Friday, July 31, 2009

" On My B - Boy Shit "

Get you floorwork together and go for your's kid, and just maybe you will walk away with that 1500 dollars....You can catch me and " Mr. Funk What Ya Heard " , wrecking the breaks and causing much damage..... ( YOU UNDERSTAND ME )...

Big shout out to War Party Z's for making it happen...YEE-YEE..

" Crazy Ass Crooklyn Kids "

I have written about Brooklyn's infamous " Lo - Life's " several times on this blog, but after stumbling across "Shillz Da Realz's" site, I had to venture into " Lo - Life " territory again...

" Shillz " is one of the original founders of this world renown boosting outfit...Check out his spot for interesting crime stories, fashion, Hip Hop, and all types of funny shenanigans...

B.K. Stand the fuck up !!!!!!!

* Pic of " Shillz " backday, rocking a ill teddy bear lo - sweater....

Peep out his blog if you know what time it is....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

" New Punchline "

E.M.C.'s " Punchline " just released a joint entitled, " Two For One " that should make your ears perk up a little bit...Damn..This sample sounds mad familiar to me...Hmmmm, reminds me of some shit that Preemo flipped before...

Regardless, " Punchline " does his thing on this track with the confidence of a young veteran....

Time for you to check in.......


" Blog Shots 20 "

That dude, " Eli Escobar " has a blog that you should check out when you get the chance...A gang of mixes, edits, remixes, downloads, and all types of freshness can be found at his spot...

When you head over there, make sure to tell em that kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!!!!!!!

" D.J. Eli Escobar " mix at the " Do-Over "

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

" Brazilian Breaks On The Set "

If you appreciate that Brazilian funk mode like I do, than you will get put under a spell by this compilation..It's a perfect soundtrack for a lovely summer....

Pull out that Acai berry juice, turn on your trusty oscillating fan, and prepare for some heat..

Peep the playlist....

Miguel De Deus - "Mister Funk"
Cry Babies - "Kool & The Gang"
Brasil Tropical - "Batuchada Tropical"
Hot Stuff Band - "Juju Man"
Aquarius Band - "Sultana"
Free Som Orchestra - "The Kings Bounce"
Super Erotica - "Jungle Fever"
Ed Lincon - "Se Voce Quiser"
Orquestra CBD - "Temma Da Zorra"
SOS - "Big Splash"
Mao Branca - "Melo Do Mao Branca"
bonus track - "Disco Chuva"
bonus track - "Batulona"


" The Don "

Don Lett's is the European version of " Fab 5 Freddy "...(That might not be the most accurate comparison, but I think you get the picture)....As a cultural ambassador, " Don " has brought together more people than many so - called government's...

He is credited as being one of the first D.J.'s in Europe to meld reggae and punk rock music into his sets, which influenced the " Clash " and numerous bands of that era, and beyond...

Don directed " Musical Youth's " first video ( Pass The Dutchie ), " Dance Hall Queen ", and his movie " Westway To The World ", won a grammy in 2003..

There are plenty of accolades that I have not mentioned...I guess you will have to pick up the book ( like I did ) to get the full run down.....


Or you can check out this in depth interview with him courtesy of 3 A.M Magazine.....


" Music Is My Art Volume. 4 Mixtape "

Check out this mix by Detroit's own, D.J. House Shoes, one of the busiest D.J.' s on the fucking planet....Quality stuff once again..

You know how he GET'S IT IN...Quit stalling and do the right thing for yourself.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

" Renditions, Covers, and Remakes "

Chairman Mao and D.J. Muro come correct with this conceptual mixtape, ( Run For Cover )....It features all remakes of some very flavorful tunes...

I'm not going to hit you off with a playlist this time around, but trust me when I tell you, this is that shit !!!!!!! It was released late last year, and all songs were recorded from the original vinyl pressings...POW, POW, POW.......

You know what to do trooper...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

" Florida Funk Madness "

Holy shit !!!!!!!

This compilation featuring all Florida funk bands is straight heat...Over 20 cuts of under the radar gems from the Alligator State...Consider yourself blessed homeboy...

