Sunday, April 17, 2011

" Every Posse Get Flat, Part 2 "

" Hot off the press comes “Volcano Revisited”, an updated version of Pekka Vuorinen and the late Tero Kaski’s seminal and long-out-of-print “Reggae Inna Dancehall Style” (Black Star, 1984). Expanded from 96 to 206 pages, the new version is published by eronen (Helsinki) and has been completely redesigned in full colour with previously unseen interviews and photos as well as reproductions of twelve of Sassa’s stunning hand-drawn dancehall posters.

The list of featured artists included in the book are impressive to say the least: Henry “Junjo” Lawes, Burro Banton, Josey Wales, Barrington Levy, Little John & Ranking Toyan, El Fego Bacca, Shadowman, Billy Boyo & Little Harry, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Metro, Robert Ffrench, Tony Tuff, Jah Thomas, Hopeton Lindo, Horace Andy, Al Campbell, Earl Sixteen, Johnny Clarke, Singie Singie, Frankie Jones, Roland Burrell, Jah Stitch, Lady Ann, Soljie, Prince Far I, Reggae George, Sylvan Morris, Roy Cousins, King Tubby, Devon Russell, Pablove Black, Bagga Walker, Jackie Mittoo, Rappa Robert, Bongo Herman, Brent Dowe, and Sassa(fras)".

If you know what time it is you will cop this book with a quickness........


But if your a little low on greenbacks (We are in a motherfucking recession) you can scoop up this mix by Jayman ( WCTD) that features heavy tunes by artist on the Volcano label...........DO NOT SLEEP......Peace to my family in the Cayman Islands- Chatty, Avril, David, Randy, Dwayne, Since, Big Rodrick, etc....


01 Mash it already – Al Campbell (dubplate cut, live in session)
02 Be like a soldier – Barrington Levy
03 Mash it already – Al Campbell & Little John
04 Jah made them that way – Cocoa Tea
05 Fraid of you – Charlie Chaplin
06 Top form – Yellowman
07 Creamy corner – Toyan
08 Prison Oval rock – Barrington Levy
09 Bobo dread – Josey Wales
10 Society party – Yellowman
11 Pass the ball – Tony Tuff
12 Nobody like you – Tony Tuff
13 Calypso – Toyan
14 Woola woop – Josey Wales
15 What are you feeling – Tony Tuff
16 Come home – Josey Wales
17 Want to go home – Winston Hussey
18 Come fi mash it – Tony Tuff
19 Slim thing – Little John
20 Who can make the dance Ram – Yellowman
21 Dancehall Style – Little John
22 Stumbling block – Burro
23 Jamaica 21 – Shadowman
24 Dances are changing – Barrington Levy (live & direct)
25 Woman no use me – Shadowman (live & direct)
26 Children, children – Billy Boyo
27 100 weight of collie weed – Carlton Livingston
28 Pain a back – Scion ‘Sashay’ Success
29 Can’t leave Jah - Scion ‘Sashay’ Success
30 Have fi get you – Josey Wales
31 Strictly Bubbling – Yellowman
32 We hot – Charlie Chaplin
33 It a go done – Sammy Levi
34 Burro go America/ Volcano take over – Burro (live & direct)
35 Leggo me queen – Burro (live & direct)
36 Spin your roll/ Form a line – Little John (live & direct)
37 Sonia – Cocoa Tea
38 Gateman – Josey Wales
39 Stylee – Toyan
40 Zungguzungguguzungguzeng – Yellowman



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besides the talking this mix was dope

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do you have a link to part 1 to the Every Posse Get Flat Mix?