Monday, March 30, 2009

" I'm In Vancouver , British Columbia "

I have been in Vancouver, Canada for the last 5 days....There will be no more post until Wednesday....Canada has a lot of fly record stores, kick shops, clubs ( on the first night here caught a show with Muggs, Q-Bert, Supernat, and Rahzel ).....People are on some ultra- laid back shit up here....They don't call Vancouver " Vansterdam " for nothing kid.....

Check for me on Wed.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

" Wax Weapons 19 "

This is the only " Wax Weapons " that will ever be made without blends...I decided to just throw on some records that fall in the " good music category ".....Come on you got to give the kid a break, every other " WW " features live blends, doubles, and all that other shit....But don't get the wrong impression holmes, you will hear some wild grooves to get loose to...( straight from my crates )

And by the way, my little blog experiment turns 500 today....Thanks to all the cats that CHECK IN on the regular...Some of my mixes have been dowloaded by the hundreds, so I want to say big up and all that other shit...I am just getting started on the BATTLEFIELD, so believe me when I tell you " I AIN'T GOING NOWHERE ".....Don't sleep on me baby, a lot more mixes, remixes, exclusives, interviews ( Brother J, Paris, etc are already in the stashbox ) , videos, rarities, are on the way....HOLD TIGHT..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

" Premier And Blaq Poet In London "

Check out this hour long interview with " Preem " and " Po " on a London radio station last week....They talk about all types of shit so don't sleep on this one G....


" D.C. Stand Up "

Oddisee recently formed a crew called " Diamond District "... If the first single ( Who I Be ) is a indicator of things to come, I will definitely be on the lookout for the upcoming album... 2 Thumbs Up

Diamond District Mini Documentary from Diamond District on Vimeo.

" Small Pro Remix Shit "

When I first heard the name " Small Pro " I was kinda mad....I thought to myself, " what's wrong with this cat, why is he playing Large Pro close like that ? "...( I don't care for the name Young Guru either )...

But I guess a name isn't everything because " Small Pro " does his thing.....For instance, the " Large Pro vs Small Pro " joint has a couple heaters on it...( I know you have heard this David Axelrod flip before, but SP's version rocks pretty hard )....CHECK IN..

" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Brazil "

Someday I have to travel to Brazil...The music that I have been hearing from that part of the world, has put me under some type of trance...

Piero Umiliani composed the soundtrack for the Brazilian film, " Le Isole Dell' Amore " ......This is not your typical bossa nova or samba record, all types of genres are thrown into the pot....And for all you motherfuckin " BEAT NERDS ", you will be happy to find a grip of things to chop up and flip....Shouts out to ' MCB " for holding it down...


" Blog Shots 11 "

Every once in a while I will stumble across a blog that absolutely blows me away... is one of the biggest heavy hitters in cyber- space......

I pride myself on my knowledge of records, breaks, labels, players, etc ( just like everybody else ) ...But it is impossible to be up on everything, so do yourself a favor and head over there....100

" Jail Kite From Prodigy "

FREE P......

New banana clip " P " jail letter

Monday, March 23, 2009

" Vitamin D Is On The Set "

Vitamin D has been putting it down in the 206 ( Seattle ) for over ten years...As a producer, emcee, D.J. and engineer, " D " definitely GETS IT IN....

In 1999 he dropped " Table Manners 2 ", a 45 minute mix featuring all types of different flavors.....VIA * RDH..


" Hip Hop Battlefield Meets King Shameek "

Back in August of 2008, I conducted a interview with the New Jersey legend, " King Shameek "...It has made my whole blog experience worthwhile....

Respect goes out to you " Shameek " for checking into the BATTLEFIELD....


And while your at it, check the " Phil Most Chill ", " Selfish ", " King Kamonzi " interviews as well....Be on the look out for more in the near future...100..

" A Few Good Laughs "

I decided to dead the " Sucka Of The Week " column because it was getting a little corny, so instead here is the first installment in the " Few Good Laughs " series.... ( courtesy of the Murphy Brothers )

Charlie Murphy is one funny ass cat..I actually thought he was funnier than that Dave Chapelle kid....

