Monday, January 16, 2012

" King Status "

Gotta send a shout out to the spirit and legacy of Martin Luther King...

How many people today are willing to stand up and die for what they believe in ?

When I was growing up I paid more attention to what Malcolm X was yelling, and viewed Martin in a different light due to all the non-violent talk and all that....Now that I have grown and experienced a lot more in life, I realize that we need to pay homage to both of these brothers for putting it on the line in the face of adversity regardless of their ideologies...

Even though it is 2012 and the sixties are long gone - many things remain the same when it comes to bigotry, racism, tricknology, and the prison industrial complex in America....It's crazy to think that in a country with a black president, race relations haven't really improved all that much....

Hopefully in the future we can break the chains of Apartheid and learn to respect each others cultures.....I'm not going to hit you over the head with some "WE ARE THE WORLD" type shit, but real changes are in order, don't you agree..


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