Tuesday, August 31, 2010

" Funk Mode, Part 7 "

If you are trying to get your funk meditations in order, this compilation of scorchers is bound to guide you in the right direction.....Your Summer is about to get 10 degrees hotter famz........

Boost the volume to the limit, open your windows, grab a cool beverage, and prepare for some African fire power...


1. Dankasa - Uppers International 3:36
2. Ma Nserew Me - Apagya Show Band 4:03
3. Me Yee Owu Den - K.Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas 8:52
4. Break Through - Marijata 5:06
5. Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara - Ebo Taylor & The Sweet Beans 9:54
6. Awula Bo Fee Ene - Orchestre Abass 3:45
7. Live in Other World - Itadi 5:05
8. Mumunde - Apagya Show Band 3:02
9. More - Rob 5:13
10. Né Noya - Cos-Ber-Zam 4:10
11. Afe Ato Yen Bio - De Frank Professionals 4:41
12. Ngyegye No So - African Brothers Band 6:17
13. Neriba Lanchina - Uppers International 4:04
14. Come Along - Ebo Taylor & The Pelicans 5:59


" Black I Salute- R.I.P. "

If you googled "Black I" on the internet, you would be hard-pressed to find any info about this Toronto M.C. who passed away before he received his proper due...

When I first heard this song (No Laws) in 1996, I knew for a fact that I was hearing some NEXT SHIT !!!!! The way he rhymed was absolutely crazy, and his flow was 100 % original...I have been on a mission for over ten years to find anything he has released . If you guys out there have some hidden Black I treats, or any stories about the man, please don't hesitate to shoot me some information...

So without further delay- here is one of my personal classics....

"No Laws"- From the Beat Factory Rap Essentials compilation...

And just to keep it 100---peep this video for "Where I'm From"...

* This is a re-post from over a year ago....

" Back To Burn "

Alright folks, I'm back on the set to hit you off with that BATTLEFIELD steam....

This cut right here by D-Law & The Bounty Hunters (The Gutta Remix), is sure to cause pandemonium if it is played at a loud volume in a public area.....If you don't believe me-go ahead and try it if you think I am bullshitting..

Beats by Broileroom Productions, on the Touch Bottom label.......1994 RAW SHIT !!!!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

" Hey Young World "

Last Friday my girlfriend of six years and I, welcomed our first child into this world...."Jahmel Nesta" is his name and he was a whopping 9 pounds (Talk about living large)....

Words can't express how it feels to be a father.....The last couple years have been extremely rough for my family: My younger brother "Damion" passed away and within a year I lost my father as well........So to have an actual birth instead of another death, gives me the courage to try my best to be a good example for my son/sun.......

Don't get it twisted- everything is going to remain raw on HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD.....Matter of fact, I am more focused than ever and I plan on keeping the grime alive (This is grown folks B.I.)


So check back on Wed-Thursday for your regular Hip Hop fix on the BATTLEFIELD.......Big up to all my peoples-you know who you are......

And to all the kiddies out there "HEY YOUNG WORLD, THE WORLD IS YOURS"......


Thursday, August 26, 2010

" Beat Nuts International "

The Beat Nuts take us on a wild journey through the streets of Jerusalem for this hilarious clip....AWWW MAN, I laughed for about five minutes straight after watching this....

Be on the lookout for their upcoming album ,"Planet Of The Crates"........(Damn that title sounds familiar doesn't it,HMMMMMMM)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

" They Want EFX: Das EFX Interview "

Funny how some dudes tried to front on Das Efx, and act as if their style was a gimmick.......I always thought that one of the key elements in Hip Hop was originality....Your supposed to bring something different to the table, STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

Who else was making videos in the motherfucking sewer ?

Instead of all that glittery shit, Das always kept it dirty so I will always give them respect for that.......Also, they were apart of the best concert that I have ever seen in my life, "The Hit-Squad" tour in the early 90's....

I'm talking about Redman, Das-EFX, K-Solo, D.J. Scratch & E.P.M.D. when they had the globe in the palm of their hands......

