Thursday, July 19, 2012


So it's official folks...

I'm going to be launching heavy rockets from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD . COM from now on....

I didn't mind rocking with Blogger in the past (I actually enjoy how easy it is to use), but for some reason things kept going haywire so I had to find a quick solution....I'm not going to delete the blog so you can always check back in and peep the scrolls if you like...

But I will also transfer everything over to the new spot for all my new readers...

For all of those that have been rocking with me for the last five years - I appreciate it to the fullest....Nothing is going to change fam : NO dickriding, NO cornball tunes, NO cry baby rap, NO gossip post, NO silly shit popping off...

So walk with me as we enter this new chapter of WARFARE on the field.....




Wednesday, July 11, 2012

" Midweek Flavors "

How can you go wrong with a set that consist of three hours and forty five minutes of strictly LARGE PROFESSOR tunes ?

DJ Wicked (who also put together the very fresh Buckwild comprehensive mix & the Bay area 90's mix) sticks to the concept formula for this monster session of Extra-P goodness..


1. The Large Professor ft. Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi – “Focused Up,” Professor at Large (Fat Beats, 2012) (CD)

2. Intro with Wicked & Raymundo

3. The Large Professor – “I Justwannachill (Instrumental)” 12,” (Geffen, 1996)

4. Tragedy ft. Havoc of Mobb Deep & The Large Professor – “Da Funk Mode” 12,” (White Label, 1993)

5. Mad Skillz – “Skillz In ’95,” From Where??? (Big Beat, 1995)

6. The Large Professor – “That Bullshit,” The LP (Paul Sea Productions, 1994)

7. Akinyele – “I Luh Hur,” Vagina Diner (Interscope, 1993)

8. A Tribe Called Quest ft. The Large Professor – “Keep It Rollin’”, Midnight Marauders (Jive, 1993)

9. Gang Starr – “Gotta Get Over (Remix)” 12” (Chrysalis, 1992)

10. Mobb Deep – “Peer Pressure,” Juvenile Hell (4th & B’way, 1992)

11. Nasty Nas – “Half Time,” Zebrahead Soundtrack (Ruffhouse/Columbia, 1992)

12. Slick Rick – “It’s A Boy (Remix)” 12” (Def Jam, 1991)

13. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo ft. The Large Professor, Freddie Foxx & Ant Live – “Money In The Bank,” Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros., 1990)

14. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – “Streets Of New York,” Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros., 1990)

15. Eric B. & Rakim – “In The Ghetto,” Let The Rhythm Hit ’Em (MCA, 1990)

16. Main Source – “Time (Alternative Mix),” Lost Science 7” (Diggers With Gratitude, 1992)

17. Akinyele ft. DJ Rob Swift – “Checkmate,” Vagina Diner (Interscope, 1993)

18. The Large Professor – “The LP,” The LP (Paul Sea Productions, 1995)

19. Nas – “It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Remix)” 12” Promo (Columbia, 1994)

20. Common Sense ft. DJ Sinister – “Resurrection (Extra P. Remix)” 12” (Relativity, 1995)

21. The Large Professor – “The Mad Scientist” 12” (Geffen, 1996)

22. Neek The Exotic ft. The Large Professor – “Exotic’s Raw” 12” (Wastelanz, 1998)

23. Neek The Exotic – “Turn It Out (Instrumental)” 12” (Freeze, 1999)

24. Talk Break with Raymundo

25. Neek The Exotic ft. Joe Flav – “Muthafuckin Man,” Backs N’ Necks EP (Large Entertainment, 1999)

26. Slick Rick – “I Sparkle,” Wild Wild West Soundtrack (Overbrook/Interscope, 1999)

27. The Large Professor ft. Nas – “One Plus One,” The LP (Paul Sea Productions, 1996)

28. Nas ft. Biz Markie & AZ – “Understanding” 12” (White Label, 1995)

29. Mad Skillz ft. The Large Professor & Q-Tip – “Extra Abstract Skillz,” From Where??? (Big Beat, 1995)

30. Organized Konfusion ft. The Large Professor – “Stress (Remix)” 12” (Hollywood Basic, 1994)

31. Big Daddy Kane – “Niggaz Never Learn,” Looks Like A Job For… (Cold Chillin‘/Reprise, 1993)

32. Big L – “Unexpected Flava,” Lord Finesse: Rare Selections EP Vol. 1 (Underboss/No Sleep, Originally from 1992) [Co-Produced by Lord Finesse]

33. Lord Finesse – “Isn’t He Something (Extra P. Session Mix),” From The Crates To The Files…The Lost Sessions (Fat Beats, Originally from 1991)

