Sunday, January 31, 2010

" Who Gives A Fuck About A God Damn Grammy ? "

Remember those infamous words from " Flavor Flav ? " ( Terminator X On The Edge Of Panic )....I do god damn it, and over twenty years later I believe in those words more than ever...

Fuck the Grammy's !!!!!! Hip Hop was designed to go against the grain, nowadays cats are running to the mainstream for any type of hand-out they can get...

These are the nominees for best rap song...( What a fucking joke ).

Best Rap Song
Drake – “Best I Ever Had”
Kid Cudi – “Day ‘N’ Nite”
T.I. & Justin Timberlake – “Dead And Gone”
Jay-Z – “D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)”
Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West – “Run This Town”

Don't get it twisted....I didn't expect the Grammy nominations to be on point in the first place, that would be ridiculous...I'm just disappointed that the bar has gone down so low......Justin Timberlake is involved in a rap nomination for christ sake...

WOW....Jay-Z nominated twice for two horrible songs....WOW....What the fuck happened to Jay-Z ?..... WOW..

I can still remember the days when Hip Hop got absolutely no love at the Grammy's....Public Enemy, Fresh Prince, M.C. Lyte, etc
actually boycotted that shit in the late 80's....They had the right idea....


* UPDATE-----Damn I turned to the Grammy's just to see how they started the show....HHHMMMM, just like I thought, some more weirdo behavior...They opened up with Lady GaGa & Elton John....HAHAHAHA......

Time to turn on my sampler and get grimey....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

" 4 All The Wu- Headz : Part 5 "

For all the work 4th Disciple put in, you would think his name would get mentioned a lot more when cats are talking about top notch producers...

He goes straight to the vaults with this project (Best Of 740 Volume 1).....


" The Fall "- featuring Shogun Assassin....." CPC Theory "-featuring Black Bummy Juss, Big Tae....." Time Passes "- featuring Agony....." One Step " - featuring Verb........


" Black Rio 2 Promo Mix "

YEAH, this more like it..." D.J. Cliffy " put together this nice compilation of Brazilian treats....It will be impossible for you to walk around with a screwface after listening to this...

This is perfect for a scenic drive or a lengthy flight...( Buckle up, these grooves will provide large amounts of turbulence-HAHA )

Rock on....


Friday, January 29, 2010

" 5 Friday Sure Shots "

Here are 5 joints to help jump start your Friday adventures...Boost the volume to ten, turn on your oscillating fan, grab a towel, and get ready for some flames.....

1. Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface- " Our Dreams "..

For some reason I really like this joint..I can't put my finger on it...If anyone else tried to rhyme on this type of joint I would most likely dismiss it...But somehow these three manage to make this Michael Jackson sample sound somewhat grimey..


2. Third Sight- Murder, Death, Kill..

WOW....D-Styles, Du-Funk, and the San Jose rhyme monster " Jihad " bring that west coast hardcore to the set....If you slept on this heater when it first dropped, here is your chance to get right !!!!!


3. Too Poetic- " Motivation "...

Former Too Poetic D.J. , " Kaos " recently unveiled a unreleased Too Poetic L.P. ( Dropping Signal ) on Jesse Serwer's excellent site...On this cut " Poetic " drops jewels....Listen up...R.I.P.


4. D.J. Tenshun- #3....

God damn man...." D.T. " is not fucking around when it comes to that raw shit...YOU BETTER CHECK IN...


5..Sadat X featuring Pete Rock- Turn It Up..

" The great dot X " is back with the first leak off of the Wild Cowboys 2 album....This joint is starting to grow on me a little bit, hopefully the album provides that DOPE !!!!!!!


" Beat Junkie Sound "

Tonight I'm going to be checking out turntable wrecker, " D.J. Babuuuuuuuuuuuu".....It's the first time I have seen him when it wasn't a battle-type situation...I hear he is going to flip more of a party-rocker type of set so that should be very interesting...

One of my homeboys grew up with him, so just maybe I can get some exclusive shit to bless the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD posse with in the near future...( YA HEARD ME )...

Regardless, I will let ya'll know how it all went down...

AUDI 5000....A-B-C- YAAAAA.....GHOST.....SWAYZEE....

" D.J. Books: Brand Nubian Mixtape "

Friday is here already !!!

Before you officially start your weekend madness, I highly suggest you scoop up this mixtape by " D.J. Books "....Two thumbs up..


