Tuesday, January 31, 2012

" Digging With Drasar - 45 Edition "

When I'm out on the field looking for records I search for all types of shit.....Punk rock, Hip Hop (past & present), Jazz, Psych, reggae, OST's, and all types of genres are on my mind as I flip through the stacks....

This past weekend I came across this Spox-PHD "Brilliance/Four Times Raw featuring Diamond D, Sadat X, Kurious" 45 on Correct Technique Records......The group consist of DJ Spinna on the beats and Oxygen on the vocals...In my opinion "Brilliance" gets the win out of the two, but don't sleep on the B-Side troop...

Big up to my dude Kid Dyno for initially putting Oxygen on my Hip Hop radar..

"Brilliance" produced by DJ Spinna....I also included the instrumental for all of you out there that like to let the beats rock..


" Del : West Coast Avengers "

Here is a new project by Del just like he promised a few weeks ago, "The West Coast Avengers" features all funk samples this time around.....WCA runs 14 songs deep with Del handling all of the production duties...

Be on the lookout for Deltron 2 with Automator on the boards dropping sometime in 2012...

* Whoever rocked the cover art deserves a salute.




" Jimmy Castor Lives "

The good folks over at the Super B-Beat Show conducted a outstanding interview with Jimmy before his untimely passing earlier this month...

And for those that are only familiar with "It's Just Begun"- you will hear many other funky tunes on this particular episode that are worthy of praise as well...

Rest In peace brother..


Monday, January 30, 2012

" Monday Morale "

Ahhhh yeah, I'm finally back in Vietnam, California after spending 5 days in the wonderful city of Los Angeles.....

I had to take care of some family matters, go digging, and I also met up with my dude MF GRIMM (more on that in the very near future)....Anyway, I'm back in effect mode so prepare yourself for another wild week of battlefield goodness ya'll...

First up to bat is this collection of head nodders from the heavily slept-on producer Kan Kick (Belt Drive & Beats Band)....Almost an hour of interesting listening material....


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

" HHP : 1/14/12 "

Here is the latest broadcast from those Hip Hop Project cats out in the Windy City....

Over four hours of nonstop Hip Hop joints past and present....


Cru - Just Another Case
Nas - Made You Look (9th Wonder Remix)
Diamond District - In The Ruff
Apollo Brown - What You Need
Damu the Fudgemunk - Last Ole
Jurrasic 5- Quality Control
Dudley Perkins - Flowers
The Throne - New Day
Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick
Daddy Kev - Rhythm
Incredible Bongo Band - Apache
The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park
Kos Electrik heat The seekwill.
MelloHype- Polyurathane
The Coup- Santa Rita Weekend
Glc- Chi State of Mind
Hen -Dont Get Comfortable
Davinchi- Clean Ass Whip
Hen- Get Comfortable
Skooda Chose- Shame
D will- Bachelor Pad
Defcee- Fantastico
Spinnerty ft. EP/Czar Absolute- Feels like rain.
Chance the Rapper- 22 offs
Dstyles- Felonius Funk
Skooda Chose- Top 5 mc's
Planet Asia- Street Clothes
Glc- Empty Town
Brand new Heavies- Sometimes Inst.
Brand New Heavies- Sometimes- (Jay Dee Remix)
Big L- Mvp
Little Brother ft. Joe Scudda- Lovin it
J- Zone- U Dont Understand
Bassment Khemists- Vibrate
Binary star- Evolution of Man
Krs One - Reality
Raj Mahal- Loveeeee
P.U.D.G.E- Smoke it Over.
Cannabal Ox Vein - Cold Cryptic remix
Apollo Brown- Know the time
Dreaded fist (Sev Seveer remix).
Kazi- Average
Clew Rock- No Clew
Lootpack- Break Dat Party
Mf Doom- Hoe Cakes (Jake One Remix)
Chrome Children- Them
Common- Bitch in Yoo
Akbar- Bigga Dey Come
Kardinall Offishall- Kemotherapy
Sean Price feat. Skyzoo & Torae- "Duck Down"
The Away Team- Drunken Style feat. Add-2
Common- Stolen Moments pt.1
Big Shug- My Boston
Visual- Blessed
Fabid- Proper Damage
Freddie Gibbs- The Ghetto
Add2- Casette Tapes
Blu & Exile- The World Is...
Evidence feat. Roc Marciano & Prodigy- Fame
Vakill feat. Royce Tha 5'9- The King Meets the Sickest
Planet Asia- Boil Makers
Nas- It Aint Hard to Tell
Big Pun- You Aint a Killer
Party Arty- a Lotta Love
Pete Rock-Da Villa
Pharcyde- Runnin
Reks- Stages
Rise n Shine- Rise n Shine
Royce da 5-9"- Boom
A Tribe Called Quest- Award Tour


