Friday, June 13, 2008

Z's up

This is a pic of me and some other Z's, from a recent Bambaataa show...I must say, Bam destroyed the place....Dude is a true living legend, but he is so down to earth and humble.....Thanks Bam for another beautiful night of peace, unity, and definitely fun......More beats posted up in a minute, and rest of Selfish's interview this weekend........


QueenE said...

Dope picture, Bam definately killed it that night, he threw down some killer riddims.

Keep up the energy on the blog.


a said...

who can put me up on Zulu Albuquerque?
either a site or chapter members or whatever. Zulus who live in the Burque who wanna build is what i'm tryin deal wit. yo Planet, could ya help? yo peace to kweeny.