Battlefield Funk Radio.. 1/28/10

Here is the show from last night...This time around I played nothing but my own self-made productions....Remixes, blends, ill instrumentals, dusted samples, and a heavy dose of crunchy drums.....

I put a lot of work into these beats over the years, and I appreciate that so many of you have taken the time to listen to them..I'm literally sitting on hundreds of beats so expect to hear more throughout 2010...

Shout out to my partner in GRIME " Mr. Mad Planet " for always keeping the vibes up...Rashad, Kendoo, Shyeer Allah, State, Mad Miguel, Vex, Ali, Jessica ( For putting up with the noise ), Fran, Khasm, Sha, Matt in Chicago, My girl Liz, Goblin, Mikey Ice, D.O.,Talk-Sick ( You were one of our biggest supporters-see you when I get there ), Bron, Markski, Fooders, P-Sol, Daze, Nick Name, Sin out there in Brooklyn, Grim Rock, Daily Diggers out in London ( Keep those breaks coming brother ) Worm, Big Dan in Chico, Hen Rockerz, Choc-Onerz, Riff, Kool Skool out in the U.K., Monzrock, E.C., etc........

And just in case you want to bang this in the whip; here is the MP3......YEEEEAHHHHH.


NOW LET THE BEATS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

" Battlefield Radio Tonight "

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE !!!!!!!! .."Battlefield Funk" is back to smack you in the temple with another knockout blow..

At this point in time we have built up a nice archive section, so don't hesitate to get up to speed...This show is dedicated to the 916 homie that just passed away, " Dot " ( Addict Merchants )...


I'm going to play a set of extra exclusive, self-produced heat....So brace yourself for some heavy DRAMA !!!!!!!!



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

" Time To Get Grimey "

If your looking for loud, distorted, ugly drums?....If your searching for bugged samples ?....If your on a quest for nasty scratch sentences ?......If your in the mood for some whole other shit...." D.J. Tenshun " has what you are looking for homeboy...

God damn, " D.T." keeps it very rugged on this project (Nihilism)....DO NOT SLEEP !!!!!!


" New Shit On Deck "

Just checked out this sampler from Scotland born beatsmith,"Sci-Fi"...

Guest m.c.'s include Vast Aire, 4th Place, etc...Domination Records will be releasing his debut album early 2010...Be on the lookout...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

" Prodigy Speaks "

I'm not quite sure when this interview was conducted, but it damn sure is a good one...Planet Ill writer " Odeisel ", managed to ask " P " just the right questions that no one else seems to...

If you ever wanted to know about the mind state " P " was in while recording Mobb Deep's classic material, than this interview is for you homeboy....

FREE-P.......Spotted at Spine Mag...


" Blog Shots 32 "

Oh shiiiiiiiitttt...My Z comrade " Daze Rocker " just started up a blog and from the gate he is swinging for the fences...Just in case you are not up on this San Diego graff monster, let me fill you in on a little secret.....The brother get's down for his crown JACK !!!!!!

So next time you are floating around in cyber- space make sure you check out his spot...Graff, Hip Hop, Adidas, and his own Puerto Rican cooking segment ( What's fucking with that )...I'm daydreaming about a huge plate of pasteles as I type this (HAHA)

Salute to all the Puerto Rocks out there...

" Fredro Starr: Tales Of The Industry E.P. 12 "

1/3 of Onyx continues to bless us with more true story shenanigans..On this episode ( 12 ) he chops it up about a couple critical encounters with the " Notorious B.I.G "....R.I.P.


Monday, January 25, 2010

" Wild Cowboys 2 Tracklisting "

The great " Dot X " from the B.X. will be dropping Wild Cowboys 2 on February 23 through Fat Beats..Daamnnnn...With a line up of producers such as Peter Rock, Minnesota, Diamond D, Sir Jinx ( SAY WORD ), D.J. Spinna, 9th Wonder, Buckwild, how can you really go wrong ?

* Notice the ill Lo-Life teddy bear R.L. flip on the T-Shirt......AHHHHHHHHH.

Anyway, here is the tentative tracklisting....