" Fly Garments "

Haven't checked for Fila since my teenage era, but for some reason I decided to scope out their web site to see what they have popping off this Winter....

BLAM....This comfy looking Panno jacket looks right up my alley....

If you want to see what Fila is up to these days, CHECK IN....

" B - Boy Pressure "

I'm about half way through this mix by Skillkid and I'm already spazzing out...

Raw drums check, doubles check, under the radar body rocking breaks, CHECK...This is the official promo for the Raw Circles Sessions event in Belgium by the way..

Via- MM.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

" 2012 Shock Treatment "

What part of the game is this ?

It seems as if some file sharing groups are under pressure right now....Blogs are shutting down left and right, dudes are crying foul, cats are getting sued, and motherfuckers are shook..

Guess what fam ?

I could really give a fuck less....Mr. Hip Hop Battlefield has been rocking for over four years now, and a very small number of my links are down, but guess what ?

I really could give two fucks..Why?

Because I'm a Hip Hop dude and I know for a fact that other Hip Hop dudes will find a way to flip the system just like we always have..Sure a straight up mafia move just got pulled on the blog world.....Sure underhanded politics are at play..

Sure it's crazy wack that our hard work could get zapped away without notice (Hopefully you backed up your files)..

But stop your bloodclot crying because no one really cares.....Maybe Hip Hop will go back to the original recipe- cats pressing up records and pumping them independently like they are supposed to.......Thank god I'm a vinyl junkie to the death and all this MP3 shit doesn't make me or break me, but all you straight digital cats that sold off all your records are going to have to get more creative when searching for new material now...HA.

Welcome to 2012 duke - shit is about to hit the motherfucking fan so grab your umbrellas......

Regardless of all the extra fuckery popping, HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD & FUNKWHATYAHEARD ain't going nowhere because real live dudes do real live things....PERIOD..

Now were going to find out how sharp some of these weirdo blog creeps really are......I predict most of these blog opportunist are going to shut down shop because they relied on "blog bottom feeding" and their source of nourishment is drying up faster than you can say NAPSTER....

Big up to everyone that has rocked with me over the years (I SEE YOU)......You know how I get down over here : No dickriding, no ads, no asking motherfuckers for money, no favors, no angles, and no copping pleas.....I do this shit because I am a dedicated Hip Hop student that owes Hip Hop tremendously for helping to mold and shape me into the man that I am today....

A wise man once told me, " It's not about what Hip Hop can do for you, it's about what can you do for Hip Hop ? "...


" Scratch Overdose 5 "

The "Scratch Overdose" segment has been missing in action as of late, so it's only right that I splash ya'll with some serious turntable abuse..

This time around Q-Bert, Shortkut, D-Styles, Varja, Shiftee & my peoples the "SCRATCH SHAMANS" let off some explosive scratch ammo at last year's Fader Fest...WOW....Don't sleep if you know what's best for you trooper.

Get your scratch patterns up !

FADER FEST 2011 - Invisibl Skratch Piklz by DJcityTV

" Gensu Dean : Joints "

It appears as if 2012 will be a big year for SP-1200 wrecker Gensu Dean..Be on the lookout for the release of "Lo-Fi Fingers" on February 28th on Mello Music Group.

Chief One recently assembled a comprehensive mix of GD material that is packed with heat....And while your at it, make sure you seek out the C.L. Smooth & Gensu Dean "American Me" remix project....To be honest, I listen to it more than the original version....Can we get a full blown collaboration album fellas ?


