Thursday, December 31, 2009

" D.J. Relz Mix "

D.J. Relz AKA " Madlib ", released only one album " Theme For A Broken Soul " a couple years back....It featured instrumental broken-beat madness, with odd textures, and some very interesting time signatures...

" Relz " makes a triumphant return with a couple bonus tracks to end off 09 with a BANG,BANG....



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

" 4 All The Wu- Headz : Part 4 "

Wu Tang Clan's tour D.J. " Mathematics ", has his own radio show.....This week he hits us off with a Big Daddy Kane interview, mad " Wu " exclusives that you wont hear anywhere else, jokes, etc...

TUNE IN !!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

" Marq Spekt: Bloodlust 2 Mixtape "

Alright this is more like it...The Broady Champ " Marq Spekt " recently dropped his second release of 09 ( Bloodlust 2 )...I have been eyeing this cat since his days with " Subverse Records " and he steadily continues to impress me with each project..

Some of these joints are downright UGLY ( which is a beautiful thing HAHA ) " MS's " style is kinda hard to pen down, he hits you off with unpredictable bars and concepts in a original way that is truly his own.....I highly suggest you swoop this one up with a quickness if you like your Hip Hop a little dusty....

1. Prelude
2. Introductory fees
3. Guttersnipin’2 -ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru
4. Broken Halo-ft.HiCoup,Karniege,Vordul Mega
5. the Corner-freestyle
6. Murder Illastrated-ft Dynas
7. the LightShow1
8. This is HipHop-ft Messiah,LexBoogiefromtheBX
9. Lexilla-ft.Stahhr the Empress,J-Live,Ozy Reigns,Huey P Capone
10. 151 Banger Illastrate remix-ft. Broady Champs
11.. The Ogeez-ft.LexBoogiefromtheBX,Akil Nuru
12. Kill that efffa@#@# freestyle
13. Metal Face Rucker Park shit
14. Conflict at the Embassy-ft LexBoogiefromtheBX
15. T.O.P ft-Huey P Capone aka Nyce
16. LightShow2-ft.Messiah
17. Dream_Rough
18. Thin Air-ft Karniege
19. the Hoook snippet-ft CrayzWalz,ThirstinHowlII,SeanPrice
20. Summer of 99′-ft ID4Windz,SkitSlam,John Robinson aka Lil’ Sci
21. True HipHop Stories

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS: " This Is Hip Hop " / " The O.G.'s " / " The Hook "-featuring Sean P, Thirstin Howl 3rd & C Rayz Walz / " Neva Gon Stop " / " Flip Flop " / " Conflict At the Embassy " / " Broken Halo "....


Sunday, December 27, 2009

" Scratch Overdose: Part 7 "

San Diego's " D.J. Tenshun ", is a monster when it comes to turntable abuse...Below are three reasons why you should stay in the lab and get your scratches up !!!!!!

Peace to all the fam in S.D. Nick Nayme, Daze, W.S.T., Z's, etc...




" Steady B vs. L.L. Cool J "

When " Steady B " was in his prime he was no slouch on the mic...It's unfortunate that he will most likely spend the rest of his life behind bars for a crime that he had no business being involved in...

On this venomous cut " Take Your Radio ", Steady goes for L.L.'s throat with a non-stop verbal lashing...If you missed this the first go-round, here is your chance to add this to your stash of diss records/ diss MP3's....


Send mail to Steady B at

Warren McGlone DD6864
PO BOX 1000
Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000

" Blog Shots 29 "

If your looking for a blog with excellent writing, in-depth breakdowns, and a fuckin dope interview with " Sid " of ( Sid & B.Tonn fame )...

Than you need to head over to Jesse Serwer's spot to get your head right duke....No games are being played, just real Hip Hop journalism...

Awww man this interview is hilarious.." Sid " talks about the time " Kid N Play " were belted with glass bottles at a Long Island show, Rakim's mysterious beef with L.L., Crimedanch Cartel, and why the Flavor Unit office was shot up by one of his associates..


" When Llamas Attack: Re-Up "

Hip Hop is funny sometimes...People praise mediocre M.C.'s, while true wordsmiths search aimlessly for the props that they deserve...

We are living in the " Dick Rider " era...Fools become overnight sensations without even dropping an album...Style over substance is common occurrence in a Hip Hop landscape that has become one big fashion show circus....

Every once in awhile a rebel emerges through the storm to inform the unassuming public, that Hip Hop can still be creative, original, and most importantly though-provoking....

