Monday, May 2, 2011

" Schooly D Housing The Set "

One of the original Hip Hop gangsters Schooly D deserves more props for his brand of rugged, dusted, completely bugged the fuck out brand of music......His first four albums (Schooly D, Saturday Night, Smoke Some Kill, Am I Black Enough For You) are all certified classics that pushed the boundaries of the art form....

One of things that appealed to me about Schooly's sound was his unorthodox approach to recording.....It seemed as if he just hit the record button and blacked out on the tracks......Instead of over thinking the funk, he just let it flow naturally and unrestrained unlike many of the dudes I hear these days...

In 2011 he is still recording and touring....You can scope out his web site HERE......

And while your at it, peep this comprehensive compilation of strictly Schooly D goodness by B.A.B.....


1 Introduction (Chitlin Circuit) (0:41)
2 Housing The Joint (3:05)
3 We Get Ill (2:17)
4 Parkside 5-2 (2:51)
5 Saturday Night (4:22)
6 Gucci Time (2:59)
7 Mr. Big Dick (4:26)
8 Here We Go Again (2:44)
9 Smoke Some Kill (3:27)
10 Another Poem (4:15)
11 Same White Bitch (Got You Strung Out On Cane) (4:09)
12 Treacherous (4:02)
13 Black Man (2:47)
14 Fat Gold Chain (1:46)
15 Black (0:20)
16 Gangster Boogie (3:56)
17 It's Like Dope (3:54)
18 D Is For (3:23)
19 Black Attack (1:03)
20 Who's Schoolin' Who? (3:20)
21 Mama Feelgood (3:24)
22 Education Of A Black Man (1:59)
23 Black Jesus (3:51)
24 Super Nigger (1:55)
25 Am I Black Enough For You? (4:29)
26 Don't Call Me Nigger (3:16)
27 Run (3:49)
28 King Of New York (4:34)
29 Die Nigger Die (3:57)
30 How A Black Man Feels (3:50)
31 Peace To The Nation (4:27)
32 Welcome To America (4:02)
33 Gangster Tripping (4:16)
34 I Wanna Get Dusted (4:13)



Anonymous said...

Truly one of the most underated/underappreciated cats ever in hip-hop.

I remember buying the 12" to "P.S.K." when it first dropped.

The one with the cartoon drawings/yellow cover.

Man,i'm old,LOL


Anonymous said...

saturday night^^^ i loved schooly d maniac dedicated to all b boys etc classic philly gangsta alter ha

Drasar Monumental said...