Thursday, March 24, 2011

" Hip Hop Battlefield Goes To Soldier Field, Part 8 "

What's going on out there HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD posse ?

Are you an M.C. that is confident in your skills ?........Are you a D.J. that still actually mixes and practices your hand control on those scratch patterns ?......Maybe your a graff head that knows what time it is ?

Or are you a producer that donates a good amount of time to perfecting your craft ?..........

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you can send your material to ZJUDAH@YAHOO.COM and I will give it a listen to see if it is HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD status HAHA.......On the real though, send me your joints and I will see what's good famo...

Anyway, Hip Hop Project blesses us with 4 hours of non stop hip Hop chaos.......Big up to all my peoples out there in Chi-Town, see ya'll in a second....


Prodigy- keep it there
Prodigy- Livin the life
Prodigy- tick tock
Prodigy- hooked on you
Prodigy- veterans memorial
Mobb Deep- Creep
Mobb Deep- Bloody Money
Mobb Deep- So ill
Prodigy & Alchemist- Backwards
Mobb Deep- Eye for Eye
Mobb Deep- Get Away
Mobb Deep- Stole Something
Prodigy- Bang on Em
Prodigy- Bad Power
Prodigy- Real Power is People
Prodigy- Stop Frontin
Prodigy- Young Vet
Alchemist- Hold you down
Cormega/Prodigy- Three
Big Twins/ Pacino/ Prodigy- anytime
Big Noyd feat. prodigy- Louder
Jigmastas- c.s.s
Freddie Foxx- Freddie Dynomite
MOP- Firing Squad
KRS- Hip Hop Lives
J.U.I.C.E- The Come Up
Cormega- A Thin Red Line
Jay Electronica- Exihbit C
Murs- Freak these tales
Dr. Dre - Xxxplosive
Gangstarr - Deadly Habits
Liquid Junkies - s.c.a.n.s
Beatnuts - Strokes
Mad Skillz - 2006 Wrap Up
Quasimoto - Axe Puzzles
RTST Intro- Take Notice
Artifacts- ComeOnWitTaGetDown
Jay Z- DEvils
Mobb Deep- Temperature's Rising
Deda & Pete Rock- Can't wait
J Period- 5 on It Remix
Busta Rhymes- So Hardcore
East Flatbush Project- Tried by 12
Sir Menelik- XXL
Lootpack- HitUWitDat
Camp Lo- Park Joint
Jneiro Jarel- Lets Get Wit It
The Roots- Dynomite
Apollo Brown- Streets Wont Let Me Go
Mad Skillz- Extra Abstract
Savant of Rarebreed- Say Your Prayers
RJD2- Ghostwriter
Beatnuts- Simple Murder
Gang Starr- Speak Ya Clout
The Roots- Distortion to Static
Scheme - Billion Dollar Dream
Opus- Organic Mind Unit
Daily Planet- Commisioners
Juice- Ridaz
United Center- Never Gonna Be
YP- question
Youngz- Grimy Affair
Prime, Que Billah, KRS One- Today's Lesson
Verbal Kent- A City Without a Villain
Akbar- Hip Hop Is
daily planet- we like to party
decay- call to arms
Legendary trackster- d tribute
Nacrobats- The Jiggy
Rasheed Hadee - