Monday, January 16, 2012

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 32 "

Are you guys prepared for some high powered sounds that are bound to melt your ear drums ?

Hopefully you are because this compilation by Vampisoul Records is no joke.

"To understand what this compilation refers to as the ‘Afrosound of Colombia’, you have to acknowledge the profound role of African cultures in Colombian life and music. The story of the Afrosound is a tale of transformation. It tells of the enslaved African peoples who were taken to Colombia, who mixed with Europeans and indigenous inhabitants (by force or choice), and were eventually set free, as well as the escaped cimarrones (maroons) that lived in palenques (fortified settlements) and continued their own traditions. The Afrosound sings of a double Diaspora, first the trek in chains during the infamous Middle Passage from the Motherland of Africa to the so-called New World, then much later, the migration from the plantations to the cities."


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