Paul Arnold (Hip Hop DX) sat down with the duo to see what they are up to in the 21st century........YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS........Two thumbs up....


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

" 15 Years And Counting "

Help "Duck Down" celebrate 15 years of getting it in, and purchase one of these flavorful Summer time tees if you know what's best for you...

If your not digging the Jack Daniel's steez- maybe this video game joint will catch your attention......BLAM..


" D.J. Spinna On The Wheels "

Besides getting busy on the production side of things, "D.J. Spinna" has been scorching dance floors coast to coast with his brand of party rocking....

Check out his podcast page if you are in the mood for some quality tunes, certified head-nodders, and all that other fly shit.....Tell him that the captain of HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD sent you jack !!!!!


" Live From Headquarters 08/20/10 "

D.J. JS-1 filled in for Preem while he was out west performing at "Rock The Bells" last weekend.....He blesses us with two hours of new heat rocks...



Monday, August 23, 2010

" Throw Your Z's Up "

" New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. These five cities embraced the culture of Hip Hop as it spread across the world and inspired their own movements with the release of Planet Rock.

The top DJs from these respective cities have released mixes inspired by the Planet Rock collection.

Second one up: Jaguar Skills and DJ @War from London "

Taken from Sedgwick & Cedar....

SC73 presents a mix from Jaguar Skills and DJ @War inspired by Planet Rock London by sedgwick&cedar


" Lil Dap Speaks "

It's been a minute since the release of Lil Dap's last album "I.A.Dap".......Look's like he is in the lab cooking up some new spices for 2010...

Be on the lookout for "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal" on Babygrande records in upcoming months....


" New Shit On Deck "

I recently decided to head over to my homeboy, "Phil Most Chill's" blog to see what he is up to.....Even though he has slowed down on the blog tip, he had some new heat in the form of this cat named Jorun Bombay....

Here are a couple cuts that will perk your ears up !!....

"Out For Treats" -featuring Ghetto Socks.......My man Planet (FUNKWHATYAHEARD) played this on our radio show awhile back..

"Rock The Discotech"- featuring Timbuktu.......

You can download the whole project on Phil's blog HERE.......

And while your at it; last year I conducted a interview with Mr. Phil Most that you should definitely peep....

TUNE IN ......

Sunday, August 22, 2010

" Easy Like Sunday Morning "

All the way from France comes this 4 hour podcast of nonstop Afro-beat, Afro- latin, vibes......Grant Phabao & D.J. Ouls (Paris D.J.'s) come correct with high-powered selections that are sure to put you in the right frame of mind...

If you don't believe me, check out this tracklist and prepare to have your dome dented up !!!!!!!


01. The Original Brothers - Black Out
02. Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - Kingston Abeba
03. One Foot In Jail feat. Grant Phabao & The Jays - African Man (Grant Phabao Swing Rework)
04. Akalé Wubé - Jawa Jawa
05. Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle - Watch We (Souljazz Orchestra Remix)
06. Skeletons - Marathon Man
07. The Budos Band - Hidden Hand
08. The Rhythmagic Orchestra - African Mailman
09. Brownout - Framed By Death
10. Albino - Feel Alright
11. Soul Sugar - Sagittarius
12. Tumi and the Volume - Volume Thrials
13. The Budos Band - Day Tripper
14. Mifune - Blackwater Crooks
15. Les Freres Smith - La Marche des Smith
16. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Mulatu
17. The Whitefield Brothers - Safari Strut
18. Karl Hector & the Malcouns - Toure Samar
19. One Foot In Jail - Fire Dance feat. Psyco
20. The Superpowers - American Exceptionalism
21. Dele Sosimi - Ojoro
22. Will Bernard, John Medeski & Stanton Moore - Blister
23. Euforquestra - Melody Truck
24. The Souljazz Orchestra - Agbara
25. Kafka - Afro Innay
26. Funkanala - Be There Tomorrow Part 1
27. Ikebe Shakedown - Hard Steppin'
28. Franck Biyong & Massak - U.P.C.
29. Cacique'97 - Come From Nigeria
30. Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra - Crosstown Traffic
31. Aphrodesia - Special Girl
32. Pitch & Scratch - Mzuzu Walk
33. Paikan - Afro On The Rocks
34. Gigoletto Brass Band - Africa Con Bajo
35. One Foot In Jail - Freedom Back feat. Kologbo & The Deacon
36. Burro Morto - Cabara
37. Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 - Seahorse And The Storyteller
38. The Funk Revolution - Izzy Come, Izzy G
39. Deela - One Eyed Captain (Radio Citizen Remix)
40. Afro Soul Toasting - Be A Looser
41. Kokolo - Afrika Man feat. Jojo Kuo
42. Cadillac Jones - Suya
43. The Qualitons - Mellbimbo
44. Liberdade - Grande Lua Cheia
45. Delta Nove - Giacomo
46. The Motet - Cheap Shit
47. Gangbé Brass Band - Nikki
48. Antibalas - Dilo Como Yo


