Friday, May 29, 2009

" Drasar Monumental On The Remix "

A couple years back I put together a Mobb Deep remix project..I was thinking about posting it up in it's entirety but I don't know if you guys are ready for that yet..( Ha Ha )..

" Killaz Theme 2 " is actually a Cormega joint that features the Mobb...Prodigy sets shit off with angry lines like..

" Peace to our way of life, hat's off to all the trife / let's toast to fully- autos and foot long knives "...( Ouch ..)

Havoc get's a little greasy with his lines, for example " Q.B.C. representative I'm just trying to live / if I can't get to you, I'm gonna take it to your kids " ... ( Take that )

So it was only right that I put together some menacing production to match such violent imagery...Here you go, another healthy dose of motherfuckin drama...

Shout to my dude Mando who deserves co-production credit ...( Get at me fool, we made this back in 05, it's time to get our GRIZZLY up )...100


" Havoc Speaks "

Check out what " Hollywood Hav " has to say regarding sampling, microwave Hip Hop producers, and the late great J Dilla..Props to CK...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

" Tony Toca Rocks The Breaks "

It's Tony Touch on the motherfuckin Wheels Of Steel...

Time to get your mind right duke , you better scoop this one up with a quickness..


" Milkcrate Jewels 18 "

This gem of a single was recorded in the infamous 1212 Studios where Paul C used to GET IT IN...
360 Pelon m.c.'s " Lord Destiny " and " M.C. Ses " bring unique 5%er flavors to the table ( especially by 1988 standards )..

Due to the demand of this highly sought after record, " Years To Build " re-issues popped up earlier this year..

Produced by Harvey Jr. with drum programming by the legendary Paul C..


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

" Golden State Warriors "

Throw those dubs up...YAYAAAAY..

Don't snooze..

" And The Beat Goes On "

I'm going to take you back to 2006 with this piece of heatery from the " Mixtape Show Dot Net " files...

Beat Tape Volume 2 takes you on a musical journey with some of todays illest beatsmith's...R.Z.A., Fat Jon, Kenny Keys, Exile, Dilla, EarMint, Count Bass D, Mumbes, etc...

You know what it is, and you know what to do....100


" More Beat Tape Madness "

Here we go again ya'll..More head banging beats are on deck..

This production ( Albino Egg ) was executed by Edinburgh's own, Akira Kiteshi...If I had to use one word to describe his style of music it would have to be, " BUGGED ".

It sounds like a soundtrack to a extremely drugged up experience...CHECK IN..

* Taken from the Skills Universal Beat Tape..


Monday, May 25, 2009

" Camu Tao Tribute Mix "

I cant believe it has been a year since " Camu " passed away..( Time flies that's for sure )..Where are all the unreleased tracks? How come we haven't been blessed with access to the hidden gems in the vaults ? Hopefully in the near future we can hear more of his music..

Thankfully " D.J. Drastic " put together this mix of " Camu " joints to hold us over...You dont want to miss out on this one..


1. camu tao - you hear me talking to you (2001)
2. camu tao - wireless (2001)
3. camu tao - plot for-a-little (2007)
4. cage ft. el-p aesop rock tame one & yak ballz - left it to us (prod camu tao) (2005)
5. weathermen - gut you (2003)
6. copywrite ft. camu tao & form one-three poisonous darts (2003)
7. vast aire ft. masai bey camu tao, el-p and copywrite-same as it never was (2001)
8. el-p ft camu tao-jukie skate rock (2004)
9. yak ballz ft camu tao- mic fight
10. mhz- magnetics (1999)
11. sa smash-devil in the hole (2004)
12. camu tao & dj przm-hold the floor (2001)
13. el-p & camu tao-wmr (2004)
14. prefuse 73 feat camu tao-now you're leaving (2005)
15. tame 1, copywrite, j-zone, cage, mr. eon, skillz & camu tao - eastern conference all stars (2001)
16. copywrite-ft camu tao tage proto-three words (2002)
17. slow suicide stimulus ft camu tao- cutty sharks (2006)
18. vast aire featuring camu tao & copywrite-watch your mouth (2003)
19. cage and camu-night hawks (2002)
20. blockhead feat aesop rock & camu tao - jet son (2004)


" Mr Thing : Portable Anorak Mixtape Series "

Former " Scratch Pervert " and the D.M.C. 2000 scratch champion , Mr. Thing has been GETTING IT IN lately..