" Selfish " from the Green Llama Crew dropped one of the best albums ( Uncut Raw ) of the last decade, and it's a motherfuckin crying shame that his name doesn't ring bells like it should....I had the opportunity to build with him on a recent trip to Chicago, and I was impressed with his Hip Hop knowledge, attitude, and over all demeanor...

It's not often that HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD puts the stamp of approval on new artist, but if you take one listen to " Uncut Raw ", you would have to agree that this is 21st century hardcore in pure form....

So without further delay, here is the interview I conducted with " Selfish " in 08....Salute to the city of Chicago for being so fucking gully ....

.{HHBF}...I'm really feeling the Uncut Raw album. It's been on heavy rotation since I got it.....The song "Fortune Cookies" caught my attention.......You are dropping heavy jewels on this one......What's your approach to crafting lyrics?

{Selfish}..I like the beat to speak to me initially and paint a picture in my head that I want to put into words. Obviously sometimes a sample might say something that gives that process a boost, which was slightly the case with "Fortune Cookies" because it had that " reap what you sow " dialogue in the beginning of the track and that was there before I even penned a verse. I'm not big on just writing on the spot most of the time. If it's a collabo track i'm working on in the lab at the moment fucking around that's cool, but if i'm sent some beats by a producer for a project, I like to let it marinate and give the full amount of energy I feel the track desrves. I'm all for spontaneous creativity, but album cuts for the most part, I like to think shit out a little before I put it into words. Occasionally though, I hear something and it all flows out instantaneously, so I will say it's all about the creative energy the track gives me. All my verses for the most part are written specifically for the track they wind upon, based on the vibe I feel from the beat. Then from there I just fill in the blanks...


..{HHBF}..What's the word on the green Llama crew.. Members and how long have you been recording together?

{Selfish}..Green Llama at first consisted of myself {Selfish} mc-producer, and {Dekay} from Chicago, {Tone Liv} -mc from Jersey, {Fluent} -producer from Ohio, {Vincent Price}-producer from N.C. by way of Florida, {Butta Verses}-mc from Florida, and {Ill Don}-producer from Queens. We initially formed up after a period of getting to know each other online, and seeing if we were all on the same page as far as this Hip Hop goes. Since then we added mine and Dekay's d.j., D.J. Monkey from Chicago, who also does beats, And the one and only {Dibiase}-producer-mc from Cali, who's a beast on production. The name Green Llama came from Ill Don who had some old radio show, him and Fluent fucked around with the name and when the crew formed that was the name they called it. The rest of us kinda wondered where the shit came from, but it caught on and we ran with it. Since then we've flipped meanings and catch phrases, aliases, etc, off of the Llama name. The main thing being that a Llama is known to spit..Whether it be the animal or the firearm, and green symbolizes life and can as well be interpreted as money, whatever you want. Plus a few of us are weedheads, which shouldn't be a suprise. It's nothing too deep, but myself and some of the other Llamas are always building on the meaning behind it, giving it new significance.. Sallama To The Llama's..

[HHBF}..Rubberroom used to be one of my favorite groups from Chicago...Did you ever see them perform live before they disbanded?

{Selfish}...I was blessed with a few opportunities to see Rubberoom do their thing onstage years ago. They brought that heat, plus they they were creators of a very distinct sound. I just seen a couple of them dudes at a show recently. Lumba and S.P.O. some real cool cats. Rubberoom is definitely some of the most classic Chi Hip Hop you can find. Some of the hardest shit you will ever hear. I'd like to hear new stuff in any capacity, group or solo. A big influence on me, as well as many others in my circle..

..{HHBF} What are some of your other Hip Hop influences?

{Selfish}... The first shit that I really remember having a staying influence on me was shit like N.W.A., Public Enemy, Geto Boys. I would see a lot of that shit on M.T.V. Raps and the Box. I was into some of that shit cause older family members put me up on it. Honestly at that point, I was into all the cussing and crazy shit a dude like Eazy E would say. I remember I got good grades on my report card and got the "Humpty Dance" cassette single . A couple years later, it was a "Tribe Called Quest", who were the main ones that had me buggin bout shit seriously.. then Wu-Tang, I'd say the RZA and Wu in general was the first thing that ever made me think about making music myself. It;s too much to list though. Iv'e been into all types of music all my life..........

.{HHBF}...Uncut Raw flows extremely well from one song to the next...Vocal samples, segues, and instrumental pieces give it a cohesive feel..Was this planned from the beginning?

