Thursday, April 30, 2009

" Prince Paul Mix "

In the Hip Hop world, many throw around the word legend or king to undeserving cats without a second thought...." Prince Paul " is a true legend in my book...Besides being a well rounded producer, engineer, etc...His skills on the turntables are no joke as well homeboy....

" Confession Of A Beat Junkie " showcases Paul's production chops and his blending talents...I was very suprised when I heard this....


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

" Blog Shots 15 : Brooklyn Editions "

My Zulu brother straight from Bucktown , " Sen One " has a blog that you should peep when you get the chance....He is a real creative cat that stay's on top of his Hip Hop...I see you " Sen ", thanks for checking the Battlefield on the regular my dude...Peace akhi, see you in San Diego...( Photo courtesy of Joe Conzo : YA HEARD ME )


" 2009 Power Moves "

When I interviewed " Paris " on my radio show back in 2001, it wasn't hard to tell that he is a brother that keep's it moving...While I was stuck on talking to him about his past accomplishments, it appeared that he was focused on the future, new technologies,
stocks and bonds, economics, and his website GUERILLA FUNK..( Which is very thorough by the way )

When it comes to west coast hardcore Hip Hop, " Paris " deserves his daps..And to this day he still represents that anti -establishment, intelligent, thought provoking, independent, protest theme music type shit...

This tour looks like it is going to kick up some dust....If they roll through your city you know what to do..

" A Few Good Laughs, Part 2 "

This clip is dedicated to all my conspiracy brothers out there.....I have been yelling this same exact shit for the longest, but nobody fuckin cares...Hip Hop Battlefield put's the stamp of approval on this one..Funny, sad, but ultimately TRUE..( You have to watch this )...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

" Durlin Lurt : Him Jenson "

After listening to this project I just had to shake my head in disbelief...This shit is just straight up and down crazy...Lo- Fi gutter beats, Jim Henson themes, distorted, bugged out illness..I slept on this when it first came out because the album cover didn't really catch my attention....

One of the songs that blew my head off was # 12, " Llamas "..." Selfish ", " Tone Liv ", and " Decay " slaughter this track...If your one of those cats really checkin for that next shit, look no further, this song is wild...

You don't want to snooze on this one homeboy...This is one of the strangest albums I have heard in quite sometime.....{ Shout out to my Chicago connection , " Selfish " for looking out }

1. AAAHH 1:24
2. Breathe 1:06
3. Crayonz 2:02
4. Danger 1:03
5. Eye 1:02
6. Falling 1:02
7. Gimme5 1:40
8. High 0:53
9. InOut-Here2Do 3:16
10. Junk 3:24
11. KO-GlassCutter 1:58
12. Llamas 2:06
13. Magic 2:42
14. Nice 0:57
15. OK 1:07
16. Peace 2:00
17. Quack_thegonzo 1:45
18. Rap 1:00
19. Subway 1:39
20. Trash 2:07
21. Understand 4:07
22. Vibrate 1:03
23. Wet 1:02
24. Xxercise 0:59
25. YoYo 2:11
26. Zowie 2:01


Monday, April 27, 2009

" Fly New Shit "

This cut by " M Dot " ( Featuring Singapore Kane and Trademark ) should make your ears perk up a little bit.." You Won't Get It " was produced by up and comer " Explizit One ".....Yeah, I'm feeling this joint...Two Thumbs up..


" Drasar Monumental On The Remix "

You know the phrase, once again " IT'S ON "....This week I'm going to bless ya'll with two remix versions...One version is more on the " SLAP EM UP " tip..And the other is a unorthodox, strange time signature, sunplash type of joint..You know what it is and you know how I do it....All samples, all gritty, no bullshit, no additives or preservatives...

The acapella I flipped for the remix is from " Inspector Deck " ( Rec Room )..When it comes to ill lyrics, natural flow, and mic control, " Deck " always comes through in the clutch...The best pound for pound lyricist in the " Clan " in my opinion....He has dropped some of the flyest rhymes in Hip Hop history...PERIOD...


" Blog Shots 14 : Dan Charnas Editions "

Besides being one of the first writers for the " Source ", Dan Charnas was VP " A N R " for Rick Rubin's " Def American " label....He was a key figure in helping bring " Chino XL " and " Kwest The Madd Ladd " into the spotlight...