And who can forget the other Murphy brother ( Vernon ) and his military minded rap outfit the "K-9 Posse "...Even though I liked some of their music, I couldn't help but laugh at this shit ( then and now )..

" Kool G. Rap vs. Bobbito "

In 1999 " Bobbito " did a hour long set of nothing but " G.Rap " joints...Unreleased gems, live freestyles, and all types of other shit are thrown into the mix....Major shout out to " DW " for keeping it funky...Peace..


" On Some Real Live Shit "

The weekend is over G, it's time to get live motherfuckers....If this joint doesn't get you in the right zone, you might need to get your pulse checked homeboy......Check the playlist.. ( please don't sleep on this )

1. Intro
2. Doug E. Fresh/Slick Rick - Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh at the Lincoln Project, NY 1984
3. Zulu Nation - Zulu Nation Anniversary at the Roxy, Bronx, NY 1984
4. Force MC's - Force MC's at the Harlem World, Manhattan, NY 1981
5. Busy Bee/Kool Moe Dee - Kool Moe Dee vs Busy Bee at the Harlem World, Manhattan, NY 1981
6. Fu Kwan/The Real Roxanne - Fu Kwan vs Roxanne
7. Big Daddy Kane/Biz Markie - Biz Markie & Big Daddy Kane at the Mansonic Temple, NY 1986
8. Kool Moe Dee/TLA Rock - Kool Moe Dee & TLA Rock at LL Cool J's BDay 1987
9. LL Cool J - LL Cool J at LL Cool J's B'day Lan, Philly 1987
10. Master Don - Master Don at the Y.M.C.A., Manhattan, NY 1983
11. Run-DMC - Run-DMC at Madison Square Garden, NY 1986
12. DJ Cheese - DJ Cheese Live at UK Fresh, Wembley, London, England 1986
13. Boogie Down Productions - Boogie Down Productions at the Masonic Temple, NY 1986
14. The Message


Saturday, March 21, 2009

" New Camp Lo "

Camp Lo is back on the set with a new album ( Stone And Rob: Caught On Tape )....Sounds like the " BX " crew still got it...Here are a couple of my favorite cuts..." 2 Dope Boys " and " After The Marv ".....Peace..

" Sample Source Shit, Part 2 "

Mixes that expose producers samples is a bit cliche in 2009.....Face it, he beat you to the record...He hooked it up and flipped it before you even had a fuckin clue the record existed....Just because you stumbled upon it ( years later ) doesn't mean you deserve a pat on the back JACK....

Who am I kidding ?...I still check for these mixes because you never know what you might here....This " DJ Ameldabee " mix has a couple surprises for all you BEAT NERDS out there in cyberspace....Enjoy.....( Shout out to P.M. )....