..{ Selfish }....Fluent sent a lot of beats in beat mixes where one track has like 5 plus beats on it, and he would occasionally put shit up on myspace like that..One time he put up this cassette mix that really murdered that style, and from there I knew that was the type of shit I wanted to do with him, cause that's where he excels..He was all for it, cause that's the joint he wanted to do as well, so it was a conscious decision. It's all about keeping the people on the edge of their seats, giving the album a sense of movement, and staying fresh....

..{HHBF}...You make your own beats as well...How long have you been making beats and what equipment do you use?

...{ Selfish}..I first started making beats around 2000, just fucking around with my dude's Asr-10...I was into rhyming first, but by the time I got a beat machine of my own a year or 2 later, I decided I wanted to get deeper on that..My first machine was a Asr 10 pro, and I still got it. Then I moved to a Mpc 2000. Sold it for an XL. Then sold it for a 1000. A lot of beats I make on the 1000.

..{HHBF} What are your views on sampling laws? And where do you think production is headed?

..{ Selfish} I really dont even concider sampling laws when I set out to create something beatwise, and I'm pretty sure that speaks for all of the Llama producers. Really I'm all for the creativity of it..If I'm ever at a point that I need to cough up dough for a sample I'll deal with it. But for now fuck that...As far as me personally I want to see sampling alive...That's what I love, plus it's the foundation of Hip Hop really...You cant fuck with a sample chopped and flipped just right.....

..{HHBF}...Final words, future plans, words of wisdom...

..{Selfish}..We got a lot in the works..I got the sequel to Uncut Raw. A group album with Dibiase on the beats....I got 'Street Trash". the b movie themed Lp from me and Vincent Price....Green Llama album later in the year. I got so many talented people in my circle, I should be busy for the next few decades..Enjoy the music and help us take the music where it can and should be.......


Thursday, December 24, 2009

" Blog Shots 28 "

20 years ago, New Music Seminar champions " Freshco & Miz " had shit on lock...These two heavyweights made their mark in the Hip Hop world by welcoming all challengers in some very legendary battles...

The Miz vs. Alladin battle had D.J.'s shook from coast to coast.
( Remember that shit ? )

Nowadays " Freshco " is writing books...

" Miz " is still wrecking the turntables...

Next time you are traveling through cyber-space, make sure you head over to their website....Make sure you tell them that kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you .........


And just to keep it 100, you know I had to hit you off with this flashback karate chop....

" 4 All My Fly Kick Rockerz, Part 2 "

Complex magazine recently dropped their top 100 sneakers of the decade article......They included some decent joints, questionable joints, and some downright puzzling joints on the list...Entertaining nevertheless...

Check in for yourself duke....


" In The Sucker Free "

Friends and family, it comes with great sadness to announce that this Saturday will be the grand finale of th Flava of The Month at Milk. Flava of The Month has been on of San Francisco's longest running and successful hip hop events. Therefore we'd like to invite all of you who, past and present to rock with us one last time. For 7 years we moved the crowd...we rocked the dance floor and made memories. You threw your hands in the danced like no one was watching and you sang your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. We humbly appreciate and thank you for letting us do what we do best, move the crowd for 7 consecutive years. We felt that it was time to put Flava of The Month to rest and start 2010 with a new look, feel and sound. Stay tuned. Thank you to Erik Ross and Milk's staff past and present for making us part of your family. Thank you to all of the DJs, promoters, artists and of course, you the people, the heartbeat of the night. Without you guys, we wouldn't be here today. Our appreciation for your kindness, support and presence will never be forgotten. For you, we'll rock one last time... Mad love to Mr. E, Papalote, Blufizz, Local 1200, Pirate DJs, Mind Motion, Ivan, Stussy, Kyle, Hans, Adam, Sean, Miles, Jah Warrior Shelter, The Formula, Sake 1, PST, Ankh Marketing, Red Wine, The Bangerz, Wild N' Krazy Kidz, Distortion 2 Static, Ri$ky Bizness Crew, Souls of Mischief, Chuy Gomez, Dedan, Toks, Mpenzi, TD Camp, Hella Records, TRUE, Mike Brown, Keith O., Goapele, Rock Steady Crew, DV One, The World Famous Beat Junkies, Rhettmatic, Babu, J. Rocc, Eric Bobo, DJ Henroc, Shoe Biz, FTC, SFO, Fatlace, Goldenchyld, 4OneFunk, Oakland Faders, Platurn, Get Live SF, Canned Beats, Rock Force, Mighty 4, Paulskeee, Boogie Events, Reignforest Collective, Amoeba Records, Fresh, Sean G., and everyone else we forgot to mention, our apologies. We thank you - for everything. Your contribution to Flava of The Month was a contribution to the Bay Area hip hop movement. You are responsible for it's success. With that we keep it movin'! (via FranBoogie)