Check out his blog that is full of quality write ups and interesting observations...( The Tony D piece is a good place to start ) 100


Sunday, April 26, 2009

" New Queens Shit "

I'm not quite sure if this " Blaq Poet And Noreaga " collabo will be on the " Blaqprint " album, but it's good to hear them rock together regardless.." The name of this cut is entitled , " Hate " and it's produced by " PPP Premier, D.J. PPPP Premier "...


" Mixtape Flavors "

What up you Hip Hop cyber freaks ? Monday is right around the corner and it's time to bless ya'll with some heat for your upcoming week....You know the motherfuckin drill homeboy...


" Skeff Anselm Interview "

" Oh Yeah, Skeff Anselm he get's props too Ha Ha "......Anybody out there remember those famous words from " Q-Tip " ?...Many are unaware of " SA's " musical contributions beyond engineering sessions for " ATCQ "..He has also worked with " Brand Nubian ", Diamond D ", " Black, Rock, and Ron, " Lord Finesse ", and recently crafted beats for " Mos Def " ..

" INQMND " rocked a interview with " Skeff " that covers a lot of ground...CHECK IN FOR YOURSELF

Thursday, April 23, 2009

" Hip Hop Battlefield Remix Files "

Before I get into the this I want to send a big shout out to all the cats that send me music....For real it is appreciated. The only problem is, the majority of the shit ya'll send me is straight butt cheeks...I don't want to hear what " Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch " sound like in 2009....One cat that sent me music started off with " Hi Draser "....Yo my dude, my name is " Drasar- Drop Kick You In The Lip- Monumental ".....Yo the shit is somewhat flattering that you feel I am worthy to review your music and all that, but you guys are killing me with all this 3 stooges rap shit.......

So here we go folks...I posted this remix back in the summer of 08...One of my best beats in my opinion...And by the way, when you come to " Hip Hop Battlefield " don't be afraid to dig around a little....Your boy has been posting for a minute, I'm quite sure you will find something so don't sleep...

Nas- " It Ain't Hard To Tell Remix.......POW,POW,POW,BLAMZZZ


" D.J. Revolution Plays The Breaks "

" Revolution " goes for the jugular with this breakbeat bombshell mix....Sure you have heard a couple of these cuts before, but the way " Rev " flips them is ridiculous...So quit stalling, you know the motherfuckin drill....


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

" Kris Parker Show "

Peep the " Blastmater " going in on the freestyle tip kid.....Looking forward to hearing his album on " Duck Down "...100

" Krown Rulers : Death Before Dishonor "

In 1996 Camden New Jersey's, " Krown Rulers " dropped a second album : " Death Before Dishonor ". Why they waited almost 10 years after " Paper Chase " to release another album is a mystery to me... Regardless, the sophmore jinx scenario didn't apply to " KR " because " Death Before Dishonor " rocked some heavy joints...

" Memories Of The Ruthless ", features " Grand Pubah " ( Now known as G-Law ) narrating tales of turf wars, shootouts, and revenge killings..You can tell by the way he spits his rhymes that he wasn't too far from the mix of action....This is straight up raw Hip Hop with no apologies...

" Some Street Shit " is just some all out, assault battle rap shit...It's the kind of song you play before slapping someone upside the head..Check it out...

Even though " Paper Chase " is my favorite of the two records, " DBD " packs more of a new age " STICK UP KID " punch..If anyone out there in cyber space knows the 411 on " Royal Rocker and Grand Puba/ G-Law " in 2009, hit me up...

P.S. If you are having problems locating the div share box, click on comments, then hop back over to the post.....Then magically the div share box will appear....I don't know what the fuck is going on with " DS ", but the problem will be solved soon I hope....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

" New Raekwon And A.Z. Collabo "

Raekwon has a mixtape that he will be dropping in may...Here is a little taste of what the "Chef " has been cooking up in his kitchen...The name of this cut is " Whips And Kicks " ....P.S. I know that is not A.Z. in the pic, but I had to rock it regardless..


" Beat Junkies Sound "

" Melo- D " is the ultimate when it comes to being a well rounded D.J. Trick mixing, doubles, cuts, blends...WHAT....Your boy can do it all live with no mistakes allowed...

This " Key Notes " mix is funky from beginning to end....Here is the playlist G...

