Wednesday, November 30, 2011

" Nobody Fucking Cares "

Does anyone out there care about beat biting anymore ?

It seems as if producers are getting extra lazy these days by flipping joints that other cats rocked years ago...For instance, "Water Boarding" was deleted from the final version of Mobb Deep's newest release, Black Cocaine (I think I know why-HAHA)....

Sure the beat is fresh, but Encore killed the same beat over a decade ago on a song entitled "Water World" with Bay area producer Dan The Automator...

This isn't the first time another producer beat Alchemist to the punch.....

From the stories that I have read, Alchemist was brought into the "Infamous" fold on the strength of a beat he submitted for the Murda Music (1999) album called "The Realest", featuring Kool G.Rap.....I'm quite sure you love that beat just like everybody else - but there is only one problem famz...

The Bronx Bombers The Legion already rocked that same exact loop on "Rest In Peace", from their debut release Theme+Echo=Krill (1994)...

Awwww, I know what your thinking..."Drasar is a hater, how could he diss Alchemist"....Nah brother I'm not dissing anybody (ALC is a dope producer that has definitely proven himself over the years)-I'm just dead serious about this Hip Hop shit and you can't argue with the motherfucking truth trooper...


The Legion - "Rest In Peace".... Produced by The Legion (1994)..

Mobb Deep - "The Realest".....Produced by Alchemist (1999).

" Mid- Week Body Rockers "

Kid Loco takes us on a wild journey with a massive heap of French library records....

This might be a little "out there" for some of my HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD regulars, but if your into heavy textures, fly drum patterns, or just some interesting contemplation music - do the right thing...


01. Bernard Estardy – Gang Train
02. Resonance – OK Chicago
03. P.A Dahan & Mat Camison – Pepper Drums
04. Bernard Estardy – Vertigo Leitmotiv
05. Pierre Dutour – Jungle Trompet
06. Manu Dibango – Africadelic
07. Pierre-Alain Dahan & Slim Pezin – Electronic Mutation
08. Alain Goraguer – Course De Ten
09. Bernard Estary – Bongo Ring
10. Sauveur Mallia – All The Bass
11. Guy Pederson – Indian Pop Bass
12. Big Jullien & His All Star – Wake The Monster
13. Pierre-Alain Dahan & Mat Camison – Long Playing Time
14. Bernard Estardy – Aubergine Time
15. Ludovic Decosne & Pierre Daubresse – Gloaming
16. Claude Engel – Belle Gueuse (A) (Long Version)
17. Raymond Guiot – Basse Duettino
18. Andre Ceccarelli – Funk No. 2
19. Pierre-Alain Dahan – Rythmiques No. 2
20. Tonio Rubio – Red Medium
21. Bernard Estardy – Riviera Express
22. The Peppers – Pepper Bo


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

" Total Eclipse On The Decks 2011 "

You know it's a motherfuckin special day when you get to analyze a new mix by the Brooklyn turntable wrecker, Total Eclipse...

We all know "T.E." is one of the illest out there...Unfortunately he doesn't receive the attention that he justly deserves after rocking stages worldwide for quite sometime...

Enough of all the rambling, scoop this one up and get your mind right with a quickness....This is that shit !!!!


" Andre The Giant : Danksgiving "

While we wait patiently for Mugshot Music to drop, A.G. has another trick up his sleeve with the release of Danksgiving.... I'm not really down for celebrating the slaughter of Native American peoples-but "Danksgiving" sounds like something right up my alley..

Put that left-over ham and turkey down for a minute and give this a decent listen.....POW.


Monday, November 28, 2011

" Breakbeat Pressure "

In the early 2000's I heard a ill live mix session with Mello-D, John Doe, and a cat that I had never heard of before named "4-Eyes"......Ever since then I tried to track down any mix that 4 Eyes was associated with....

Why ?

Take a listen to Sub- Inkflash Volume 3 and you will know why trooper.......Nonstop breakbeat action for all of you non- morning people....


Sunday, November 27, 2011

" Ricci Rucker Remixes Re-Post "

Even though HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD has been rocking extra tough for four years - some of you are just discovering how I get down over here, so it's only right that I repost certain things from time to time....

Back in 2009 I put up a remix project by the mysterious scratch general, Ricci Rucker (I say mysterious because he rarely does interviews)....Anyway, this joint is stacked with insane scratch sentences, way "out there" productions, and all that other fly shit..

Impressive stuff..


HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD'S TOP PICKS...#2,#3, #5, #7, #8, #12,

* Peep out what Ricci had to say regarding this session...