1. Part I: Travelling At The Speed Of Sample: -
2. Samploduction: A great journey over samples from the past with the likes of Beastie Boys, Biz Markie, Main Source, Cypress Hill, Stetsasnoic, Run DMC, Primo, etc. -
3. Part II: What Couldn’t Make Vol. 1: -
4. Reminisce w/ Pete Rock (and his SP's problems) -
5. CL Smooth - 'Down With The King (Live)' -
6. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - 'One In A Million (Live)' -
7. Diamond D - 'Pass Dat Shit' -
8. Diamond D - 'Step To Me' -
9. Show & AG feat. Big L, Lord Finesse - 'Represent' -
10. Show & AG - 'Spit' -
11. Big L - 'MVP' -
12. DITC - 'Where Ya At' -
13. Lord Finesse feat. Akinyele - 'Words From Da Ak' -
14. Lord Finesse feat. Grand Puba, Large Professor, Sadat X - 'Actual Facts' -
15. Lord Finesse feat. O.C., KRS-One - 'Brainstorm/ P.S.K.' -
16. O.C. - 'Hypocrite' -
17. Diamond D - 'No Wonduh… (The Projects)' -
18. Diamond D - 'MC Iz My Ambition' -
19. Part III: Gang Starr Foundation Brooklyn's The Borough: -
20. Gang Starr - 'No Shame In My Game' -
21. Gang Starr - 'Soliloquy Of Chaos' -
22. (Primo About Gang Starr And Artist's Collabz') -
23. Gang Starr feat. Melachi The Nutcracker - 'Words From The Nutcracker' -
24. Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth - 'DWYCK' -
25. Gang Starr - 'Code Of The Streets (Primo's Liv eFlavor + Original Version)' -
26. Gang Starr feat. Lady Of Rage, Kurupt - 'You Know My Steez' -
27. Guru About How Gang Starr Started -
28. Gang Starr - 'Moment Of Truth' -
29. Gang Starr feat. K-Ci & JoJo - 'Royalty' -
30. Gang Starr - 'Work' -
31. Gang Starr feat. Hannibal - 'Itz A Set Up' -
32. Gang Starr - 'What I'm Here 4' -
33. Gang Starr - 'She Knowz What She Wantz' -
34. Gang Starr - 'Betrayal' -
35. Jeru The Damaja - 'Da Bichez' -
36. Jeru The Damaja - 'Jungle Music' -
37. Jeru The Damaja - 'You Can't Stop The Prophet' -
38. Jeru The Damaja - 'Ya Playin' Yaself' -
39. Jeru The Damaja - 'Me Or The Papes' -
40. Jeru The Damaja - 'One Day' -
41. Samploutro Group Home


Friday, March 20, 2009

" Damu: Spare Time "

If you haven't copped that " Y Society " joint yet ? , you need to go grab that too cousin....

Peep the playlist and download....

1. Last Ole - 2005
2. Rather Unique 2 - Instro 2005
3. Colorful Storms - Ruff Instro 2005
4. Damu - Leo The...Part 1 - 2006
5. Coffee Table - 2005
6. Ego Trooping - 2005
7. What's Next - Damu Remix 1
8. 2004 Beat Original
9. Randi - 2006
10. Work In Progress - Instro 2005
11. Pulse - Fudgemunk Instro 2006
12. To RBI - 2004
13. L.B. - 2005
14. Leo the... Part 2 - 2006
15. Colorful Storms - Final Mix 2005
16. Pulse - Fudgemunk Remix 2006
17. Rather Unique 2 - 2005
18. Work In Progress - Damu Remix 2005
19. Paranoid - Japanese LP Bonus Track


" It's The Lord Digga "

As a member of " Masta Ace Incorporated ", Lord Digga blessed us with some descent rhymes, but his production skills deserve some recognition also..As one half of the " Blues Brothers " production team, " LD " has worked with " Biggie Smalls ", " ODB ", " Cella Dwellas ", " Dreadknots ", " Mystidious Misfits ", etc...His trademark sound is heavy drums, crazy filters, and a huge dose of jazz chops ....

Awhile back " One Leg Up " records released the highly sought after " High Plains Drifter E.P. ", which features some funky beats by " LD "... Now is the time to find out for yourself...

" Brand New Day ", and " Enemy Lines " featuring Logik...( I know the pic is from " Flows Are Tight " not High Plains Drifter, but I always loved this cover, so fuck it )....

And here is the illest interview I have ever seen on " LD " ...Props to One Leg Up for constantly keeping it fresh...PEEP

Thursday, March 19, 2009

" Rest In Peace Black I "

It's a shame how certain mc's get overlooked....Even with the help of the internet, it is hard sifting through the abyss of Hip Hop releases to find those true precious jewels.....One of the reasons " Black I " didn't recieve the acclaim he should have, is because many people in the states didn't have access to his music. { Toronto was his homebase } ..

In 1996 I was lucky enough to catch " No Laws " on a KCSB mix show....I couldn't believe what the fuck I was hearing....This was that official next level dope....That song was on heavy rotation in my walkman for the next few months, and I refused to give dubs of it to my crew who loved the track as well ( This was before the internet was really poppin HAHA )...