1. Return Of The Bang Bang [Prod. by Will Tell]
2. Turn It Up (feat. Pete Rock) [Prod. by Pete Rock]
3. In Da Jungle (feat. AG) [Prod. by Diamond D]
4. Nuclear Bomb [Prod. by Will Tell]
5. Still On Deck (feat. Twan) [Prod. by DJ Spinna]
6. Roll That (feat. Rhymefest) [Prod. by Grant Parks]
7. Wherever (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq) [Prod. by Nick Wiz]
8. Swerv (feat. Swerv) [Prod. by Will Tell]
9. Pray (feat. Kurupt, Umi, M-1 (of Dead Prez) & Sir Jinx) [Prod. by Sir Jinx]
10. We Kewl (feat. Twan & Sean Black) [Prod. by Will Tell]
11. Knock Me Down (feat. Kim) [Prod. by Dub Sonata]
12. Long Years (feat. Grand Puba & Lord Jamar) [Prod. by Buckwild]
13. Bargain With The Devil (feat. Vast Aire) [Prod. by Thanos]
14. Everybody Know (feat. Money Boss Playas) [Prod. by Minnesota]
15. X And Bill (feat. Ill Bill) [Prod. by 9th Wonder]
16. Last Time Out (feat. Twan & Sean Black) [Prod. by Yuani]

Sunday, January 24, 2010

" Mayor's Top 50 AF1's "

Even though I kinda fell back from feeding my AF1 fetish a couple years ago, I'm seriously thinking of doing my own top 50...So make sure you stay on the lookout for that...

This list by the " Mayor " will definitely surprise many of you, especially his number one pick...

Mayor, who has just under 1200 pairs of crispy Air Force 1s, has made a name for himself as a major player in the sneaker game and even has his own sneaker Ustream show on Thursday and Sunday nights. In Mayor's top 50 you'll find a bunch of highly sought after Air Forces and special make-ups that even veteran sneakerheads might have missed. But which models made the cut? Check out the countdown to see Mayor's favorite fifty...


" Wheedle's Groove Movie Trailer "

Seattle has a rich musical history....I'm not talking about that grunge shit that your moms was blasting in the early 90's....Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, and Jimi Hendrix all started their illustrious careers in this north western city...

" Light In The Attic Records " & crate digging extraordinaire " Mr.Supreme ", have spent several years unearthing funk & soul gems from this region that remained largely under the radar...

Recently the original artist that created some of this timeless music have reunited to record, perform, and get the props that they rightfully deserve ...

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the trailer for "Wheedle's Groove"...Two thumbs up !!!!!!!!

* Favorite quote- " Good music is alive forever "......( True indeed, my brother )

Friday, January 22, 2010

" New Pep Lover Shit "

A couple years ago I ran into under rated rhyme slinger " Pep Love " at a world famous record store in San Francisco...We chopped it up for a minute, cracked a couple jokes, etc....

I noticed he was carrying a bunch of jazz records in his hands." What's up with the Jazz records Pep, you chopping beats these days ", I asked with a slight chuckle.....He replied, " Oh yeah, I have been for a minute now "....

On this new cut ( No Doubt ) Pep brings his production chops to the table....


" Diamond D Rocks The Breaks "

Everybody knows " Diamond D " is no slouch when it comes to those beats....It should come as no surprise that he does his thing on the wheels of steel as well...

You can listen to " D " rock the breaks on Swift F.M....


" R.I.P. Apache "

I'm really getting tired of putting up these R.I.P. post...It seems like every month another musical icon is passing...It seems like every month someone from the Hip Hop nation is traveling to the other side...AAAAHHHHHHHHH

Earlier today one-time " Flavor Unit " member, " Apache " passed away...Not quite sure of the details surrounding his death and I'm not quite sure if I want to know...

Just yesterday ( Real Talk ) I was listening to " You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin Mind " in the gym....CRAZY...My condolences go out to his friends, family, etc...

" You Must Be Out Of Your Fucking Mind " Fat Joe-featuring Apache & Kool G.Rap..( Produced by Diamond D )


Thursday, January 21, 2010

" Battlefield Funk Radio Tonight "

Make sure you tune in at 9 o'clock sharp to catch Mr.Funk What Ya Heard & I blaze up cyber-space with that official heat...Listen up for the trivia question, you might just receive a special 2010, Hip Hop package if you have your head screwed on right...

Big up to everyone that checks in...You already know how we do: blends, newness, exclusives, under appreciated sure-shots, shenanigans, doubles, and all that other fly shit !!!!!