Monday, December 21, 2009

" Mash Em Out "

I think it's damn near impossible to go wrong with a mixtape stacked with " M.O.P. " bangers..." D.J. Dead Eye " serves us up with a heavy dose of Brownsville pandemonium...

If all this holiday madness has you frustrated, on-edge, and ready to slap someone up; you just found your theme music (HAHA).

* This mix features quite a few unreleased joints...DON'T SLEEP...


Sunday, December 20, 2009

" Apollo Brown Instrumentals "

Straight from the " D " comes this instrumental project from beatsmith " Apollo Brown "...Perfect for a long flight, late night drive, or as a backdrop for m.c.'s to flex their skills over...DON'T SLEEP JACK.

Here is the playlist.....

01 Intro - I Could Fly, Pt. 1
02 Mastermind
03 Another Mourning
04 Block Elements
05 To the Melody, With Love
06 95 Fahrenheit
07 Apollo's Theme
08 The Monster
09 Got It All
10 Proven Guilty
11 Warm Rain
12 Sweeter Than Wine
13 Grandmother Earth
14 Helpless Dreamer
15 Flashbulbs
16 Cloudy Days
17 Interlude - I Could Fly, Pt. 2
18 The Machine
19 Early Morning
20 Lonely and Incomplete
21 Silent Ovation
22 Black Skies
23 My Plateau
24 Wednesday's Hurt
25 Friday's Child
26 Detroit Nights
27 Wildest Dreams
28 The Heir Show
29 Nosey Kids
30 Bright Black Sky
31 Gold Medal
32 A Faceless Few
33 Come Change
34 Sparkling In the Sand
35 The Door
36 Ups (Dressed In Brown)
37 Outro - I Could Fly, Pt. 3


Friday, December 18, 2009

" Drasar Monumental Destroys The Remix "

YEAH......You guessed it troop...Here are some more remixes that I pulled out of the stash spot to hit you over the head with...You already know how it goes down over here...

Loud, crunchy drums.....Sinister sounding chops, and a raw, stripped-down approach...POW,POW,POW....

If you have shitty computer speakers you won't be able to hear the low-end manipulation. I suggest you pump this on a ill system so you can hear the true science of what's popping off.....

Anyway, put on your god damn seat belts, fasten your combat helmets, lace up your timbos, I'M GOING IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" Nas & A.Z "- Life's A Bitch..


" Nas "- Shootouts..


" Large Pro Mixtape "

The weekend is here already folks....It's crazy cold outside, but HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is going to keep those flames burning for all of those that check in on the regular...

This tribute mix by " Dynamix " ( World Famous Wake Up Show ) is ON POINT !!!!!!!!!!!

Do yourself a favor and swoop this up with a quickness..


Battlefield Funk Radio.. (12/17/09)

Mr. FUNKWHATYAHEARD and I went in with a barrage of Hip Hop artillery this week...Instead of running our mouths like we usually do, we decided to let the music just speak for itself.

New joints, under the radar rockets, blends, and a large amount of turntable abuse.....Big shout out to the chat room posse, you guys should get your own comedy show...HAHAHAHA..

The trivia question is still unanswered, if you have the right answer hit me up at ZJUDAH@YAHOO.COM and you will get a special 2110 heavyweight package.....AIIIGHHHHTTTT...


" Massive B Sound "

The first time I heard of " Bobby Konders " was when I copped the N.Y.C. Badmen record in the early 90's...It was a risk for me because at the time, I had no clue who he was....

But the album cover looked so ill, I knew there would be a couple heaters on it.....And I was right, that album had it's share of rude bwoy anthems that I still rock to this day............

" Bobby Konders & Jabba " are still wrecking stages coast to coast...Check out this clip below, and see for yourself homeboy...

Big shout out to Rap Radar...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

" Gangstarr Foundation Tour "

WOW....No Guru, no Preem, no Nutcracker, etc......But you know what, if I was in Europe I would still check this one out....