"I made this record in early 2005. At the time, I realized that Hip Hop was less about wordplay, and more about talking to a beat, while at the same time, the backbone of hip hop, lost it's backbone to the laptop. Skill development is no where to be found.

Hip hop, like politics, only has a handful of flavors, and a group of subscribers of each. Gangster, South, Westcoast, Hipster, Underground, and a few more. This is what's left, if you don't fall into this, you are NOT "hip hop". The artform I fell in love with, changed, very much, and it's an empty shell.

RRRRAP is an ode to a dying culture, and my last offering to hip hop in a format that is recognize as "hip hop".


" Constant Deviants : Amongst Friends 2011 "

Many of you wondered if Constant Deviants would finally get around to releasing another full length album.....Well I'm here to inform you that the long wait is over with the release of "Amongst Friends" on Six Two Six Records....

It's a solid effort that deserves some space in your rotation.....Peace to my dude "Set Rule" from 626, congratulations kid...

*Update- This is not a 2011 release...It was recorded in the late 90's early 2000's and it was never officially released...

"Can't Stop 2011 "

"Make That Mine"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 30 "

Within the first five minutes of listening to this I heard a raw ass drum break that I have never heard anyone rock before....

Guess that is a good enough indicator that I should give the rest some decent burn.

I suggest that you do the same..(VIA-Paris DJ's).


01. The Simonsound - Intro
02. Klaus Weiss - Jumping Balls (Germany)
03. Triangle - Ponction Binaire(France)
04. Voyage - Outre Tombe(France)
05. Peter Thomas - Coordinates Meeting (Germany)
06. Kids With Guns Skit (Germany)
07. Unity - O Wa Nou Me Nou Ma (France)
08. Equipe 84 - Ladro (Italy)
09. The 31st Of February - A Nickel's Worth Of Benny's Help (USA)
10. Coley - Dirty Jo (UK)
11. Danish Bacon (Denmark)
12. A Bad Trip to the Docteur (France)
13. The Electric Piano Playground - Psychedelic Piano Playground (USA)
14. The Parasites Of The Western World - A Rare Case Of The Blues (USA)
15. Mind Blowing Skit (USA)
16. Krzysztof Klenczon - Nie Przejdziemy Do Historii (Poland)
17. Chrysalis - April Grove (USA)
18. Sam Gopal - Angry Faces (UK)
19. Linn County - Suspended (USA)
20. Phluph - Love Eyes (USA)
21. George & Beatovens - Kde Ticho Umira (Czech Republic)
22. Andre Popp - Piccolo Et Saxo A Music City (France)
23. Rebecca And The Sunny Brook Farmers - Better Dead Than Red (USA)
24. The Split Level - Looking At The Rose Through World Colored Glasses (USA)
25. The Happenings - Imagine (USA)


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

" Killer Priest 2011 "

With so much music constantly coming out- sometimes it hard to sift through all the fluff in order to find the jewels....With that being said, I want to send a shout out to my brother "Mad Miguel" for pointing me in the right direction for this new Killah Priest rocket...

Damn, KP hasn't lost a step...Check this shit out and don't forget to boost up the volume levels....

"Deadly Fang Remix" featuring Alucard ....Produced by Al Tarba- off the IDE Rite of Passage album.


" Blog Shots 57 "

Those cats over at the Vinyl Athletes recently put together some dope T-shirts that deserve your attention......If it's too cold in your area to rock one right now, maybe you should settle for this book : Hip Hop Vinyl- The Instrumental Version.......



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

" Hip Hop Battlefield Reaches 2000 "

Last week HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD hit the 2000 post mark, so I decided to have a personal celebration by flipping through some of my dustier crates and get my blending exercises in order.......

Nothing but that filthy shit banging out the speakers, I even threw a Battlefield remix in there to give you a little extra shock treatment..

Big up to everyone around the globe that checks in on the regular (I SEE YOU)....

Catch a Groove.....


" Afu Ra 2011 "

"While Afu-Ra preps his new album Body Of The Life Force Part 2, he throws out this three song free EP of tracks that won’t be included on the album. The new LP includes collabos with M.O.P., Sean Price, Sadat X, Vinnie Paz, Guilty Simpson, Nine, El Da Sensei, C-Rayz Walz, Hannibal Stax, and more".

1. Big Boyz (produced by Mike Rone)
2. Blackgang (feat. Blackadon, Aqua, Respect, Chief, Blackysteez, Bgk & H.Stax; produced by Chain Soor)
3. I Can Fly (produced by Funky Budda)


" New Shit On Deck "

Those Gang Green dudes are already back with more music for ya'll....