Somehow my tape got all fucked up, and when I tried to splice it back together the " Black I " joint was all out of wack...I tried to track down this record on vinyl, but the radio show never announced who made the song...But the phrase " no laws " kept poppin up , so I tried to hunt down the title.....

It's 13 years later and I am listening to a interview with " Maestro Fresh Wes " ( Real Frequency ) and he is talking about a fallen Hip Hop soldier named " Black I ".....In the interview he discussed how " Black " used to be a dancer back in the day, but was a dope m.c. as well...

I still didn't make the connection until I heard a best of Canadian Hip Hop mixtape, where Black had a song called " Where I'm From "....Yeah I thought to myself, " That's the same voice from " No Laws "....That's him, that's the guy....

And now the 13 year " HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD " mystery has been solved...I finally know the title of the artist and what compilation " No Laws " was released on ( Beat Factory : Rap Essentials ).....R.I.P. Black I....This is one of my favorite joints ( PERIOD )....Now I am on a quest to find every release you ever put out on vinyl.....And if you are not up on " Black I ", prepare for the shock of the hour....YOU BETTER CHECK IN.....TORONTO STAND THE FUCK UP...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

" Blog Shots 10 "

Marq Spekt ( the cat in the above pic that's on some Champion hoody ninja shit ) has a blog that is worthy of your attention....He doesn't stay stuck in a Hip Hop zone, he hops all over the place and covers various topics...When you head over there, make sure you tell him that grimy kid from " HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD " sent you JACK....


" Rashid Hadee : A Change Gonna Come Mixtape "

After listening to this tonight, ( finally ) I felt like a sap for not peeping this when I first got it ...Let me set the record straight from the gate...Chicago's " Rashid Hadee ", is a problem...His production game is fresh ( He produced every joint on this mix ) , and his wordplay game is kinda savvy....This is a very thorough project that deserves a lot more attention....If you are not up on this kid, you will be pleasantly suprised after you CHECK IN...( Mixed by Cosm Roks and hosted by Big Rapper Pooh )....Here is the playlist...

Big Pooh Intro
“A Change Gon’ Come”
“You Can’t Hide”
“High Wednesday” Feat. Primeridian
“Heart Beat (Freestyle)”
“Back to Business” Feat. Melatone of Chapter 13 (Prod. By J-Dilla)
“What is it” Feat. Astonish & Jay Vega
“Fresh” Feat. Visual
“Explode” (Prod. By Analogic)
“Dreams (Interlude)”
“Dreams” Feat. Little Brother
“Feels Good” (Prod. By Dj PHD)
“When We Rock” Feat. Abstract Mindstate & Iomos Marad
“We Roll (Freestyle)”
“Watchin’ My Moves”
“Standing for Something” Feat. Thaione Davis (Prod. By Madlib)
“Duck, Duck, Duck’ Feat. Young Valentine
“You Never Know” Feat. Furlee of The Landlords
“Getting’ It In” Feat. Donwill of Tanya Morgan
“Black Sunday” Feat. Augustine & KING
“Fallin” Feat. Abstract Mindstate & O-Type Star
“Surrender (Brand New Remix)” Feat. Rita J.
“Focused” Feat. F.O.O.D. (Decay & Selfish)
“Flyin’ High” Feat. Abstract Mindstate
“Oxygen” Feat. Pugs Atomz (Prod. By Pete Rock)
“All Day” Feat. Skinny Kenny
“Glam, Glitter” Feat. Cap D of All Natural
“How Long” Feat. KING
“My Life Story”


" D.J. Muro and Paul Nice Mix "

What up folks, what's shakin ?....I'm about to ( GO IN ) kinda heavy on this one famz....." JFK to Narita " is the name of this mix and it features two different sections, by two top ranking D.J.'s ( Muro and Paul Nice )...You know what time it is...


" Killa Priest : Walter Reed Mixtape "

You can tell Killer Priest is the type of brother that is constantly hitting the books....His wordplay and vocabulary are on some professor shit...It is plainly obvious he took a tremendous amount of time honing his craft...Unfortunately some of his releases have fallen victim to the " mediocre beat syndrome ", but his lyrics have constantly remained sharp and full of substance...