Do yourself a favor and swoop up this " Portable Anorak " mixtape PRONTO JACK..It's full of great music and critical selections..



" Alchemist Tour Dates Kid "

Your boy " Alchemist " is going to be hitting the tour circuit this summer..CHECK IN FOOL..

# Chicago - Saturday June 27th First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
# Detroit- Sunday June 28th DTE Energy Music Theatre
# Toronto- Sunday July 5th Molson Amphitheatre
# Washington DC - Sunday July 12th Merriweather Post Pavilion
# Boston- Saturday July 18th Comcast Center
# New York -Sunday July 19th Jones Beach Amphitheatre
# Vancouver- Saturday August 1st Deer Lake Park
# Denver- Thursday August 6th Red Rocks Amphitheatre
# Los Angeles - Saturday August 8th San Manuel Amphitheatre
# San Francisco- Sunday August 9th Shoreline Amphitheatre

Be on the lookout for his new album dropping June 16th...

" Ricci Rucker Interview "

Ricci Rucker is one of the illest motherfuckers walking the planet..PERIOD...When it comes to cuts he is on some Mr. Miyagi, next level, black belt status shit..

When I saw him live in 2001, it made me go back to the lab and try to get my scratches more on point...That was years ago, and most d.j's are still trying to play catch up ( good luck )...For some reason little is known about Ricci...He has travelled the world with some of the illest d.j.'s, produced beats for Ghostface ( Milk Em Remix ), started his own label, and wrecked stages from coast to coast...Yet, he is shrouded in mystery somewhat...

Check out this interview Hip Hop Core conducted with Ricci awhile back...You just might learn something...100


" Beat Tape Shit: Bluntmosphere Edition "

Just checked out a new beat tape by up and coming producer, " Bluntmosphere "..Not bad, not bad at all..

Nothing too groundbreaking, but worthy of a descent listen nevertheless..Not quite sure what the 411 is on this dude, I have no idea where he resides, what type of equipment he uses, or affiliations. All I know is that some of the beats on here are very flavorful..Crisp drums, downtempo vibes, and well though out arrangements..

So get your Monday started off correctly with a fresh batch of beats courtesy of " Bluntmosphere " ( Semester Breaks Vol.3 )


Saturday, May 23, 2009

" Doo Wop On The Decks 1992 "

It's one half of the " Diaz Brothers "...Mr. Doo Wop.

I never knew that he took a couple shots at " Kid Capri ", until I peeped this mix a few days ago..Check the intro of this mixtape to hear the full low down..


You can catch Doo Wop spinning for Guru these days..Make sure you go support when they come to your city this summer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

" Preemo Speaks "

Listen up all you Sucker D.J.'s..." P " has a couple words for you...He He Haa..

DJ Premier Speaks On Real DJs from Jerry Barrow on Vimeo.

And while your at it, peep this Paul Rosenberg interview with " Pete Rock ", " 9th Wonder " and your boy " Preem "...Dope

Thursday, May 21, 2009

" Straight From The D "

I was suprised after I checked out this beat tape by " Pig Pen " ( Best Of 2008 )..From what I understand he hasn't been making beats for that long and he is a member of the Waste Management crew..

This mixtape got a thousand hits in it's first week which is outstanding for a up and coming producer.So quit sleeping and swoop up this joint..


" Drugs Outside Remix: Featuring Black Milk "

Oddisee recently dropped a stellar remix of " Drugs Outside " with Black Milk and Big Pooh...The original was fresh already, but this remix is just ridiculous..When was the last time you heard cut up scratch sentences for a chorus ?..( Too long no doubt ).

Turn the volume up to ten and get ready for that goodness..


" New Raekwon Mixtape "

The anticipation for Cuban Linx 2 is at a all time high right now...This is Chef's golden opportunity to really splash the scene up once again.If he can get some quality beats on this project, it looks like he will be heating shit up this summer..

Here is a little something to hold you over until the bomb drops...Peep the playlist.

