 Steady B - Serious (Soundmakers Touch Of Jazz Remix)
47 Schoolly D - Saturday Night
48 Schoolly D - Put Your Filas On
49 Schoolly D - P.S.K. (What Does It Mean)
50 Philly Crew - P.S. P.S.K. (I'll Tell You What It Means) Featuring - Mac Money
51 Bizzy B - I'm Stronger Than Before
52 Dominating MC's - Knowledge Bound
53 Intellectuals Of Rhyme - Seconds Of A Dope Rhyme
54 Mobb Sqwad - Flippin' Keeloz
55 Tuff Crew - Wreck Shop (Soundmakers Remix)


" DJ Pump Kills The Decks "

DJ Pump (Eh Team DJ's) is no slouch when it comes to getting busy on the wheels of steel....Matter of fact, I have kept his "Steady Rocking" mix on rotation for a number of years....

He recently posted up one of his older mixes, "Golden Era 90-94".......God damn, instead of resting on his laurels he goes in with an abundance of trick mixing, scratches, blends, and all types of wild shit.......

Sure you might have heard some of these cuts before, but he flips them to the point that it will capture your attention....


Part 1..

Golden Era (90-94) Disc 1 by DJ PUMP

Part 2.

Golden Era (90-94) Disc 2 by DJ PUMP

Friday, October 21, 2011

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 26 "

Whenever you create a piece of art you never know where it will end up.....You put your all into it, you calculate your attack, you put your best foot forward and try your hardest to convey your talents.....

Sure it's nice to hear what other people feel about it, but ultimately I do what I do for self satisfaction....I get my rocks off by making beats, scratching, DJing, sketching, rhyming and all that other shit......If people gravitate towards it that's a plus- if they don't it's no sweat off my nuts I'm going to keep wrecking shit regardless....

With that being said I want to send a huge big up to the GBK crew, Grand Good, Day By Day (MF Grimm's Site), Funk What Ya Heard, Daily Diggers, Shiek vs Wong, Cold Twelvers, Culpa Onerz, and everyone else that supported my last project "Every Posse Get Flat 2.0"...

I do not send out E-mails, or have a Facebook, or even a Twitter account so I appreciate dudes posting this shit up without having to play the "Cop A Plea Game".....

Mr. Battlefield doesn't move like that.....

Anyway, Friday is here so your probably looking for some weekend wild out theme music, right ?.........Here it is troop- Roger Rivas Volume 2 is stacked with ill organ renditions of some of your favorite tunes......Heavy stuff...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

" New Shit On Deck "

Six Two Six Shift is back with another quality vinyl release for all those still checking for that extra live shit.....This time around the very ill Steve Colossal teams up with Australian producer, Debonair P for a session of goodness...

I'm really feeling "P's" production steez....

Instead of trying to make his sampler perform all types of gymnastics- he keeps it right in the pocket with the basics....Booming drums, well crafted samples, and scratch sentences on the breaks....

This is not the first time this deadly duo have collaborated on a track...."P" remixed a Steve Colossal cut awhile back "Time To Shine" that deserves more attention (When can we get an album together fellas)....

Peace to my man Set Rule in Baltimore (I will be ordering doubles this week).....

"Time To Shine" Debonair P Remix.........This is that shit !!!

" Fat Lace Magazine Steamers "

Check out #6 of the Fat Lace Magazine podcast straight from the UK....

Expect to hear tons of under the radar cuts, comedy, and even the white label Smith & Wesson track, "Nothing Move Without The Money"....

One of the highlights of this podcast is that they drop knowledge during the segues....So put on your thinking cap, turn the volume up a notch, and prepare for collision....


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

" Mid Week Rockets "

Godfather Part 3 just released a new album (Medicine Man) that had a couple rockets on it......If he decided to press up a couple singles from this project, these are the two that I would bang with...

"Blaq Rims"

"Hood Grind"

" Lord Finesse & K Def Rock The Breaks "

Finally had a chance to sit down and analyze this session of body rockers by Lord Finesse & K-Def (Coffee Breaks for Heroes and Villians-WFMU).....Damn, I really can't believe you can get this shit for free (Ya Heard Me)...