The " Walter Reed " mixtape is like a heavy dose of smelling salts for all those that slept....This is " KP's " triumphant return and trust me, he is back to burn with this release....Do yourself a favor kid and motherfuckin CHECK IN.....P.S. If you can get past the awkward beat selections, you will find plenty of lyrical jewels....


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

" Huge Hefner Shit "

You know how " D " gets down....I am feeling this video ( Good/ Bad )...No silly fake groupies, no money stack flashing, just the bare bones essentials...2 thumbs up...

" Don't Believe The Hype 2009 "

Where is the next " Public Enemy " ?.....I would imagine that by now you are tired of all these tight jean wearing cry babies...With all this crazy shit going on in the world ( Institutional racism, homelessness, expanding prison populations, corporate scandals, etc, ) you would figure more artist would take the time to address certain politics....

I think the current Hip Hop nation bought into the so - called American dream...It used to be a cardinal sin to sell out your art and integrity for commerce...What the fuck happened ? No one want's to rock the boat because cats are scared about their money getting funny.....

Well I have some information for you JACK, this is the real world and the majority of people scramble for any crumb they can get, while a small minority ( bankers, politicians, etc ) horde the wealth like greedy, selfish piglets....You are not a gangster, and only a small amount of you are seeing large money like that....The real gangsters and money holders are political scumbags that could give a fuck less about you or your family....

Just because Obama is in office, don't think for a second that all is well...So many people are caught up in the racial significance of having a black president, that they forgot about the foul legacy of Amerikkka....This country isn't run by one person, it is controlled by many different groups, organizations, and fraternities ( each having their own agenda )...

Hip Hop taught me to question everything.....Sure I am happy to see a brother in office, but I have to question him just like I question all politicians, until I see some real changes.....And on that note, please check out this documentary about Obama, politricks and government corruption...( featuring cameos by KRS and Professor Griff ).....Respect goes out to my dude " REFA 1 " for lacing me up.....100

" It's Going Down In The 415 "

If you want to see " Drasar Monumental " live on the decks, make sure you check out this event poppin off in the bay on March 27th..The party people will definitely be in attendance...Major respect to " Fooderz Oner " for making this happen...100..

" Scaramanga As Cobra Commander "

Scaramanga was on some whole other shit from the gate...After hearing him rhyme on " Doc Oc ", I was convinced that he was going to take the multi - syllable attack to the next level....And he did, but many people chose to sleep....

For instance, you never hear anyone talk about the " Cobra Commander : Blood Bath Mafia " album.....Some of the production is a little off balance, but check out how " Scaramanga " GOES IN....

" Super Nova " featuring Big Dibbs....And " New York "...

" De La In The Mix "

D.J Manifest put this mixtape together awhile back....Rare joints, blends, and remixes.....You know what to do homeboy..


Monday, March 16, 2009

" Drasar Monumental On The Remix "

If you have shitty computer speakers, the heavy bass on this joint might just blow you right out of the game......For this weeks remix I flipped, " Inspector Deck " ( Move )...And the results are very flavorful ( If I may say so myself )....

NO MIDI, NO KEYBOARDS, NO HOMO....And I want to thank everyone for downloading these remixes, it is appreciated....And be on the lookout for the " Roughneck Radio Remix " project that me and " Mr Funk What Ya Heard " are working on....It's going to shake a lot of motherfuckers down, so stay tuned for that in the near future.....Enjoy...

" CMW: B- Sides And Remixes "

In my opinion, the first 3 " Compton's Most Wanted " albums are bonafied classics.....CHECK IN...

1. Intro
2. Rhymes Too Funky
3. We Made It
4. Growin Up In The Hood (Remix)
5. Def Wish II (Dj Premier Remix)
6. Comptons Lynchin (Remix)
7. The Hood Took Me Under (Remix)
8. Streiht Up Menace (Remix)
9. Geez Make The Hood Go Round
10. All For The Money (Remix)
11. Westsiders ft. N.O.T.R.
12. Sly Slick & Wicked ft. N.O.T.R.
13. Thuggin It Up (Remix)
14. The Brew Took Me Unda
15. Summertime ft. Lucky Luciano & Baby S)
16. Throw Your Hands In The Air ft. Cypress Hill, Erick Sermon & Redman)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

" J Rocc + Dilla's Crates = Freshness "

Here is what " J Rocc " had to say regarding this mix....