01. DJ Babu - Bonus Beats
02. Asheru & Blue Black - Soul
03. Beat Junkies feat. LMNO - Sick Days (Remix)
04. Defari feat. Dilated Peoples - Behold My Life
05. De La Soul - Tryin' People
06. Dudley Perkins - Flowers
07. Kankick feat. Dr. Oop - The Finer Things
08. Kankick - Kanstrumental 7
09. Jay Dee - The Clapper
10. Major - Concrete Nigga
11. The Alchemist - Mama (Instrumental)
12. Beat Junkies feat. LMNO - Sick Days
13. Dilated Peoples - Live On Stage
14. De La Soul - Watch Out
15. Kankick feat. MED & Oh No - Live As It Gets
16. Scientist - Jacquline Dub
17. Scientist - In Your Eyes Dub
18. Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming To Diner
19. King Tubby - Braces Tower Dub
20. Barrinton Levy - Murderer
21. Augustus Pablo - Unfinished Melody
22. Daily Planet - We Like To Party (Instrumental)
23. Special Ed - Heds & Dred


" Milkcrate Jewels 14, M.F. 911 Version "

Hailing from the city of Detroit, " M.F. 911 " were the first cats to rock M.F. in their title ( Zev Love X didn't change his name to MF Doom until the mid to late 90's, MF 911's first album was in 1993 )...

And that first album, " Idol : The Bloodsport " features some very hardcore production from " Ced Gee "....For some reason or the other many are unaware of this crew, but " D.J. Muro " rocked " Get Open " on his throwback mix with " K - Prince " a couple years back which has sparked a newfound interest in the group....

By 1993 standards " M.F. 911 " were a little ahead of curve......Find out for yourself..
( Product 19 )

( Get Open )

Saturday, April 18, 2009

" You Know The Motherfuckin Rules "

" Smooth " is the best word to describe this " Truly Odd " production." The Rules " features rhymes from " Strong Arm Steady Gang " affiliate, " Krondon "...It was released in 1998 on the Heavyweight label and the single received a descent amount of burn on mixtapes, college radio shows, etc.....

If your looking for the perfect beat to help kick off your spring time shenanigans, look no further you have just found your theme music....

" Killer Ben A.K.A. Ben Buford "

" Ben Buford " is one of the nastiest m.c' s on the west side of things....The first joint I heard from him was the " Exercise / Hitman 4 Hire " 12 inch which features menacing production from L.A's own , " Truly Odd "...As far as west coast hardcore Hip Hop goes, this was a criminally slept on release....( Gun clap rap at it's dirtiest )

In 2003 they clicked up again for " Emcee Killer " , it's the type of joint that makes the perpetrators hit the panic button....You can hear it on " D.J. Chorizo Funk's " mixtape.. ( Which is very flavorful ).....Here is the playlist..

1. Krs One - Get Yourself Up
2. Sean Price - Boom Bye Yeah
3. Ben Buford And Truly Odd feat. J Rocc - Emcee Killer
4. Krondon - Feels Good
5. King Syze ft. Esoteric & Vinnie Paz - Blitz Inc
6. Boom Bap Project ft. Gift of Gab - Wyle Out (DJ Chorizo Funk Remix)
7. The Perceptionists - Show Starters
8. Ed O.G. - Shed a Tear
9. Mos Def - Beef (DJ Chorizo Funk Remix)
10. Son God Suns ft. Jean Grae - Big Beat Walk Through (DJ Chorizo Funk Remix)
11. 2 for 5 - What's Ya Naim?!
12. Krumb Snatcha - Here We Go (DJ Chorizo Funk Remix)
13. Cella Dwellas - Hold U Down
14. 2 for 5 - Thaw Foundation
15. DJ JS One ft. O.C. - Beyond
16. Ali Shaheed Muhammad ft. Chip Fu - Lord Can I This Mercy
17. Ace Lover ft. Lil Sci, A.L., Pumpkinhead, Vast Aire, Wordsworth, Yeshua da PoED - Lucky 7
18. C Rayz Walz - R'Thentic (DJ Chorizo Funk Remix)


" Killer Ben " is now rolling with " Gold Chain Music " ( Planet Asia, Turbin, Tri-State, etc )...They recently dropped a mixtape entitled " Post War "...CHECK IN G

Friday, April 17, 2009

" Hip Hop Battlefield Remix Shit "

Drasar Monumental on the remix tip once again , JACK....I decided to construct a beat with no hi hats....Every time I hit up my sampler, I try my hardest to do something I haven't done before....