01.Chief-One Intro
02. Gensu Dean – Forever (feat. Large Pro)
03. Edo G – Pay The Price (Remix)
04. Melatone – Memoirs & Melodies (feat. Thaione)
05. Mejest Fatal – U
06. Sadat X – Choosen Few (feat. Lord Jamar & Grand Puba)
07. Edo G – Boston (Remix)
08. Roc Marciano – Scarface N*gga (Remix)
09. Oxygen – Gone Diggin
10. CL Smooth – Unplugged (Remix)
11. Mejest Fatal – Get It
12. Lord Jamar – Study Ya Lessons (feat. Sadat X & Queen Tahera Earth)
13. ill Relatives – Cold Cold World (feat. David Banner)
14. Melatone – Making History (Remix) – feat. Oxygen, Nomad, Rashid Hadee
15. Gensu Dean – On & On (feat. 7even:thirty)
16. Crooked Lettaz – Caught In The Game


" 1996 In The Mix "

Last year I posted up a few excellent concept mixes from KZSU's DJ Wicked, now I'm going to lace you with a strictly 1996 session that will put you in the right frame of mind...

Don't sleep on his Buckwild or strictly Bay sessions either (you can find those if you do a little digging in the BATTLEFIELD archives).


01. Intro with Raymundo & Wicked
02. Real Live - Real Live Shit (Remix Instrumental)
03. M.O.P - Anticipation
04. Jeru The Damaja - One Day
05. Royal Flush - Movin' On Your Weak Productions
06. Fat Joe feat. Raekwon, Armageddon & Big Punisher - Firewater
07. Homeliss Derilex - Cash Money
08. Eminem feat. 3 & Denaun Porter - Maxine
09. The Ex Cons - Markd4Death
10. Grav - What
11. Dan-E-O - Dear Hip Hop
12. Doo Wop & Sun Dullah - New York Love (All Eyez On Sun)
13. Mekolicious feat. Rob-O - What You Waiting For
14. Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money & Big Jaz - Bring It On
15. Mobb Deep - Apostle's Warning
16. Bootcamp Click - Wake Up Show Promo
17. O.C. - Flipside
18. Wise Intelligent - Shitty Inna City
19. The Lootpack feat. God's Gift, Declaime & Oh No - Attack Of The Tupperware Puppets
20. Falcon & Sleepy feat. Timbuktu - Lifestress
21. Cella Dwellas - Medina Style
22. InI feat. Pete Rock & Mekolicious - Fakin' Jax (Rude Youth Remix)
23. DJ Honda feat. Sadat X, Wakeem & Grand Puba - Straight Talk From NY
24. M.F. Grimm feat. B-1 - Emotions [Prod. by Sugarless & Erick Sermon - 1996] Jive ENIGMA (LP) 12"
26. Constant Deviants - Competition Catch Speed Knots
27. Ranjahz - Street Life (Daily Basis Remix Instrumental)
28. Talk Break with The Friendly Traveler & Raymundo
29. Bahamadia - Rugged Ruff
30. Shadez Of Brooklyn - Everyday Livin'
31. Ultra feat. Noggin Nodders - Ain't Nobody Happenin'
32. Citizen Kane - Structure/Foundation (What's The Plan)
33. Just Ro feat. Common Sense - Confusion
34. Trigger Tha Gambler feat. D.V. Alias Khrist - Make A Move
35. Chuck D of Public Enemy feat. Kendo of Hyenas In The Desert, Son Slawta Melquan, Dow Jonz, N-Tense, Charlie Brown, Flip & Sharp of Backstabbers, B-Wyze, Outloud of Blahzay Blahzay & Kyle Johnson - No! (The Wreck League Massive Remake)
36. Siah & Yeshua dapoED feat. D.J. Bless - Gravity
37. Funky DL feat. Versatile E & DJ Stixx - 20-20-8-8
38. DNA - Paper Chase
39. Ras Kass - Anything Goes (Remix)
40. Kidd X feat. DJ Rhythm - Worst Thing In This World
41. Brainwash 2000 - Break It Down
42. Slum Brothers - Regular Niggers
43. Mannish - Tasha's Room
44. Busta Rhymes feat. Q-Tip - Ill Vibe (The Ummah Remix)
45. Da Bush Babees feat. Q-Tip - 3 MC's
46. The WhoRidas - Taxin'
47. Tha Mexakinz - Burnin' Hot
48. Originoo Gunn Clappaz - Gunn Clapp
49. Innersoul - It's The Right Time
50. Redman - Rock Da Spot
51. Big Jaz feat. Jay-Z, Sauce Money & Tone Hooker - Foundation
52. E.T.'z (Evil Twinz) - Ray Came True
53. The Rhyme Inspector Percee-P - Don't Cum Strapped (Instrumental)
54. Outro with Wicked, Raymundo & The Friendly Traveler (Shout out to DRUMAT!C)