" This is a mix of nothing but Dil's Record collection..

...the original source for the beats.

Half of this mix is on "The Ma Dukes Collection"...this is that mix with a 2nd half added.

(There is a 3rd and 4th half)

Also....If you know these records...don't call it out..I don't like doing these type of mixes because I've seen artist get popped because of these type of mixes..not everyone can afford to clear some of these loops.....thank you " .

You heard what the man said....Just enjoy the mix and don't try any slick shit and you should be straight HAHAHA....


" World Famous Supreme Team Interview "

C Divine and Just Allah ( The Supreme Team ) are true Hip Hop pioneers...On WHBI radio, they bumrushed the airwaves with the language of the " Gods And Earths " in the early 80's..

They eventually went on to recording their own music " Buffalo Girls ", " Duck Rock ", and one of my personal favorites " Hey D.J. "....

I recently spotted a interview with " C Divine " in cyberspace that is very thorough....You don't want to sleep on this one JACK...
Major respect to Troy L. Smith for being on point...100


Friday, March 13, 2009

" Cymarshall Law Goes In "

Cymarshall Law Freestyle Over DJ Premier Take it Personal Live in Philly 2009 from Cymarshall Law on Vimeo.

Sounds like " Cy " isn't playing games folks....Stop sleepin..

" 88 Mindstate "

I'm going to take you all the way back to 1988 with this joint...Door knocker earrings, bicycle shorts, 8 Ball jackets, and sweaty jherri curls were everywhere you looked...1988 was also the year that " N.W.A. " started to really pop...

Everyone started copying " N.W.A's " formula...Many crews started rocking Raider/Kings gear and it seemed like overnight microwave gangster rap sets started popping up....The cats that veered away from this motif stood out, and that's where " 7A3 " comes into the picture...Bretty B and Shawny B were originally from New York, but migrated out west in the 80's....The third member of " 7A3 " ( Grand Mixer Muggs ) was also from New York but eventually settled in L.A.

With the help of the " Bomb Squad " and " Joe The Butcher ", they released the classic album " Coolin In Cali "....Instead of gangster posturing, they chose to take more of a B Boy approach....Heavy doses of scratching, breaks, and window shattering bass were thrown in the mix...

7A3 went on to make another album, but eventually things fizzled out for the crew....Muggs went on to form " Cypress Hill " and the rest is history....I never heard anything else from " Bretty B " or " Shawn ", which is crazy because this record did get a lot of burn at the time....If you guys are out there, get at me, it would be interesting to hear your side of the story....

" Mixtape Action "

I'm quite sure you have heard many " Wu " mixes over the years...But this " Omega NYC " jump off, flips the steelo a little differently...Over 45 minutes of blends, rarities, and classic joints makes this a keeper....2 thumbs up...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

" Preemo Interview "

I wish " Preem " and " Guru " would start making records again...A lot of people sleep on " Guru ", and tend to give " P " all the credit for the Gangstarr albums...Sure " G ' would slip some elementary school rhymes in there every once in a while ( lemonade was a popular drink and it still is haha ) but he would sprinkle a gang of proverbs, and social commentary in the mix as well...

He is/was a well rounded M.C. that didn't stay stuck in one braggadocio zone..Please, for the sake of the fans, clique back up before too much time passes by... And on that note, here is a " Preem " interview conducted on " Conspiracy Radio " recently...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

" Funky Technician On The Set "

Lord Finesse is a triple threat when it comes to this Hip Hop shit....You already know he is nasty with the production and the rhymes, but he is no slouch on the decks either...

On this " Diggin On Blue " mix, he unveils some top notch jewels from the " Blue Note " vaults ...2 Thumbs Up homeboy...


