Thursday, June 12, 2008

When Llamas Attack part 1

This is the interview I did with Selfish from the Green Llama crew....We spoke on a array of topics, from his Chicago roots, to the current state of Hip Hop production.....Go cop that Uncut Raw album, and Dekay's Antique Black album..................

1.{HHBF}...I like the Uncut Raw album. It's been on heavy rotation since I got it.....The song "Fortune Cookies" caught my attention.......You are dropping heavy jewels on this one......What's your approach to crafting lyrics?

{Selfish}..I like the beat to speak to me initially and paint a picture in my head that I want to put into words. Obviously sometimes a sample might say something that gives that process a boost, which was slightly the case with "Fortune Cookies" because it had that ' reap what you sow dialogue in the beginning of the track and that was there before I even penned a verse. I'm not big on just writing on the spot most of the time. If it's a collabo track i'm working on in the lab at the moment fucking around that's cool, but if i'm sent some beats by a producer for a project, I like to let it marinate and give the full amount of energy I feel the track desrves. I'm all for spontaneous creativity, but album cuts for the most part, I like to think shit out a little before I put it into words. Occasionally though, I hear something and it all flows out instantaneously, so I will say it's all about the creative energy the track gives me. All my verses for the most part are written specifically for the track they wind upon, based on the vibe I feel from the beat. Then from there I just fill in the blanks...

continued on part 2

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