Thursday, February 26, 2009

" A. Z. Mixtape Shit "

If you didn't get a chance to listen to this " D.J. Wristpect and A.Z. " mixtape last year, you get a second chance right now cousin.... Some of the beats get a little shaky at times, but A.Z always shows and proves on the mic device....Find out for yourself....A, B, C, YAAAAA


" The Black Dot Check In "

When I found out " Black Dot " was down with " Tim Dog " back in the day, I tried to find any remnants of his rhyme career....After searching extensively for an extended period of time, I came up with nothing.....

Nothing....I couldn't find any 12 inches, videos, mixtapes, promos, absolutely zero, nothing.....But for some reason today I decided to go on my " Black Dot " quest again....Yes, I finally found him....If you watch this " MTV Raps " video carefully, at 2 minutes and 28 seconds, " Black Dot " introduces the South Bronx slayer " Tim Dog ".....

If you want to see what " Black Dot " is up to in the 21st century, you need to watch this...{ Prepare for heavy science to be dropped }

" Blog Shots 7 "

My Manz { NO HOMO } Monzrock has a blog that is on the come - up....HAHAHAHA { Sorry Monz, I should of done this a long time ago }....In my opinion the best part of his blog is the beat battle shit....And it looks like your losing in votes this week homeboy....Go check in over there, and make sure you cop that " Beans And Rice " c.d. while your at it JACK......


" Killa Sha: Head Nigga In Order Mixtape "

Rated R and DJ Diggz put out this " HNIO " mixtape late last year, but it still sizzles....Cop it right now and get a heavy dose of that " Q.B. " gutter shit...


" DJ Vadim Tour Dates "

If " Vadim " is coming to a spot near you, CHECK IN..

Granada SPA------Industrial Copera Febuary 27 / 09

Arcata, Ca--------Jambalaya March 05 / 09

San Francisco, Ca------ Mighty March 06 / 09

Portland Oregon-------Roseland Theatre March 07 / 09

Dulsberg Germany-----Hundermeister March 13 / 09

London, UK----------The Scala March 06 / 09

Glasgow, UK---------Glasgow Academy March 07 / 09

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

" Hip Hop Battlefield's Revenge Remixes "

Act like you know, it's Drasar Monumental on the remix tip again....And for this weeks remix, I kept it extra gully for all the street level maniacs out there....So it was only right that I flipped a " Mobb Deep " joint...." Got It Twisted ", was originally produced by " Alchemist ", and it was a huge hit for the " Mobb ".....The " Thomas Dolby " { Blinded By Science } flip, put a lot of people under some type of spell....

Check out these two different versions that I did recently ...Both very ugly...POW POW POW

" Paul Nice Goes 2 Brazil "

This is more of a compilation than a mixtape per se, but if quality " Brazilian " music is your thing than you should download this A.S.A.P.....If you are having a fucked up day, I promise you that after you listen to this, that good old sunshine will be in your life once again...Here is the playlist homeboy...

1. Sambe de Orfeu (A New Day) / Taken from the film "Black Orpheus"
2. Elizeth Cardoso - 'Chega de Saudade'
3. Jorge Ben - 'Balanca Pema'
4. Os Namorados - 'Eu Quero Um Samba'
5. Sylvia Telles - 'One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So)'
6. Wanda de Sah - 'One Note Samba'
7. Marcos Valle - 'Crickets Sing For Anamaria'
8. Astrud Gilberto - 'Crickets Sing For Anamaria'
9. Emelio Santiago - 'Quero Alegria'
10. Dom Salvador e Abolicao - 'Hei! Voce'
11. Marcos Valle - 'Nao Tem Nada Nao'
12. Deodato & Joao Donato - 'Nao Tem Nada Nao (Batuque)'
13. Paulinho da Costa - 'Toledo Bagel'
14. Orlandivo - 'Ondo Anda A Meu Amor'
15. Reminiscence Quartet - 'Ondo Anda A Meu Amor'
16. Joao Donato - 'A Ra'
17. Tim Maia - 'No Caminho Do Bem'
18. Jorge Ben - 'Take It Easy My Brother Charlie'
19. Astrud Gilberto - 'Take It Easy My Brother Charlie'
20. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - 'Roda'
21. Lalo Schifrin - 'Room '26'
22. Emelio Santiago - 'Bananeira'