Saturday, August 21, 2010

" Funk Mode "

Are you ready for some official funk flames ?

WHEW......This gem of a record came out on the now-defunct "Soul Fire" label (Explodes Across The Nation)...... It's hard to imagine that this dropped in 2001, because these cat's conjure up intricate images of yesteryear without sounding contrived or forced..

Highly recommended listening.......Big up to manz Big Danz in Chico......

Here are a couple heaters to snap your fingers to.....

"Mean Scene"

"Heavy, Heavy, Heavy"


" Get Your Beats Up : P.E. Remix Contest "

"Public Enemy is looking to see what DJ and/or Producer can create the BEST remix for their newest single: “Say It Like It Really Is”

This contest is pretty straight forward…. Please use the link located near the bottom of this email to download all the available versions of the song. Then take them and come up with a Brilliant & DOPE Remix…

Your remix can be as long or as short as you want it to be…..
But Remember … the name of the song is “Say It Like It Really Is”…. So be as creative as possible with the remix…. No Holds Barred!!!!!

ALL remixes must be submitted BEFORE September 15th, 2010

As a thank you for entering the contest…. Public Enemy will send ALL of the remixes submitted for this contest to iTunes to be available for free download

However…. Only the 3 best will be picked as the official PEmixes
The Best 3 PEmixers will have their remix included in the 7 Piece “Say It Like It Really Is” collection which will be sold on iTunes
The 1st place remix will also be synced up to the “Say It Like It Really Is” Video, to create a Special Remix version….

The 3 top PEmixes will make their on-air debut on Chuck D’s Radio show “And You Don’t Stop”, which airs on WBAI (99.5 FM) in NYC. All three PEmixers will be spotlighted during a special Presentation conducted by The Wonder TwinZ "….

Remixes will only be accepted by submitting them to : www.SPITdigital.com/contest

" Saturday Shots "

New Jeruz repper, El The Sensai teams up with the production outfit The Returners for his newest single, "Knowledge Be The Key" (Featuring Raakaa from Dialated Peoples).....

Be on the lookout for the upcoming album Global Takeover 2:Nu World (GT2) dropping October 12, 2010....

El Da Sensei & The Returners - "Knowledge Be The Key" (feat. Rakaa Iriscience) by CoalmineRecords

" Psycho Les Newness "

Psycho Les brings some new production flavors to the table with this new cut, "Get It Poppin" with Gob Goblin on the vocals....I wasn't really feeling this when I first heard it-but now for some reason this song is starting to grow on me....

Wonder when I will hear more material from those Beat Nuts dudes ?


Friday, August 20, 2010

" D.J. Toshi- Classic Storm Radio 8/15/10"

Check out the latest edition of Toshi's "Classic Storm Radio"....It's packed with a bunch of new cut's that you might not have heard before....