" Drasar Monumental Destroys The Remix: Re-Post "

Even though this is a re-post don't think for a hot second that I am running out of dangerous beats.....The only reason why I am reposting this remix of Royal Flush ( Wordwide ) is because it seems to get a good response whenever I play it for one of my peoples...

I have been making beats for half of my life..Sometimes things come together, and sometimes they don't....With this remix right here, I knew I had a heavy piece of weaponry on my hands ....

The original version by " L.E.S. " is a certified classic in my opinion and damn near impossible to top, but I feel my version deserves some burn as well...

So quit stalling homeboy...Swoop up this remix and prepare for impact..

All beats destroyed, mangled, sliced, wrestled, and deconstructed by ME !!!!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

" Best Of Master Ace & Ed.O.G. Mixtape "

All the way from Canada ( Toronto ) comes this mixtape by " D.J. Mensa & Surreal Sound "...God damn, they cover a lotta ground on this one...

Check in duke !!!!!!!


" Tony Toca Presents: Best Of 09 "

Rarely do I post up something without listening to it first...Shhhhiiiiiiit, in this day in age even the most trusted Hip Hop brand can flip the script on you....( YA HEARD ME )...

But if Tony Touch is going to put out a best of 09 " power-cipher " type joint, I have faith....Don't get me wrong I know for a fact that a couple of these cats are going to embarrass themselves on the mic ( More than a couple actually )...Regardless, the majority of this should be entertaining..

I will let you know what I think after fully listening to it...My fingers are crossed..


1. J. Cole Freestyle
2. Skyzoo Freestyle
3 Royce Da 5′9″ Freestyle
4 Sadat X Freestyle
5 Wale Freestyle
6 OC & AG Freestyle
7 Consequence Freestyle
8 Diamond D Freestyle
9 Sean Price Freestyle
10 Red Cafe Freestyle
11 Mickey Factz Freestyle
12 Kurious Freestyle
13 Joell Ortiz Freestyle
14 The Kid Daytona Freestyle
15 Fashawn Freestyle
16 Steele Freestyle
17 Redman and Method Man Freestyle
18 Slaughterhouse Freestyle
19 Termanology Freestyle
20 Nickelus F Freestyle
21 Nipsey Hussle Freestyle
22 Torae Freestyle
23 Emilio Rojas Freestyle
24 KRS-One and Buckshot Freestyle
25 Krumbsnatcha Freestyle
26 Saigon Freestyle
27 Masta Ace & Edo G Freestyle


" Sample Source Shit, Part 6 "

For this episode of " S.S.S. ", Hip Hop Battlefield is going to bless you with this mix by Rock Steady crew D.J. " D.V. One "..Dude has been putting in a tremendous amount of work over the years in his Seattle community and beyond..

Salute...Big up to all my peoples in the 206..

So quit stalling, it's time to get your mind right !!!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

" More Killa Sha Heat "

The untimely passing of " Killa Sha " has a brother thinking about his own mortality in this thing we call " life "...Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us so we should try to live our life to the fullest while counting our blessings..

It's only right that I hit you off with some more " Lumi " shit....This podcast with long-time collaborator " Peter Parker " features all " Killa Sha " material...

Gone but not forgotten....

This is what " Peter Parker " had to say about " Sha ".....

Here is the playlist...


" Creative Control Radio "

Whenever I am traveling it's a must that I bring some brand new Hip Hop to accompany my excursions...This last weekend I had the chance to fully soak in this mix by the Creative Control Crew ( Episode 34 ) from the " A "...

Some good stuff poppin off on this one....Exclusives, blends, doubles, and some under the radar joints...Peace to D.J. Grandman & Senor Kaos...

Here is the playlist...

1.intro – king i divine of times – strong arm steady/phonte
3.da night – slum village
4.mona lisa – black thought
5.vibe – k sparks
6.5 man hustle – elzhi
7.serengetti – ali vegas
9.raised on classics – term/reks
10.rapper’s jail – pete rock/e-villz – raekwon/junior reid/tommy nova
12.hard times – blakroc/noe
13.ahead of you – kida
14.euphoria – rakim/styles p/jadakiss/busta rhymes
15.pretty bum – dres
16.when im done – rapper pooh
17.soldier of love – styles p
18.get started – strong arm steady/talib kweli
19.wut i do – dj k.o/east
20.ultrabeast – punchline/4ize/number 2
21.necessary way – willie the kid/lee bannon
22.steady on the grind – fluent/royce 5′9
23.breakin rules – busta rhymes/game
24.keep going – black milk
25.triple homicide – sean p/inspectah deck
26.just begun – reflection eterbal/jay electronica/j cole/mos def somebody – khary WAE frazier what i believe – bahamadia
29.cheeba,cheeba – strong arm steady


" R.I.P. - Killa Sha "

Damn......We just lost another Hip Hop soldier ya'll....Q.B. rhyme veteran " Killa Sha " passed away recently due to complications from diabetes....When I first heard the news yesterday I didn't want to believe it, but after a phone call from a trusted source I knew that " Lumi " had indeed passed...

