Thursday, June 12, 2008

When Llamas Attack part 2

2..{HHBF}..What's the word on the green Llama crew.. Members and how long have you been recording together?

{Selfish}..Green Llama at first consisted of myself {Selfish} mc-producer, and {Dekay} from Chicago, {Tone Liv} -mc from Jersey, {Fluent} -producer from Ohio, {Vincent Price}-producer from N.C. by way of Florida, {Butta Verses}-mc from Florida, and {Ill Don}-producer from Queens. We initially formed up after a period of getting to know each other online, and seeing if we were all on the same page as far as this Hip Hop goes. Since then we added mine and Dekay's d.j., D.J. Monkey from Chicago, who also does beats, And the one and only {Dibiase}-producer-mc from Cali, who's a beast on production. The name Green Llama came from Ill Don who had some old radio show. him and Fluent fucked around with the name and when the crew formed that was the name they called it. The rest of us kinda wondered where the shit came from, but it caught on and we ran with it. Since then we've flipped meanings and catch phrases, aliases, etc, off of the Llama name. The main thing being that a Llama is known to spit..Whether it be the animal or the firearm, and green symbolizes life and can as well be interpreted as money, whatever you want. Plus a few of us are weedheads, which shouldn't be a suprise. It's nothing to deep, but myself and some of the other Llamas always building on the meaning behind it, giving it new significance.. Sallama To The Llama's..

3[HHBF}..Rubberroom used to be my favorite from Chicago until I heard ya'll...Did you ever see them perform live before they disbanded?
{Selfish}...I was blessed with a few opportunities to see Rubberoom do their thing onstage years ago. They brought that heat, plus they they were creators of a very distinct sound. I just seen a couple of them dudes at a show recently. Lumba and S.P.O. some real cool cats. Rubberoom is definitely some of the most classic Chi Hip Hop you can find. Some of the hardest shit you will ever hear. I'd like to hear new stuff in any capacity, group or solo. A big influence on me, as well as many others in my circle... continued on Part 3

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