01 Intro
02.Staten (We Go hard)
03 Trenchmen (produced by BT)
04 Pop champagne freestyle
05 Criminology 09 (produced by BT)
06 Yessir ft. Crooked I & Ghostface Killah
07 Wu Ooh
08 Stick up Muzik
09 Blood Missiles ft. AZ (produced by Bluerocks)
10 History
11 Very Well skit
12 White Lines
13 State Shoutout
14 Superfly Skit
15 Real Talk (produced by Breakfast club) (Exclusive)
16 Once in a Lifetime ft. Mika (produced by Breakfast Club)
17 Resolution (produced by Breakfast Club) (Exclusive)
18 Watch How U Talk 2 Me
19 Spook That Sat By The Door (Exclusive)
20 Rae’s letter to B.I.G
21 Where’s the Money skit
22 Flawless produced by BT (Exclusive)
23 The Setup (produced by BT) (Exclusive)
24 Attention skit
25 Heat Rocks (produced by BT)
26 Rotate freestyle
27 Renaissance Rap
28 Get It In freestyle
29 Guerilla Rap (produced by Breakfast Club) (Exclusive)
30 Realer ft. Maino
31 Give It To Me Remix ft. Raekwon & Busta Rhymes
32 Words From The Chef (Outro)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

" Blog Shots 16 "

" John Wayne couldn't even stand the reign of the tec "...Word up brother I hear ya...

You can check " Sadat X " on Conspiracy Radio alongside " Tash ", " Planet Asia ", and " Phil Da Agony"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

" West Coast Stand The Fuck Up "

Here is your golden opportunity to check the " Likwit Crew General ", King T on the Soul Assassins radio show..Props to SA for keeping it fresh..


" Remix Arsenal "

My sampler has taken a severe beating lately..For real famz, so much work is getting put in, that sometimes it feels like a brother is getting a slight case of Carpet Tunnel Syndrome...I know, that was a little corny but I think you get the picture..

This week I flip a " Mic Geronimo " accapella ( Life Check ).I thought the original version was fine and dandy, matter of fact "MG's" first album had a couple heavy joints on it.." Shit Is Real " used to get a lot a burn on MTV Raps, Rap City, etc...

So check out how I wreck shit and get down for mine...Heavy drums, maniac chops, and a healthy dose of motherfuckin BASS.


And just to show my appreciation to the cats that slide through on the regular, here is a freshly baked beat by yours truly.


" Town Bizness "

Oakland is the perfect place to pay homage to the late great Malcolm X....If your in the area, make sure you come out and join in on the festivities..

You can catch me and Mr Funk What Ya Heard at the Zulu Nation booth ( YA HEARD ME )...Major shout out to Refa One, Kufu and the rest of Waset...Peace.

Monday, May 18, 2009

" 4 All The Wu- Headz : Part 2 "

Straight from Harlem USA comes Wu- Tang Clan's next generation " Moeroc ".He just dropped a new project entitled " Not The Average Joe " that takes a couple shots at guess who,( that dude Joe Buddens haha )..Take a listen for yourself and see what's poppin.

Hip Hop Battlefield Top Picks--32 Bars Of Respect, Movin The World, and Meet Me In The Zone....

Here Is the playlist..

01 - Destined 2 Shine [Produced by: Statik Selektah]
02 - 32 Bars Of Respect [Produced by: The RZA]
03 - Take My Turn [Produced by: Devin The Dude]
04 - Movin The World [Produced by: Show & E Blaze]
05 - The R.O.C. [Produced by: Diggz]
06 - Yellow Jackets (Feat. Ace) [Produced by: The RZA]
07 - Meet Me In The Zone [Produced by: 9th Wonder]


" Nuff Respect Due "

The first time I went to " Project Blowed " it wasn't even called " Project Blowed " yet, it was known as the " Good Life " cafe back then...Even after the doors closed, fools would cipher up 100- 150 deep in the parking lot...You could catch " Volume 10 " out there.." Pharcyde ", " Acey " , " Cut Chemist " and all types of cats screaming ill, fast, off the dome type of rhymes..