If you are a follower of Hip Hop Battlefield you have seen Sha's music on the site extensively..Matter of fact we have played his cuts on the radio show pretty heavy...I'm quite sure he had plenty stashed-out recordings in the vaults so be on the lookout....

While your at it check out this re-post of " Killa Sha " hosting D.j. Toshi's podcast......R.I.P...


Friday, January 15, 2010

" See Ya'll On Monday "

I'm off to the " Sucker-Free " to get it in on the Sarap-Sarap radio show....Mr.Funk What Ya Heard & I were invited to splash up the bay with our brand of Hip Hop pandemonium....

I'm really looking forward to this trip, a brother needs a motherfuckin break ( YA HEARD ME )....When I get back prepare for a healthy dose of goodness...

Salute to everyone that check's in on the regular....2010 is going to be a crazy ass year, it's already starting off on a busy note..
2008, was two-thousand EAT....2009, was two-thousand SHINES....2010 is two-thousand WIN !!!!!!!!


" Amir Talks Records "

Amir ( Kon & Amir ) takes time out to chop it up about all things vinyl ( gotta love that )...Make sure you tune in and hear what this heavyweight digger has to say JACK !!!!


WaxPoetics Records - Interview Amir Abdullah (Kon&Amir) from alex deforce on Vimeo.

" New Big Noyd Shit "

After listening to Havoc's new single " The Warm-Up ", I was left wanting more of that grimey, mobb shit that he used to put out...So I decided to see what that kid " Big Noyd " is up to lately....

Just what I expected: gun talk galore, death threats and that greasy Q.B. street monster music !!!!!!

" Pokerface "

" Kilo Rap "- featuring Termanology and Ghetto...

" Hip Hop Confessions 4 "

This is part 4 in " Skillz " Hip Hop Confessions series...He brought along Jazzy Jeff & Kwame to join in on the festivities....Did you know " House Party " was initially written for Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ? ( Makes perfect sense )...

Big up to " Skillz " for bringing something different to the table....

Skillz Presents: Hip Hop Confessions feat. Jazzy Jeff & Kwame from LowKey on Vimeo.

Battlefield Funk Radio.. 1/14/10

Just in case you decided to snooze last night, here is the show in it's entirety for the Hip Hop Battlefield posse...We had a blast.
Also, big shout out to " P-Sol " for answering the trivia question correctly...Your package is on the way homeboy..

Here is the MP3 download link- Enjoy..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

" Live As It Gets "

Tonight at 9' o'clock sharp, Mr.Funk What Ya Heard & I will be invading cyber-space with our " Battlefield Funk " radio show..If your into live blends, turntable abuse, with a splash of comedy...You already know what to do JACK !!!!

Big shout out to everyone that continues to support...We see you..


R.I.P. Teddy Pendagrass- A true legend...

" Andy Votel: Brazilika Mixtape "

Yeah, winter is in full effect, but HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is going to keep things extra steamy for everyone that swoops through to hear that official heat...DO NOT SLEEP..This is a mixtape with actual blends ( Not a compilation )....

" The third instalment in our fledgling ‘Brazilika’ series is a high octane and non-stop Brazilian block party mix from DJ producer and psychedelic rock librarian Andy Votel. Expertly squeezed, segued and sequenced together, Votel’s rapid fire journey ventures into both the fondly remembered Tropicalia period and a period less well known, characterised by obscure acid rock, freak folk and other mutations of Musica Popular Brasileira (MPB).

Votel’s twisted tale unearths a vast array of weird and wonderful musical stories from the likes of Os Mutantes, Novos Bianos, Sidney Miller, Os Brazoes and Azymuth. All tracks were originally conceived in the same climate that spawned samba rock and tropicalia yet pages away from the scrutiny of the political dictatorships of the 1970s and very different to the catalogues held by the European majors.