19/12/09 - Zollamt, Stuttgart, Germany
20/12/09 - Vienna, Austria
24/12/09 - Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany
25/12/09 - Bohannon, Berlin, Germany
26/12/09 - Skaters Palace, Münster, Germany
27/12/09 - Konzerthaus Schüür, Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland
29/12/09 - E-Werk, Erlangen, Germany

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

" Frankie Numi & Prince Po "

" Frankie Numi's " album ( Never Ending-Always Building ) definitely had it's moments...

" Let's Take A Trip Inside My Thoughts "- featuring Prince Po is HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD'S top pick...


" A Few Good Laughs, Part 5 "

They say a sucker is born every minute, but this is just fuckin ridiculous...This is what's wrong with D.J. culture today; you gotta bunch of fools tap dancing behind the turntables playing too many god damn games....

Salute to all D.J.'s that actually care about SKILLS....No gimmicks, no smoking mirrors, no bare-chested circus acts, no shenanigans, just SKILLS....

" Rich Medina & Bobbito - Connection Mixtape "

The Connection: Modern Explorations In Afro-Beat & Afro- Latin is the vision of Rich Medina and Bobbito Garcia. The two are considered amongst the worldÃ?s most progressive club DJs, having provided Hip Hop, Dance, and Rare Groove to dancers for 40+ years combined.

In the last decade, they have each fostered intense followings for specific genres and sounds. In Big Richs case, its been Afro Beat/Funk/Jazz and World Soul. The multi-talented poet/producer/songwriters eight-year-old JUMP N FUNK Fela Kuti Tribute Party is widely recognized as the very best of its kind, as he has at times carried that movement on his back and been largely responsible for the current revival of the original Black President. Similarly, Hip Hop radio legend and former Vibe Magazine columnist Kool Bob Loves mission has been to expose rare Latin Jazz/Funk/Soul/Breaks at his award-winning VINYL IS FOREVER monthly at APT (NYC), as well as at the bi-coastal FANIA RECORDS TRIBUTE annual gigs.

Close friends since 1990, Rich and Bob started spinning together in 97, and have branded their musical journeys at their HAPPY FEET party to the great pleasure of crowds worldwide. An inspired competition exists between them to outdo the other by introducing underexposed tunes. The Connection allows for others to share that joy that goes on in their DJ booth. This compilation represents their passion for the rhythm that runs through us all, as well as the respect and love they have for each other. We hope that it connects you to your ancestors, or maybe just neighbors across the street, and way beyond


( Big shout out to S.P. )

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

" New Shit "

Premier, P,PPP,P,PPP, Premier, D.J. Premier.....That's right, you guessed it jack...A new Premier mix tape is here to sizzle up your eardrums...

Here is the playlist-

01. DJ Premier – On Tha Road Again Intro
02. NYGz – Ready?
03. M.O.P. – Brownsvillian
04. Dynasty – Femcee
05. Buckshot & KRS-One – Runnin’ Away (Feat. Immortal Technique)
06. L.E.G.A.C.Y. – TKO (Feat. Chaundon, Phonte & Sean Price)
07. Royce da 5′9″ – October 20th
08. Clipse – I’m Good (Feat. Pharell)
09. Raekwon – Bagging Crack
10. Smitty – Run Nigga Runnn! (Feat. Last Poets)
11. Young Maylay – Who’s Young Maylay?
12. Marco Polo & Torae – Danger
13. Shawn Jackson – Talk To Me
14. Bekay – Brooklyn Bridge (Feat. Masta Ace)
15. Keith Murray & Canibus – No Brainer
16. Lil Vic – When The Walls Crash
17. Royce da 5′9″ – Hood Love (Feat. Bun B & Joell Ortiz)
18. Blaq Poet – Rap Addiction (Feat. Lil Fame & Shabeeno)
19. Warren G – Let’s Get High (Feat. Black Nicc & Travis Barker)


" Tales Of The Industry- Fredro Star "

Peep this clip of your manz, " Fredro Star " detailing the origins of the Onyx beef with Fifty Cent..

This is part 8 in his ongoing " Tales Of The Industry " series....HAHA

Sunday, December 13, 2009

" Attack Of The Killer Demos, Part 3 "

Yeah mayne, it's demo time once again here at HIP HOP BATTLFIELD....Here are a couple heaters " O.C. " had up his sleeve before the release of his debut, " Word Life "...

" Visual Picture " - I can't understand why this joint got put on the shelf....Two thumbs up...

" Brothers Are Fake " - HAHAHAHAHA...

" Original Gangster Shit "

Damn I cant even front, those Conspiracy Radio dudes " Montana & Menace " are killing the game when it comes to fresh interviews..Some of the music they play is a little shaky, but the interviews are usually in-depth, thought provoking, well thought out, and most importantly; entertaining....

This is part two of their latest episode with special guest, Ice-T , Tajai, etc...

" T " speaks about signing London hellraisers " Hi-Jack ", upcoming projects, the importance of touring, the decline of record sales, ring tone rappers, internet thuggin, and all types of other shit...


Friday, December 11, 2009

Battlefield Funk Radio.. (12/10/09)

Here is the archive to last night's Battlefield Funk Radio show.. Do what's right and check in duke... POW-POW!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

" Back To Burn "

Mr. Funk What Ya Heard and I are back on the set tonight for another round of live mixes, doubles, jokes and all that other fly shit...We have a couple surprises up our sleeve for tonight's show, so do the right thing...


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

" New Slum Village E.P. "

You can hear the new E.P. in it's entirety before it officially drops HERE

" Da Night ", and " Money Right " ( S.A.S. already rocked this Madlib production with the same exact name, HAHA )

" More Mixtape Ammunition "

Over here at " HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD ", my motto is " quality over quantity "....I'm not one of those thirsty bloggers that put up sub-par music just to fulfill some type of corny personal quota...

If I don't like it, there is no reason to post it...So I spend countless hours sifting through the mundane, in order to unearth the golden nuggets that shine brightly enough to consider "HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD" worthy...

With that being said, this mixtape right here ( Breakfest ) is one of those golden nuggets that deserves your undivided attention..Baltimore's " Kool Breeze " straight murdered it on this one...Breakbeats galore, doubles, crunchy drums, and sureshot selections make this my personal favorite mix of the week...

Two thumbs up, type shit.....YOU BETTER CHECK IN...


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

" Wax Weaponz 22, Remix Version Re-Up "

I know, I know...I haven't made a " Wax Weaponz " mix in a couple months..Don't trip though cousin, be on the lookout for a new one sometime in the near future...

It's only right that I hit you off with " WW 22 " in the meantime...When I put this together, my goal was to pull out some of the illest remixes I have in my crates...This mix is all live, all records, all very flavorful...

So quit stalling duke, turn the volume past ten, bless yourself up, and prepare for collision...

Big shout to manz " State " (GBK) for convincing me to put this back up...

Here is the playlist...POW,POW....

1. Nas - The World Is Yours, " Q-Tip Remix "

2. Scritti Politti - Tinseltown featuring Mos Def, " Beat Nuts Remix "

3. Psycho Realm -Stone Garden, " Pete Rock Remix "

4. Funkdoobiest - Rock On, " Buckwild Remix "

5.Shorty No Mas - My Style, " Beatminerz Remix "

6. Jigmastas- So What featuring Guru, " Ken Sport Remix '

7 .A.Z.- Dough Or Die featuring Raekwon, " RZA Remix "

8. One Be Lo- Unparalleled, " Decompoze Remix "

9. O.C. - Born To Live Remix...

10. Grand Puba- U Know How It Goes, " T- Ray Remix "

11. Madkap- Proof Is In The Pudding, " Broadway Remix "

12.CMW - Def Wish 2, " D.J. Premier Remix "

13. Madlib White Label Remix- " ? "


Monday, December 7, 2009

" Attack Of The Killer Demos, Part 2 "

Ras Kass is one of the illest from the west side of things to ever do it...It's a shame that he chooses to rock over sub-par beats lately, because if the kid had decent production, I believe he could still make a tremendous amount of noise out there...

Anyway, check out these demos that didn't make the cut for his debut album, " Soul On Ice "...In my opinion these songs should have been included...

" Core Audience "

" Walk The Walk "

Sunday, December 6, 2009

" Beats That Collected Dust 2 "

If you thought volume one was nasty, volume two is going to blow you right out of your timberlands..This is only a sampler, be on the lookout for the official release sometime soon JACK !!!!!!

Props to DJPB....


" Mixtape Mayhem "

Tired of corny ass, so-called mixtapes that don't even rock any
blends ?....Are you growing tired of so-called mixtapes where the D.J. screams his head off on every single track ?

I am too my man...