Monday, January 23, 2012

" Compton Shots On Deck "

Straight out of C.P.T. comes this cut by Columbo Black & Skillz Stillz, "Fruits Of Perseverance"...

I'm digging the feel on this one, especially Colombo's verse...

Tune In jack !!!

" Hiero Shit "

Del recently took time out to chop it up about the loss of his brother, Ice Cube, Deltron 2, health issues, pet peeves, Dub Step (I don't agree with him on this one), etc..

" Kool G. Rap + Necro = Rap Godfathers "

I'm not really sure how this collaborative album will sound, but I know for a fact that there will be a lot of killing, womanizing, gun talk, and all that wild shit (Hopefully over dope beats)... Take a listen to this hilarious podcast with those Conspiracy Radio dudes as they continue their streak of quality interviews in cyber-space...

"We are joined suited and booted by The Godfathers Kool G Rap and Necro for a 2 hour journey into their upcoming album. In this meeting, KGR and his new found partner in rhyme Necro sit down at the CWR table, offering a open and candid exploration into the creation and formulation of The Godfathers, citing each others work as a major influence throughout its recording. In addition, we discuss the parallels of Necro and Marley Marl's chemistry with G Rap, competition, including what could have become a beef between Juice Crew's Craig G and Necro many years ago, sampling, re-creating Kool G Rap and DJ Polo's 1990 classic Men At Work, Domingo, dirty raps, politics and much more in a must hear podcast with two of Hip Hop's biggest bosses. We debate the now deceased SOPA and still threatening PIPA governmental laws, analysing the record industry as the real Illuminati.

This is an entire show dedicated to two of the greatest hip hop artists of all time and is an apt prelude to one of 2012's most anticipated releases. The Godfathers album drops Summer 2012."


Saturday, January 21, 2012

" Joint Of The Day "

"Dope Moves" by Truck North is the sure shot joint of the day.....

Hopefully he will do the right thing and press this up on wax.....After doing some heavy investigating I was still unable to find out who rocked the production, so if you know who is responsible for this insane beat let a brother know....


Friday, January 20, 2012

" Vanderslice - Cancel Christmas "

One half of the duo from Brutal Music, "Vanderslice" released the Cancel Christmas Break / Sample mix late last year.....I gave it a listen a couple nights ago and there were a couple things on it that definitely caught my attention...

Slice is known for bringing the drama with his beats, and this mix brings more of that cinematic, sinister shit to the forefront...

You know the motherfucking drill..


Thursday, January 19, 2012

" 2012 Breakbeat Action "

The weekend is right around the corner so you know what that means - It's time to get live motherfuckers.

DJ Pogo (E4CERS) comes correct on his latest mix that features non-stop explosive breaks.....These aren't your average run of the mill breaks folks, these are the type of joints that will force you to put a little pep in your step...



" Top Ranking Don - Re Up's "

Every once in awhile I will repost something that I feel the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD readers overlooked....

* Originally posted 12/16/10.

This is a live recording of Cutty Ranks killing shit a couple weeks ago on his west coast invasion tour.....Straight from the boards, no static, no feedback, no nonsense.....I even had a chance to chop it up with the don after the show and crack a couple jokes....

Cutty doesn't come to the States that often, so this was a monumental evening to say the least....

Pay attention, you might just learn something about live mic wrecking......BOOOOYAAAAKAAAAA SHOT !!!!!!!


" Classic Storm Radio - 1/6/12/ "

Grand Daddy I.U. stopped by DJ Toshi's "Classic Storm Radio" show to discuss how he linked up with Biz Markie, beef with Treach & Tupac, Cold Chillin Records, new material, etc ......

