Sunday, March 18, 2012

" Sunday Morning Rockets "

Some people enjoy mellow music on their Sunday mornings...

But over here on the BATTLEFIELD I keep that hardcore pumping at loud decibles 24/7.....For instance, I got a heavy boost this morning from the Tuff-Crew affiliated "Danger Zone Mobb Squad"....

On "Flippin Keeloz" Tone Love paints a vivid description of a drug dealers demise.....Explosive material indeed!!

And by the way, Dope Folks will be releasing unearthed "DZMS" vinyl in the near future....You can pre- order HERE..

A1: Flip'n Keeloz (Straight YaYo Mix)
A2: T.L. Back To Yell (Strong Mix)
B1: Flip'n Keeloz (Montana Mix)
B2: T.L. Back To Yell (Come Back Mix)

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