That's why you better swoop up this mixtape by "Muro" & "K-Prince".....When I picked this up a couple years back, I was impressed by the composition, flow, selection and creativity of this mix...It has aged very well and I still blast it in the system on certain occasions..

DO NOT SLEEP...( These aren't the same golden era joints that your used to hearing over, and over again )


" A Few Good Laughs, Part 4 "

Awww man, this has to be the funniest shit I have seen all week."JS-1" pops up on the " Regis & Kelly " show for a awkward experience ( to say the least )....

* Favorite quote- " Is this a old Perry Como record " ?......That's when you lost !!!!!!!!

JS1's album ( Ground Control 2 ) is out now....

" New Cormega Mixtape "

Mega Montana is back with some more heaters for your dome piece..If you don't have his album " Born And Raised ", I highly suggest you go cop that as well...

Here is the playlist....

01.take my clientele
03.what did i do
04.break bread (ft.tragedy khadafi) and learn
06.radiant jewel (ft. raekwon and sean price)
07.when i see you (ft. prodigy)
08.murder was the case (ft. dona and miz)
09.back at it (ft. little brother)
10.street conflict (ft. hostyle and screw ball) the one for me
13.unbelievable (freestyle)
14.hood legends (ft. lake)
15.war going on outside (ft. craig g)
17.maybach music
18.fresh (ft. various artist) hustle shake down (ft. red cafe) the illist
22.snitch niggaz (original version) (ft. lake)
23.move the crowd
24.cormega available for collabs


Friday, December 4, 2009

" Eric B & Rakim Reunited "

Not exactly, but Rakim did stop by Eric B's " All Hip Hop " radio show to chop it up....Who would of ever thought this day would happen ?

You already know what time it is...


Thursday, December 3, 2009

" Blog Shots 27 "

24/7 ....365 days a year, non-stop true school Hip Hop videos......THIS IS THAT SHIT....

Make sure you tell a friend cousin.....


" Rashid Hadee & Pugslee Atomz Mixtape "

I already knew " Rasheed " was a monster on the beats, but I wasn't too familiar with " Pugs " work ( even though he has been around for a minute )....On this mixtape the duo flex a chemistry that is sure to attract a wide range of listeners..

Here are a couple of joints that will get your head nodding...

" Back Again "...

" Sounding Like "..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

" Blog Shots 26 "

Graff legend " Duro " has a web site that is definitely worthy of your attention...When you head over there make sure you tell him that grimy kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you...


" Blog Shots 25 "

If your in the mood for investigative reports, conspiracy theories, and a hefty amount of Hip Hop, you need to head over to the Kool Skool......

These cats from London are breaking down shit that I don't see anyone else doing...Make sure you put on your thinking cap before you touch down..


" Quick Download "

Well it looks like the big homie, " Phil Most Chill " is off hiatus....Last weekend he dropped the very impressive " Beautiful " mix..If your looking for some quality selections to get you through the work week, I suggest you swoop this up JACK !!!!!

Here is what Phil had to say regarding the project...

" I was at the Old Country Buffet (one of my favorite eating spots- I'm cheap) awhile back and I noticed one of the employees, a barely legal if even legal at all young dude, hitting on a customer, a cute late 30-ish older woman. She rebuffed his advances, claiming that she was too old for him. Young dude, undeterred, stared her in the eye and calmly replied "I know what I like." Gotta give it to the youngin'- swag for days.
That's kinda how I feel about psych rock, which is my current favorite genre of music to listen to. I probably don't really know a damn thing about psych- every time I look up info on a psych album online, the reviews rarely sing the praises of the songs on the album that I like the most. They'll talk about the genius of some song on the lp that I'm not familiar with, then I'll go back to the record to listen to this song and be like WTF is this? Obviously I'm not hearing it from a true psych enthusiasts' perspective. Which I guess makes sense, since I'm a black first generation Hip Hop dude... I didn't grow up on Zep or Sabbath or the Beach Boys or Zappa or even Hendrix. I grew up on James Brown and Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder and the Furious 5.
Yet and still, I know what I like. Music with soul, music that touches you somewhere deeper than the epidermis. And any real music head knows that soul isn't just found on albums that have pics of dudes with afros on the jacket. I hear the soul in Aretha Franklin but I also hear it in Rachmaninoff's 2nd. In fact, "hear it" isn't the best way to put it- I feel it. That's what music is all about, man... people can tell you all day that this is the hot schitt, this is what's banging now, whateva whateva, but it doesn't matter. Music isn't a popularity contest, it's not about soundscan numbers, it's only about what you feel or don't feel. No matter what I say about something being THATREALSCHITT, if you can't feel what I'm feeling then it's a waste of time even trying to explain it.
So anyway, enough of my yadda-yadda-ing. Yes, it's true- I'm dropping another new Soulman mix a mere three days after the last new Soulman mix. Guess the hiatus is officially over, eh? This one, entitled Beautiful, basically picks up where The Truth Is Forever left off. Just playing a bunch of soft, mellow psych songs that I really love. Familiar folky stuff that the Vashti Bunyan and Linda Perhacs fans out there may already know and love but also some other very nice tunes that only the most hardcore psych dudes are gonna be hip to. This joint may be too light for the more gnarly real schitters, and my Hip Hop real schitters can probably just fuggetaboutit, but I'm hoping folks will dig this (Beautiful Pt. 2 and maybe even Pt. 3 are on deck already, so if y'all are feelin' it more will be dropped ASAP). Thanks for listening ".


