Wednesday, May 18, 2011

" For Those That Like To Groove, Part 16 "

"For Those That Like To Groove" is back folks.....

So you know what that means right ? Nothing but that sure shot, certified head nodder shit to keep your groove morale intact and right and exact....YA HEARD ME....

Miles Newbold (Now Again Records) & Grant Phabao rock the set this time around with heavy selections indeed........POW,POW.

VIA- Paris DJ's

Tracklisting :

01. Ady Zehnpfennig - Easter Afternoon
(from 'Dr. Böhm Panorama-Sound' album, 1974 / Europaton)
02. Joe Haider - Last Time
(from 'Jazz In Beat & Soul' compilation, 1969 / Intercord)
03. Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass - Wild Chick
(from 'Waitaminute' album, 1973 / MPS)
04. Galt MacDermot - Bedroom
(from 'The Nucleus' album, 1971 / Kilmarnock)
05. Kenny Graham And His Satellites - Fog On The Hudson
(from 'Moondog And Suncat Suite' album, 1956 / MGM)
06. Jeremy Steig - In The Beginning
(from 'Wayfaring Stranger' album, 1970 / Blue Note)
07. Roland Kirk - A Quote From Clifford Brown
(from 'I Talk With The Spirits' album, 1965 / Limelight)
08. The Sign of 4 - Assault On The Senses
(unreleased track from Miles Newbold of The Natural Yogurt Band)
09. The Sign of 4 - The Sign Of 4
(unreleased track from Miles Newbold of The Natural Yogurt Band)
10. The Natural Yogurt Band - Seven And Eights
(from 'Tuck In With...' album, 2011 / Now-Again)
11. The Soundcarriers - Celeste
(from 'Celeste' album, 2010 / Melodic)
12. Audio Optics - Number 13
(unreleased track from Miles Newbold of The Natural Yogurt Band)
13. The Sign of 4 - East Meets Blues
(unreleased track from Miles Newbold of The Natural Yogurt Band)
14. Moraes Moreira - Meiufiu
(from 'Cara E Coração' album, 1977 / Som Livre)
15. Charles Rouse - Hopscotch
(from 'Two Is One' album, 1974 / Strata-East)



Anonymous said...

i like thes posts real good breaks i got that insight and count bass d off beat box radio its ok you can snatch it there wish kool keiths 1st verse was better instead off sonia monia bonia im checking out j rawls the hip hop affect lets hope this is good peace alter ha

Drasar Monumental said...

Yeah I'm actually checkin that J Rawls as I type this...

Thanks for checking in famz....


donaleski said...

Yo Dras back again for dem original grooves holmes. Thanks for keepin postin original music science.


Anonymous said...

this blog is up there in my top 2 i allways check in i wasent feeling the j rawls to mutch insight in count bass d better i like insights delivery out of them all bass d was layed back pace won was the same old kool keith out there same old daghas verse was good respect alter hooded asassianz crew