If you couldn't freestyle back then you would get fucking clowned. Your boy "Fat Joe" even got booed off the stage when he tried to roll up in there with some " One two buckle my shoe " type of rhymes ( Anybody out there remember that shit ).You had to be quick witted, stylish, and explosive or you were going to get victimized.

Things have changed over the years but that initial " Good Life " vibe can still be found at " Project Blowed "...If your interested in getting a more in- depth glimpse into this West Coast Hip Hop institution, you can cop the book HERE

" Beat Junkie Sound "

When your crew members are Babu, J- Rocc, etc, it must be a task getting the shines you deserve, but D.J. Curse has managed to do his thing regardless..Besides holding it down on L.A. radio for quite sometime, he is a West Coast D.M.C. finalist, ITF USA Champion, and Curse is also featured in the award-winning movie " Scratch "...

I'm going to take you back to 1999 with this joint." Mixing Jamboree " is a different type of mixtape that still sounds unique ten years later...Enjoy..


Sunday, May 17, 2009

" Easy Like Sunday Morning "

Rock Steady Crew D.J. " D.V. One " is back to burn with his latest mixtape...You know how " D " does it, nothing but soul power from front to back ya dig...

What makes this project interesting is that he plays nothing but covers...You will hear some very Ill renditions of your favorite tunes...Here is the playlist..Enjoy..

Is It Because I'm Black-- Senor Soul
Red Clay --Jack Wilkins
Its Your Thing-- Cold Grits
People Make The World Go Round-- Hortense Ellis
Aint No Sunshine-- Horace Andy
How Come u Don't Call Me-- Prince
I Wanna Be Where u Are-- Thelma Houston
O-o-h Child-- The Five Stairsteps
Sing A Simple Song-- He 6
Light My Fire Shirley Bassey my fire Erma Franklin
You Got What I Need-- Freddie Scott
Black Cow-- Norman Connors
Sister Sanctified-- Weldon Irvine
Hung Up On My Baby-- El Michaels Affair
The Look Of Love-- The Meters
Kissing My Love-- Cold Blood
Home Is Where The Hatred Is-- Esther Phillips
Big Payback-- Invaders
Groove Me-- Leroy Sibbles
Hot Pants-- Norma & The Heartaches
I Wish-- Travis Biggs
Papa Was A Rolling Stone-- The Undisputed Truth
Melting Pot-- Underground Vegetables


Friday, May 15, 2009

" New House Shoes Podcast "

Check out " House Shoes " on Beat Junkie Radio episode 12...You will hear some Dilla exclusives, 14 KT, and special remixes that I know for a fact you haven't heard before...



" Boogie Blind : Live From The P.J.'s "

Damn..The weekend is here already and Summer is right around the corner... So it's only right that I hit you off with a scorcher of a mixtape famz...

" Live From The P.J.s' " is a true heavy hitter...Boogie Blind comes out swinging from the gate, and he doesn't let up for the entire mix...Blends, doubles, fast cuts, and all that other fly shit...

Make sure you start off your weekend correctly and swoop this one up...


" Get Your Stash Up "

On May 17th 33 Third will be hosting the Ironlak Team U.S.A. live art exibition..
The featured artist are Pose, Ewok, Slow, Kopye, Jaes, Enue and Augor...

You will be able top cop Ironlak cans at the price of $3.99 during the event..

Ironlak is Australia’s first and preferred aerosol paint manufactured purely for an art-based audience. With affordability, quality and value for money in mind, it has grown from conception to reality and is now the market leader.In 2008 Ironlak expanded into the USA and Europe and is quickly becoming the preferred paint in the USA.......( Shout out to FH )

May 17th, 12pm - 6pm
5111 West Pico Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Thursday, May 14, 2009

" Mash Em Out "

Take a close look at how M.O.P. gets down for their crown...Yeah we like it raw ( No Question )...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

" Phat Kat On Deck "

I didn't really start checkin for " Phat Kat " until I heard " Don't Nobody Care About Us "...Something about that song had me in a trance for quite sometime..That beat is one of " Dilla's " best ( In my opinion ), it's very simple and minimal, but very complex and dense at the same time...

And as far as " Phat Kat " on the mic, the best word to describe his style is aggressive..He stands out in this day and age because most mc's I hear in 2009 sound like sensitive, whispering fruitcakes...It's not very often that you hear hungry, convincing cats anymore...