Peep the playlist...Enjoy

1 Universals, ---The New Generation (2:26)
2 Pearly Queen--- Quit Jive'in (2:39)
3 James Knight & The Butlers--- Save Me (3:06)
4 Carrie Riley & The Fascinations--- Super Cool (2:55)
5 Oceanliners Cutting Room--- (Hot Pants) (2:53)
6 Mighty Dogcatchers,--- The It's Gonna Be A Mess (Pt. II) (2:37)
7 Bobby Williams & His Mar Kings--- All The Time (3:24)
8 Sam Baker--- Do Right Man (2:50)
9 Pearl Dowdell*--- Good Things (2:35)
10 Delrays* ---Pure Funk (Pt. II) (2:16)
11 Little Beaver--- Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay (Pts. I & II) (4:29)
12 Blowfly ---Butterfly Theme (2:11)
13 Willie Johnson--- (2) Lay It On Me (1:58)
14 Outlaw Gang,--- The Funky Fast Bump (2:45)
15 Luis Santi--- Y Su Conjunto Los Feligreses (4:02)
16 Coke (4)--- Na Na (3:58)
17 Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders--- Soul Food (3:16)
18 Third Guitar,--- The* Baby Don't Cry (2:58)
19 Weston Prim And Backlash--- Spider Web (3:59)
20 Montereys,--- The Get Down (2:56)
21 Vanessa Kendrick--- 90% Of Me Is You (2:43)
22 Lavell Kamma--- Soft Soul (2:41)


" Sunday Morning Breaks "

All the way from the U.K. comes this mix ( A Country Practice ) courtesy of, " D.J. Woody and Sean Vinylment "....In terms of obscutity and execution these cats did a thorough job..

Jazz fusion breaks, funk beats, and a unorthodox approach makes this project a keeper....Check out the evil sounding intro, sounds like some creepy, horror film type shit !!!!!!!


Here is the playlist...

1 Intro
2 Vans
3 Perform
4 Nuke Em
5 Dirty
6 Thajt
7 Mean
8 Mardy
9 Deterje
10 Leery
11 Spooky
12 Evan Knows
13 In The Shadows
14 Burrowing Down Under
15 Gettin Down
16 Time Of His Own
17 Moody
18 Goin Ape
19 Vibrations
20 Solid
21 Unlimited
22 Bloody Beats
23 Stick It In Ya Family
24 Ariel Stunts
25 Intellectual Capacity
26 Fuzzed
27 Bassik
28 Bassik Part 2
29 Old Standards
30 Balling
31 Hey There Jimmy
32 The Vicorage
33 Countryside Noises
34 Gonna Find Something


Friday, July 24, 2009

" Revolution And Kid Capri Drop Jewelz "

Listen up !!!!

Revolution and Capri put sucker duck D.J.'s on blast .......SAY WORD...

" In The Sucker Free "

Props to " Vinrock " for sending me this info....Tomorrow night looks like a doozy.....

" Tribute To The Villain In Black "

M.C. Ren is one of the King's Of The West.....Period....Dudes talk about Snoop, Crooked I, etc...But the Ruthless Villain doesn't get enough shine when this regional king talk start's poppin up....

Here are a couple lines that should refresh your memory..

" I hit a nigga off in the head with a chair / the reason for that, the motherfucker he was standing there "...( M.C Ren - Final Frontier )...

" Anytime that the 9 wanna leave, I got a 38 hidden up the sleeve / And it's ready to go to war, cause that's what it's here for, I shoot down a million nigga's and shoot one more ".....( M.C.Ren - Appetite For Destruction )...

" They want a nigga dead or alive / cause I don't talk jive, I try to survive "...( M.C. Ren - Mayday On The Frontline )...

I could truly go on forever ( off the top of my head ) but I think you get the picture...Strange thing is, after Ren put out the " Kiss My Black Ass E.P. " I stopped checking for him a little bit...I liked that E.P., but his follow up record ( Shock Of The Hour ) switched up the production dramatically.

Regardless, their is not many dudes that brought that hardcore shit like Ren...You actually felt the tension soon as he grabbed the mic back then....Salute to you Ren, for making me write better rhymes....

