Monday, November 21, 2011

" Yaggfu Front In The Mix "

If you are a avid HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD reader you already know how dope I think Yaggfu Front are/were....

I say are/were because their were talks of them making a full fledged comeback after the release of the "Secret Tapes" years ago....A couple months back I even posted up some newer material, but after that I haven't heard any more details of upcoming releases..

That's unfortunate because the crew always had something unique to bring to the table......I'm not going to go into full detail right now-just take a listen to this mix by Spin 4th and you will hear what time it is for yourself.....


001 – Whered You Get Your Bo Bos – Yaggfu Front
002 – Future Shock – Yaggfu Front
003 – Listen (Ft. Esau) ! – Yaggfu Front
004 – Roll wit the Yaggfu – Yaggfu Front
005 – Plastic Fantastic – Yaggfu Front
006 – Slappin Suckas – Yaggfu Front
007 – Uptown Downtown – Yaggfu Front
008 – Black Liquid – Yaggfu Front
009 – My Dick Is So Large (Bonus Track) – Yaggfu Front
010 – Hard Headed Niggaz ! – Yaggfu Front
011 – Mr. Hook – Yaggfu Front
012 – Hold Em Back – Yaggfu Front
013 – Jump on it – Yaggfu Front
014 – Fling-a-Ling Style – Yaggfu Front
015 – Fruitless-Moot – Yaggfu Front
016 – Action Packed Adventure – Yaggfu Front


*Update- The crew has reformed and they are about to drop an EP called, "How To Stop A Runaway Train" sometime in the near future.........Be on the lookout for that trooper....

And just in case you missed it the first time, here is the newest joint from Yaggfu that I could find..."Long Stretch" produced by Damaged & Deranged (2011).....POW.



Anonymous said...

Dope!!!!....This tape isn't leaving my car for a long while.....nice post.

Anonymous said...

i hope they dident fall off and still are on the left feild there from north carolina????hope they dont get jiggy i used to rock them hard in the 90s alter ha---