Thursday, April 15, 2010

" De La Soul : Impossible Mission "

I'm not going to even front, I stopped listening to De La after Prince Paul stopped producing for the trio...Their sound started to sound a little to R & B for my taste...

But a couple years ago I caught one of their live shows and was completely blown away....Pos's breath control was unbelievable, Plug 2's energy was off the meter, and Maseo added that extra seasoning to complete the chemistry of the performance...

Check out this new, Japanese-only release ...


01. Impossible Intro
02. Live At The Dugout 87′
03. Voodoo Circus
04. Friends
05. What The Fuck 1
06. Go Out And Get It
07. Respect
08. Beef
09. Reverse Your Steps
10. You Got It Ft. Butta Verses
11. What The Fuck 2
12. Just Havin A Ball
13. What If
14. Relax
15. Wasn’t For You
16. The Corner
17. Freestyle (Dat Shit) 2006
18. What The Fuck 3
19. Freedom Train
20. Live In Tokyo Ft. S.D.P And Kahi