Thursday, May 6, 2010

" Blacastan: Black Sabbath "

The Blacastan 2010 assault continues with the release of his newest offering, "Black Sabbath"...I gotta give him daps for keeping it gritty when most cats are trying their hardest to sound as non-threatening as possible (YA HEARD ME)..

Blacastan brings some well thought out concepts to the table, Ozzy Osborne interludes, intricate stories, and plenty attitude to create a enjoyable listen.

Here are a couple highlights..

" How Can You Be So Sure "- Produced by D.J. Doom.

" Black Magic "- Produced by Colombeyond.

" Returning To Nam "- Produced by Colombeyond & Blacastan.


raverdnb82 said...

Blacastan is on that REAL HIP HOP ISH! Ya feel me? Great production & witty street lyrics without sounding reduntant, like it's the first time you've heard a story like this, even though it's not. A fresh perspective with a gritty voice that sounds great over the beats on the album. Great Job!

Drasar Monumental said...

Word em up dogz.....With every release he is getting better as well..

Thanx for checking in-more heat on deck...