" New Cesar Comanche "

Die In Your Lap is the follow up to Cesar Comanche’s previous works Wooden Nickels (2000), Paper Gods (2002) and Squirrel & The Aces (2005) and appears on his own imprint, Defenders Of The Free World (DOTFW).

Cesar Comanche is one of the founding emcees of North Carolinas critically acclaimed hip-hop crew, The Justus League (Little Brother, 9th Wonder, The Away Team, etc.). Comanche, originally from Jacksonville , NC , began writing rhymes in 1994. In 1996, he met budding producer and fellow North Carolina State University student 9th Wonder, and commenced performing regularly and recording shortly thereafter. In 1999, Comanche, along with 9th Wonder, organized their fellow friends and rap artists in the Triangles hip-hop scene and started The Justus League Crew.

Cesar Comanche's Die In Your Lap is in-stores today (2-24-09) on DOTFW/ABB Records.

This cut right here " Shame ", was produced by Khrysis...


" Blog Shots 6 "

Legendary producer " NO I.D. " has a blog that you need to PEEP...And when you check in, make sure you tell em that grimy kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent ya.....Audi 5000

" Ten Hip Hop Facts You Might Not Know, Part 2 "

1...Kool Keith / Doctor Octagon / Clifton Santiago / Big Willie Smith, etc-----Real name is Keith Thorton...

2...Last night at the Kool Keith show, instead of handing out c.d's, posters, or stickers....Your boy " Dr. Doom ", handed out porno mags and porno flick jump off's.....

3...Kool Keith live, is the illest shit I have ever seen in my life...And that's a fact JACK...

4...9th Prince from " Killarmy ", is RZA's younger brother...

5...Will Smith is the highest paid actor in Hollywood....On the surface this fact might seem unimportant, but to the heads that have followed his entire career, this is a amazing accomplishment....I can remember the first time I heard the song " The Magnificient Jazzy Jeff ", who would of imagined that decades later, that this B Boy from west Philly, would be running shit...." Rhyme Pays "......

6...E.P.M.D's first D.J. was " K La Boss ", not D.J. Scratch...

7...K.D.A.Y. was the first radio station in the country to have a Hip Hop and R N B format 24 hours a day....

8...Even though D.J. Premier is known for being one of the architects of that classic New York boom bap, he is originally from The Lone Star State, { Texas }.....Proof that it's not where your from , it's where your at....

9....Tragedy Khadafi is currently incarcerated in the belly of the beast.....FREE THE INTELLIGENT HOODLUM.....If you would like to contact " Trag ", here is his contact info .....One Love to all my peoples on lockdown...


10....Don't fuck around with DRASAR MONUMENTAL when it comes to this HIP HOP shit....These facts were all off the dome, no google, or any of that extra shit...Big up to all you HIP HOP factology cats....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

" It's Going Down In Oakland "

If your in the Oakland, California area on March 1 { Like I will be } you better check in on my dude " Sauras's " record sale....I am ready to handle my motherfuckin business, are you ?.....Here is what " Sauras " had to say....

Aight folks...

It's that time again. It's been a minute, and the record stacks have continued to grow.

Join us Sunday March 1st for a "Spring Cleaning" RECORD SALE/SWAP in North Oakland. An assortment of local DJ's, producers and deep crate collectors will be cleaning house and selling vinyl LP's and 45's of all genres...including Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Blues, etc...for bargain prices.

Address: 454 41st Street Oakland, 94609

Sale starts at 10am and goes until 1:00pm. No early birds.
Sale is in the back of the driveway.