D.J. Design put together a mix of all " PK " material awhile back and the results are very flavorful....You know what to do cousin..


" Cooking Up With The Chef "

It looks like the " Chef " can actually cook up more things than the obvious..Peep how Raekwon gets his Chef Ramsey on and blesses us with his culinary prowess..Cuban Linx 2 dropping soon ( I hope )..

" D.J. Dez On The Mix "

This mixtape by D.J. Dez ( Rock On Baby ) features 33 cuts honoring the " D " with " Guilty Simpson ", " Black Milk ", " J Dilla ", " Phat Cat ", " Phat Ray ", and a host of others...

YOU BETTER CHECK IN..Here is the playlist..

1 – Somebody Done Fucked Up Feat.Method man
2 – One Day I’ll Be Gone Feat. Guilty Simpson
3 – Take Control Feat.Black Milk
4 – Get Richies Feat. Guilty Simpson
5 – Nasty Anit It Feat. Phat Kat
6 – Act Like U Known (Remix)
7 – Pretty Baby Feat.Buff 1
8 – Dillagence Feat.Phonte
9 – Won’t You Feat JDila
10 – Last Of The Greats Feat. Percee P
11 – Look Out Feat. Black
12 – Geek Down Feat.JDilla
13 – Serious As Your Life Is Feat. JDilla/Guilty Simpson
14 – I Miss That Bitch Feat. Snoop Dogg
15 – American Gangster Feat . Jay-Z
16 – Welcome To Terroer Dome Feat.Pharoahe Monchg
17 – Y’All Ani’t Ready Feat. JDilla
18 – Stop Feat. JDilla
19 – They Out You To Get Me Feat Busta Ryhmes
20 – Workinonit Feat JDilla
21 – Lightworks Feat. JDilla
23 – Not You Feat. Fat Ray
24 – See Feat.Supream team
25 – This Is A Mans World Feat. Guilty Simpson
26 – Stress Feat. Large Professor
27 – Get Focused Feat. Black Milk
28 – Ghetto Rhyme Stories Feat Percee P
29 – Cold Steel Feat. Phat Cat
30 – No Time 4 Jokes Feat.Percee P
31 – Garage Band Feat. J Dilla
32 – Anti-American Grafitti Feat. JDilla
33 – Tribute To J Dilla


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

" 2009 Mad Planet Bumrush "

Mr.FUNK WHAT YA HEARD just released a mixtape that he did for " Wild Style Technicians " that has the internet going nuts..( I see you " P " hahahah )

He laces this joint with exclusives, doubles, drops, and fresh blends to keep your ears perked up...You don't want to get caught snoozin on this one folks.( It features all new material )..Big shout out to all those San Diego " Wild Style " dudes for always keeping it FRESH as well...

Also be on the lookout for the " Roughneck Radio Remixes " with " Mr. Drasar Monumental " on the beats and " Mr. Mad Planet " on the blends...100..


" Three Sinister Syllables Mix "

Jay Glaze dropped this incredible mix back in 2004..When it comes to originality this one runs the gamut..You can't really compare this to other break mixes out there..Matter of fact I don't even know if I would classify this as a breaks mix, it's more like a soundtrack to a extremely bizarre acid trip..

Check for the " M.F. Doom " tribute section..A musical collage rocking original samples from some of the metal faced villains choicest cuts..Here is what " Egon " ( Stones Throw ) had to say regarding this project, " It's the bomb..M.F. wouldn't even give me my copy back ", while Bobbito Garcia added " The pace of this mix is unlike anything I have ever heard ".. D.J. Yoda and Dan Greenpeace labeled the project " absolute genius "...

So quit stalling, swoop up this joint PRONTO....You just might be suprised..


Sunday, May 10, 2009

" 88 Mindstate, Part 2 "

Even though I like a lot of the music that I hear nowadays, 1988 is one of my favorite years for Hip Hop..So much fly shit came out in that year that it was ridiculous...

For instance this joint by " T.D.S. MOB " ( Dope For The Folks ) should cause pandemonium if played at loud volumes.." Kool G ", " Devon B ", and " D.J. Michael K " didn't get the shine they deserved, but they definitely made their mark..In later years " Kool G " changed his name to " Cool Gzus " and cliqued up with Boston's, " Made Men "...