Motherfuckers should be opening up their wallets and paying for this type of heat......Concider yourself lucky and scoop this up if you know what's best for you trooper.....

Rock On.....


" CMJ Mixtape 2011 "

" The DJBooth and Diamond Media 360 have come together to bring listeners The Official 2011 CMJ Mixtape. The project finds DJ JS-1 of the Rocksteady Crew and DJ Skizz of WNYU’s Halftime Show (89 Tech 9) each serving up one hour-plus mixes showcasing the many underground and up-and-coming hip-hop artists performing in this year’s CMJ Marathon, which runs from October 18, through the 22nd. Featured on the set are Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Evidence, Sean Price, Prodigy, M.O.P., Statik Selektah, Talib Kweli, Random Axe, El Da Sensei, Rahzel, Soul Khan, Smif-n-Wessun, Ill Bill, Homeboy Sandman, Termanology and many more!"

Part 1: DJ JS-1
01. DJ JS-1 feat. Ill Bill & Blaq Poet – Murder The DJ (prod. by DJ JS-1]
02. PH- Hollywood (prod. by DJ Static)
03. Blaq Poet – Blood Pool (prod. by Stu Bangas)
04. Termanology feat. Sean Price – Another Level (prod. by ATG)
05. Rahzel – My Voice Box (prod. by Keys)
06. The Black Opera – Legendary Scrolls Instrumental (prod. by Apollo Brown)
07. Timbo King feat. R.A. The Rugged Man – High Ranking (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)
08. Dice Raw – 100 [prod. by Rick Friedrich]
09. Kyle Rapps feat. Homeboy Sandman – Love, Love 2 (Air Redux]
10. Showbiz & A.G. – Suspended Animation (prod. by Showbiz)
11. Torae – Do The Math (prod. by Large Professor)
12. Random Axe feat. Roc Marciano – Chewbacca (prod. by Black Milk)
13. DJ JS-1 feat. Lil Fame & Joell Ortiz – Reppin’ NY (prod. by DJ JS-1)
14. Pete Rock & Smif-n-Wessun – Fire (prod. by Pete Rock)
15. H.A.P.H. – Rock Steady (prod. by V-Sharp)
16. Meyhem Lauren – Aint It Funky (prod. by Thorotracks)
17. Dice Raw – 1995 (prod. by Rick Friedrich)
18. Evidence – You (prod. by DJ Premier]
19. DJ Absurd feat. Dead Poets – Aint Hard To Find (prod. by DJ Absurd)
Part 2: DJ Skizz
20. Evidence feat. Roc Marciano & Prodigy – Fame (prod. by Charli Brown)
21. DJ Skizz feat. Hannibal Stax, Big Noyd & Panchi – Triboro Thoro
22. Action Bronson & Statik Selektah feat. Meyhem Lauren – Central Bookings (prod. by Statik Selektah)
23. DJ Skizz feat. Killa Sha & Big Twins – Queens
24. El Da Sensei feat. Nutso & Soul Khan – Nu World Pt. II
25. Torae – That Raw (prod. by Pete Rock)
26. M.O.P. & Snowgoons – Anybody Can Get It (prod. by Snowgoons)
27. The Away Team feat. Talib Kweli & Rapsody – Set It Off (prod. by Khrysis)
28. Rashad Chappell – Building 8 (prod. by Kenny Dope)
29. Statik Selektah feat. Styles P, Saigon & Jared Evan – New York, New York (prod. by Statik Selektah)
30. Timeless Truth – Memorex Massacre (prod. by R8der)


" KA - Grief Pedigree "

Be on the lookout for Ka's "Grief Pedigree" album when it drops (Sometime in the near future I hope).....

A couple weeks ago I posted up "Cold Facts", now I'm going to slap you with another sure shot that is bound to make your Hip Hop antenna go up...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Soldier Field, Part 12 "

The Hip Hop Project Crew (DJ Eves, Monky, Roper & Turnaround) blesses us with an avalanche of Mobb Deep tunes on this Tuesday morning folks....