Two blocks from MacArthur BART station for those using public transportation.

Nuff Respect,

Deejay's Smokestack & Saurus

And to keep this post official on some " TOWNSHIT " , I gotta send a major Krylon destroyer shout out to my manz " KING REFA ONERZ "...

" Funk What Ya Heard Mixtape "

To celebrate 500 post in 6 months, my man over at " FUNK WHAT YA HEARD " put together a mixtape that should get your bell ringing....I can't even front, some of the joints I wasn't even up on...So do yourself a favor and download this mixtape with breakneck speed....Salute to you " M.P. " for keeping it funky 365/24-7...

Ring The Alarm.. (Intro)
O.C. & A.G. – Put It In A Box
Shawn Jackson Feat. Guilty Simpson – Strategies
MF Doom – Trap Door
Selfish M.C. - Fourtune Cookies
Willie Evans Jr. – Excess
MF Doom – Can’t Reform
Kongcrete – Shackles Off
Raekwon Feat. Ghostface – Criminology Pt. 2.
Nucci Reyo – Like We Do
D. Julien – Toast It Up
Cam’Ron – Let The Beat Build (Freestyle)
AZ Feat. Nas – The Essence (Grammy Remix)
36 Zero & Darkim Be Allah – Crack Money
Ill Biscuits – God Bless Ya Life – (Drasar Monumental Remix)
M1 Platoon – Walk Thru The Fire


Monday, February 23, 2009

" Milkcrate Jewels 12, Straight From My Crates "

I had to get a little dusty for this weeks " Milkcrate Jewels "......This cut , " Bring It On Remix " { Featuring Showbiz } is in my top 5 " Maestro Fresh Wes " joints of all time....He slays the track with nasty lines like, " The megadon, anywhere I get it on / I fucked every color now they call me Benetton "....Yeah my dude, Wes wasn't fucking around.... Turn the volume up to 10 and lick off a shot for one of Canada's illest...

" Mixtape Monday's, Staple In The Maple Version "

There is a lot more going on in Canada than most Americans think....For over 2 decades our brothers up north have been getting it in...Maestro Fresh Wes opened the floodgates with his potent punchline assaults back in 88-89...And ever since, the Dream Warriors, Black-Eye, Main Source, Checkmate, Obscure Disorder, Rascalz, Kardi, etc, have consistently hit us off with dope material....

The Real Frequency cat's { Inzane, P Plus, Arcee, etc } put this mixtape out a few years back, but it has aged very well...This should help you get familiar with some quality Canadian Hip Hop, if your not already up on game..Salute to "The Real Frequency" for constantly supplying that official dope....

Here is the play list { R.I.P Black Eye }

1..Solitair----No Doubt

2..Maestro Fresh Wes { Featuring Showbiz }----Fine Tune The Mic


4..Kardinal Official----Naughty Dread

5..Citizen Kane----Black Rain

6..Check Mate----These Day's And Times

7..Marvel----Words Of

8..Sic Sense----One Mentality

9...Assassini----Rap Sheet

10..Red Life----The Night's Young

11..Mathmatik---Rhyme Training

12...Black Eye----Where I'm From

13..Brass Munk----Get Right

14..Saukrates----Still Caught Up

15..LVS { Featuring Grimace }----Controlled Anger

16...Rascalz----Fit N Ready

17...Ghetto Concept----EZ On The Motion


19...Ro Ro Dolla---- You've Changed


Sunday, February 22, 2009

" Mixtape Monday's "

It's monday stupid....Clean the wax out of your ears, wipe the crust from your eyes, get that sunday night liquor off your fucking breath, it's time to start a new week.....Get your game face on, put this " Mic Geronimo " mixtape in your benzi-box, and let's get this shit cracking...