This definitive compilation is comprised of tracks handpicked by Andy Votel and were all originally released on Brazil’s Som Livre and RGE imprints. Under those distorted guitars, the indelible indigenous South American influences heard in the percussion and vocal arrangements give these recordings an individuality exclusive to Brazil. None more so than the fuzz-ridden, re-workings of classic national favourites exemplified by Moraes Moreira's version of 'Se Voce Pensa' previously recorded by both Gal Costa and Roberto Carlos. Also in the mix Os Mutantes in a later incarnation to mark the era when prog rock finally landed in South America. By this time Som Livre's catalogue had began to boast a roster including funk-rock luminaries such as Tim Maia and Azymuth -who can be heard on this mix at their very hardest, oozing with Brazilian funk attitude which reinforces the Far Out connection."

* Tracklisting

Os Brazões - Módulo Lunar / Gerson Conrad/ Zezé Motta- 1974/ Betinho - Careta /Novos Baianos - Baby Consuelo
Tim Maia - Flores Belas / Trio Soneca - Funga-Funga / Novos Baianos - Tinindo Trincando / Sidney Miller - Dos Anjos
Moraes Moreira - Se Você Pensa/ Mutantes - Deixe Entrar Um Pouco D'Água no Quintal / Os Brazões – Feitiço/ Os Brazões - Gotham City/ Pery Ribeiro - Ciladas / Novos Baianos - Ferro na Boneca/ Azymuth - Periscópio / Novos Baianos - De Vera
Os Brazões - Volkswagen Blue/ Sidney Miller - Um Dia Qualquer / Trio Soneca - Os Bichos/ Tim Maia - É Necessário Brazilian Octopus - Gamboa / Novos Baianos - Colégio de Aplicação /Abílio Manoel - Terra Livre/Sidney Miller - Dois Toques Os Brazões - Pega A Voga Cabelud/ Sidney Miller – Cicatrizes


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

" 1st American Beatbox Championship "

I recently stumbled across an article detailing how "Justin Timberlake" recently beatboxed for "Brother Ali" at a performance in Wyoming..

Can you imagine how wack that must have sounded ?

Anyway, I used to get my Beatbox on...Matter of fact I was kinda nice with that shit....R.I.P. Buff Love ( Fat Boys )

" The 1st American Beatbox Championship has brought 45 of some of America's most jaw droppingly incredible beatboxers from all over the United States. The contestants range from the unbelievable to the unbelievably hilarious. 8 Beatboxers will be selected to compete in New York City this summer to go head to head for the title.

With special guest judges including beatboxing icon Kenny Muhammad, PBS Electric Company resident beatboxer Shockwave, renowned poet and MC Toni Black, underground hip hop favorite Hasan Salaam, beatboxers Adam Matta, Masai Electro and more this competition is sure to turn heads as America crowns it's 1st beatboxing champion. With a unique battle format competitors are pushed to the very edge of their creative limits. They are battling for over $1000 in prizes from sponsors BEAT KANGZ ELECTRONIC, PRIME LOOPS, and MIC Clothing, more importantly they are battling for the title of America's Best Beatboxer."

The American Beatbox Championships is produced by the World Beatbox Association & Human Beatbox. Check out American Beatbox Championships for more information. ~ Chesney Snow.

" Smashing Up The Deuce "

The reason why I am a " Lo-Head " to this day is because of these cats right here....Peep the Lo-Life squad splashing up 42nd street in N.Y.C...

On January 8th, original " L's " united to take part in recreating some of the classic photos that they took in 1988....The event was organized by O.G. booster supreme " Rack- Lo ".....SALUTE..

And just to keep it 100..You know I had to hit you off with a classic from the first " Lo-Life " ever on wax, " Boostin Kev "

( That Be Boostin )

" Russel Fong & Matt Cali: Little Green Tape "

Russel Fong & Matt Cali impressed me with their original approach on this mixtape...It is broken down into four different parts, each consisting of heavy breaks with a twist of instrumental Hip Hop beats...By the sounds of things, it must have been a lengthy process recording this project...

Good work fellas....