Almost four hours of that greasy, QB boulevard bully rap....POW..


Mobb Deep - Eye For An Eye
Mobb Deep - So Ill
Mobb Deep ft Kool G Rap - The Realest
Mobb Deep - Blood Money
Big Noyd, ft Illa Ghee, Prodigy - Money Rolls
Mobb Deep - apostles warning
Prodigy - Field Marshall P
Prodigy ft Cormega - Three
Prodigy - Serious
Prodigy - Basics
Mobb Deep ft 50 Cent - Pop Them Thangs
Prodigy - Veterans Memorial
Mobb Deep - Nighttime Vultures
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones pt II
Mobb Deep - Ain't No Gangsta
Mobb Deep ft Xzibit - Eyes May Shine
Mobb Deep - Front Lines
Big Noyd ft Prodigy - Usual Suspects
Mobb Deep - N*ggas Wanna Clap
Havoc, Big Noyd, Roxeanne Shante - We Live This
Big Noyd ft Prodigy - Louder
Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest
Mobb Deep - Adrenaline
Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm
Mobb Deep - We Up
Mobb Deep - Got it Twisted (Remix)
Big Twinz - Anytime
Mobb Deep - Cobra
Mobb Deep- Solidified
Mobb Deep- Bump Dat
Infamous Mobb - Mobb Niggas
Prodigy - Livin' the Life
Mobb Deep - Gun Sling Rude Boy
Prodigy - New Yitty
Evidence - Fame
Mobb Deep - Stole Something
Prodigy - Keep it Thoro
LL Cool J - I Shot Ya (Remix)
Mobb Deep - Tight
Prodigy - Real Power is People
Prodigy - Black Devil
Havoc - I'm the Boss
Mobb Deep -Give it To ya
Mobb Deep - Ohh Wee
Mobb Deep - USA
Mobb Deep - You Got it
Prodigy - Mac 10 handle
Prodigy - Cold World
Havoc - Hit Me Up
Foxy Brown - The Promise
Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods
Mobb Deep - Spread Love
Mobb Deep - Nobody Likes Me
Jay Electronica - Call of Duty
The Notorious BIG - Beef (Remix)
Mobb Deep - Tempertures Rising
Mobb Deep - Man Down
Havoc - Be There
Mobb Deep - Survive Da Game
Das EFX - Microphone Master (Dome Cracker Remix)
Mobb Deep - G.O.D. pt. III
Prodigy - Shed Thy Blood


Sunday, October 16, 2011

" Halftime Radio Show - 10/12/11 "

Mr. JS-1 stopped by the Halftime Radio Show (Skizz, Eclipse,Petey Cologne, etc) for a session that rocked all new new Hip Hop joints..

"I tried to play whatever newer tracks i had that i liked personally. There are some songs i forgot to play, couldn't fit in or didn't have clean versions. This is a decent straight up mix, recorded live from the radio show (i edited out the talking parts) with almost 2 full hours of treats. There is new songs from Common, Kool Keith, Bumpy Knuckles & Premier, Torae & Pete Rock, Showbiz & AG, Evidence, Rasheed Chappell, Maffew Ragazino, PH, and an exclusive KRS song i did that was never played before. There is lots of alright hip hop available and most of it is for free! You just need to search around a bit and get familiar with which sites to check and what names to look for. I got 1,000 new songs in the past few months and most of them are horrible, but 10% is ok. That still leaves me with 100 good tracks. Anyways, here is 44 tracks of brand new hip hop, cut up live on HALFTIME RADIO,
89.1 fm, oct 12th, 2011, 10:30pm to 1:00am (every wednesday)"


