Wednesday, November 9, 2011

" Polo Mania, Part 4 "

Frank 151 (Akil Nuru) recently sat down with the Polo Godfather "Rack Lo" to discuss his Hip Hop upbringing, POLOPARTIES, upcoming projects, traveling, boosting, and all types of other wild shit...

F151 : "How have you made the transition from world famous shoplifter to emcee and businessman?

R.L. : Well, even when I was a Shoplifter I was a business man. I literally operated a business and had over head, products, clientele and made huge profits. But here's the funny thing, I never paid for my products sold. So I was a slick business man. It was the opposite for me. Instead of spending money or investing into the business I invested my time, travels and risk of my freedom being taken away. And that meant going to jail for my daily actions. So it was a real risky business. So the business side of things came naturally for me. But that's how I went about doing business in my street days, now I approach business from a professional standpoint. The way it should be done".


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