" 4 All The Wu- Headz "

The picture ( above ) reminds me of how I was living from 1994-1999..HAHA....Who am I kidding, I'm still living like that.... .Anyway, let's get into some demo shit real quick...

If you thought the 36 Chambers version of " Bring The Ruckus " was raw, you need to hear this as well...( R.I.P. ODB )

Unfortunately this cut, " Enter The Wu- Tang " didn't make it on to 36 Chambers...For some reason " RZA " decided to use it ( with different lyrics ) on " Gravediggers " first album...

" Paul Nice Rocks The Breaks "

This is the second time in 2 weeks " Paul Nice " has been featured on the BATTLEFIELD...And you want to know why dunny?..It's because he has a good ear for quality music ( check the Brazilian mix for reference )....On this breaks mix, " PN " goes in kinda heavy....Get your motherfuckin mind right and CHECK IN...


" Buck Wild Mixtape "

All the way from France comes " D.J. Kozi " ( Hip Hop Resistance Crew ).. He put this " Best Of Buckwild " mixtape together awhile back, and it definitely showcases " Buck's " skills behind the boards.. .....This is for all the " D.I.T.C. " fiends out there ( like myself ) who check for anything related to the crew......And in case your wondering about the kicks, those are the " Buckwild " AF1's designed at the Bespoke Labs....Pow..Pow..Here is the playlist THUN..

01. Intro Medley
02. Lace Da Booms - Cut Dat Weak Shit
03. Funkdoobeist - Rock On (Remix)
04. AK Skills - One Thing Or Another
05. Big L - Devil's Son
06. Mad Skillz - V.A. In The House
07. Resevoir Doggs - The Difference
08. Grand Puba - I Like It (Remix)
09. Medley Over The Prods
10. Jemini the Gifted One - Scars And Pain
11. Street Smartz - Problemz
12. Cormega - A Thin Line
13. Artifacts feat. Busta Rhymes - C'Mon Wit Da Git Down
14. Organized Konfusion - Bring It On
15. O.C. - Burn Me Slow
16. Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C.
17. O.C. - Ozone
18. Special Ed - Lyrics (Remix)
19. Bushwackas - Caught Up In The Game
20. A+ - Wanna Be Rich
21. Big L - MVP (Remix)
22. Showbiz & AG - You Know Now (Remix)
23. Diamond D, Sadat X & Lord Finesse - You Can't Front
24. Afro Jazz - You Can't Stop
25. Kool G Rap - Blowin' Up The World
26. AK Skills - Nights Of Fear
27. Big L - Put It O


Sunday, March 8, 2009

" Baby Paul From The Beat Minerz Interview "

Baby Paul is such a low key cat, that many folks forget he was a member of the " Beat Minerz " production team....Matter of fact he was the third member, coming on board before " Rich Black " and " Chocolate Ty " ....

I found a dope interview with him that you need to peep...Big up 2 " SS " for holding it down..


" Blog Shots 9 "

Quit sleeping on " Roddy Rodd "....His work with " Maspyke ", and the " Bluntpark Session " album were packed with very original, funky production...And on the D.J. tip, " RR " get's it in...

Check out this " De La Soul " mix that he put together, at his new and improved blog...Make sure you tell em that kid from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack...


" Wax Weaponz 18, Vocal Versions "

Here we go again...Another fresh edition of live mixes, choice cuts, and that " Hip Hop Battlefield " flavor....Blended by yours truly, " Drasar Monumental "....I can't believe this is number 18 already...

You know the motherfuckin drill....All vinyl, all off the dome, all straight from my crates....30 minutes of MAYHEM..I want to send a major shout out to MP, Riff, Kendoo, Shad, Mad Miguel, The House Of Flying Daggers, Shyeer, and my homeboy " Santa ", get well soon G....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

" Hip Hop Battlefield's Video Of The Day "

I cant front, back in the day I used to check for " Justin Warfield " a little bit ( No Homo )...Sure he sounded like " Q- Tip " and all that , but he was more on a drugged up /psychedelic type of vibe....If you watch this video closely, you will notice " Jus " rockin a open, country and western vest with no shirt on underneath.....He was on some other shit ( HAHA )

Seriously though, " Jus " was just a little bit ahead of his time..." Season Of The Vic " reminds me of a era long lost in Hip Hop, a time where everything was experimental....Certain concepts were brand new, and cats were really trying to push the envelope...