34. The Jaz – “It’s Your Nature,” Ya Don’t Stop EP (EMI, 1991)

35. Nasty Nas – “Nas Will Prevail” (Original demo tape, 1991) (CD)

36. Intelligent Hoodlum – “Game Type,” Intelligent Hoodlum (A&M, 1990)

37. Main Source – “Snake Eyes,” Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1990)

38. Nikki D – “Your Man Is My Man,” Daddy’s Little Girl (Def Jam/Columbia, 1991)

39. MC Shan ft. Neek The Exotic, Diesel, Kool G Rap & Snow – “Pee-Nile Reunion” 12” (Livin’ Large, 1993)

40. Beastie Boys – “Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)” 12” (Capitol, 1994)

41. Leaders Of The New School – “What’s Next? (Large Professor Remix)” 12” (Elektra, 1993)

42. Akinyele ft. DJ Rob Swift – “Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo!,” Vagina Diner (Interscope, 1993)

43. Main Source – “Bootlegging,” Lost Science 7” (Diggers With Gratitude, 1992)

44. Main Source – “Atom” 12” (Actual Records, 1989)

45. Nasty Nas – “I’m A Villain” (Original demo tape, 1991) (CD)

46. Main Source ft. Nasty Nas, Akinyele & Joe Fatal – “Live At The Barbeque,” Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1991)

47. Main Source – “Live At The Barbeque (Instrumental)” 12” Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1991)

48. Outro with The Friendly Traveler, Wicked & Raymundo

49 The Large Professor on The Stretch Armstrong Show with Stretch & Bobbito on 89.9 WKCR New York (11/11/1993) (Tape)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

" New Shit On Deck "

Rashid Hadee recently teamed up with another Chicagoan "X-Treme", for the interesting "Hadee to The Extreme" E.P. On Go Where Hip Hop.

I'm only a couple songs in, but I like what I'm hearing so far...


" Golden State Warriors, Part 8 "

One of the things that I loved about ABOVE THE LAW'S early recordings, is the top notch beats they rocked for the time period..Even though Dr. Dre is credited as handling the production - it is widely known that "Big Hutch" also had a hand in the groups sound..

Some would even go as far as to state that Dre copied elements of Hutch's production steez throughout his career (take a listen to Black Mafia Life for further analysis)..I also have to add that Hutch's uncle is the legend Willie Hutch, so the funk is obviously in his genes...HAHA..

Anyway, when I heard of KMG's passing last Friday I fell back until I could get an official word..Earlier today Hutch gave an official report that KMG has indeed passed at the age of 43.....Damn..

I gotta send a salute out to KMG for adding that special spice to ATL's tracks...If "Living Like Hustlers" is not on your classic list - you need to get your motherfucking mind right duke..

So it's only right that I post up one of the illest cuts ATL ever made, the "Untouchable" remix...I would just splash ya'll with a vinyl rip, but this video is one of my all time faves...


" Five Minutes Of Funk "

Peep this clip of Q-Bert & DJ Revolution going all out on the scratch patterns....If this type of shit doesn't wake you the fuck up, I don't know what will...

Salute to all the DJ's that still stay sharp on those cuts!!!

And while your at it - take a look at these limited edition "THUD RUMBLE" watches...Yeah, I'm digging these joints..

Product Details:
Thud Rumble will donate $20 to GIVE CHILDREN A CHOICE with each watch purchased

Water Proof 30M
Japanese Quartz Movement
Durable Silicone Anion Band
Limited Edition Design
10 Second Countdown
10 Minute Intervals
1/2 Second Count
Available in Black or White Colorway


Monday, July 9, 2012

" Style Warz, Part 2 "

Awwww shit....

This weekend it is officially going down without a fraction of a doubt....There will be some heavyweights in attendance (Skeme - yeah the one from Style Warz, Mode 2, Chain 3, Slave, Orko, Slang, Sye, Pose 2, Slave, Trixter, Phade, Toons, just to name a few) so act like you know and check in if your in the San Francisco area..

You can catch Sha One, Planet Rocker, Fooderz, Riff, and myself manhandling the turntables as well..

To get you prepared for this weekends festivities - I recommend you listen to this interview with Refa One & Kufue Onerz on Davy D's radio show (KPFA)..


"AeroSoul Artist Kufu1 and Refa1 speak about the growing AeroSoul Movement and the annual AeroSoul Festival Conference on KPFA Radio. Thanks to Radio Host Davey D AeroSoul was able to come on air and discuss the importance of the HipHip Pedagogy and writing Culture. Kufu and Refa tackled such topics as youth violence,toxic media and the need for Black and Brown Unity through the Arts. Listen in to the critical interview on KPFA's Morning Mix.
Support AeroSoul during it's fund drive for our July 13th Free Community Festival. Your Donations are needed for us to do the community work we do.
Tune in to the interview at the 35Minute mark".