There are a couple selections that should have been omitted (You will see what I'm talking about).....Regardless, I feel that it is worth a listen....PEEP


1. Crate Creeps - About That Time Feat, Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Clinic &Proclaim
2. Matt Maddox - Homage (Rights of Passage) Feat, Sadat X
3. KRS-One_MC_Lyte__AlBe_Back-16_17_18
4. Canibus - Golden Terra Of Rap ( prod DJ Premier)
5. Capone-N-Noreaga - The Oath (feat Raekwon and Busta Rhymes)
6. S-Dub aka Shabaam Sahdeeq - Step Up
7. Famoso ft, Bekay - Dirty Fighter
8. Amazing Maze, Lord Tariq & Wyldbunch - My Story Is Yours
9. Lil Cease - Hustle (rmx) Feat. CNN & Imam Thug
10. JR & PH7 - All In A Days Work feat-1. Oddisee
11. Phat Kat & J Dilla (1st Down) - Front Street
12. Slum Village - Scheming (Featuring J Dilla, Posdnuos & Phife)
13. El Da Sensai & Returners - Nu World
14. MokeOut & Tone Feat. Crooked I & MR. Met - Respect
15. Promise - The Bridge (prod Marco Polo)
16. Soul Khan - Thunder in Paradise ft, Marv Won (Produced by Marink Cuts by DJ Brace)
17. Ras Kass - Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier Remix)
18. M Dot - You Dont Know About It Feat, Masta Ace) 19. Moe Pope - Foolish Feat. Reks


" Tie Up Your Timbs- Army Fatigue Mix "

This is the final chapter in the Konny Kon "Tie Up Your Timbs" mixtape series.....If you have been following along, you already know that he supplies nothing but that dirty shit on these joints.....Peep what he had to say regarding this last piece of hardcore artillery....

" OK here's the final installment of my trilogy of winter hiphop mixes.I cant really say what links em all together apart from its the type of music i listen to in winter and get my screwface timberland stomp onto.Featuring tracks from krs,biggie,lee ramsey/cappo,ice cube,gangstarr,black rob,tranqill,camp lo,moorish delta,trife,sadat x/money boss players,big l,kool g rap,tony yayo,blak twang/fallacy/skeme/skinnyman/seanie t,wu tang,prodigy/big twin,organized konfusion,p brothers/roc marciano,comptons most wanted,neek the exotic,the roots,ran reed,large pro/akinyele,edo g and more.So zip up the camo jacket and grab your russian hat wear and tie up your beef and broccoli's for the last time and your good.salute, konny "...


Konny Kon-Its the wintertime tie up your tims pt 3(army fatigue edition) by konny*konny

" Beat Tape Shit "

Straight from Michigan comes this beat tape by that kid "Bluntmosphere"........This project won't put you to sleep like a lot of so-called beat tapes out there....

Different styles, nice, crisp drums, and a good ear for samples..........Nothing too crazy, just right in the pocket-perfect for a late night spin on the town .........


01 - Inthrow
02 - Waterdrops
03 - Sparkling
04 - Kick Back
05 - Into Your Eyes
06 - Rondo Mundo
07 - Crime Scene
08 - The Persuader
09 - Dramatic Theme
10 - Tables Soul
11 - Easy Listening
12 - Real Talk Interlude
13 - It's All Good
14 - Kill The Beast
15 - Smooth & Slick
16 - New York
17 - Bacon & Butter
18 - 8008 Avenue
19 - Pillow Factory
20 - Broadway Bounce
21 - Seaside Breeze
22 - No Fooling
23 - Nightflight
24 - Dizney Shizney
25 - Portrait
26 - Pianochopz
27 - Outro


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

" Hiero 2010 Shots "

Mr. Del The Funky Homosapien is back with some more newness (It Ain't Illegal Yet)...This is one of the highlights...

"Don't Stop Rappin"- produced by Del.....

" What Part Of The Game Is This ? "

Racism is still alive and well in 2010....

At this cornball carnival in Jersey Shore, you can throw a baseball at Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson, and Barack Obama figurines...

WOW....I can't believe how inconsiderate some clowns can be....Even in death Michael Jackson still get's treated unfairly.....Can you imagine how angry some people would be if these figures were George W. Bush or Elvis Presley ?

* Notice the R.I.P. Michael Jackson- The King Of Pop in the background.......SHAMEFUL....