Don't sleep...


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

" Salute "

Happy Born Day to my comrade " P- Rocker ", A.K.A, MP, Pezo, Mad Planet, 916 Angriest, Jive Turkey, P- Disco, Scot Zu, Slang general, and all that other wild shit....

Damn, brother I've know you for a minute now and the jokes just don't stop cuzzo......

It's only right that I share one of your most infamous quotes with the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD readers,

"This Hip Hop shit ain't for everybody"....HAHAHA.....I couldn't have said it better myself..


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

" Tuesday Rockets "


I remember hearing this on Live From Headquarters awhile back and I had to rewind it a couple times for maximum effect..."My Thoughts" will most likely be featured on the duo's upcoming album, "Kolexxxion"..If this is a indication of what they have cooking up - they might have a monster on their hands...

Via- Lost Tapes.


" It's Extra - P "

The "live guy with glasses" Extra P, checks in with those Ego Trip dudes for a session of breaking down his top ten sample flips of all time....

You might be surprised by a couple of his selections..


" Hip Hop History 101 "

I'm going to put you in a Hip Hop time machine, and place you right in the middle of the Disco Fever in New York City, circa 1986...It's ten year anniversary time with Run - DMC, Real Roxxane, Sal Abatiello, Mr. Magic, Love Bug Starski, Vandy C, Fat Boys, Red Alert, Whodini, Furious 5, etc..

This is a piece of our history right here that should not be missed....Almost an hour of nonstop action folks..

Disco Fever 10 Anniversary (1986) from Dziurawe Sample on Vimeo.

Monday, January 16, 2012

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 32 "

Are you guys prepared for some high powered sounds that are bound to melt your ear drums ?

Hopefully you are because this compilation by Vampisoul Records is no joke.

"To understand what this compilation refers to as the ‘Afrosound of Colombia’, you have to acknowledge the profound role of African cultures in Colombian life and music. The story of the Afrosound is a tale of transformation. It tells of the enslaved African peoples who were taken to Colombia, who mixed with Europeans and indigenous inhabitants (by force or choice), and were eventually set free, as well as the escaped cimarrones (maroons) that lived in palenques (fortified settlements) and continued their own traditions. The Afrosound sings of a double Diaspora, first the trek in chains during the infamous Middle Passage from the Motherland of Africa to the so-called New World, then much later, the migration from the plantations to the cities."


" King Status "

Gotta send a shout out to the spirit and legacy of Martin Luther King...

How many people today are willing to stand up and die for what they believe in ?

When I was growing up I paid more attention to what Malcolm X was yelling, and viewed Martin in a different light due to all the non-violent talk and all that....Now that I have grown and experienced a lot more in life, I realize that we need to pay homage to both of these brothers for putting it on the line in the face of adversity regardless of their ideologies...

Even though it is 2012 and the sixties are long gone - many things remain the same when it comes to bigotry, racism, tricknology, and the prison industrial complex in America....It's crazy to think that in a country with a black president, race relations haven't really improved all that much....

Hopefully in the future we can break the chains of Apartheid and learn to respect each others cultures.....I'm not going to hit you over the head with some "WE ARE THE WORLD" type shit, but real changes are in order, don't you agree..


" Masai Bey + Zest Rock = Fly Material "

Former Def Jux repper Masai Bey hasn't lost a step when it comes to wrecking mic's...

On this cut with Zest Rock (Building Goliath) the deadly duo bring some fresh spices to the table.....Take my advice and don't sleep cousin..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

" Hip Hop Treats "

Even though I gave up coffee three months ago, I might have to cop one of these North Star Zulu mugs from my man Daze Roc on general principle....

Instead of coffee, I will put a little Irish Moss in there to start the day off properly..HA.

Anyway, if you want to get a customized Hip Hop mug, or if you want to swoop up some WILD STYLE TECHNICIANS gear,


And when you head over there - tell him that the grimy kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!!!

Peace to all my North Star Zulu brothers and sisters, War Party, G.F.C, Waset Z's, G.B.K, etc.

" DJ Skizz On Production "

DJ Skizz from Halftime Radio has a project slated for release in 2012 that you should be on the lookout for (B.Q.E.).

