Tuesday, July 26, 2011

" Down Low Wreckage E .P. "

I'm going to take you all the way to Staten Island for a heavy dose of Hip Hop shock treatment....

Wu-Tang affiliate Dark Skinned Assassin dropped the stellar Down Low Wreckage E.P. in the mid nineties....Ill crime stories,menacing production, and all that other hardcore shit....

After garnering attention for the project he ended up getting incarcerated for three years which slowed down the momentum of his musical efforts.......He now goes by the name Dr. Ama and he released an album entitled "Split Personality" a couple years back.....

Anyway, here is the download for Down Low Wreckage.......Turn the volume up and prepare for rough turbulence..



01 - Lock Shit Down
02 - Smoke In Ya Face
03 - Gotta Get The Creme
04 - Life Of Shorty
05 - The Horror
06 - Untitled Raw Shit

1 comment:

Donaleski said...

Too bad dis e.p doesn't come out this year actually, I'd have loved to see it as a 2011 production.

As usual D, u maintain it… peace ma G