Check out this extensive interview " Dubb CNN " conducted with Ren awhile back.....POW,POW,


And just to keep it funky, here are a couple videos to get hype to...C.P.O. featuring Ren- Ballad Of A Menace.

Eazy And Ren dissing Dr. Dre.......HAHAHAHAHAH

One of the few songs I liked on Shock Of The Hour, " All Bullshit To The Side "....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

" Buckshot Say's, Fuck Rock The Bells "

Buckshot is spitting the truth on this clip...Yeah I had a good time there last year and all that, but a couple of things need some fine tuning ....

How could you have " Bambaataa " on the small stage ?....How could you have " Spankrock " hop on stage to do his thing right after Bam's performance ?...

How can you have a concert called " Rock The Bells " without L.L ?....

Peep Buck GOING IN....

" Stretch Armstrong Interview "

Stretch's " Konstant Kontact " blog, was one of the main inspirations for starting my own spot...The sheer amount of heavy artillery he was dropping was ridiculous..

His input into that blog has slowed down dramatically...Why ?...Who knows...I'm quite sure he has a lot on his plate, maybe he doesn't have the time for this blog game anymore.....

Regardless, check out this interview " D.J. Eli " conducted with Stretch...

Two thumbs up...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

" New Eclipse Show : Featuring Sadat X "

Eclipse is back to burn with another edition of his, " Rap Is Out Of Control " radio show..." E " takes time out to chop it up with the great " Sadat X " for a interesting listen...

Get ready for new joints, doubles, blends, and all that good shit...

Here is the playlist...

1. La Coka Nostra feat. Immortal Technique & Q-Unique "Nuclear Medicinemen" prod. by Q-Unique
2. Ras Kass "Amazin" prod. by Veterano
3. Sadat X feat. Brand Nubian "Brand New Bein'" prod. by DJ JS-1 & Johnny Walker
4. Wu-Tang feat. Inspectah Deck, Sadat X & U-God "Sound The Horns" prod. by Andrew Kelley
5. Tash feat. J-Ro & Montage One "Liquor Store Run" prod. by Montage One
6. Fashawn "Life As A Shorty" prod. by Exile
7. Sadat X feat. 380 "Swerve" prod. by Will Tell
8. Blaq Poet feat. Panchi & Imani Montana "Stretch Marks & Cigarette Burns" prod. by DJ Premier
9. Havoc "Going OT" prod. by Team Green
10. Sick Jacken feat. B-Real "The Sickside" prod. by Sick Jacken
11. Kel Spencer feat. Flo Blitz & Torae "We Gets Buzy" prod. by Remus
12. Soulbrotha feat. Sadat X, Nut-Rageous & Craig G "Are You Ready" prod. by Soulbrotha
13. Sadat X feat. Twan "King Kong" prod. by Will Tell
14. L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Fly So High" prod. by Khrysis
15. Grand Puba "Get That Money" prod. by PHD
16. Reef The Lost Cauze "Get Me Outta Here" prod. by Guns-N-Butter
17. Sadat X "Teach The Children" prod. by DJ JS-1 & Johnny Walker
18. Kel Spencer feat. Masta Ace & Flo Blitz "Just Wanna Be Heard"
19. Bishop Lamont feat. Xzibit "Hallelujah" prod. by Dr. Dre
20. Alchemist feat. Kool G Rap "ALC Theme" prod. by The Alchemist
21. L.E.G.A.C.Y. feat. Phonte, Chaundon & Sean Price "TKO" prod. by Khrysis
22. Pr1me feat. Butch Cassidy "Sabotage Me (Remix)" prod. by Focus
23. Sadat X feat. KRS-1 & Rahzel "Blow Up Da Spot" prod. by DJ JS-1 & Johnny Walker
24. Sadat X "Making Hits" prod. by Will Tell
25. Tash feat. E-Swift "Go West" prod. by Josh G



" Drasar Monumental On The Remix "

I'm not one of those cats that has a grip of memory disk full of different drums, melodies, etc....When I make a beat everything is straight from scratch...The reason behind this being, I want to have a open mind when I approach my record collection and my sampler..

Some of my friends think my technique is crazy, but I just look at it as being adventurous...