This beat features psycho chops.....If you really listen closely you will hear all types of science going on.....Bass manipulation, odd arrangements, and a haunting breakdown makes this joint a keeper..The lyrics come courtesy of , " Mission / Crown City Rockers"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

" Another Win For The Green Llamas "

The " Green Llama " crew consist of my manz " Selfish " , " Vincent Price " , " Tone Liv " , " Dibiase " , " Butter Verses ", " Decay " , and the very dope producer " Fluent "....If your sleeping on these cats, you need to get your mind right...

As a matter of fact the " Uncut Raw " album ( Selfish And Fluent ) put out last year, is one of the best releases of 08.....It's a crying shame more people didn't take notice because it truly deserves more recognition....Regardless, the " Llamas " are keeping it moving for the 2009 ....Check out this instrumental project " Fluent " just dropped ( All Natural : Music De Llama )......YOU BETTER CHECK IN JACK....


" KEP : Rest In Power "

Chi Town graff legend, " KEP " recently passed away......As a member of " X Men / Hash Crew ", he was a key figure in helping destroy the city of Chicago heavy from 86-96....My condolences go out to all of his friends and family....If your in the Chicago area on April 18, you need to be at this event ......

( KEP and Cope 2 )


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

" D.J. Revolution Jump Off "

" Revolution " did his thing on this project....The interludes and segues are funny as hell, and give the album more depth...." Malcolm And Martin " bring some flavor to the table with well thought out concepts and clever approaches....I recommend listening to this in it's entirety for maximum effect....CHECK IN...

1. (00:03:55) What The Hell Happened to you?
2. (00:00:27) A New Day-Skull Snaps
3. (00:02:30) Status Quo-Saul Williams on the wake up show
4. (00:00:35) Rock Bed-J. Trombey
5. (00:00:34) Its my thing-James Coffey
6. (00:01:46) Do Your thing-Malcolm & Martin
7. (00:00:39) Hihache-Lafayette Afro Rock Band
8. (00:01:25) Do What you Gotta dp-Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. limited
9. (00:03:21) Welcome to the Movement-Malcolm & MArtin
10. (00:04:12) Lunchtyme Cyphers-Malcolm & Martin
11. (00:00:33) Making Tracks-Night Train
12. (00:01:14) Sample Culture-Saul Williams on the wake up show
13. (00:00:18) Talking loud-James Brown
14. (00:02:03) Sayin’Nothing-Malcolm & MArtin
15. (00:01:02) Hollywood Swingin’-Kool & The Gang
16. (00:02:00) Jungle Boogie-Kool & The Gang
17. (00:01:07) Let the Drums Speak-Fat Back Band
18. (00:02:36) Word to the Drum-Malcolm & MArtin
19. (00:01:17) Mind Power-James Brown
20. (00:01:07) Funk for the Folks-The Soul Searchers
21. (00:00:43) Melting Pot-Booker T & The MG’s
22. (00:05:53) Another Victory-Malcolm & MArtin
23. (00:00:31) Make my Funk-Parliment Funkadelic
24. (00:00:48) Feel the Funk-Ceasar Frazier
25. (00:03:31) The Ka$H-Malcolm & MArtin
26. (00:01:02) Misleading Words-Saul Williams on the wake up show
27. (00:01:32) Against the Wall-Malcolm & MArtin
28. (00:03:23) Great Nation-Bambu
29. (00:00:38) Kissed my baby-The Meters
30. (00:03:04) Time Machine-Styliztik Jones/Randy Pie
31. (00:02:18) Win or Lose-Malcolm & Martin
32. (00:01:19) Ghetto funk-Duralcha
33. (00:01:27) Sista Big Butt-Malcolm & Martin
34. (00:00:46) Gotta be Funky-Monk Higgins
35. (00:00:54) Hung Up-Salt


" Brand New Heat On Deck "

It looks like " Stu Bangas and Vanderslice " are going to get 2009 kicked off with a BANG BANG...These cats are bringing that hardcore shit back to the forefront....This is one of the best releases I have heard from a unknown production duo in quite some time.....Be on the lookout for their upcoming release " Crime Hour " due out in the 4th quarter of 09, featuring " Roc Marciano ", " Big Noyd ", " Un Pacino ", " Sean Price ", " Twin Gambino " " Blaq Poet ", etc....

