Thursday, June 12, 2008

When Llamas Attack part 3

4..{HHBF} What are some of your Hip Hop influences?

{Selfish}... The first shit that I really remember having a staying influence on me was shit like N.W.A., Public Enemy, Geto Boys. I would see a lot of that shit on M.T.V. Raps and the Box. I was into some of that shit cause older family members put me up on it. Honestly at that point, I was into all the cussing and crazy shit a dude like Eazy E would say. I remember I got good grades on my report card and got the "Humpty Dance" cassette single . A couple years later, it was a "Tribe Called Quest", who were the main ones that had me buggin bout shit seriously.. then Wu-Tang, I'd say the RZA and Wu in general was the first thing that ever made me think about making music myself. It;s too much to list though. Iv'e been into all types of music all my life..........

The rest of the interview this weekend..........Sample of Selfish's material posted below..

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