"Dump Truck" featuring Prodigy is the first leak from the Vodka & Ayanuaska album due out at the top of the year......Is it me, or is Alchemist getting better on the mic ?

Take a listen....


Monday, November 21, 2011

" Yaggfu Front In The Mix "

If you are a avid HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD reader you already know how dope I think Yaggfu Front are/were....

I say are/were because their were talks of them making a full fledged comeback after the release of the "Secret Tapes" years ago....A couple months back I even posted up some newer material, but after that I haven't heard any more details of upcoming releases..

That's unfortunate because the crew always had something unique to bring to the table......I'm not going to go into full detail right now-just take a listen to this mix by Spin 4th and you will hear what time it is for yourself.....


001 – Whered You Get Your Bo Bos – Yaggfu Front
002 – Future Shock – Yaggfu Front
003 – Listen (Ft. Esau) ! – Yaggfu Front
004 – Roll wit the Yaggfu – Yaggfu Front
005 – Plastic Fantastic – Yaggfu Front
006 – Slappin Suckas – Yaggfu Front
007 – Uptown Downtown – Yaggfu Front
008 – Black Liquid – Yaggfu Front
009 – My Dick Is So Large (Bonus Track) – Yaggfu Front
010 – Hard Headed Niggaz ! – Yaggfu Front
011 – Mr. Hook – Yaggfu Front
012 – Hold Em Back – Yaggfu Front
013 – Jump on it – Yaggfu Front
014 – Fling-a-Ling Style – Yaggfu Front
015 – Fruitless-Moot – Yaggfu Front
016 – Action Packed Adventure – Yaggfu Front


*Update- The crew has reformed and they are about to drop an EP called, "How To Stop A Runaway Train" sometime in the near future.........Be on the lookout for that trooper....

And just in case you missed it the first time, here is the newest joint from Yaggfu that I could find..."Long Stretch" produced by Damaged & Deranged (2011).....POW.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 29 "

Damn it's getting dumb cold outside lately.....Sometimes a brother feels like he is living in Russia instead of sunny Vietnam, California (YA HEARD ME)....

It's times like these that I pull out some spicy grooves to warm up my attitude.....Earlier today I played a project by Daniel Drumz & Mr.Krime that heated up the set (Music For Night People).....Good stuff, a nice combination of breaks, scratches, upbeat grooves, and all types of other head nodding shit....


" Lord Superb - Perb Made It Possible "

Awhile back Superb made claims that Ghostface Killah copied his style....Perb even made allegations that he penned lyrics for the Wu - Tang Swordsmen during the Supreme Clientele era (Listen here for further analysis).....

I can't even front- they both rock a similar wild style with the wordplay.....Who know's what the motherfuckin truth is, maybe one day the truth will come to light...

Anyway, Perb dropped the "Perb Made It Possible" mixtape earlier this year...CHECK IN...


01 - The Haaa Intro Ft. Stack Bundles
02 - Nothing To Lose
03 - Rock Scrams Ft. Stack Bundles
04 - Last Stop Musik
05 - Get Caught Slippin Ft. June Dune
06 - Farrock Heit Musik Ft. Jittabug
07 - Feeling Like Its My Time
08 - Hisory Ft. Kasanova The Don & Bose
09 - Young Superb Ft. Raekwon
10 - Grand Hussle Ft. Ammo
11 - Apocoalyptic Shit Ft. Lord Jamar & Shorty Real
12 - Every Hoods A Harlem
13 - Im A Bad Man
14 - Real Life Ft. Un Pacino & Bash
15 - Hussler Spirit
16 - Stack Outro
17 - Another Man Down Ft. Prezzee
18 - Perb And Prezze Freestyle
19 - Aston Martin Freestyle

Hip Hop Battlefield top picks......"Nothing To Lose", "Last Stop Music", "Farrock Heist Music", "Young Superb", "Apocalyptic Shit", "Every Hood Is Harlem", "I'm A Bad Man", and "Real Life"......


Friday, November 18, 2011

" Under The Radar Rockets "

A couple weeks ago I posted up a Southern Hospitality mix by "Big Jacks".....Today I'm going to slap with you another mix from the Southern Hospitality folks- this one is from Drew Huge (Fat Lace UK).....

A couple of the blends are a little shaky, but he makes up for it with his selection choices......

Nonstop under the radar action ya'll.....


Thursday, November 17, 2011

" New Shit On Deck "

UZN DJ Lord Ron, comes to the table with a bag full of brand new Hip Hop goodies....

Joints from Moob Deep, Concept, Wild Bunch, Has-Lo, Krumbsnatcha, Torae, Wildelux, and many others so quit stalling and hit the download link JACK !!!!