So here we go again, another remix grenade tossed right in the middle of cyberspace...BOOM....No Midi, No keyboards, No nonsense....

" Rare Species " - Mobb Deep.....


* Bugged picture of me looking out of a window at the top of Sears Tower, Chicago......

Monday, July 20, 2009

" D.J. Slyce Makes A Comeback "

Around 2003-2004 I stopped checking for the D.M.C. D.J. Battles..It seemed like after the "P- Trix", "A- Trak",and "D.J. Craze" era, cat's couldn't take it to another level...

Last night I decided to see what's up with the up and comers on the D.M.C. set....Just like I suspected, sloppy juggles, shaky transitions, and way too much Drum and Bass influence....Is this a rave or a motherfucking D.J. battle ?....

One of the D.J.'s that caught my attention though was,"D.J. Slyce"..Remember him ?...He stopped battling in 1999, but decided to step back in the ring in the 21st century...

After a 10 year hiatus, did this beat juggling monster from New Jersey have the right stuff to take the crown ? Nah, but second place isn't half bad.......

Peep this 2008 clip..

1997 footage...POW...

" Monz Rock Exclusive "

My homeboy "Monzrock" , just sent me this new 2009 heat rocket (Suddenly, produced by E.C)....

I have been building with this cat for a number of years, and everytime we meet up I instantly notice the progression of his skills...
Keep it on the rise famz....



Saturday, July 18, 2009

" New Low Budget Crew Mixtape "

Those " Low Budget " dudes have been making noise for some time now...Kev Brown, Grap Lover, Oddisee, Ken Starr, Critically Acclaimed, Roddy Rodd, and Kaimbr joined forces for the release of this mix, which showcases unreleased, as well as brand new material..

Impressive shit...( Shouts to FS )


01. Kev Brown – Another Random Joint
02. Oddisee – Hip Hop Is Cool Again
03. Sean Born – Go Hard (prod. Kev Brown)
04. The Al Green Project (Kaimbr & Kev Brown) – Grits
05. Kenn Starr – Say Goodbye (prod. Black Milk)
06. Kev Brown & RoddyRod – Down By The Riverside
07. Grap Luva feat. Kev Brown – Git Mines (prod. RoddyRod)
08. Diamond District – I Mean Business
09. RoddyRod feat. yU & Finale – Neva Find Me
10. RoddyRod – Take In Stride (prod. JLaine)
11. RoddyRod feat. Phonte & Carlitta Durand – This Time Around
12. Kaimbr feat. Kenn Starr – The Truth (prod. RoddyRod & Kev Brown)
13. RoddyRod feat. yU & XO – UNI-VERSE
14. Sean Born – Take It & Run (prod. Kev Brown)
15. The Al Green Project (Kaimbr & Kev Brown) – Songs (Hands Up)
16. Oddisee – Camera
17. Critically Acclaimed – Appreciation (prod. Kev Brown)
18. Kev Brown feat. yU – Marvelous
19. Isaac Jones (Sean Born & Kenn Starr) – Keep It Movin (prod. Kev Brown)
20. Kev Brown feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Kenn Starr – Hennessey Pt. 3
21. Critically Acclaimed – Triple D (prod. Kev Brown)


" Saturday Morning Pop Off "

Now this is what I am talking about...." D.J. Anonymous " hits us off with a fresh mixtape that features a gang of what some people call, " Random Rap "....For some reason I never really adopted that term...I think it belittles the artist who probably did everything in their power to not sound like some random, run of the mill type dudes...

Any mix that rocks " T.D.S. Mob " is a keeper in my book....

Have a good weekend..