Here is the playlist G...

01.) Intro
02.) Reef the Lost Cauze, Verbal Tec, & Lex Starwind - Charles Bronson
03.) Slaine - Freestyle
04.) Heltah Skeltah - Ruck & Roll
05.) Chief Kamachi - Street Pharoahs
06.) Blaq Poet, Jaysaun, & Termanology - King of the Jungle
07.) Stu Bangas & Spit Supreme - Pay Dues (Interlude)
08.) Punchline, Fokis, & Sha Stimuli - The Crime Hour
09.) Lex Starwind & Murdock - Foul Weather
10.) King Magnetic Exclusive
11.) Hell Razah & Shabazz The Discple - Jail Saga
12.) Nature & Equinox - Last Day
13.) Sean Price, Murdock, & Lex Starwind - Iron Mic
14.) Vinnie Paz, Reef The Lost Cauze, & Doap Nixon - Wait is Over
15.) Planet Asia Exclusive
16.) Vinnie Paz & Jus Allah - Blue Steel
17.) Vanderslice interlude
18.) Reef the Lost Cauze Exclusive
19.) Murda Mook & Armageddon - Deadringer Alternate


" Term On The Set "

Damn, your peoples " Termanology " sounds kinda pepped up on this burner ( Smell Like Money )....With every release " Term " is getting iller and nastier with his patterns....Two thumbs up ( don't snooze holmes )


" New Shit "

Serious Jones is back on the set with another joint ( Ain't It True )...On this cut he addresses all imposters, posers, and perpetrators...It is obvious " SJ " doesn't have to write battle rhymes to get his point across...." DTP " made a mistake by dropping this cat...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

" Blog Shots 13: Above The Law Editions "

You can't talk about " G- Funk " without mentioning " Above The Law "....Some might even go as far as claiming " Dr. Dre " bit a lot of his production concepts from " ATL "...( listen to " Black Mafia Life " again and you might come to the same conclusion )..

Regardless, " ATL " should get more credit for being true west coast pioneers..Their first three albums were loaded with big beats, ill scratch compositions and unique slang...They were the first cats I ever heard use the word " BALLING " or the less frequently used, " RANCHING " HAHA...

I recently came across a blog that pays homage to nothing but that west coast flavor.....FUCK THA POLICE BLOGSPOT is just ridiculous....Instead of covering the average west coast joints, they take it a couple steps further and unveil some real live gems...." Toddy T ", " Mix Master Spade ", " Arabian Prince ", " Mr. X. Mr Z ", the list goes on and on....Believe me when I tell you, no fuckin games are being played so be prepared for a heavy dose of that Cali heat.....

And just to let you know how they get down over there, here is a download of " Black Mafia Life " sample sources that they compiled in December of 08....( HEAVY )


" Special Ed Spotlight "

This time around " D- Nice " puts the camera lens on the legendary " Special Ed "......B.K. stand up...

True Hip-Hop Stories: Special Ed from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Monday, April 13, 2009

" Camu Tao: Still Shining "

When it comes to my favorite " Camu " joints, it's either " Hold The Floor " or " Hear Me Talking To You ".....Both songs sound so completely different....One is a crazy, battle rap, killing spree type of joint, and the other is a non stop, skeezer clowning session.
I wish " Camu " had more time to develope his off-kilter style of rhyming because he was kinda ill with it....Unfortunately he passed away last year at the young age of 30....

" Hear Me Talking To You " was produced by the mysterious " L. Yakima "....I say mysterious because this is one of the only productions I was able to track down from him, and this beat is just straight up strange....It rocks a off- beat, stop and go unorthodox approach that is very unpredictable and unique....( two thumbs up )....R.I.P. Camu, your music still lives on.....

" Stoupe + M.O.P. = Flavor "

I have been hearing a lot about the " Premier " and " M.O.P. " album that is supposed to be going down...But this joint ( Transition Of Power ) produced by " Stoupe " is starting to grow on me....Maybe they should get back in the lab together when the " Preem " album is done....