" Soul Power Shit "

" Skeme Richards " (RSC) comes correct on his $2 Dollar Soul Show podcast...Instead of playing a bunch of breaks you have probably heard numerous times, he flips the script, and dishes out heavy, rare grooves to keep your ears on alert mode...

So pump up the volume, and prepare for a massive dose of explosive soul power.....POW.POW..


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

" Comedy Central "

Ed Lover is finally back with his newest edition of " C'mon Son ".....On this go-round he disses your boy Shaq, Rhianna, N.J. Nets, Tiger Woods, etc...

Somebody give this man a god damn T.V. show again.....

" 5 Tuesday Sureshots "

Here are five joints that are sure to cause pandemonium if played at a loud volume....Big up to everyone that stops by HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD on the regular, it is appreciated duke....

1..." Godfather Don "- Seeds Of Hate.....With a title like " SOH " how can you really go wrong ?...Hateful is exactly what this " GD" produced burner sounds like...Not many producers can flex this well on the mic device....

To this day I still get chills up my spine when I put this record on the turntables...


2...." Bignous " - Just Not My Style.......Oakland's Hobo Junction dropped some very flavorful gems in the mid/late 90's, and this is one of them fool..." All in your town / I'm dropping bombs before your planes get off the ground "...



3.." Tommy Gunn & Ray Long " - $5 Dollars In Change........God damn, this is just some wild, raw, angry ass Hip Hop....The whole entire approach is very original ( lacking heavy these days )....At first you might mistake this for some badly mixed down psycho-babble....

But after further examination, I am quite sure you will realize this is no fucking joke...


4..." Souls Of Mischief " - Tour Stories.....For over 15 years " SOM " have managed to stay together, and drop decent material on the masses ( Who said money and friendship don't mix )....On this heavily detailed song they definitely do their thing...


5..." Holocaust Frost " - Mind Is A Universe....I'm at a loss for words when it comes to joints that are this fresh....All I have to say is, you better CHECK THE FUCK IN.....


" Tuesday Treats "

Mr.Funk What Ya Heard stopped by my manz radio show ( Riff Raff-Global Underground ), to bless the airwaves with some Hip Hop heat...

This mix is all of the dome with no set playlist, what you will be hearing is a straight up live set....On the second half of the show " Riff " hops on the decks for a truly unique, sound excursion as well...

Good work fellas....


Sunday, November 29, 2009

" Top 50 AF1's "

Besides being a dope D.J., " Clark Kent " is known worldwide for being a AF1 aficionado....He linked up with Complex magazine to drop his top 50 AF1's of all time for all the kick fiends out there...

I was a little surprised by his #1 spot, but it's all preference I guess...


Saturday, November 28, 2009

" Future Classics & Past Rarities "

This mix by " D.J.Sav-One " rocks joints by Pharoahe Monch, Grap Luva, Illa J, Ed.O.G., Milano, etc...Good lookin " Sav " for sending this my way...

No playlist this time around duke...


Friday, November 27, 2009

What Is In Bam's Bag Of Goodies ?

The godfather recently took time out to drop jewels at Amoeba (SF)...You better recognize and realize !!!

(Cashis D & K-Swift, I see you lamping in the background,HAHA)..Peace Akhi.

" The End Of A Era "

After 35 years of holding down the fort for the Hip Hop nation, Technics will cease production of the 1200's & 1210s in February 2110...I guess it's time to stock up on extra pairs before the prices get out of control..