01.Stretch & bobbito freestyle
02.Long road back
03.What makes you think
04.Life n lessons
05.Masta ic
07.My city
08.Shits real
09.Usual suspects ftdmx,ja rule,lox,cormega,fatal& tragedy
10.Im up know
11.Hemming heads
12.Fly high ft ja rule
13.Family ties ft tragedy
14.Survival (prod. by havoc)
15.Nothing moves like the money(rmx) ft dmx & black rob
16.Single life ft jay-z
17.Where ever you are
18.Shits still real ft dmx
19.All said and done
20.Illiodic shines ft royal flush
21.Click clack pap
24.Angel dust ft royal flush
25.Smoking session ft royal flush & channel live
26.Time to build

Saturday, February 21, 2009

" 2009 Jump Off Part 2 "

Wu- Tang affiliates, " Darkim Be Allah and Allah Wise " have been putting in work for a minute now...Their new mixtape " God In The Ghetto " is a solid effort, so don't sleep folks....You can definitely hear the " Wu " influence, but they manage to flip it and put a 2009 twist on it.....CHECK IN..

To find out more about " Darkim and Allah Wise ", peep the FAME LABS WEBSITE KID

" New M.F. Doom Album Tracklisting "

The tracklisting for BORN LIKE THIS is as follows:

01. Supervillain Intro
02. Gazillion Ear
03. Ballskin
04. Yessir (ft. Raekwon)
05. Absolutely
06. Rap Ambush
07. Lightworks
08. Batty-Boys
09. Angelz (ft. Tony Starks)
09. Cellz
10. Still Dope (ft. Empress Sharhh)
11. Microwave Mayo
12. More Rhymin' (ft. Kurious)
13. That's That
14. Suppervillainz
15. Bump's Message
16. Thank Ya

P.S. I was going to post " That's That ", but to be honest I wasn't really feeling that shit....Hopefully on the album there will be some " Operation Doomsday " type flavor...

" Milkcrate Jewels 11, Gun Play Edition "

This is the second time " Lord Tariq " has been featured on " Milkcrate Jewels ", and I doubt that it will be the last.....The name of this sinister tune is " Gunplay " { Money Boss Players } . This is hardcore Hip Hop at it's finest......B.X. Stand up...

" Chubb Rock And Wordsmith Collabo "

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith will start releasing exclusive promo tracks that are unavailable on their album "Bridging the Gap," over the next few months for the fans, bloggers, major hip hop sites and tastemakers. This will culminate with a mixtape called "A Crack in the Bridge" due to drop in June, so keep it locked as Chubb & Word seek to bridge the gap between the old school and new school era's.

It's good too see the " Chubbster " back on the set..I Recently peeped a joint he did with Kaanan as well....Salute..

Friday, February 20, 2009

" New Cosm Roks Mixtape "

This mixtape { Scarlett Johannson Tribute ] is based around a topic we all know and love { Those females }....It features cuts by Rashid Hadee, Rakim, Raekwon, Common, All Natural ,etc....Curl up with the honey bun in your cypher, crack that St. Ides 40 oz and enjoy this Hip Hop quiet storm shit.{ You might just get lucky tonight }....Peace..

" Tonight In The Sucker Free "

DJ Day, DNAE Beats, Blu, Fashawn, Exile, etc

Thursday, February 19, 2009

" Godfather Don On The Beats "

Out of all the " Hydra Beats Instrumentals " that Godfather Don did, number 2 is the most thorough...Almost every beat has that certain flavor that only " GD " could pull off....Unfortunately " GD " is on a hiatus from Hip Hop, and is currently playing saxaphone in a jazz quartet called " Open Mind "......CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


And for all you true blue " GD " fans out there, here are some snippets from the soon to be released " Ill Funk Freaker " E.P.- SIDE A:
01. "Frontin' Ass Ducks"
02. "8 Million Stories"
03. "Ain't None Left"
04. "Ill Funk Freaker"

01. "Shoot the Two (feat. Da Funky Orphanz)"
02. "Yeah"
03. "Where'z the Skillz?"
04. "Slaves [Straight Jacket Mix] (feat. Kool Keith)"

All songs produced by Godfather Don

" New Capone Mixtape "

I suggest you check in on this mixtape pronto....And while your at it, go cop that new " CNN " joint as well cousin...DOWNLOAD Major shout out to { HHG } for keeping it funky...

