Monday, February 28, 2011

" Grand Daddy I.U. Speaks "

Jesse Serwer recently conducted a in-depth interview with one of Long Island's finest, "Grand Daddy I.U.".....The smooth assassin discusses Biz Markie, collaborations with Roc Marciano, Hempstead, and even his affinity for early dancehall tracks.....

" JS: You always had dancehall tracks on your albums. Were you a big dancehall head?

I.U.: Yeah, but I hate that shit now. The Jamaican artists now is wack to me. They fucked the game up with all this fast shit. I like slow, hard bass lines and all that. It’s all fast and stupid. Elephant Man and shit like that.

JS: What dancehall did you like?
I.U.: Ninja Man is my all time favorite. Supercat, Josey Wales, Admiral Bailey, Nicodemus, Tenor Saw".

Read the rest here homeboy....


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