" King Of Digging Mix "

Lord Finesse and D.J. Muro recently collaborated for this " King Of Digging " mixtape...It was only released in Japan, so here is your chance to get in on the action....They truly run the gamut on this one, so you don't want to snooze homeboy....You better CHECK IN....


Sunday, April 12, 2009

" In The City Of Wind "

This is the third installment in the " Chi- Space " mixtape series by " Nobley Nobe ".....It features a line up of all Chi Town heads...Good to see " Akbar " back in the motherfuckin mix...Here is the playlist kid....

Visual- The Planet
Psalmone ft Casual- Bitin n Freakin
Kwel- Heliocentric
1993- Empty Room
Pugz Atoms- Saturday
Scheme- The Flyest
Mick Luter- How we raised
Adad- Good
Family Jewels- Kings of rock
Nico B- Good Luck
Abu Chi-Put it down
Gemini- Ben Frank
Akbar- Good Food
Matlock Ft Wes Restless- Runaround


Saturday, April 11, 2009

" Fahrenheit 916 "

It looks like it's going to be poppin in the " Capital City " tonight....R.I.P. " D.J. PRZM "....

" Dancehall Crashers : 415 Editions "

If your in the " Sucker Free " ( S.F. ) tonight, make sure you CHECK IN.....I have a funny feeling " Tribe Of Kings " is going to take the crown this year...Big up top my dude " DazeRock " ...

Friday, April 10, 2009

" Ten Hip Hop Facts You Might Not Know, Part 3 "

1.." M.C. Ren's " real name is Lorenzo Patterson.....

2..Many west coast heads will remember the name, " Laquan " from his hit " Now Is the B -Turn ".....It was a song about black awareness and empowerment....But it is a fact that he returned a few years later as " Poppa L.Q. ", with a newfound crack kingpin , mack daddy persona....Wow....Major shout out to my dude " Rashad " for doing the knowledge....( Happy Birthday too cousin )

Now check out " Laquan " as " Poppa L.Q. "......God damn....

3..N.W.A' s " D.J. Yella " is now directing porno movies...PEEP 4 YOURSELF

4..Toronto M.C. legend, " Maestro Fresh Wes " is the first Canadian rapper to have a top 40 hit in the U.S. ( Let Your Backbone Slide )...And if that wasn't enough, " Wes " is the title holder for the best- selling Canadian hip hop single of all time....

5..It's a actual fact " Charles Hamilton " stole a beat from " Black Spade " ( Shining ) , and had the nerve to front and lie about it to the public...But wait it get's worse, your boy " C Hamz " even tried to cover up his shenanigans with more lies and smoking mirrors after getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar.....HAHAHA....CHECK OUT THIS STORY 4 YOURSELF

6..Run- D.M.C. were recently inducted into the " Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame "...Only the second Hip Hop act to ever do so..( with Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five being the first )...R.I.P. " Jam Master J ", you are not forgotten...

7..Big Hutch or Cold 187 em from " Above The Law ", was released from prison last year after serving time for a conspiracy charge...Be on the lookout for upcoming music from the crew....PEEP

8..The sample source for " Master Ace's " hit " Born To Roll ", is from the Long Island crew " Original Concept " ( Knowlege Me )

9..Even though " Ice T ' s new wife " Co- Co " is beautiful in her own right,
it's Darlene " The Syndicate Queen " ( his first wife ) who get's the two thumbs up from me...She is still gorgeous in her 40's, and that's a motherfuckin fact JACK.....

10....Don't try any slick shit with " Drasar Monumental " when it comes to this Hip Hop shit, because I stay on my square 24/7--365, homeboy....Peace to all those Hip Hop factology cats out there that keep their studies up...100

" You Better Check In "

You know what it is, and how he get's it in...No games are being played on this mixtape, so do the right thing and get your I -Pods ready for one half of the " Bum Rush Brothers "......The funky president " J Roccccccc ".....


" Mixtape Fridays "

" D.J. Muro " or Takayoshi Murota ( his real name ) got his start in 1987 as a member of of the " Krush Posse ", which consisted of " Microphone Pager, D.j. Krush, Twigy, etc....

He has become a household name when it comes to rare, funky, and creative mixtapes...This " Blue Note " mix by " Muro ", should help you get your weekend started off on the right foot....2 Thumbs up..


