Thursday, November 10, 2011

" Obscure Disorder - Before 2002 "

On the last post I mentioned that "O.D." never got around to releasing their debut album, "7 Months Of Ice"....After deciding to do a little investigating though, I stumbled onto a mysterious bootleg project called Before 2002, that runs 17 songs deep....

Not quite sure when this was released or who put it together.....

Regardless, turn the volume up a notch and let the beats rock (That rhymed by the way, HA.)....


1. Any Given Gunplay
2. Bonus Treats ( A Trak)
3. The Entree
4. Freestyle (I-Con)
5. Full Circle
6. Last Call
7. Lyrically Exposed
8. Lyrically Exposed 2
9. Maintain The Focus
10. Mindblowin
11. Overdose Music
12. Scratch Practice (A Trak)
13. Small Talk
14. Superiors Rap
15. Untitled Verse
16. Let's Go (ft. Ill Bill)
17. 2004 (ft. Non Phixion)


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