Sunday, July 8, 2012

" Under The Radar : Alps Crew "

"What is a DJ if he can't scratch" ?

Even though those infamous words were penned by Egyptian Lover decades ago, I still believe that you are NOT a well rounded DJ if you can't show and prove when it comes to cutting...

A simple scratch sentence can turn a regular tune into a certified head nodder...For instance on "Make It Stick" by the Alps Crew - Rob Swift works his scratch magic into the mix to boost the flavor levels...


" Easy Like Sunday Morning "

What's going on out there BATTLEFIELD posse ?

Are you looking for some Sunday morning grooves to snap you back into reality ?

I hear ya....Do the right thing and swoop up this session of MADLIB rocking strictly dusty Brazilian tunes (Speto Da Rua)..


" 3 Russian Roulette Shots "

A couple days ago I decided to give Alchemist's new project "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" some decent burn in the system..

Surprisingly, I was able to listen to the whole shit without hitting the fast forward button (doesn't happen to often these days)...."RR" runs 30 songs deep, but ALC creatively found a way to segue each song into a seamless work of art..

Here are a couple highlights for you to rock...

Big Twinz "The Kosmos, Part 4"

Roc Marciano "Turning Point"

AG The Coroner "Apollo's Last Stand"

Friday, July 6, 2012

" Shortkut Rocks The 45's "

Since it is Friday and I know for a fact that your looking for something to snap your finger to, here is buttery live 45 set from "SHORTKUT" that popped off in May of this year..

Turn the volume up and catch a groove..

Thursday, July 5, 2012

" Fat Lace Magazine Steez "

After a lengthy hiatus, those wild and crazy guys from Fat Lace Magazine are back with another round of Hip Hop goodies...

You already know how they get down so quit stalling (my only complaint is the tasteless rant about Heavy D in the beginning)...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

" Let The Beats Rock "

Never heard of this cat from Boston DJ Manipulator , but I decided to give his recent beat tape "Dusted The Fuck Out" a listen a couple days ago...

Even though he wears his influences on his sleeves - there were some interesting moments that caught my attention..

" Stand Up It's Killer Ben, Part 3 "

The first time I caught glimpse of KILLER BEN was when he dropped the brutal "Exercise / Hitman for Hire 12 inch back in 2000 (Heavyweights label - produced by Truly Odd)...

I still rock that joint to this day...

He eventually hooked up with GCM and now he has a project on the way with the Durag Dynasty Click alongside Tri-State, Planet Asia, and Alchemist on the production..Keep your eyes peeled for that release, until then, take a listen to the "Mechanic" mixtape he put together with Dj Midas..


01 - The Mission Of Def (Intro)
02 - Hardtimes
03 - Ben Is Like
04 - Skillz
05 - Mechanic Earthquake Flow
06 - Mechanic Blu The Doo Wop
07 - All 4 One (Du Rag Dynasty) Ft. Planet Asia
08 - Hammer Check Pt. 1
09 - Hammer Check Pt. 2
10 - G.C.M. Mechanix Moscato
11 - 4 School Sun (Roc Anthem)
12 - The Take
13 - Guns Come Out
14 - GM Mechanix Killyaself
15 - Mechanix Hometeam Ft. Gang Green
16 - Get Rich
17 - Mechanic Self Therapy
18 - Civil Liberties
19 - G Love
20 - Mechanic The Introduction
21 - I'm Fabulous
22 - Ben Escapes
23 - The Mechanics 4 Hire
24 - Lost Angels Of Def


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

" Rocking On The Radio "

Matt Life & Schott Free have been holding it down on East Village Radio for a minute with their "Frozen Files Show"...

They bring special guest (on the newest episode they are joined by Large Pro & Lord Finesse), doubles, jokes, and all types of flavors to the table so do the right thing and check out some of their archived shows homeboy..


Monday, July 2, 2012

" Beat Junkie Sound "

The Beat Junkies in partnership with LRG Clothing Company present the online premiere of For the Record, a commemorative documentary celebrating twenty years of the legendary super group’s influence and impact on global hip-hop and DJ culture.
For the Record, produced by LRG, documents the Beat Junkies past and present, starring Beat Junkie crew members and fellow DJ contemporaries Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Q-Bert and Peanut Butter Wolf. The documentary short is 15-minutes of powerful storytelling through engaging interviews and narratives about the Beat Junkies’ rise, crew member contributions, brought to life through rare video footage, historical photos and original music.