This song wasn't released in 88 but it rocks a 1988 theme..." 88 Soul " by Superstar Quam- Allah is off of his new album " Invisible Man "..Hip Hop Battlefield give's this cut the two thumbs up...Check in for yourself cousin..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

" 3 Weekend Sure Shots "

The weekend is under way and the sun is back in effect..Every Hip Hop super hero needs some dramatic theme music to get into that certain zone..So without further a do, here comes the DRAMA..

Shorty Long " Purple Rain "---Cocaine is a hell of a drug and I don't condone the sale, or consumption of this narcotic..But when coke rap sounds this good how could you front ? This has been around for awhile and I feel like a sucker for not getting around to it until yesterday..With production from D.I.T.C. affiliate " Ahmed ", Shorty Long ( GOES IN ) kinda heavy...

Tony D " Trenton Psychiatric "---A instrumental banger by the great " Tony D ". I could put this type of joint on repeat for half of the day ( It's that funky )..R.I.P. Tony Depula, you will be missed...

Mr. X. and Mr.Z " We Drink Old Gold "---I hardly even drink alcohol anymore..After poisoning my liver for too long, I decided 5 years ago to simmer down a little bit ( but the majority of my ninjas are raging alcoholics ).. Something about this song makes me want to tap the bottle and twist the cap ( I wont though )...Classic shit right here homeboy..

Friday, May 8, 2009

" Pete Rock And C.L. Smooth : Basement Jewelz "

One Leg Up Records are back on the set with more of that hidden gems flavor..This time around you will be blessed with " Pete Rock " and " C.L. Smooth " sessions before their debut release ( All Souled Out )..Only 200 copies will be available, get yours while you can duke...

01. "The Midnight Wrecka"
02. "Cool and Calm"

01. "Go C.L."
02. "Down To Move Ya Body"
03. "Go With The Flow [Alternate Mix]"

All songs produced by Pete Rock


" Milkcrate Jewels 16, Killa Kidz Edition "

" Killa Sha " used to be in a group with " Craig G " and " Tragedy " ( Supa Kids )...Eventually he started another crew " Killa Kids " with " Mr. Challish ", " Mr. Ruck ", and one time Flipmode affiliate, " Baby Sham "..In 1996 they put out their only commercial release, " 96 Phenomenon " a project full of that Q.B. gritty street talk...Here are a couple of highlights...

" Lyrical Flava "

" Freestyle "

" That Kid S Double : Relentless Mixtape "

" Shabaam Sahdeeq " recently dropped a mixtape ( Relentless, hosted by Tony Touch, J Ronin and mixed by D.J. Snips ).It's one of his strongest releases thus far..This time around he get's a little help from " Khrisis ", " Blaq Poet ", " Killa Sha ", " Casual ", etc...You know what to do folks..

HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS--" Grimy Niggaz ", " Connect 4 ", " Snitches ".


Thursday, May 7, 2009

" Originality : The 6th Element Of Hip Hop "

When it comes to this blog shit, I try my hardest to bring something to the table that you won't see on many other sites..If everyone is going to sit around and post the same music, what's the point ?..And I am not saying this in a self- righteous / Hip Hop elitist kind of way..I am saying this with a common sense, anti- robot sentiment..

How many times have you ventured into cyber- space and seen the exact same shit everywhere ? You would figure that with the aid of the internet fools would be on their motherfuckin GRIZZLY.And some sites are ( without a fraction of a doubt ), but it is starting to look like PAYOLA is becoming a factor in the blog world.Don't act like you don't know what time it is famz..Last year for the first time in history, digital downloads outsold every other musical medium ( Records, C.D.'s, etc )..So you know what that means, record companies are on a mission to get a slice of that pie...

That's why you see the exact same 20 songs everywhere you look..But you can rest assured that on HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD originality is a key factor over here..Many of the things that I post up are from my record collection just to even every thing out.

