Tuesday, January 24, 2012

" 2012 Shock Treatment "

What part of the game is this ?

It seems as if some file sharing groups are under pressure right now....Blogs are shutting down left and right, dudes are crying foul, cats are getting sued, and motherfuckers are shook..

Guess what fam ?

I could really give a fuck less....Mr. Hip Hop Battlefield has been rocking for over four years now, and a very small number of my links are down, but guess what ?

I really could give two fucks..Why?

Because I'm a Hip Hop dude and I know for a fact that other Hip Hop dudes will find a way to flip the system just like we always have..Sure a straight up mafia move just got pulled on the blog world.....Sure underhanded politics are at play..

Sure it's crazy wack that our hard work could get zapped away without notice (Hopefully you backed up your files)..

But stop your bloodclot crying because no one really cares.....Maybe Hip Hop will go back to the original recipe- cats pressing up records and pumping them independently like they are supposed to.......Thank god I'm a vinyl junkie to the death and all this MP3 shit doesn't make me or break me, but all you straight digital cats that sold off all your records are going to have to get more creative when searching for new material now...HA.

Welcome to 2012 duke - shit is about to hit the motherfucking fan so grab your umbrellas......

Regardless of all the extra fuckery popping, HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD & FUNKWHATYAHEARD ain't going nowhere because real live dudes do real live things....PERIOD..

Now were going to find out how sharp some of these weirdo blog creeps really are......I predict most of these blog opportunist are going to shut down shop because they relied on "blog bottom feeding" and their source of nourishment is drying up faster than you can say NAPSTER....

Big up to everyone that has rocked with me over the years (I SEE YOU)......You know how I get down over here : No dickriding, no ads, no asking motherfuckers for money, no favors, no angles, and no copping pleas.....I do this shit because I am a dedicated Hip Hop student that owes Hip Hop tremendously for helping to mold and shape me into the man that I am today....

A wise man once told me, " It's not about what Hip Hop can do for you, it's about what can you do for Hip Hop ? "...



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Donaleski said...

Big up for dem wise words D. Keep postin the good shit holmes, we bedown witchu!

I see u, D