" Thursday Rockets "

You have seen the videos for "Cold Facts" and "Every", now your going to get another dose of KA wreck with his newest offering entitled, "Collage".....

Peep the wordplay because dude is in a class by himself with that 2011 hardcore shit.....Keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming album (Grief Pedigree) dropping sometime soon I hope....BLAM...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

" Stranger Than Fiction "

To many cats like myself, the turntable is a sacred instrument....The possibilities are endless when your a creative DJ with a sturdy foundation in this shit....Many have spent the majority of their life searching for records, learning scratches, blends, doubles, and various other techniques that a true Hip Hop DJ should be well versed in....

So when someone who obviously does not know what the fuck they are doing- tries to perpetrate a fraud behind the decks, someone has to blow the whistle....RIGHT ?

I'm not giving DJ AK47 (Alicia Keys) a pass on this one....I don't give a fuck if she looks good jingling on stage, I don't care if Swizz Beats is trying to hype shit up, and I really could care less if Bussa Buss looks so happy.....Nah, I'm not going for this new age nonsense ya'll......

Watch for yourself, think for yourself....

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 28 "

Atlanta producer Apple Jac, has been making a name for himself with his brand of dusty beats...."Music Is My Main Squeeze" was recorded in 2003, but it sounds like it could have came out this year (Good music is timeless ya'll)....

Sixteen tracks of instrumental, chopfest goodness...


" Mash Em Out "

Since I officially stopped drinking coffee today, I decided to listen to this history of M.O.P. mix by Statik Selektah....Needless to say that I am now supercharged, angry, and wide awake like a motherfucker....

Who needs coffee when you have roughneck tunes like this to blast ?....

Be on the lookout for "Sparta" when it drops on Baby Grande later this month...FIIIIYAHHHHHHH...

Track List:
Statik Selektah Intro
How About Some Hardcore
Rugged Neva Smoove (Dj Premier RMX)
New Jack City
World Famous
Stick 2 Ya Gunz ft. Kool G Rap
Downtown Swinga 96
Downtown Swinga 98
My Kinda N!gg@
My Kinda N!gg@ 2 ft. Heather B
New York Salute
Handle Your Biznezz (Dj Premier RMX)
Breakin the Rules
Blood Sweat & Tears
4 Alarm Blaze ft. Teflon & Jay-Z
New York Giants ft. Big Pun
Half & Half ft. Gang Starr
Calm Down
Cold As Ice
Ante Up
Ante Up Remix ft. Busta Rhymes & Remy Ma
You Don't Know (Remix) ft. Jay-Z
Wolves ft. Krumbsnatcha
We Got Gunz ft. Gangstarr & Fat Joe
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
For The City ft. Jadakiss (prod. by Statik Selektah)
What I Wanna Be
Crazy ft. Termanology (prod. by Statik Selektah)
Whip Yo Head (Rmx) ft. 50 Cent
Get Yours
Sparta (World Premier)
Secret Outro track


Babygrande Presents: The History Of M.O.P. Mixed by Statik Selektah (Sparta In Stores Nov. 22nd) by Babygrande Records

" Tuesday Rockets "

Last year MF Mez and Self Suffice put out a solid album that contained a few gems on it...If they were to ever press singles up on wax - these are the two songs I would bang with....

"Manhattan Night" featuring Zaquan........

"Feel You"........Pay attention to the lyrics....

Monday, November 14, 2011

" Live Body Rockers "

DJ Spinna & Kenny Dope cliqued up at "Anything Goes Live At Dummone" 9/11/11 for all the party people out there.....So far I have only listened to the first ten minutes, and I'm already in a heavy trance....

Rock on ya'll...


" Jarobi Speaks "

Mysterious ATCQ member Jarobi along with Dres, (Black Sheep) stopped by the "Combat Jack" show for a in depth three hour long interview recently 11/2/11...You do not see many Jarobi interviews anywhere on the web, so if your a true ATCQ fan this is a essential listening session...

Be on the lookout for the Dres & Jarobi collaboration project in the near future (They debut a couple tracks under the name 20/20 so do not sleep)...


" Let The Beats Rock "

Had a wild weekend.....

Helped celebrate the Zulu Anniversary with some homies, went on several digging missions and came up something ridiculous, ate some incredible Peruvian food, got my car broken into and ransacked......"ANYBODY CAN GET IT" I guess.....

To those burglars that boosted up my ride, karma will catch up to you one day you fuckin dirtbags......

Anyway, nothing can ever disturb my groove so let me kick off Monday on the right foot : Damu's newest offering, "All Green/ Overthrown"....