I have already posted up some of his newer productions, but here are a couple burners that you might have overlooked...

"Pokerface" featuring Big Noyd..........Yeah, this is that shit.

Pokerface (produced by DJ Skizz) by DJ SKIZZ

"Corner Remix" - Common........Take a listen to the chops, dude is far from a slouch....I like this version better than the original to be honest.

The Corner (Skizz Remix) by DJ SKIZZ

" Conspiracy Radio - 1/14/12 "

Apollo Brown & O.C. are one of many special guest on the latest broadcast of Conspiracy Radio....They discuss their upcoming album "Trophies", the current state of Hip Hop, etc...


" Sunday Firepower "

DJ Dee- Ville recently put together a fresh compilation from an English group called "Unanimous Decision" that somehow slipped passed my radar....God damn, I was totally off guard when I gave it a listen last night..

These cats created some very ill material between 1991 - 1993 with heavily layered samples underneath thought provoking, brutally honest lyrics..If your looking for some Hip Hop ammo on this Sunday afternoon - you just found it trooper...


Saturday, January 14, 2012

" Diamond D : Diamond Mine Mixtape "

Back in 2005 Diamond - D put out the "Diamond Mine" mixtape that is full of heavy boasting, death threats, and more gun talk than I am used to hearing from him.

D-Squizzy is not the most lyrical M.C., but for some reason I am impressed with hilarious lines like, "I'm a man of few words like pass the smoke / yes no, or don't if your ass is broke. "

There are so many one-liners that me crack up on this project, that it would take a couple days for me to jot down all the quotables.....HAHA..


01 - Intro
02 - Holla At Me
03 - Live And Let Die (Feat. Fat Joe)
04 - U Don't Know Owe Me (Prod. Mark The 45 King)
05 - We Run Things (Feat. Verse AK2GS)
06 - We Gangstas (Feat. J. Dilla, Knottz) (Prod. Knottz)
07 - Lets Get High (Feat. The Heavyweights, Blake Carrington)
08 - We Dem Niggas (Feat. Xzibit)
09 - Get Em Open (Feat. Dutch)
10 - Yall Niggaz Need To Know (Prod. The Alchemist)
11 - On My Grind (Feat. K Terror, Brick, AK2GS, Blake Carrington)
12 - Test Me (Feat. Akmed)
13 - Get Up (Feat. Grand Puba)
14 - Words
15 - Live My Life (Feat. Big Red)
16 - Dollar Bill (Feat. AK2GS)
17 - Scream (Feat. Brick & Big C) (Prod. Simba)
18 - Wet n Slippery (Feat. Blake Carrington)
19 - Bounce (Feat. The Heavyweights & K Terror)
20 - U Don't Want It (Feat. AK2GS & Big C)
21 - Interrogation (Feat. The Heavyweights, Brick, K Terror & Big C)
22 - **** Is Bananas (Feat. Bananas)
23 - Why U Wanna **** Wit Me (Feat. Sadat X, Big C & Blake Carrington)


Friday, January 13, 2012

" Milano Speaks "

The good folks over at the "Old To The New" blog recently caught up with DITC affiliate, Milano Constatine for a interesting interview that will have you checking for his upcoming album (BLVD Author)..

How did you initially become part of the D.I.T.C. family?

“I knew Show through a family member from when I was about twelve-years-old and I always used to run up on him telling him that I could rhyme. Even back then, Show would be like ‘Wow! The s**t you’re saying is crazy for someone your age. You sound like Nas or someone.’ Hearing someone who was already in the game and working with some great emcees say stuff like that really kept me going. So I continued rhyming which then lead to me meeting Big Pun during a cypher up in D&D which is how I then got to do the “Where Ya At?” joint with Pun for the D.I.T.C. album. At that time I was having a lot of fun and really living in a dream world. I mean, Pun was still coming off the success of “I’m Not A Player” and his debut album so for him to say he wanted to do a song with me at that time was crazy. I was like, ‘You’d love to do a song with me?! I’d love to do a song with you!’ That feels like it was a long time ago now, so for me to still be relevant to people today and for them to love the feel of the music I make is something that’s heartfelt and it’s why I keep going whether making music is a lucrative situation or not. It comes from my heart and I think the people out there can feel that in everything I do. It’s just all about me staying in my zone, so it goes back to what I said on that joint I did with The P Brothers for their “Gas” album (laughs).”