" Freshco Interview With Daily Diggers "

Gotta give my manz "Kid Dyno" props for conducting such a thorough interview with legendary rhyme slinger, Freshco......Instead of asking the average basic questions-he pulled out the big guns and got busy....TWO THUMBS UP !!!!

Do the right thing.....


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

" Time For Some Get Back "

On the first Friday of every month, John Doe (Get Back Founder/resident D.J.) brings the funk to the city of sin......This time around he brings Mello-D, Four-Eyes, and Z-Trip along for the ride.....

Planet (Funk What You Heard) & I will be in Vegas next month, so you know damn well we will check in on this jam to see what's really good...Anyway, enjoy this live mix- thing's get real steamy, real fast if you know what I mean......

Shout out to P.M.


Monday, August 16, 2010

" Trials Of A Modern Day Digger "

Digging for records on-line is no fun for me....The only record I ever bought on the web (until yesterday) is the one you see me holding on the right side of this blog (T.D.S. Mob)....

My record collection is massive, and it's crazy to think that I had to travel far and wide to catch some of these joints, while other's simply click a button and have it sent to their front porch.....But where is the fun or adventure in that ?.

I case record stores, like some fools case banks..HAHAHA....First, I find out what kind of neighborhood the store is in...Next I casually stroll in and size up the rest of the clientele......After that, I usually scope out the place from top to bottom to find out where the goods are at......

This whole beat digging / bank casing analogy is getting corny so I will just stop right there..(You get my point)...Catching records at spots is more gratifying for me than copping on the web...

If I relied on the internet to fulfill my musical cravings, I would have missed out on a tremendous amount of jewels that I stumbled on by accident.... Fast forward to 2010: Records stores are closing everywhere, Serato has forced certain companies to stop vinyl production altogether, or they press up limited batches which drives the price sky-high.......

What's a brother to do ? .........It feels like I am being forced into buying records online when it comes to brand- spanking new Hip Hop.....

Yesterday I decided to pick up double's of the new Brainsparker & Nutso E.P. (The Gritty and Grimey) on-line for twenty bucks a pop....I just had to have it , the snippets that I heard sounded too crazy for me to sleep any longer........Here is the video for "It's A Shame".....

And while your at it, you might as well cop the E.P. too cousin......


" Get Your Hand Styles Up "

" This unique book provides a ten-year tour of New York City graffiti captured on walls, trucks, and subway cars. Works range from traditional tags to modern ""production"" walls by graffiti crews X-Men, KD, 156, RIS, AOK, TC-5, FAME CITY, COD, XTC, TFP, MCI, IF, DYM, 718, TD4, SMART, TATS CRU, GFR, and AKB. "


" New Shit On Deck "

Q-Unique (Former member of the crew Arsonist) gets busy on this new heat rock entitled, "Crack Era".......DOPE...."Q" also handles the production duties-so I have to give him a pat on the back for that....

Be on the lookout for his upcoming album on Fat Beats (Between Heaven And Hell)

Shout out to THE CRYPT...


Sunday, August 15, 2010

" Hip Hop Battlefield Remix Series "

Last night while most dudes were at the pub drinking liquor and acting a fool- I was up in the laboratory cranking out batches of dangerous beats.....HAHAHAHA..

The original version of this cut by A.Z. (What's The Deal), was produced by Poke & Tone....I wasn't really feeling the production on this too much with the cornball singing chorus and all that, but the lyrics and flow were on-point as usual...

A.Z. is one of the best rhymer's out there, unfortunately his beat picking skills are somewhat questionable......

So I decided to remove the over the top singing on the hook, and turn this song into a certified menace....Turn the volume to ten, put on your best screw-face, and brace yourself for heavy turbulence......BLAM.....BLAM...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

" Planet Of The Crates, Part 3 "

This mix by Mr. Galactus (New World Hoarder 2 :Revenge Of The Breaks) is sure to make you hit the rewind button...Over an hour of non-stop, highly explosive breaks ....TWO THUMBS UP !!!