1 - What it Means - Silent Someone feat Sadat X
2 - 1,2,3 - Rasheed Chappell feat Dj Scratch
3 - The Epilouge - Evidence & Dj Premier
4 - Blaxploitation - Maffew Ragazino
5 - Slumlords - Maffew Ragazino
6 - Awww Shux - PH (Pumpkinhead)
7 - Pause - Silent Someone feat Daniel Joseph
8 - War & Love - MED feat Oh No
9 - Torae - You Ready?
10 - Let The Guns Blow - Dj Mickey Knox feat Nutso & Blaq Poet
11 - I Rap Like - Dj Skizz feat Krumbsnatcha & Big Noyd
12 - Magick Without Tears - Maffew Ragazino
13 - Show & A - Showbiz & AG
14 - Despair - KRS & DJ JS-1
15 - Well Runs Dry - Evidence feat Krondon
16 - King Latifah - PH (Pumpkinhead)
17 - That Raw - Torae & Pete Rock
18 - Chicken & Watermelon - Sauce Money feat Wais P
19 - Love Love - Kyle Rapps feat Homeboy Sandman
20 - God is 4 Us - Showbiz & AG
21 - Suspended Animation - Showbiz & AG
22 - Free Thinkers - Tragedy
23 - Hood - Sonnie Carson feat Billy Danze
24 - New Type Sumtin - Truth feat PF Cuttin
25 - Saumurydas - The Academy feat Raekwon & Kurupt
26 - Brilliance - SPOX PhD (Oxygen & Spinna)
27 - Beats By the Pound - Soulbrotha feat Large Professor & Nutso
28 - Anybody Can Get It - Snowgoons feat MOP
29 - Ain't Hard To Find - Dj Absurd feat Dead Poets & Pacewon
30 - Chill - JoJo Pellegrino
31 - Concrete - Blacastan feat V-Zilla
32 - GPS - Cesar Comanche & Dj Flash feat Ghettosocks
33 - Born in the Trap - The Game & Dj Premier
34 - Blue Sky - Common
35 - Fake - Bumpy Knuckles & Dj Premier
36 - B4 - Silent Someone feat Emskee
37 - The Voice - Soul Khan
38 - Black Prince - Tragedy
39 - Rock Steady - H.A.P.H.
40 - Supa Supreme - Kool Keith
41 - Extreme Status - Kool Keith
42 - Me - Kyle Rapps
43 - Jaws - Roc Marciano
44 - We Not Playin - UG & Ill Bill


" Breakbeat Lou Speaks "

Lean Rock (Floor Lords) caught up with one of the main forces behind the Ultimate Breaks and Beats series, "Breakbeat Lou" - for a round of critical information, breakbeat history, and all types of fly shit....

You do not want to sleep on this one JACK !!!!!!

"Lean: I loved looking at the artwork on the UBB record sleeves, and I always wondered how you guys came up with some of the ideas for the covers. What was the significance behind the different characters or themes you guys would chose for your record sleeves?

Lou: Our crew was in tune with the culture, and with each other. Kevin Harris was the man behind the artwork. He was Danny Dan the BeatMan’s (founder of Dusty Fingers) boy, and Beatman was the one that referred him to us. Kevin had some dope art to begin with, and he was a true hip-hop head! All we did was fine-tune some of his skills to reflect the UBB style".


And while your at it you might as well peep this mix from Lean Rock (Lord Of The Drums).......


Lord Of The Drums! by Dj Lean Rock

" Sunday Funk Mode "

I'm in full blown soul power mode on this meditative Sunday afternoon (Ya Heard)....

It's times like these that I turn the motherfuckin volume up and turn my cell phone off.....Take a journey into sound with the "King Records" catalogue and catch a groove...