Playlist...( Notice the song with D.J. Miz that features a different M.C. than Freshco or Ice Cream T...I never knew this existed )

Sirocalot: Sirocalot
J.V.C. Force: Stylin' Lyrics
D.J. Ace & Daquan: Hard To The Core
Strictly Bizness: Call It What You Want
The Heartbeat Brothers: Time 2 Get Paid (Anonymous Remix)
Antoinette: I Got An Attitude (Anonymous Remix)
Too Fresh: Hitten' Harder
Priority One: I Can't Go For That
Lightnin Lee & Poppy P: Big Time Chillin
D.J. Scratch & G-O-D: The Party Is Jumpin
Kings Of Swing: Stop Jockin' James
Dr. Luv & Kev-Ski: Overdose
Aaron Dee & C-Nice: Disassemble The Beat
D. Moet & X-Calibur: Dance To The Excalibur
M.C. Sugar Ray & Stranger D: If It Ain't Rough It Ain't Right
T.D.S. Mob: Dope For The Folks
Live N' Effect Posse: We Got A Message In Our Music
J.V.C. Force: A Force Thing
D.J. Miz & M.C. Ludicrous: Trouble
Take 6: Spread Love (Anonymous Remix)
Bid Daddy Kane: Ain't No Half Steppin Marley Marl Remix


Friday, July 17, 2009

" Willie Evans Remix Heatery "

I recently ran into Willie while he was on tour with " Mr. Lif "...He was a real down to earth cat..After we cracked a couple jokes I asked him what type of sampler does he rock? ..Come to find out he uses the same sampler that I do ( MPC 1000 )...

And just like myself, he rhymes and makes his own beats...YEAH MAYNE.....

Anyway, if your not up on this cat I suggest you go cop some of his earlier work with the " Asamov " crew...Some of Florida's finest Hip Hop if you ask me...

In 2007, " Willie " gave Mr.Lif and Ak the remix treatment for the " Black Mega " project.....

You know what to do.....

1. medical aid
2. hand that rocks the cradic
3. wreck dem
4. black dialogue
5. looking in
6. away
7. livin
8. brothaz
9. the fries
10. party hard
11. communication ft. willie evans jr.
12. memorial day (prod. therapy)


" Djimon : N.Y. Hardcore Remixes "

Just listened to this remix project by French beatmaker, "Djimon"..Never heard of this cat before, but he drops a couple choice remixes to keep your bell's ringing..

Good to hear some international hardcore on the set...

Hip Hop Battlefield's top cut's...#5,#3......

Here is the playlist...POW,POW

01. Lost Boyz - The Yearn feat. Pete Rock
02. M.O.P. - G-Building
03. Inspectah Deck - The Movement
04. M.O.P. - Ante Up
05. Infamous Mobb - Empty Out


" Heavy Roots Mix "

Check out this roots mix by " D.J. PHD "....If this doesn't help jump start your weekend, I don't know what will...
This burner is laced with critical selections...

Peep the playlist...BOOOOYAAAAKAAA.

Rockers - Bunny Wailer
Norman - Max Romeo
Deck Of Cards - Prince Far I
Raggy Joey Boy - Tapper Zukie
You Are My Angel - Horace Andy
Screaming Target - Big Youth
Riding For A Fall - Horace Andy
Words - Sangie Davis & Lee Perry
Natty Dread a Weh She Want - Tapper Zukie ft. Horace Andy
Don't Stay Away - Hugh Mundell
Daughter Whole Lotta Sugar Down Deh! - Jah Berry
Move Out Of My Way - Bunny Clarke
International Farmer - Peter Broggs
Vineyard - Joe Higgs
Ready or Not - Johnny Osbourne
Tonight - Keith & Tex
I'll Be Waiting - Alton Ellis
Thank You Lord - Bob Marley
Cool Breeze - Big Youth
The Scorcher - Errol Dunkley
Cant Buy Love - Johnny Osbourne
Sesame Street - Scotty
If I Could Rule the World - Alton Ellis


" D.I.T.C. Unreleased Heaters "

Here is some D.I.T.C. unreleased flavor that you might have missed...Be prepared for some heavy fire power.....

" Page The Hand Grenade ",-Mass Hysteria (produced by Buckwild).......This is my shit right here.

" Fat Joe And Armageddon ", -Big Apple Gone Rotten ( produced by Showbiz )

Thursday, July 16, 2009

" Are We Going Too Far, George Jetson Editions "

Hip Hop heads have always been on the cutting edge of technology, but are we going too far in the opposite direction?...Maybe I am just a old fashioned vinyl lover...

This invention by Scott Hobbs at Dundee University, looks like it should come with a NASA space suit... George Jetson D.J. shit......

Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo.

" Nasty Nas, Pre-Illmatic Demo Madness "

They didn't call him Nasty Nas for nothing homeboy...

Peep Nasir wrecking shit before the official release of the classic, " Illmatic "......

" I'm A Villain "

" Number One With A Bullet " featuring Kool G. Rap and Whiteboy.....

" Just - Ice Rocks The 45's "

Here is a mix by the ORIGINAL HIP HOP GANGSTER, "Just- Ice"...Nice selections of reggae tunes indeed....Go cop some ginger beer, bless yourself up, and do the right thing, CHECK IN !!!!!!!!!!

Big up to The Crypt...

LICK OFF A SHOT.................


" Hip Hop Battlefield T- Shirts "

Be on the lookout for these ill T's in the near future...Big shout out to my manz from S.F. , " Big Bron Onerz " for lacing these joints up..God damn G, were about to be living the motherfuckin dream...HAHAHA..

If your interested in copping one of these, hit me up at ZJUDAH@YAHOO.COM..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

" Wax Weapons 22, Remix Version "

Here is another mix to get your ears perked up..." Wax Weapons 22 " is a joint that features all remixes..I didn't include one of my favorite remixes of all time, ( Shut E'm Down Remix by Pete Rock ) but there is still enough heat on this to raise your blood pressure levels...

I did this all off the top of the dome...All vinyl, all flavorful, all on the fly.....Enjoy..

Here is the playlist...

1. Nas - The World Is Yours, " Q-Tip Remix "

2. Scritti Politti - Tinseltown featuring Mos Def, " Beat Nuts Remix "

3. Psycho Realm -Stone Garden, " Pete Rock Remix "

4. Funkdoobiest - Rock On, " Buckwild Remix "

5.Shorty No Mas - My Style, " Beatminerz Remix "

6. Jigmastas- So What featuring Guru, " Ken Sport Remix '

7 .A.Z.- Dough Or Die featuring Raekwon, " RZA Remix "

8. One Be Lo- Unparalleled, " Decompoze Remix "

9. O.C. - Born To Live Remix...

10. Grand Puba- U Know How It Goes, " T- Ray Remix "

11. Madkap- Proof Is In The Pudding, " Broadway Remix "

12.CMW - Def Wish 2, " D.J. Premier Remix "

13. Madlib White Label Remix- " ? "


Monday, July 13, 2009

" Hip Hop Battlefield Remixes "

I remixed this joint before, " Grand Daddy I.U. " ( Slinging Bass )....It was descent enough by my own standards, but it had too many sequences ( 15 or so )...

Sometimes when you rock too many sequences, you end up all over the place, and your beat becomes one big sloppy mess ( Unless your name is the Bomb Squad )..

Grand Daddy I.U. is a criminally slept-on cat...Even though his albums were always a little uneven, he always dropped some incredible wordplay, ill syllable patterns, and heavily detailed street narratives....Salute...

If you have shitty computer speakers your not going to hear the low end action...Ghetto Blaster recommended HAHAHHA..

Peep the remix......


And while your at it, here is another Drasar Monumental remix torpedo... Vocals from , " Big Noyd " featuring Mobb Deep...


" Digging In The Wax Weapons Files "

At this point the " Wax Weapons " series is close to turning 30....Damn, almost 30 off the top of the dome mixes done by your's truly..

When I made " WW 11 " eight months back, my goal was to pull out some of the grimiest beats in my record collection...No " Neo - Soul ", no party time, shake your money maker joints, no happy rap.(I don't have much of that in my crates anyway HAHAHAH)

I think my goal was accomplished...Listen carefully to these blends...Instead of riding the 4 bar blend motif, I decided to let the mixes build to the point of hypnosis...After a couple minutes of checking in, you might just find yourself under some type of ROUGHNECK SPELL...There is one needle skip ( Happens with vinyl sometimes homeboy )...

I dedicate this to all you hardcore beat rockers out there...Turn the volume way past ten and prepare for collision......BLAMZZZ


" Funk Mode Ya'll "

D.J. Prestige is back with some more funk burners for all you cyber beat heads out there...Please do not sleep !!!!!!!