"This Dj concerto, in four parts, takes you on a journey into sound denoting the best part of hip hop, the soul of the music. "The Little Green Tape" is perfect to vibe out to. Repeat is a must." - L*Roneous


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Peace everyone,
Here is the download link for this weeks Battlefield Funk Radio Show...We dropped a gang of NEW & EXCLUSIVE Hip-Hop all flipped, doubled up, remixed, and of course it's ALWAYS off the dome! This time we included a playlist which we NEVER do, and by "Popular Demand" we laced up a MP3 download link of this show for your jeeps / I-Pods! (Thanks Monsrock for the lace) Oh yeah if you want your music played on the show SEND it in.. If it makes the cut then you will get played on the show!
Happy New Year,

If you have any ideas to make this show better PLEASE let me know.. Any feedback is GOOD feedback!!!!

* In the above pic ( Daze Rock-UZN/WST...Drasar Monumental-UZN/GBK..Big Mannie-UZN/WAR PARTY...Mad Planet-UZN/GBK
Borg Onerz-UZN/WHO CARES....Hektek-UZN/BRONX MOB....Cold Chris-DYNASTY ROCKERZ/UZN...Sha Onerz-UZN/WAR PARTY/GBK.. ) Cold chllin in the place to be...

Playlist 1/9/10

Battlefield Intro by - " Monz Rock "
"P" & Drasar open the show
Ike Turnah- Upside Down
United States of Mind-USM Represent
Aarophat / Illastrate- Midwest Kids
Crown Nation-The Crown
Ghetto Socks- Out For Treats
Quelle - Special Ingredient
Ghetto Socks- Ricochet Ft. El Da Sensei
Blunt Speakers- Mayor Hawthorne Remix
Planet Rock "Freestyle" Remix Blend
Strong Arm Steady- Get Your Money Right
Planet Rock "Freestyle" Remix Blend
Interlude ( Hip-Hop Trivia Question )
Get Bizz Kids Production Exclusive!


Monday, January 11, 2010

" Blog Shots 31 "

Damnnnnn...." Cokni O Dire " from the original Scheme Team has a blog that you should check out...

Podcast ( Decent Something ), proverbs, mixes, and all types of goodness can be found at his spot....Salute to you " Cokni " for continuing to hold down the fort...FIYYYYAHHHH


Sunday, January 10, 2010

" G.T.F.O.H. - Hip Hop Weasel Edition "

Hip Hop is such a big part of my life I can actually say it is one of the most important things in my world.Is it weird that I don't have any friends that aren't down with Hip Hop in some shape,form,or fashion?

Ever since I can remember I have been crying foul when certain so-called Hip Hop heads fumble the pass and make fools of themselves for not staying in their lane ... For this weeks " GTFOH ", I'm going to take my gloves off and lay the smack down....

1..Did you know Steele from the movie " Juice " came out with an album ? I bet your forgetful ass didn't remember this sad attempt at mic rocking...
Wow....It wasn't all good in the 90's either ninja !!!!!!!!

2...Yo dogz, I like " M.O.P. " just as much as the next man, but this is just downright shameful....My dudes would have revoked my Hip Hop pass if they even suspected me of being down with such wobble-headed fuckery..." Life is good , life is great / life is unbelievable, life is hard..Life is cruel, life is beautiful / ooh yeah yeah ".....G.T.F.O.H....

3...Isn't it kinda strange how Mariah Carey picks whoever is hot at the moment and decides to collab with them...This is what I call the " Chameleon Syndrome "...From O.D.B. to a barely understandable Gucci Mayne, she will do whatever it takes to be popular I guess....She even had the nerve to say O.D.B. was her favorite rapper, WE DONT BELIEVE YOU........R.I.P. Ason Unique..

4....Funny how dudes try to cop a plea after totally abandoning their Hip Hop roots....I always thought " Fat Joey Crack " was a decent enough cat...D.I.T.C. is his foundation for christ sakes, but when dudes get a little paper sometimes they get all eccentric and shit....We need you to come back " F.J. ", so knock off all that bullshit....

5...Over here at Hip Hop Battlefield I try to incorporate the past, present, and future of this art form....Too many cats stay so stuck in the 90's that they overlook a lotta dope shit that is poppin off today...Don't get me wrong troop..My favorite years are from 86-98, but it is my duty as a D.J. to be up on the new fly shit as well.....Stop all the bloodclot crying about things you can't control....Stay on top of your skills and stay focused...

6...I'm not a fan of modern R&B...To be honest I would rather listen to some grimey ass punk rock than hear someone whine about how their girl left them high and dry....So it should come as no suprise why I think this collabo between Big Daddy Kane & Patti Labelle straight up stinks...