Salute to you " Jus ", for flipping that " Sly Stone " joint...How could anyone front on that ?

" Intoxicated Demos "

I have been anticipating a new " Beat Nuts " album for a hot minute now....The very funky " Intoxicated Demos " should hold us down until the new joint drops....{ Snippets Only }

01. "Snatch My Crops (feat. Ghetto)"
02. "Fashion Goes Off"
03. "You Got My Back"
04. "DJ Red Alert Promo 98.7 Kiss FM"

01. "Catch A Lil' Wreck (feat. Ronnie)" *
02. "Do That" *
03. "Props Over Here [Demo Version]"
04. "In My Room [Original Version]" *

All songs produced by The Beatnuts
* Scratches by DJ Swift

Friday, March 6, 2009

" It's The Kid Capri "

All I have to say is, download this shit right NOW....Here is the playlist cousin..

01. World Famous Supreme Team - Dancin' All Night
02. Fearless Four - Rockin' It
03. Spoonie Gee - Spoonin' Rap
04. Kool Moe Dee - Go See The Doctor
05. Just Ice - LaToya
06. Kool Moe Dee - Turn It Up
07. Run DMC - Together Forever
08. Whodini - One Love
09. Masters Of Ceromony - Cracked Out
10. Disco Three, UTFD, Fearless Four, I Met A Girl, Roxanne mix
11. Fearless Four - Problems
12. Fearless Four - Rock It
13 Kid Capri - Breatbeat Interlude
14. Grandmaster Flash - The Message
15. Run DMC - Rock Box
16. T La Rock - Breakdown
17. Doug E Fresh - Human Beat Box
18. Russell Rush & Jazzy jay - Def Jam
19. Cold Crush Spoonie Gee - Fresh Fly Wild N Bold
20. Sugar Hill Gang - Eighth Wonder


" P P P Premier, P P Premier "

Check out " Preem " on the " Halftime Show " killing shit as usual...Congrats to " Eclipse " for bringing 11 years of flavor to the airwaves...Big up.....P.S...Somebody looks happier than a motherfucker, matter of fact, I have never seen " P " this happy HAHA..


Thursday, March 5, 2009

" They Call Me D- Nice "

D - Nice is the motherfuckin man right about now...Your boy is spinning at some of the sexiest spots, his photography and video interviews are on point, and his wife ( actress Malinda Williams ) is strikingly beautiful...

And you know what, I am very happy for him...It seems like just yesterday when I was watching the " 25 To Life " video on Yo MTV Raps....Crazy how time flies....Anyway, peep the newest addition to his ongoing interview series...Peace..

" Blog Shots 8, Funk Mode Edition "

What up people ? The weekend is here once again, so that means it's time to get into that good old funk mode..." D.J. Prestige " has a blog that is straight up ridiculous..This mixtape ( Something That Means Something ), is only one of many mixes featured on the site....You better CHECK IN...


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

" New Shit "

Chi - Town's " Earatik Statik ", just released a new album ( The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly )....Here are a couple of my favorite cuts..." Knock Em Out " feat. Sean Price { produced by Kaz 1 )...And " Problems " remix ( produced by Large Pro )...100

" Dj Supreme's First Release "

Supreme dropped this, under the radar record at the age of 15...It was put out under the name " Kid P And The Incredicru " on Gemini Records....This is some straight up B Boy shit,,,They even take a jab at one of " Sea- Towns " Hip Hop pioneers, " Sir Mix A Lot "....( HAHA )....Not many people are up on this record, it's as rare as they come....So sit back, pump the volume to 10, and let's get into this 1987 hardrock B Boy flavor.......VIA-( SLR )