Friday, November 11, 2011

" Cuban Link King "

To help build anticipation for his upcoming album "The Pilgrimage" on November 15th, Cappadonna & DJ Monster put together this mixtape to help you get up to speed....

Check in...


Thursday, November 10, 2011

" Obscure Disorder - Before 2002 "

On the last post I mentioned that "O.D." never got around to releasing their debut album, "7 Months Of Ice"....After deciding to do a little investigating though, I stumbled onto a mysterious bootleg project called Before 2002, that runs 17 songs deep....

Not quite sure when this was released or who put it together.....

Regardless, turn the volume up a notch and let the beats rock (That rhymed by the way, HA.)....


1. Any Given Gunplay
2. Bonus Treats ( A Trak)
3. The Entree
4. Freestyle (I-Con)
5. Full Circle
6. Last Call
7. Lyrically Exposed
8. Lyrically Exposed 2
9. Maintain The Focus
10. Mindblowin
11. Overdose Music
12. Scratch Practice (A Trak)
13. Small Talk
14. Superiors Rap
15. Untitled Verse
16. Let's Go (ft. Ill Bill)
17. 2004 (ft. Non Phixion)


" Milkcrate Jewels 37 "

Before he was Kanye West's DJ, before "Fools Gold Records", A-Trak was involved with a group called "Obscure Disorder" from Montreal, Canada..

Troy Dunnit, Eclipse, Logik, and Dave One (A-Trak's brother, now in the group Chromeo) put out a handful of singles on their own imprint "Audio Research Records" that have managed to age very well.....

In my opinion, A-Trak's best production work is with this group...

Check out the very ill " Overdose Music" for proof, or take a listen to this brilliant cut from 2002, "The Grill" that showcases how fresh A-Trak can get behind the boards.....Sometimes I wish he would have expanded on this type of formula, instead of dabbling in the "New age electro" types of beats he deals with nowadays (To each his own)...

There were talks of an album (7 Months Of Ice) that was supposed to drop in the early 2000's- but for some reason that album was never released to my knowledge..(What a shame-this group had the potential to do major damage at a critical time in independent Hip Hop, maybe we can get a Lost Tapes type of release fellas)..

"The Grill" produced by A-Trak....Audio Research Records 2002...


" DJ Big Jacks - 12's Mix "

This is a nice forty minute mix by a cat named Big Jacks (Southern Hospitality UK) that includes tons of ultra rare joints.....You will hear doubles, blends, and more than a few surprises...

Some would label this a "Random Rap" mix, but I believe that term is a limited one and doesn't do justice to some of the incredible material that somehow slipped through the cracks when it was initially released....

No playlist around this time ya'll- your just going to have to trust me on this one.....


DJ BIG JACKS - TWELVE 12s MIX (80s & 90s Random Rap Mix) by Big Jacks

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

" Revolution Wrecks The Breaks "

The turntable wrecking ball DJ Revolution, comes correct on this mix that is stacked with heavy breaks..

Nonstop action for all of those looking for some explosive frequencies..



" Polo Mania, Part 4 "

Frank 151 (Akil Nuru) recently sat down with the Polo Godfather "Rack Lo" to discuss his Hip Hop upbringing, POLOPARTIES, upcoming projects, traveling, boosting, and all types of other wild shit...

F151 : "How have you made the transition from world famous shoplifter to emcee and businessman?

R.L. : Well, even when I was a Shoplifter I was a business man. I literally operated a business and had over head, products, clientele and made huge profits. But here's the funny thing, I never paid for my products sold. So I was a slick business man. It was the opposite for me. Instead of spending money or investing into the business I invested my time, travels and risk of my freedom being taken away. And that meant going to jail for my daily actions. So it was a real risky business. So the business side of things came naturally for me. But that's how I went about doing business in my street days, now I approach business from a professional standpoint. The way it should be done".


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

" Polo Mania, Part 3 "

Philly Lo-Life reppers Him-Lo & Clever-One (Booze Brothers) are steadily impressing me with their brand of no-nonsense, hardcore, RL rap....These two have a classic chemistry that I do not hear too often anymore...

Earlier this year I posted up their very ill "Polo Stampede" joint, now your going to get another heater entitled, "Tag Team Tactics" that will perk your ears up with lines like,

" Run in a bank with a hockey mask, the black Johnny Cash / hit you with the four then your body's splashed "......BLAM.

And while your at it, peep this cut that features Him Lo & Clever One on the Volcano Wakes Up album that dropped in September...."House Of 1000 Hatchets" produced by Denom...