And with that being said, here is some truly original shit right here, " Jamalski " ( One time BDP Posse member )...When he came out in 92-93 you could tell he was one of those original styling cats...In later years he ventured into the Drum And Bass realm ( Which I wasn't really digging ), but I still couldn't front on him because I enjoyed his earlier work so much... SALUTE..

" Jump Spread Out " ( CLASSIC ) With P. Lee on the production...

And " Piece Of Reality "...This is my joint right here..

" Rob Swift : Who Sampled This Mixtape "

As a member of " X- Men / X-ecutioners ", Rob Swift has proven for over 10 years why he should be mentioned as one of the best to ever do it.Let's be dead honest for a second, how many crews have repped as hard as the " X "..Not many that's for sure..And with the addition of " Boogie Blind " and " Precision " it appears as if the crew will be making much noise for a long time...

In my opinion " Rob " doesn't get a enough props for his scratching..The way he does his flares is crazy..He has so much control and musicality with his shit..It's not the most technical scratching style out there, but it's very original and fluid...Peep one of his older styles..

And check him " GOING IN " in with Mr Bob James...

But wait it gets even iller than that homeboy...Make sure you download his " Who Sampled This " mixtape, which is full of that original sample source material...( Very fresh indeed )


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

" D.J. Eclipse Holding It Down "

Eclipse filled in for Premier last friday on the " Live From Headquarters " show..You know how they do it every Friday, doubles, exclusives and nothing but new joints..Here is the playlist folks..( Props to WYDU }

DJ JS-1 feat. Large Professor “Like This” prod. and cuts by JS-1
Big Tone “Squo” prod. by Big Tone
Pacewon “Turn It Up” prod. by Dragon Balti
Fashawn feat. Evidence “Our Way” prod. by Exile
Bishop Lamont “Friends” prod. by Hi-Tek
Finale “What You Mean To Me” prod. by M-Phazes
Jon Hope feat. Khalil “Starbucks” prod. by SFMG
DJ Honda & Problemz “P Rated R” prod. by Honda
Phil The Agony feat. Talib Kweli “Think Green” prod. by Phonix
Blaq Poet feat. N.O.R.E. “Hate” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
Torae & Marco Polo “Party Crashers” prod. by Marco Polo, cuts by Linx
Finale “Heat” prod. by J Dilla, cuts by DJ Sicari
Skyzoo “Alphabet Soup” prod. by J Dilla
Relik “It Ain’t Safe” prod. by Undefined, cuts by DJ Kwestion
Raekwon feat. The Game “Flashback Memories” prod. by BT
Q-Unique “Connivers” prod. by Q-Unique
Evidence & Alchemist (Step Brothers) “It’s Coming Down” prod. by Exile
Defari “Show Some Luv” prod. by Khalil
Verbal Kent & Kaz One “Big Bang” prod. by Kaz One
Big Tone feat. Blu “A Song Called Triumph” prod. by Big Tone
The Three Amigos feat. Sadat X “You Don’t Own Me” prod. by Naive
Theo3 “Make It Big” prod. by DJ Alibi
Theo3 “Make It Big” (remix) prod. by Muneshine
Statik Selektah feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli “The Thrill Is Gone” prod. & cuts by Statik
DJ Muggs feat. La Coka Nostra “Do It” prod. by Muggs


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

" Style Warz 2009 "

This year Poland will be hosting the international Graffest festival.

Artist included:

Point (Czech Republic), ViaGrafik (Germany), Finsta & Leo (Sweden), Os Gemeos (Brazil), Nunca (Brazil), Blu (Italy), Zedz (Netherlands), Esher (Germany), Zaciem (Russia), Interesni Kazki (Ukraine) and Van Laak (Germany).

Event Date:
May 15-17, 2009

Gadansk, Poland

To learn more about Graffest CHECK IN

Monday, May 4, 2009

" Time To Get Nice "

This mixtape is a perfect backdrop for a Cinco De Mayo backyard boogie session...I'm not going to hit you off with a long drawn out description of this " Paul Nice " mix, just trust me when I tell you, THIS IS THAT SHIT and you need to download this immediately...Here is the playlist..