Here is the playlist...POW..

1. Searching Intro
2. Billy Strange - Put A Little Led In Your Zeppelin (Air)
3. Shirley Bassey - Spinning Wheel (UA)
4. Hannibal - Wake Up (Aware)
5. Albert King - Oh, Pretty Woman (Atlantic)
6. Freddy Robinson - Black Fox (World Pacific Jazz)
7. The Soul Set feat. Norman Seldin - Filet Au Soul (Johnson Record Company) *This is a local band from my area, true NJ blue eyed Soul
8. Ray Barretto - Hard Hands (Fania)
9. Los Angelos Negros - Sombras de Tu Recuerdo (UA Latino)
10. Carl Malcolm - Black Colour, Proud Mind (Abcan)
11. Nina Simone - Baltimore (CTI)
12. Sound Experience - Blow Your Mind (Soulville)
13. The Expressions - These Moments (Truth and Soul)
14. MC Lyte Outro


" Monday Morning Jump Off "

Clean that crust out of your eyes, rinse up a little bit, and throw on that Old Spice cologne...It's time to start another week famz..
While your at it, swoop up this new Mic Geronimo E.P. ( Scars And Stripes ) and throw it in your rotation...

I was suprised to hear this because I haven't heard anything from " MG " in a minute...Good to hear him putting it down in the 21st century...Not a bad effort, but not a knock em out the park, homerun hitter effort either....Regardless, it's worth a listen...

Check in..


Friday, July 10, 2009

" Kankick Mix By D.J. Corrado "

Kankick used to be in the " Lootpack " until he bounced to form the " Funkfarm ", which included D.J. Babu, etc...Over the years he has released a gang of top notch blunted beats...

D.J. Corrado took the time to hit us off with some descent blends on this mix (Even though some of the rhymes are a little shaky at times).....

Here is the playllist..

01. Intro
02. The Finer Things (feat. Dr Oop)
03. Sex Rhyme (feat. Declaime & Poppy of Mad Men)
04. Toast To The Boogie (feat. Declaime & Poppy of Mad Men)
05. Delta Force
06. Just Methods (feat. Montage One)
07. Hot (feat. Miki Vale)
08. As Live As It Gets (feat. Medaphoar & Oh No)
09. It's As Simple As It Gets (feat. God's Gift)
10. Yes Yes (feat. Miki Vale)
11. Shit Ain't Right (feat. Declaime)
12. Malibu (feat. Mystery's Extinction)
13. Love Hardcore (Underground) (feat. Declaime)
14. A Sight For Song Eyes (feat. Visionaries)
15. I Come Real With This (feat. Lootpack)
16. The Apocalypse (feat. The Infamous MC)
17. The 900's (feat. Kubiq & Shake)
18. Same Ol Similar
19. On The Lookout (feat. Kombo & Wildchild)
20. Don't Fight That (feat. Krondon, Montage One, Phil Da Agony & Planet Asia)
21. Method Man Remix


" Truly Odd Rocks The 45's "

I personally believe " U - Stream " is going to pop off in a major way in upcoming months...Remember when streaming videos was just a big waste of time because of the glitch factor ?.....Well things have changed for the better...

On this Beat Junkie Radio clip, Mr. Heavy Weight " Truly Odd " blesses us with some 45 action....



" D.J. Nu - Mark , At The Do - Over "

Damn these " Do - Over " jams are really starting to pick up steam...With guest like " J Rocc ", " Mr. Choc ", " Kon And Amir ", etc it appears as if this is the place where the party people GET IT IN...

This live mix by " Nu - Mark " should help kick off your weekend properly....


Thursday, July 9, 2009

" M.P.C. 2500 Liquidation Sale "

This is a message to all you beat freaks out there...Virtual Sounds Tech is having a sale on all of their M.P.C. 2500's...Instead of charging eighteen hundred ( normal price ), you can now cop one of these joints for just over a grand....

So quit sleeping and go for yours trooper...

GET IT IN.....

" Raashan Ahmad On Deck "

Crown City Rocker " Raashan Ahmad " dropped an album this year entitled , " Soul Power ".....Instead of rocking with a live band, " R " get's busy over sample chops from producers such as " Kas One ", " Woodstock ", " Headnotic ", " Ebo ", etc...