Thursday, April 9, 2009

" Small Business vs. The Recession "

" Babylon Burning " in S.F. is closing it's doors after a 2 year run...Damn, the recession is really shaking things up everywhere...Head down there and cop some ill books while you still have the chance cousin...Salute to " Babylon Burning " for holding me down with that critical information...You will be missed....100

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

" Milkcrate Jewels 13, Mobstyle Version "

The original " A.Z. " or ' Azie " ( street legend that was portrayed in the movie Paid In Full ) also repped on the mic device with the Harlem hardrock outfit " Mobstyle " in the late 80's and early 90's...In 1992 they released the album " Game Of Death " which is full of dramatic, gun slinger, boulevard maniac rap...And by all accounts it appears as if " Mobstyle " were really terrorizing dudes on the avenue...

The song that I am posting today ( Kidnapped ), is the kind of joint you play in the whip while driving around mean mugging sucker D.J.'s....Mobstyle is still doing damage in the 21st century....Be on the lookout for upcoming releases...

" Fort Apache Mixtape "

Camp Lo's " Stone And Rob " mixtape had it's moments....But the " Fort Apache " mixtape ( produced entirely by Ski ) has a more cohesive feel...It's no " Uptown Saturday Night ", but " Sonny Cheeba " and " Geechie Suede " still bless this mixtape with that flashback rap...

" HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD'S TOP PICKS "---( Bed Rock, 82 Afros, Material )


" DJ Supreme: Spring Soul 45 Set "

On March 11 2009, Dj Supreme was a invited guest on KEXP 90.3..For over 2 hours " Supreme " spins nothing but soul 45's...He " GOES IN " kinda crazy on this joint so you don't want to sleep....


" If Your In The Seattle Area "

Shout out to all the 206 Z's...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

" Remix Tuesday's "

It's remix time folks....The wait is over....For this weeks remix we have a Prodigy flip " Keep It Thoro ", and a Xzibit joint as well " Eyes May Shine ".....Quit wasting time famz, and scoop these up while you have the chance. ( Flipped, baked, roasted, blessed by Drasar Monumental )...............Major shout out to my dude " Sha Onerz "

" Mad Planet On The Mix "

Mr Funk What Ya Heard is back on the set with another critical mix for all you cyber beat freaks...And yes he is flipping this all off the dome to give it that " Live As Fuck " feel ( you know how we do )....So CHECK IN, he most definitely does his thing on this 45 minute jump off....100.....Here is the playlist.

Intr0 -Produced by Dj Fooders
John Robinson - Black Gold
P-Brothers Feat Boss Money-New Religion
Doom-Rap Ambush
M1 Platoon-My Speakers
Milano-Late Night
Lil Dap-World Peace
Slaughter House Wack M.C's
Sha Stimuli-9-5
Crooklyn Dodgers-Crooklyn
Termanology-Tight Pants Are For Girls
Camp Lo-Sky High
Havoc-Cant Get Touched


Monday, April 6, 2009

" Wax Weaponz 20, Tony D Tribute Version "

After Tony D's wife dropped me a line ( Peep the last comment section ) I decided to stop wasting time and dig in my crates to put a " TD " mix together....Since " Wax Weaponz " is only 30 minutes long I had to keep it short and flavorful....But you will hear a true diverse representation of " TD " selections...

This is all wax...No Serato, No editing tricks, No additives or preservatives....Just a one - take mix session, done by none other than ," Mr. DRASAR MONUMENTAL "...In upcoming months I plan on seeing a bunch of " TD " flag wavers coming out of the wood work...That's all fine and dandy, but have these same cats went out and bought his records ?....Did they support his movement from then to now ?

The bottom line is that " TD 's " music will never be forgotten.... My condolences go out to his friends and family. May he rest In peace....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

" Rest In Peace Tony D "

By now you have probably heard about " Tony D's " untimely passing...At just 42 years of age, " Tony " leaves behind a extensive catalogue packed with banging beats and that New Jeru grittiness....A true pioneer in many aspects, " Tony's " fusion of Hip Hop and dancehall ( PRT, Almighty and K.D.Ranks, Blvd Mossie ) demonstrated how ahead of the curve he was...

Much respect goes out to you and your entire family...R.I.P.

Here is one of my favorite " TD " productions ( Scott Lark : Natural Bliss )..*Check for the " TD " mix I just did today *

The Trentonian newspaper just wrote a article about " TD "...PEEP