" I'm Back To Burn "

Seattle is a interesting city, with a lot of different things to offer.....Even though it is a city with a huge population, you still feel a sense of community there....And with that being said I want to send a major shout out to all who attended the 206 anniversary, Sin One, Y.G. , Jake One, Supreme, Prince Culture, Trac 2, Ness, Mark Luv, Mo, P, Vanglorious, Mannie, King Sha, King Khasm, Kitty, Daze, Kutfather, Talk Sick, Ason, One Be Lo, DV One, D.J. Bles, Tecumseh, G, Rob, S.F. Z's, Yoda, Paulskee, and all the other B-Boys and B-Girls who made it happen...Salute...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

" That New Mobb Deep Shit "

Before I get it in, I gotta say FREE P......This Mobb Deep joint off of the " Hidden Files " album deserves some burn...It's not the illest " Mobb " shit I have ever heard, but there is enough grimy one - liners to hold it down....The name of this cut is " On A Mission " { Produced by Havoc }....DOWNLOAD

" Sean P In The Booth "

This is the official leak off the " New Classics Mixtape ", presented by's called " Street Life ", featuring Sean P, Cymarshall Law, and Sha Stimuli....{ Produced by Cook Classics } DOWNLOAD THE SONG

Sean Price/Cymarshall Law recording for Vimby Mixtape (preview) from aubrey on Vimeo.

" New Term Shit "

This new joint " Here In Liberty City ", is off the " Statik Selektah " Grand Theft Auto: The Lost And Damned Soundtrack....

" 14KT Karat Gold Radio "

Hailing from Michigan " 14KT ", is making a tremendous amount of noise as a member of production crew " Lab Techs "...He recently released " The Golden Hour ", and I suggest you go cop it if you haven't already...You can check out his monthly podcast HERE

" Good Morning Mixtape "

Never heard of this cat " Spectacula " before, but I had to check in because of the producers involved in this project...Alchemist, Pete Rock, Premier, Madlib, Black Milk, Easy Mo Bee, hit " Spectacula " off with some heat.....

Friday, February 13, 2009

" Sea-Town In The House "

I'm on my way to Seattle for the 206 U.Z.N. anniversary..So it's only right that I post up some footage from one of Sea-Town's premier B Boy crews " Massive Monkey's ".......I will be back in the office on Monday so don't trip..........Out...

" Sample Source Shit '

The good folks over at " RDH " put this compilation together {206 STAND UP }....It features a gang of sample sources for all you beat freaks out there...This should help you get your weekend started off on the right foot....Here is the playlist and download homeboy..

