Sunday, November 20, 2011

" Lord Superb - Perb Made It Possible "

Awhile back Superb made claims that Ghostface Killah copied his style....Perb even made allegations that he penned lyrics for the Wu - Tang Swordsmen during the Supreme Clientele era (Listen here for further analysis).....

I can't even front- they both rock a similar wild style with the wordplay.....Who know's what the motherfuckin truth is, maybe one day the truth will come to light...

Anyway, Perb dropped the "Perb Made It Possible" mixtape earlier this year...CHECK IN...


01 - The Haaa Intro Ft. Stack Bundles
02 - Nothing To Lose
03 - Rock Scrams Ft. Stack Bundles
04 - Last Stop Musik
05 - Get Caught Slippin Ft. June Dune
06 - Farrock Heit Musik Ft. Jittabug
07 - Feeling Like Its My Time
08 - Hisory Ft. Kasanova The Don & Bose
09 - Young Superb Ft. Raekwon
10 - Grand Hussle Ft. Ammo
11 - Apocoalyptic Shit Ft. Lord Jamar & Shorty Real
12 - Every Hoods A Harlem
13 - Im A Bad Man
14 - Real Life Ft. Un Pacino & Bash
15 - Hussler Spirit
16 - Stack Outro
17 - Another Man Down Ft. Prezzee
18 - Perb And Prezze Freestyle
19 - Aston Martin Freestyle

Hip Hop Battlefield top picks......"Nothing To Lose", "Last Stop Music", "Farrock Heist Music", "Young Superb", "Apocalyptic Shit", "Every Hood Is Harlem", "I'm A Bad Man", and "Real Life"......


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