Wednesday, January 4, 2012

" Thai Funk Mode Status "

The good people over at Light In The Attic Records just released a compilation of obscure Thai funk tunes to wax.....

Yeah I don't speak the language either, but I can definitely understand funk when I hear it....BLAM.

"Over two years ago, Bangkok crate digger Maft Sai from ZudRangMa Records Thailand complied the now legendary Thai Funk: ZudRangMa Vol. 1 CD, showcasing 18 forgotten Thai pop, garage rock, funk, and disco tracks by a cross-section of local 1960s-70s artists unknown outside of Southeast Asia. The limited set came housed in a stunning hand-stitched soft cloth sleeve and was culled and created from the used record bins and bustling street markets of the region. Distributed worldwide by Light In The Attic Records, our dreams of seeing this archival project reissued on loud and proud vinyl has finally come to fruition".


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