1. Unknown Artist: A Message From Iris (0:58)
2. S.S.O.:Faded Lady (3:23)
3. Esther Phillips: Home Is Where The Hatred Is (2:53)
4. Raw Soul Express: The Way We Live (3:23)
5. Ernie Hines: Our Generation (2:28)
6. Love Unlimited Orchestra: Strange Games & Things (2:48)
7. Barry White: Just A Little Bit More (2:04)
8. L.A. Boppers: You Did It Good (1:05)
9. Al Green: I'm Glad You're Mine (1:34)
10. Main Ingredient:Summer Breeze (3:29)
11. Stylistics: People Make The World Go Round (3:40)
12. Ramsey Lewis: Sun Goddess (4:36)
13. Eddie Kendricks: If You Let me (2:31)
14. Dynasty: Adventures In The Land Of Music (2:10)
15. Meters, The: Just Kissed My Baby (2:01)
16. Pleasure: Bouncy Lady (1:37)
17. Sylvia Striplin: You Can't Turn Me Away (2:17)
18. Curtis Mayfield: Trippin' Out (3:29)
19. Fatback Band, The: Got To Learn How To Dance (1:11)
20. Roy Ayers: Life Is Just A Moment (1:19)
21. Kool & The Gang: N.T. (3:17)
22. Chambers Brothers, The: Funky (1:40)
23. Brass Construction: What's On Your Mind (0:57)
24. Soul Searchers, The: Ashley's Roach Clip (3:50)
25. Faze-O: Riding High (2:57)
26. Average White Band: School Boy Crush (1:11)
27. Johnny Guitar Watson: Superman Lover (3:26)
28. Cymande: The Message (2:45)
29. Cat Stevens: Was Dog A Doughnut (4:34)


" Krumbsnatcha's Back "

One time Gang Star Foundation affiliate, " Krumbsnatcha " just dropped a new album ( Hidden Scriptures ) . Even though " Preemo " is absent from the project, " Large Pro ", " Pete Rock ", " Beat Minerz " etc, bless Krum with a couple rockets....

" Yesterday " is produced by Soul Brother Number 1 " Pete Rock " ..Damn, this beat is ridiculous and the rhymes are on point as well...Don't snooze.

" Still Be Me " features Lex Boogie and " Blacastan " with " D.J. Stress " on production..Nice joint with some jewels sprinkled throughout..Two thumbs up.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

" Wax Weapons 21, Every Posse Get Flat Version "

My father and his side of the family are from the Cayman Islands ( GEORGETOWN STAND UP ) , so growing up I heard all types of Caribbean music played in the household...Roots and culture, soca, calypso, ska, lovers rock, dub, and even a little bit of slackness ( My dad loved Yellowman )..

And to this day I keep some reggae in heavy rotation..Burro Banton, Ninjaman, Cutty Ranks, Tenor Saw, Merciless, Prince Far I, Louie Rankin....WHAT WHAT....My crates are full of heavy top rankin cuts...

So for this week's " Wax Weapons " I decided to bring some rudebwoy flavors into the mix..You will hear some " Just- Ice ", " Jr. Demus ", " Red Foxx " and all types of SHOTTA tunes with a Hip Hop twist..

You know the drill , 30 minutes of live blends by DRASAR MONUMENTAL....Just sit back and relax, turn the volume to ten, go cop a Red Stripe, and prepare for another episode...( And to all my family in Cayman, see you in a couple months..)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

" Milkcrate Jewels 15 "

One thing you will never see on Hip Hop Battlefield is entire albums up for download, unless it's a mixtape or an album authorized for free downloads...Something about posting up someone's whole album feel's wrong to me...I don't expect everyone to feel this way, and I am not throwing stones at sites that do what they do...It's just a personal Hip Hop ethics thing for me...

With that being said here are a couple choice cuts from one of my favorite groups, " Audio Two "....Milk And Giz were on some off kilter shit..You never knew what they were going to say next or what type of crazy concept they would bring to the table..

" Worse Than A Gremlin " is a " Gizmo " solo cut that is funny as hell..

" I Get The Papers " straight classic...

Friday, May 1, 2009

" Big D.O Remix Flavors "

Frequent Hip Hop Battlefield commenter, " Big D.O. " just dropped a remix project for all you beat kids out there...Good to hear some music from up and coming producers..You can download the whole album at his spot...( Keep those beats coming )