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

" Acknowledge The Vets "

It's been almost two years since Killa Sha passed away due to complications from diabetes (Jan 18th 2010)....It's a motherfuckin shame because he was in a class by himself when it came to rocking convincing street parables with finesse and skill...

There were talks of a Large Pro produced album called the "Shepard", but I haven't heard anything about that project as of late...Hopefully that album sees the light of day eventually.....

Back in 2010 J-Love dropped the "Acknowledge The Vet" mixtape that features Killa Sha in top form....Do the right thing and scoop this up if you know what's best for you...



01 Acknowledge the Vet (Intro)
02 Never Gonna Stop Me
03 300 (Feat. J-Love & Meyhem Lauren)
04 Black Rain
05 A Tune of Life
06 There's A Thing Called Love
07 Interlude
08 Fed Up (Feat. J-Love & Meyhem Lauren)
09 Macia Livin (Feat. Large Professor)
10 Three's Company
11 Clash of the Titans
12 Black Dracula
13 Come On
14 Night Runz
15 Fully Equipped
16 Iron Hand
17 Unbroken
18 The Captain (Feat. Tragedy Khadafi)
19 Foul & Fold (Feat. Foul Monday)
20 World War 3 (Feat. Tragedy Khadafi, RZA & Camron)
21 Bust Yah Shit (Feat.J-Love & Meyhem Lauren)
22 Do My Thing
23 Stand & Cheer
24 School
25 Work the Plan (Feat. Havoc)
26 Analyze
27 Doe in Advance (Feat. J-Love, Action Bronson & Take it)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

" The Don Bishop On Deck "

Agallah (8-Off The Assassin remember that shit) is capable of getting the job done if he has a proper production underneath his vocals....

His new album "Forever Fire" definitely has it's moments..

If he was to press up a couple joints on wax from this project - these two would be my top picks...

" Respectful " produced by Agallah.

" Top 5 " produced by Agallah.

" Tuesday Rockets "

One of my main goals with Hip Hop Battlefield is to bring you fly Hip Hop material past and present.....I'm not one of those "throwback brothers" that stays stuck in the past, but I'm also not obsessed with trying to post up everything that passes through my fingers just because it's brand new....

I guess you could say that I have one foot in the past, and the other foot is walking on a path to the future.....It's all about balance over here kid...

With that being said I recommend that you peep this mixtape by JR Ewing (Straight From The Underground 1997)....Any mix that rocks Black Eye - "No Laws" is a winner in my book...


[1] Black-1 : No Laws
[2] Rawcotiks : Magic Chef
[3] Adagio : The Break
[4] Khromozomes : Say Word
[5] Raidermen & Natural Elements : Magnetic
[6] Droopy Eye Crew : Stictly For Live Men
[7] I.G. Off & Hazadous : Hip Hop Till I Die
[8] Black Jesus : Modern Day Thug
[9] Noreaga : Married To Marijuana
[10] Genovese : Genovesee’s Thesis
[11] War Click : Bullet For A Bullet
[12] Shamus feat C.Terror : I Got U Back
[13] Street Smarts : Don’t Trust Anyone
[14] Group Home : Express N.Y.
[15] N.O.T.S. Click : I Pack Steel
[16] Slasher : Cutthroat Island
[17] D.N.A. Bronx Criminal County
[18] Numskullz : If I Ain’t Raw
[19] Rawcotiks : What It Look Like
[20] Hi-Tech : The Music
[21] Krumb Snatcha : Mobsters
[22] Obscure Disorder : Lyrically Exposed
[23] Laster feat Ed O.G. : Off Balance
[24] Defari : Bionic
[25] D.N.A. : My Shit Iz Tight
[26] Mobb Deep : True Lies
[27] Cage : Agent Orange
[28] N.O.T.S. Click : Keep Ur Eyes Open
[29] One A.K.A. B.I. : Verbal Affairs
[30] M.F. Doom : Dead Bent
[31] D.I.T.C. (Big L & Fat Joe) : The Enemy
[32] Hi-Tech : All Time Einstein
[33] Mafioso Crime Family : Diniro
[34] Shadyville Allstars : Knights Of The Roudntable
[35] Sandinistas : Madd Luv (Remix)
[36] Capone’N'Noreaga : Closer (Remix)
[37] Black Attack : Holdin’It Down
[38] Adagio : Everybody
[39] Mafioso Crime Family : Diniro (long version)
[40] Rezidue : We Gets Buzy
[41] Lord Sear & Bobbito : Tony Randall skit
[42] Khromozomes : Say World (long version)


