Sunday, November 27, 2011

" Ricci Rucker Remixes Re-Post "

Even though HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD has been rocking extra tough for four years - some of you are just discovering how I get down over here, so it's only right that I repost certain things from time to time....

Back in 2009 I put up a remix project by the mysterious scratch general, Ricci Rucker (I say mysterious because he rarely does interviews)....Anyway, this joint is stacked with insane scratch sentences, way "out there" productions, and all that other fly shit..

Impressive stuff..


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* Peep out what Ricci had to say regarding this session...

"I made this record in early 2005. At the time, I realized that Hip Hop was less about wordplay, and more about talking to a beat, while at the same time, the backbone of hip hop, lost it's backbone to the laptop. Skill development is no where to be found.

Hip hop, like politics, only has a handful of flavors, and a group of subscribers of each. Gangster, South, Westcoast, Hipster, Underground, and a few more. This is what's left, if you don't fall into this, you are NOT "hip hop". The artform I fell in love with, changed, very much, and it's an empty shell.

RRRRAP is an ode to a dying culture, and my last offering to hip hop in a format that is recognize as "hip hop".


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