7...Everybody thinks they are a gangster/goon/hardrock/shooter these days....I think Hip Hop has suffered in recent years because fools are afraid to break free from this blueprint and just truly be themselves...Dont get it twisted; I don't want to hear anyone spit that David Bowie weirdo rap shit, but I am getting bored with dudes that " catch all these bodies " but couldn't hold themselves down in a cipher....YA FEEL ME...Calm down with all that GUN TALK and get your breath control together...

8...Remember when rap battles were actual rap battles ?....Nowadays dudes are battling accapella on some, one-two, buckle my shoe weirdo shit....I can't fuck with most of these battles, but this one between " T-Rex & Math Hoffa " had me laughing louder than a motherfucker....

9....Alright ya'll....I could go on forever but this is a perfect time to wrap it up with all the shenanigans....Remember, these are just "MY" opinions and I don't expect anyone to think like I do..You can send all hate mail to DEEZNUTZ@FUCKYOURSELF.COM

" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Soldier Field, Part 2 "

Last night those " Hip Hop Project " dudes invaded cyber-space with another edition of musical mayhem...Salute to all my peoples in the " Go "...

Here is the playlist homeboy..

Scheme Ft. Mikkey Halsted - Lose Your Soul
Mos Def - Audiotorium
Statik Selektah ft. Bahamdia - Do What I Beleive
Pugz & Rashid Hadee - Mercy
Bobby Creekwater - OJ Simpson
Superstar Quamallah - 88 Soul
Cormega - Make It Clear
Kool Keith ft. Tim Dog - Aint Nobody
Coco Brovaz - Black Trump
Blah Uno - Deda Baby Pa
Common - Hungry
Nas - Hope
Jay Electronica - Renaissance Man
AZ - The Come Up
Saigon - Dreamz
Ed OG - Say Something
Last Emperor - Charlie Brown
Poor Rightious Teachers - Gods,Earth
Krondon - The Rules
Royce The 5'9" - Hood Love
Juice - Cranberry Cocktail
Hi-Tek ft. J-Treds - Weakminds
Add-2 - Cassette Tapes
Statik Seletah - So Close, So Far
Slaughterhouse - On My Grind
Cormega - A Thin Line
Mobb Deep - Hav & P
Raekwon - State of Grace
Heltah Skeltah - Caca Gosa Vixen
Mobb Deep - Backwards
Defari - True Strength
Ghostface - The Forest
Gold Chain Military - Trouble
Jay-Z - PSA (Remix)
Queen Latifah - Wrath of My Madness (Premier Remix)
Saigon - Aye, Aye, Aye
Non Phixion - Drug Music
CNN - Invincible
De La Soul - Aint all Good
Dr. Dre - Little Ghetto Boy
Ice Cube - How We Do It
The Roots - How We Do
Dj Honda - Travelin Man
Fab 5 - Eshkoshka
Krs One - Wannabemceez
Blahzay Blahzay - Blah Blah Blah
Rasid Hadee - You Cant Hide
Statik Selektah Ft, Talib, Royce,& Term - Come Around
Tempting ft. Rashidee - Shogunn
Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
Mass Hysteria - Diamonds & Perals
Big Twin - When I Walk Away
Positive & LG - A Good Combination
Talib Kweli - The Blast
Slick Rick - Hey Young World
Midwikid - Like We suppose to
Pugz Atomz - Vintage Game
Qualo - Holiday
EC Illa - Mating Ritual
Molemen - Taste Of Chicago
Astonish - Microphone Check
Kanye ft.Common - My Way Home
Capital D - Drug Warz
Juice - Sincerely Yours
Yp ft. Dj Monky - Next Time
Scheme - Lose Your Soul ft. Mikkey halsted


" A Few Good Laughs, Part 6 "

Paul Mooney takes time to chop it up with Davey D (Hardknock Radio)...It's impossible not to laugh at some of " P's " observations...

Funny shit....

" Style Warz, Part 6 "

Uh huh, all toys duck down......Fate/M.S.K. in full effect....

" Ed Lover C'mon Son, Part 9 "

The big homie " Ed Lover " is back with some more comedy for ya'll...Someone give this motherfucker a T.V. show again....I'm about to order one of those C'mon Son shirts before they really blow up....HAHAH