On this cut ( Mobstar Life ), producer " Woodstock " creates a very flavorful atmosphere....Summer time boogie shit....

Check in for yourself...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

" K.R.S. And Buckshot @ RTB Chicago "

I have high hopes for their upcoming album ( Even though I wasn't feeling that Robot joint too much )...

Check for it when it drops if you know what's best for you.....And to my manz " Big Matt " in Chicago, get at me I lost your numbers....

" G.T.F.O.H. - Magic Johnson Edition "

Truth be told, Magic Johnson is my second favorite basketball player of all time ( Kobe Bryant is my # 1 pick ), but did you see him at the Michael Jackson tribute yesterday ?......Wow....

I couldn't believe what I heard come out of his mouth..This brother had enough nerve to say " One of my fondest memories of MJ is when we sat around and had a bucket of K.F.C. fried chicken together "..GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE FAMZ....

Are you crazy ?...The cameras are on you fool...The world is watching you, waiting eagerly for you to drop a jewel or two about this man's life...And all you can come up with is a lame ass chicken eating story...Shame on you fam..

The next thing you know, every media outlet is talking about this K.F.C. comment and straight clowning....( What a suprise )..

I'm suprised the curtains didn't close on Magic....I'm suprised he didn't get hit in the face with a flying egg before he walked off the stage....I'm suprised cat's are so brainwashed they didn't even feel Magic was out of pocket....

You gotta give it up for Al Sharpton though.....Damn...He tore down the house when he yelled out to Michael's kids, " Their is nothing strange about your daddy, but their is something strange about the way your daddy was treated "...
I got motherfucking goosebumps when I heard that shit....

It's time to let Michael rest ya'll....He gave us a lifetime of music, isn't that enough ?.....R.I.P.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

" New D.J. Modesty Mixtape Shit "

" Modesty " recently hit me up with this joint featuring Queens New Yorker, " Nut- Rageous " ( The Real Hip Hop Show Mixtape ).
You know how " Modesty " get's it in....Doubles, blends, and a healthy dose of dirty Hip Hop.....Enjoy..


" Alchemist Interview "

D.J. Booth . net recently dropped a interview with your manz " Alchemist "....He talks about Beverly Hills, Prodigy, his new album,
twitter, and all types of other shit...


" Blog Shots 19 "

I want to thank the wonderful city of San Diego for blessing me with a fresh perspective for this summer...Palm trees, beaches, beautiful women, and a heavy amount of sunshine...It was so fuckin hot it felt like a brother was cooking in a microwave....

While I was there I ran into this cat , " Mane One " who has been holding it down on the decks since 93....He has spun at the " Mighty 4 " several times, and countless other B Boy battles...On his blog you can catch 30 minute mixes where he goes for broke.

This is his latest mix.....

1. born to be blue -jack bruce
2. bubble gum -9th creation
3 wrong side -artifacts
4. lookalike -bob james
5. emcees smoke crack -edan
6. hey love - stevie wonder
7. talkin' bout hey love -dela
8. hope that we can be together soon -stanley turrentine
9. age ain't nothing but a number -chi ali
10. david matthews -sandworms
11. mad scientist -large professor
12. listen and you'll see -crusaders
14. examination of what -digable
15. mother nature -albert jones
16. be -common
17. california soul
18. check the technique -gangstarr
19. you made a believer out of me -ruby andrews
20. won't trade -q-tip
21. one step ahead -aretha
22. ms. fat -mos
23. you got what I need -freddie scott


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

" Family Affair : Zulu Nation Edition "

I'm off to sunny San Diego to celebrate another glorious year with the San Diego Zulu brothers...If your in the area you need to do the right thing...( No more post until Monday )

Major shout out to Daze Onerz, Sen, Planet, Fooderz, Foots, Cold Chris, Mannie, Sha Oner, SF Zulus, 206 Zulus, Waset, Goblin, Vanglorious, YG, Moe, All the North Star Zulu's ( yeee ), Nuff respect to Brother Bam and all Z's worldwide.....PEACE AKHI...