Monday, June 16, 2008

When Llamas Attack part 4

1.{HHBF}...Uncut Raw flows extremely well from one song to the next...Vocal samples, segues, and instrumental pieces give it a cohesive feel..Was this planned from the beginning?

1..{ Selfish }....Fluent sent a lot of beats in beat mixes where one track has like 5 plus beats on it, and he would occasionally put shit up on myspace like that..One time he put up this cassette mix that really murdered that style, and from there I knew that was the type of shit I wanted 2 do with him, cause that's where he excels..he was all for it, cause that's the joint he wanted to do as well, so it was a conscious decision. It's all about keeping the people on the edge of their seats, giving the album a sense of movement, and staying fresh....

2..{HHBF}...You make your own beats as well...How long have you been making beats and what equipment do you use?

2...{ Selfish}..I first started making beats around 2000, just fucking around with my dude's Asr-10...I was into rhymingfirst, but by the time I got a beat machine of my own a year or 2 later, I decided I wanted to get deeper on that..My first machine was a Asr 10 pro, and I still got it. Then I moved to a Mpc 2000. Sold it for an XL. Then sold it for a 1000. A lot of beats I make on the 1000.
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