Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Beats

Here's some newer beats I did, including Mobb Deep acapella over a grimy beat I just made.

Peace to Hektek and the whole Bronx Mob.

Give me some feedback.


monsrock said...

that mobb shit is nice! get biz

diggs81 said...

GBEAT 5 has my head ringing even when the power is turned off!

When GBEAT 3 opens up it sounds like a bad "rush" (the band from the 80's) sample, but at about 30 secs into it you flip it and start adding layers -- it comes together real nice.

Sorry I missed you when you came through the 805, but shit was a little hectic up in san luis.

Keep posting tracks!


Drasar Monumental said...

Thanx , more beats posted next week. All remixes

a said...

yo mons, holla. its Vext

a said...

yo where's my shit? got beats 4 cyberworld but where's my UPS. now everybody else knows about the most crackinest shits from behind the redwood curtain and they tryin to rustle my jump offs. thas why i told mondo 2 call me, he'll put them shits in the mail like a true. Na jus jivin a man, nice works Iya, keep em comin.
(but i do want my exclusives)

Anonymous said...

Wow Mobb RMX is A Bomb Man!!NIIIIIIIIIIICEE!!Rafaelz2580 Italy