Saturday, January 14, 2012

" Diamond D : Diamond Mine Mixtape "

Back in 2005 Diamond - D put out the "Diamond Mine" mixtape that is full of heavy boasting, death threats, and more gun talk than I am used to hearing from him.

D-Squizzy is not the most lyrical M.C., but for some reason I am impressed with hilarious lines like, "I'm a man of few words like pass the smoke / yes no, or don't if your ass is broke. "

There are so many one-liners that me crack up on this project, that it would take a couple days for me to jot down all the quotables.....HAHA..


01 - Intro
02 - Holla At Me
03 - Live And Let Die (Feat. Fat Joe)
04 - U Don't Know Owe Me (Prod. Mark The 45 King)
05 - We Run Things (Feat. Verse AK2GS)
06 - We Gangstas (Feat. J. Dilla, Knottz) (Prod. Knottz)
07 - Lets Get High (Feat. The Heavyweights, Blake Carrington)
08 - We Dem Niggas (Feat. Xzibit)
09 - Get Em Open (Feat. Dutch)
10 - Yall Niggaz Need To Know (Prod. The Alchemist)
11 - On My Grind (Feat. K Terror, Brick, AK2GS, Blake Carrington)
12 - Test Me (Feat. Akmed)
13 - Get Up (Feat. Grand Puba)
14 - Words
15 - Live My Life (Feat. Big Red)
16 - Dollar Bill (Feat. AK2GS)
17 - Scream (Feat. Brick & Big C) (Prod. Simba)
18 - Wet n Slippery (Feat. Blake Carrington)
19 - Bounce (Feat. The Heavyweights & K Terror)
20 - U Don't Want It (Feat. AK2GS & Big C)
21 - Interrogation (Feat. The Heavyweights, Brick, K Terror & Big C)
22 - **** Is Bananas (Feat. Bananas)
23 - Why U Wanna **** Wit Me (Feat. Sadat X, Big C & Blake Carrington)



Donaleski said...

yo yo yo, thats a great tape indeed, well put.. but didnt u just post some showbiz barbury'n tape? Have you seen this nu milano, D-flow & Gage vdo?

anyway big homie, will keep reading - i see u…


Drasar Monumental said...

Nah I took the barburyn shit down because I only had the snippets...

Your the one that actually hipped me to that shit awhile ago......yeah I peeped the video, can't wait to hear more...