I don't know too much about "Galactus", except that he hails from Great Britain and he is part of the Sector 3000 crew........

No tracklist, but trust me there are plenty obscure breaks that get flipped that you might have heard previously on some of your favorite Hip Hop producers recordings......

So grab a ice-cool beverage, drop the top, put on your seat belts- And prepare to play "NAME THAT TUNE"....


Friday, August 13, 2010

" Craze At The Do-Over "

Next time I make it down to the L.A. area to visit my moms, I'm going to make sure that I check in at the Do-over...From the live footage that I have seen over the years-it looks like the party people are definitely in the house....

Here is D.J. Craze's live set from the Do-over 7/25/10.........Haven't listened to it yet, but I have my fingers crossed..I hope he doesn't play any Drum And Bass...HA


" Hip Hop Battlefield Shit "

When you put music out on the internet, you never know where it will end up....That's why I was caught off-guard when I noticed that the dudes from T.R.O.Y. (Phila Flava blog) rocked one of my remixes on their Mic Geronimo mixtape (Remixes,B-Sides, and Collabos)....

I'm not mad at them, it actually feels good to know that people are digging the beats.....They even gave me credit- instead of trying to rip off one of my joints like some fools attempted to do in the past....HAHA

So without further delay, here is the official Friday flame thrower heat.....# 5 features a Drasar Monumental Remix of "Life Check"


1 Hard Rocks (demo)#
2 WKCR Freestyle
3 Masta I. C. - West coast Dj Rectangle mix w/ Channel Live & E-40
4 The Natural - Toad remix
5 Life Check - Drasar Monumental Remix
6 Miss My Lovin ##
7 Throw Your Hands Up(Clark Kent Remix)##
8 Big Ole Butt
9 Men V. Many w/ Royal Flush & O.C.
10 Life Check - Dj Kaze remix
11 Unstoppable - Vinyl Reanimators remix
12 Hemmin Heads - Cheeba mix
13 Masta I.C. - Nashiem Myrick remix w/ Lost Boyz
14 Listen Closely w/ Lord Arkitec & Royal Flush*
15 Nothin' Move But the Money - Remix w/ DMX & Black Rob
16 Wherever You Are - Trauma Unit remix
17 Shits Real Intro
18 Shits Real - Computer Love remix $
19 Regulate w/ Royal Flush
20 Illiodic Shines w/ Royal Flush
21 Smoke Session w/ Channel Live & Royal Flush $
21 The Natural - Clark Kent remix
22 Queens Life w/ Havoc & Royal Flush
23 Life Check - Vinyl Reanimators remix
24 Hemmin Heads
25 Masta I. C. - Frankenstein remix
26 Its Real - Kutmasta Kurt Remix $
27 The Natural - Vinyl Reanimators Remix
28 My Connect w/ J Spliff
29 Everybody Raps w/ Royal Flush
30 Get The Money w/ Royal Flush


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

" Maestro Fresh Wes Spotlight "

Last year when I flew up to Vancouver, British Columbia for the first time I didn't know what to expect...Even though Canada is so close in proximity to the U.S., the only thing I knew about Canada was Maestro Fresh Wes, Black-Eye (R.I.P.), Checkmate, Raskalz, etc....

WHEW, I was in for a big surprise......Canada is poppin.....Record stores everywhere, universal health care, good food, fly women, and a easy to navigate through public transit system......Even had a chance to check out a show with Q-Bert, Supernatural, and Muggs on the bill....

Hopefully one day I will be able to make it to the east coast of Canada.....

Maestro Fresh Wes made a huge impact on the Hip Hop world from his native Toronto stomping grounds in the late 80's....For some reason he didn't receive the proper accolades he deserved in the U.S. for his musical contributions, but in Canada he is the motherfuckin man....

While I was up there visiting- I even caught your boy Wes on T.V. for a Canadian soap opera type thing..HAHAHA..

I wonder what he would sound like in 2010 if he got back in the booth?