Monday, January 9, 2012

" DJ Eclipse : Best Of 2011 "

Eclipse hits us with a best of 2011 send off on his Halftime radio broadcast (1/4/12).....


1.Tragedy Khadafi “Narcotic Lines” prod. by AraabMuzik
2. Maffew Ragazino “Short Yellow Bus Theory” prod. by Geng Grizzly
3. Showbiz & A.G. “Show & A.” prod. by Showbiz
4. Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun feat. Freeway “Roses” prod. by Pete Rock
5. Slaine feat. Action Bronson & ILL BILL “Offensive Lines” prod. by Statik Selektah
6. Phonte feat. eLZHi “Not Here Anymore” prod. by 9th Wonder
7. Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown “Volume” prod. by Apollo Brown
8. Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon, Method Man & Redman “Troublemakers” prod. by Jake One
9. Heavy Metal Kings “Blood Meridian (original/remix) prod. by Gem Crates/ILL BILL, cuts by DJ Kwestion
10. Rasheed Chappell “The Genesis” prod. by Kenny Dope
11. DJ Skizz feat. Hannibal Stax, Big Noyd & Panchi “Triboro Thoro” prod. & cuts by DJ Skizz
12. Action Bronson & Statik Selektah “The Stick Up” prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah
13. Saigon “The Greatest Story Never Told” prod. by Just Blaze
14. Styles P feat. Pharoahe Monch “Children” prod. by Pete Rock
15. J57 feat. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell “The Main Event” prod. by J57, Cuts by DJ Brace
16. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Young Zee & Pacewon “Design in Malice” prod. by Mr. Green
17. M.O.P. & The Snowgoons “Break ‘Em” prod. by The Snowgoons
18. Random Axe feat. Roc Marciano “Chewbacca” prod. by Black Milk
19. Sadat X “She Loves Me” prod. by Will Tell
20. Neek The Exotic feat. Large Professor “Guess Who” prod. by Large Professor
21. Pharoahe Monch feat. Showtyme “Clap (One Day)” prod. by M-Phazes, cuts by DJ Boogie Blind
22. STS “Sugar’s Here (Make Some Noise)” prod. by Dame the Great & School Boy Vic
23. Timbo King “Bar Exam” prod. by BP
24. Apathy feat. Celph Titled “Stop What Ya Doin” prod. by DJ Premier
25. Reks “25th Hour” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
26. Evidence “You” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
27. Royce da 5’9″ “Second Place” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
28. Torae “For The Record” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
29. Edo G. “Fast Lane” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
30. Scram Jones “Back In The Park” prod. by Scram Jones
D-Stroy’s Best Comedic Mic Break Of 2011
Top 30 Freestyles (in no ranking order)
1. Scram Jones
2. Dashah (Fresh Vetz)
3. Rasheed Chappell
4. Nems
5. Slaine
6. A-Butta
7. Breez Evahflowin’ & Dirt E. Dutch
8, Iron Solomon
9. Meyhem Lauren
10. Torae
11. Punchline
12. Solace (Timeless Truth)
13. David Dallas
14. Jamieson
15. Jak Danielz (Cold Heat)
16. Brown Bag AllStars
17. Reks
18. Neek The Exotic
19. Joe Fatal
20. Dice Raw
21. Rugged N Raw & Hasan Salaam (Mohammad Dangerfield)
22. El Gant & Bekay
23. Verby & General Steele
24. Wyld Bunch
25. Kyle Rapps
26. Evidence, Opio, Phesto, Tajai & Rasheed Chappell
27. PH (Pumpkinhead)
28. Illa Ghee
29. Eklips
30. Chip Fu