Power Of Zeus - It Couldn’t Be Me (Obie Trice - They Wanna Know)
Bucks Fizz - My Camera Never Lies (Prodigy - Click Clack)
Mad Lads - I Forgot To Be Your Lover (M.O.P. - Warriorz)
Mandrill - Love Song (Nas - U Gotta Love It)
O.V. Wright - A Nickel And A Nail (Prodigy - Nickel And A Nail)
Thom Brock - There’s Nothing In This World That Can Stop Me (Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls)
Diana Ross - Sleepin’ (Cormega - The True Meaning)
Stacy Lattisaw - Let Me Be Your Angel (Nas - Stillmatic Intro)
Tyrone Davis - In The Mood (MC Eiht - All For The Money)
Black Ivory - We Made It (Nas - Revolutionary Warfare)
The Temptations - I’m A Bachelor (AZ - I’m A Hustler)
Cameo - Sparkle (2Pac f. Treach - Loyal To The Game)
Major Harris - I Got Over Love (Cam’ron - I Really Mean It)
The Controllers - If Tomorrow Never Comes (Snoop Dogg - Boss’ Life)
Bo Hansson - Excursions With Complications (Cormega - A Thin Line)
Winger - Head For A Heartbreak (Diplomats - Ground Zero)
Reg Tisley Orchestra - Warlock (Cam’ron f. Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek - The R.O.C.)
Dionne Warwick - Deja Vu (Tragedy Khadafi - Deja Vu)
Buddy Miles - Pain (Murs - The Pain)
Carol Douglas - We Do It (Nas - Remember The Times)
Delegation - Oh Honey (Three Times Dope - Funky Dividends)
Eumir Deodato - September 13 (Camp Lo - Park Joint)
Gary Wright - Can’t Find The Judge (T.I. - No More Talk)
The Intruders - Cowboys To Girls (Big Noyd - Bang Bang Pt. 1)
Jean Plum - Here I Go Again (Mobb Deep - Win Or Lose)
Jennifer Holiday - And I’m Telling You (Da Backwudz - You’re Gonna Luv Me)
Jeff Tyzdik - Let There Be Light (Diplomats - The First)
ZZ Hill - That Ain’t The Way You Make Love (Madvillian - Fancy Clown)
Millie Jackson - A Child Of God (Young Jeezy - Bury Me A G)
The Moments - Look What You’ve Done (Juelz Santana & Freeway - My Love)
O’Conner - Too Sweet To Lose (Phife Dawg - Miscellaneous (Hi-Tek Remix))
Rick Wakeman - Catherine Of Aragon (De La Soul - Verbal Clap)
Kleer - She Said She Loves Me (Jay-Z - The Dynasty Intro)
Starcastle - The Stars Are Out Tonight (Jaylib - Starz)
Teena Marie - Portuguese Love (Ludacris - Child Of The Night)
The Lost Generation - The Sly, The Slick & The Wicked (Nas - It Was Written Intro)
Twennynine w/ Lenny White - Morning Sunrise (Jay-Z - Dear Summer ) ***I KNOW IT WAS WELDON IRVINE BUT I LIKE THIS VERSION BETTER***
Vickie Sue Robinson - Jealousy (Juelz Santana - My Problem (Jealousy))
Willie Hutch - Baby Come Home (Ghostface Killah f. Ne-Yo - Back Like That)
Yvonne Fair - Let Your Hair Down (Jay-Z - Where I’m From Pt. 1)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

" Zulu Nation Exclusives "

Me and legendary San Francisco graff king " Bron One ", recently combined forces for these limited pressing " U.Z.N.-N/S " tees.
Damn " Bron ", good lookin out my dude...You are truly a creative genius on all types of levels....Peace and respect to all Zulu's worldwide who keep that funk alive....To check out more of " Bron One's " original pieces PEEP

" 4 All The Fly Kick Rockers "

When it comes to kicks, Mr. Hip Hop Battlefield is holding folks....I'm sitting on a healthy stack of joints, but I will leave all the shoe science to my man " P ", { Funk What Ya Heard } who is a animal in the kick department..... But I couldn't resist posting up this book { Sole Junkie } by Steven Cedre ..... The first book to showcase the art of customizing kicks, and the skill it takes to make it rock correctly.......{ Fresh }....You can pick up a copy yourself HERE

" Mixtape Shit "

This is a mix that " J Rocc " did for " Wax Poetic "....It features joints by " Mitchski ", " Jack Bruce ", " Pretty Tony " etc.....He runs the gamut on this one, never sticking to one particular style of music....Act like you know, and download this with a quickness...

" Kool Keith Tour Dates "

Kool Keith and Kutmaster Kurt are on tour right now, and if they are sliding through your city, you know what to do....
Here is the info cousin....