Wes recently dropped a book entitled, "Stick To Your Vision:How To Get Past the Hurdles And Haters To Get Where You Want To Be"


" 2 L's Up "

All types of fools out there are trying to rock "Lo" extra-heavy these days....YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING NEW.....The internationally known outfit of boosters (Lo-Life's) have been getting it in since the mid-80's.....

I even recently spotted Ty-Nitty (Former Infamous Mob member) hollering about his new crew Love & Loyalty and throwing up double L's without paying homage to the Lo-Life's......Is he unaware of the L.L.'s or is he just straight up biting ? HMMMMMMMMM...

Peep this footage of one of the original Lo-Life founders ,"Ski-Black" dropping jewels on the origins of the crew.....

And just to keep it 100, make sure you scope out this video by Thirstin Howl 3rd, "Live On Forty Deuce"......This is my shit right here !!!!!!!!

VIA-Shillz The Realz (L.L. founders)

" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Soldier Field, Part 8 "

Remember those Chicago cats "Mass Hysteria" ?.....They released a handful of quality singles in the early-2000's......A couple that come to mind off the top are- "It Ain't Safe" & "I Get A Rush".....

Solid production, hyped-up battle rhymes, and crazy ass fuck scratches by that kid ,"Precyse"......I haven't heard much from them as of late, that's why my ears perked up when I found out they were featured guest on one of Hip Hop Project's most recent shows....

4 hours of nonstop Hip Hop.....POW,POW...


Mass Hysteria - So Amazing ft. Gravity
Big Remo - Ladies
Rakaa - Delilah
Big Shug - Spit Six
Fat Joe - Valley of Death
Prodigy - Bang On Em
Capone N Noreaga - Pain
Eternia and Moss - Dear Mr Bacardi
1982 ft Cassidy, Xzibit - Goin' Back
Gangrene - Chanin Swangin'
Chaundon - Ya'll Don't Want It
KRS One - Never Afraid
KRS One - Tek-Nology
Sauce Money - Maybe
Mario Dones - Ring to It
Heather B - Flyin' High
Fat Joe - I'm Gone
Trek Life - As the World Turns
De La Soul - Trying People
Krs One - Higher Level
Cormega - Make It Clear
Qwel & Maker - Lunch Money
Murs - Yesterday
Little Brother - Not Enough
Gangstarr - Royalty
High & Mighty - The Meaning
Atmosphere - Lucy Ford
Killah Priest - B.I.B.L.E.
R.A. The Rugged Man - Lessons
Blu - The Heavens Below
Common - Reminding Me of Sef
Nas - Life is Like A Dice Game
Necro - Robbery
Marco Polo ft D Stroy, Bad Seed - Buggin' Out
DC the MIDI Alien ft Rermanology - Can't Stop Now
Buff 1 ft Black Milk - Never Fall
Copywrite - Last Laugh
Cappadonna - Tug That Rope
7L and Esoteric - Rules of Engagment
Freeway and Red Cafe - Night People
Styles P ft Jadakiss, Sjeek Louch - Gangster, Gangster
Demonology - E.S.B.E
BK One ft Raekwon, Self Divine - True Living
Mel Beats ft Prodigy, G.O.D pt III - Don't Do It
King Syze - Machine Gun Rap
Dutchmassive ft Median - Dutchmassive
Latryx - Lady Don't Tek No
De La Soul - Return of DST
Daytona - Jealous Niggas
Qwel and Maker - Golden Era
Jadakiss ft Nas - SHow Discipline
Nature ft Nas - Higher
Missin Linx - What It Is
Reflection Eternal - Too Late
KRS One - Hip Hop vs Rap
Onyx - Slam
Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up
Lungz - Laid Back
Pugs Atomz and Grant Parks - Like That
Reno Chinati - C'Mon
Mass Hysteria - Vocabulary Spill
Mass Hysteria - Eat'em Up Mike
Mass Hysteria - Fall Out
Mass Hysteria - Diaminds and Pearls
Mass Hysteria - So Amazing


" Mixtape Mayhem "

What's the deal HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD Posse ?............Are you ready for some more treats ?