01 - Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk Popcorn
02 - Hank Ballard - Butter Your Popcorn
03 - Marie "Queenie" Lyons - Your Thing Ain't No Good Without My Thing
04 - Roosevelt Matthews - Tighten Up
05 - James K Nine - Live It Up
06 - The Presidents - Gold Walk
07 - Marie "Queenie" Lyons - See And Don't See
08 - Sons Of Funk - From The Back Side (Part 1)
09 - Sons Of Funk - From The Back Side (Part 2)
10 - Over Night Low - The Witch Doctor
11 - Gloria Walker - Papa's Got The Wagon
12 - J Hines And The Fellows - Camelot Time
13 - Marie "Queenie" Lyons - Fever
14 - The Coasters - Love Potion No. 9
15 - Little Royal - Soul Train
16 - Hank Ballard - Unwind Yourself
17 - Dan Brantley - Get It Right Or Leave It Alone
18 - James Duncan - Stand Up And Get Funky
19 - Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk
20 - Soul East - Funky Lady (Part 1)
21 - Soul East - Funky Lady (Part 2)
22 - Toby King - Mr. Tuff Stuff
23 - Gloria Walker - Don't Get Funky
24 - The Coasters - Down Home Girl


" Sach 5th Ave "

After the unfortunate passing of Yusef Afloat, one time Nonce member Nouka Basetype AKA "Sach" has continued to craft his original brand of Hip Hop....

In 1998 he dropped "Seven Day's To Engineer", he followed that with "Suckas Hate Me" in 2002, and of course the hypnotizing "Sach 5th Ave" album in 2005....If you missed this joint when it initially dropped, I highly suggest that you track it down....

The elusive producer "Omid" handled the bulk of the beats with a interesting, moody, drum heavy approach.....

Take a listen...

"Rhyme Slayer Blues".........Damn, this is just straight up crazy....

"Slave Song"...

Friday, October 14, 2011

" No I.D. On The Beats "

What's going on out there Hip Hop Battlefield posse ?

Has the work week put a damper on your morale ?.......Are you ready for the weekend to bring you new perspectives, energy, and a well deserved rest ?

I feel you family.....

You need some ammo to help spark shit off on the right note, so without further delay I'm going to hit you with that Friday splash off........Even though No I.D. has somewhat changed his steez lately, he deserves credit for putting out some quality production over the years.....Not to mention he is currently the executive V.P. at Def Jam (I'm not really a fan of the record label anymore though HA)...

Regardless press the download button and peep some Chicago frequencies....



And while your at it, you might as well scoop this other No I.D. release that has some bangers on it : "Invisible Beats volume 1"

Rock on and stay tuned for more activity on the BATTLEFIELD this weekend....


Thursday, October 13, 2011

" Thursday Rockets "

Diggers With Gratitude sent over some info about a new project that they have brewing up....Emskee- "The Complex Engineer" and the "Radio Promos E.P." are now available for pre-order on wax for all you Hip Hop freaks out there...

If you are unfamiliar with his music, let me give you a brief rundown...

1..He was once in a group with Nick Wiz & the original DJ Slice...

2..Emskee penned a couple songs for Kid Capri's mysterious shelved second album...

3...And lastly, Red Alert, Funk Master Flex, and Stretch Armstrong rocked his promo shit on their respected radio show slots...

And if your still not satisfied, take a listen to these snippets of unreleased rockets from the 90's....

DWG011: Emskee 'The Complex Engineer E.P.' (snippets) by Diggers With Gratitude

" Tragedy Khadafi Speaks "

Tragedy Khadafi sat down with the "Rap Up" squad for a in-depth interview recently....He discusses his upbringing in Q.B., Big Pun, Thug Matrix 3, etc......

"TRU: You’ve been in the game longer than almost anybody else, what were your most memorable recording experiences?

The most memorable? I’d have to say; Chuck D, Nas and Big Pun. Those are like the three most memorable to me. The reason why Nas was one of the most memorable was the time we did this song together called ‘Calm Down.’ Everybody gave their energy and came a certain way on the song and killed it, I killed it, Nore killed it, but when Nas came he did a short story that was so graphic… He did a story in 16 bars. Most people would’ve taken a whole song to do a story. But he did the story like he wrote an essay, he wrote and spat a lyrical essay in 16 bars. An essay has an introduction, a subject matter and a conclusion. He gave you the story, he gave you the intro, the subject matter and he closed it. That was crazy how he did that. He killed that shit. That was one of the phenomenal joints to me".