(First Leg)
Feb 17 @ Sugar-Victoria, B.C., Canada
Feb 19 @ Richards On Richards-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Feb 20 @ Neumos-Seattle, WA
Feb 21 @ Berbatis Pan-Portland, OR
Feb 22 @ The Domino Room-Bend, OR
Feb 24 @ Humbolt Brews, Arcata, CA
Feb 25 @ Harlows-Sacramento, CA
Feb 26 @ Mezzanine-San Francisco, CA
Feb 27 @ El Rey, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 28 @ Casbah-San Diego, CA
March 5 @ The Mohawk-Austin, TX
March 6 @ Palladium Loft-Dalls, TX
March 7 @ Spanish Moon-Baton Rouge, LA

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

" Boostin Kev--The First Lo-Life On Wax "

" Boostin Kev " was a member of Brooklyn's " Lo- Lifes " crew....A notorious posse of boosters who terrorized the east coast for " Polo " wears in the 80's and early 90's....Many are aware of the " Lo- Lifes " due to " Thirstin Howl 3rd and " Rack Lo ", who have kept the name alive in the 21st century....But " Boostin Kev " is the first " LL" on wax....

" To All My Peoples That Be Boostin ", is straight up classic Hip Hop....Kev stays on topic for the whole song, the beat is bangin, and his charisma and personality bounce all over the track....When I first heard this in 94/95, I couldn't believe what I was hearing....It sounded so different compared to anything else that was coming out at the time.....Unfortunately, " Kev " passed away some years back....But his music is still around to keep our spirits up....

Salute to you " Boostin Kev ' for being one of the true originators R.I.P....

To find out more about the " Lo- Lifes ' { The motherfuckers who really put Lo on the map as far as Hip Hop is concerned } CHECK IN

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

" In The GO- GO "

This looks like it's going to be out of control...Major shout out 2 " All Natural Inc " for getting at me on a constant....100

" Milkcrate Jewels 10, "

Lord Tariq is one of the most slept on mc's in Hip Hop.....I remember hearing him destroy " Doo Wop " mixtapes with crazy lines like, " I don't believe in white Jesus, so fuck reading bibles / back up , strap up Lord Tariq is on arrival ".....Ouch.....Yeah, he was on that ill shock rap shit.....He was the type of M.C. to make you hit the rewind button on your boom box....

As a member of " Money Boss Players " he kept bringing the drama, but his work with " Gunrunners " { Peter Gunz, Triple X } deserves shine as well....The " Life And Death " E.P. came out in 1995, and here are my favorite cuts " Shakedown " and " Darkside ".......Dont sleep....

" New 9th Wonder Joint "

" Justice League's " Cesar Comanche, just dropped a new cut " Hands High " with 9th Wonder on the production....I know I have heard this sample before, Hmmmmm....Oh yeah, Pete Rock flipped the same shit on " Petestrumentals "....Anyway, this is the lead single from his upcoming ABB Records album " Die In Your Lap "........

Monday, February 9, 2009

" Drasar Monumental On The Remix "

When it comes to this remix shit, I go through a editing process that is somewhat time consuming.....Sometimes I will make ten versions before I decide to blog one of them up.....This week's remix is a song called " God Bless Ya Life " by the Ill Biscuits....The original version is dope in it's own right, but I decided to slow the tempo down and give it my own melancholic/dusted feel.....I made ten other versions of this joint, but this one is the winner....


" Mixtape Mondays "

You know how " Shortkut ' get's down.....This mix should get your week started off in the right direction....Download immediately if you know what's good for ya....{ Classic shit }

" Under The Radar P. R. "

Here is a " Pete Rock " joint featuring " Meccalicous " that just got released from the vaults.....Little is known about " Meccalicious ', but I do know there are a couple other joints of his floating around.....The name of this cut is " How You Feel " 1997....Big up to " TRF " for always keepin it fresh of course....

