Wednesday, May 5, 2010

" Hip Hop Battlefield Remix Series "

Here we go again folks-

More production mayhem straight from Drasar Monumental's boom-bap torture chambers (HAHA)..I decided to give Mega Montana the remix treatment and sprinkle some dirt underneath his vocals....POW-POW....

The name of the song is "Angel Dust" and believe me when I tell you, this is that official flame thrower shit homeboy.......

So quit stalling, turn the volume to ten and check out how I get down for mine !!!!!!!



Beat Detective said...

I would buy this in a heartbeat!!!
That sample is so D O P E!!!!
Props BD

Drasar Monumental said...

Oh shit, that's what's up famz...

People like you give me the energy to keep pumping out that raw shit !!!!

That remix you did for "Nutso" gets constant burn on my playlist...FRESH..

You can repost the remix if you want, I actually encourage it..

Thank you-

BIG D O said...

whooo lawd!!!