Never heard of this D.J. "Venum" before, but I have to give him a pat on the back for blending most of the selections on this mix..Thing's start off a little slow, after the 5th song is where he picks up the momentum...

Any mix that rocks "Palm On The Handle" by Mcgruff is a keeper in my book...CHECK IN !!!!


Part 1 : Boom Bap

01 Ubad - The Lagacy
02 The Inviseez - Gotta Be Real
03 Raw Breed - Hit 'Em Wit a Pie
04 Kirk - Catch The Beat
05 Poizon Posse - This Is It Y'all
06 Now Born Click - Now Born Soldier
07 The Wascals - Hard Rhymes
08 The Grimm Reaper - So Watcha Want
09 Intelligent Hoodlum - At large
10 Flavor Unit Mc's - Roll With Da Flavor

Part 2 : Hip-Hop

01 Herb Mc Gruff - I Keep My Palm On The Handle
02 Shabazz the Disciple - Crime Saga (Original Version)
03 Street Poets - Out Ta Flip
04 E-Life - Stacked With Honors
05 Roller Rocker & Precize - Heat Wavez
06 Constantine - Shapshifter
07 Paw Dukes - Amazin
08 Call O' Da Wild - Clouds Of Smoke
09 Allah Be Universal - Indecent Exposure
10 Bomm Sheltuh - Welcome To The Bomm Bunkuh


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

" Kutmaster Kurt On The Boards "

Fuck what ya heard, Kutmaster Kurt is a heavyweight when it comes to production....And he is no slouch when it comes to laying down fresh scratches as well homeboy....

When I saw him and Kool Keith perform awhile back, I couldn't believe how off the wall those two were acting....Instead of handing out C.D.'s and merch. these dudes were handing out porno mags to the crowd HAHAHAHA.....

For some reason people sleep on Kurt's skills behind the boards...In my opinion the Kurt produced, "Master's Of Illusion" album is the best sounding work Keith or Motion Man has done in recent years (Go back and listen to that album if you think I'm bullshitting)...

Earlier this year he put out the instrumental L.P. "Funky Redneck Visit's Nippon" on his own Threshold Records......PEEP..

"At The Love Hotel"

"Part Time Ninja"

" For All Those That Slept "

Here is some Queens fire power that you might have missed from last year....Nutso, Blaq Poet, and Kyron (Nuts & Screws) off of the Soul Brotha "Collector's Item" album .....


Monday, August 9, 2010

" Hip Hop Holiday "

* Above piece wrecked by Peezo & Kufu....If you look real closely you will even spot your boy Drasar in the mix...HAHA....Click on the pic for further examination.....BLAM..

This past weekend I got the opportunity to celebrate my Z comrade's 33rd bornday....."Brother Kufu" is originally from Philly but he has now lived in the Oakland area for over twenty years...

He is a walking encyclopedia of all things graff-related.....

It doesn't matter what country the writer or crew is from: Kufu has heard of them.....I'm dead serious.....What I admire about his approach to writing is that he keeps it very B-Boy......Instead of following current trends, he sticks to the script and keeps the foundation alive in his pieces.....

And when it comes to just straight up Hip Hop knowledge...WHEW....It seemed like we were going neck and neck, era for era, for hours.....But what I didn't know was that ( The original J Swiff of 800 Money "Dealing With Aces" fame ) is his biological brother...

"Dealing With Aces" .......Mad Ball Records 1989...

When he found out that I knew about this record he completely lost his marbles....And just to fully shock him I started reciting lyrics from " Dealing With Aces ".........."Strapped down to my uzi / forgive me my lord if I even dare pack a tooley" ........

HAHAHA.....What Kufu didn't know prior to this conversation is that I used to bang the hell out of that song....Come to find out he is sitting on stacks of this extremely rare cut on vinyl......Needless to say, doubles of this joint are on their way to my crib as we speak.......

I want to give a big ZULU shout out to Kufu & his queen, J- Swiff & 800 Money of course, TNS, Planet, State, Wavez, Fran Boogie, WZ, Rashad, Refa, Prize, Vietnam California, and all North Stars who know what time it really is....