" Milkcrate Jewels 9, B.K. Edition "

The first time I ever heard the word " Steelo ", was on this joint right here "Causin A Menace rmx " by the " Dreadknots ".....M.T.V. Raps used to give this a little burn, but I don't think a full length album was ever released by these cats.....I wonder if they are sitting on a stash of music recorded from this period ?.....It would be interesting to hear what else they have to offer, " The Anthem " is the only other cut I have heard from this mysterious B.K. outfit......If anyone has more music by " Dreadknots ", get at me...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

" Sucka Of The Week, Rest In Peace "

Everyone is a Hip Hop critic these days...But the strange thing is, 9 times out of 10, the motherfuckers doing the dissing have never been on a stage in their entire life.......On the real, if you think someone is wack, run up on that man and tell him to his face..." Hey good morning ?, how are you doing ? , your new album sucks, you sound like you are reaching homie ".... That's the honorable way to go about it....Not getting on your computer and acting like you are some type of Hip Hop gatekeeper.... In my opinion these types of actions are corny, and that's why I had to dead the " Sucker Of The Week " column....But if I was going to post for " SOTW " today, it would go something like this.....{ R.I.P. }

1...Bruce Springsteen's performance at the Super Bowl----This was single handedly, the worst performance I have ever seen in my fucking life....And I am not clowning on him because he is old { after attempting a knee slide, Bruce could barely stand up } , unflavorful, and has less soul power than Michael Bolton { imagine that }....I am clowning on him because he can't sing, can't dance, and can't hold it down fam.....Bruce started his performance by yelling " Stop eating your guacomole dip, put down your chicken tenders, and let's rock "....Nah homie, I am not rocking with you........Embarrassing....

2....The notorious " Lil Wayne " interview----Wow, your boy has officially lost his marbles.... It's almost too easy to pop blog shots at this dude, because he plays himself on a constant basis....Check in for yourself, if you haven't already...

3...Mix-less Mixtapes { Insert D.J. name here }----Just because you compile a bunch of songs, doesn't mean you have a mixtape on your hands...Blending is the foundation of party rocking. Without that, you just put yourself in the " Jukebox " category....Get your mind right and get your blends up....

4.....R.I.P. " Sucka Of The Week "------A sucker is born every minute, but why should I focus on them ?....I have beats to make, records to find, and a abundance of good music to digest....Instead of wasting time tearing apart the next man, we should be channeling that energy into making funky music......100

Thursday, February 5, 2009

" QB Burners "

These are the two best cuts off of the " Blaq Mobb " mixtape....." The Way You Make Me Feel " and " Son Of A Gun " { Produced by Sincere Noble }...100

" K.R.S.- One For President "

The reason why I still check for " K.R.S.- One ", is because he is one of the most thorough cats to ever grace the stage....Period....If you have ever seen him perform, or drop heavy science at lectures, you know what I am talking about...When most rappers are scared to death to speak the truth, " K.R.S. " embraces the truth, and has never held his tongue for anyone....
On this clip below, " K.R.S. " goes in on " Obama ", 911, etc.....You need to check this out people....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

" Hip Hop Battlefield's Remix Of The Day "

Out of all the shit that I have posted on this blog { approaching 400 post } my remixes appear to be getting the most burn...If you dig in the crates of " Hip Hop Battlefield ", you will spot one of my remixes every week...I recommend you give those a listen if you haven't already....I will post up more A.S.A.P. { My stash is kinda thick homeboy } ....And on that note, it's only right that I post up one of my favorite remixes of all time....The " Buckwild " remix of " Damn " { The Liks }......The original wasn't half- bad, but the ultra- smooth vibe of " Buck's " version takes the cake......Inspirational indeed...

Peep " Buck " in the studio playing an assortment of his self produced joints, and breaking down the politricks of the industry..

" New Shit "

This is the first single off of " The Connection's " digital album, " Take It Higher " { Produced by Van Cal }....Even though they flipped the same sample that " ATCQ " used on " Lyrics To Go ", I am still kinda feeling this track....Be on the lookout for their full length, " Trapeze " out now on " Domination Recs "...


" Quick Download 4 You "

This is a mixtape from " Flux " of " BINKIS RECS " fame...This 9 song joint features production from " Madlib ", " Zo ", " Willie Evans Jr ", etc......R.I.P. JAX.....