Thursday, March 29, 2012

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 36 "

What's going on out there HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD posse ?

Is this work week wearing you the fuck out ?....I feel you, it's times like these that I turn off the cell phone and turn the volume up on the sound system to drown out all the nonsense that the daily grind throws in my direction...

"FTTLTG" is 36 chapters deep at this point....DAMN..

And in case you didn't know my inspiration for this segment came from those New Jersey brothers Twin Hype....On their first album they had a fresh song called "For Those That Like To Groove", so I decided to keep that spirit alive by adding on...

This time around the good folks over at Voodoo Funk splash the set with a Nigerian funk mix....Over an hour of body rockers troop !!!

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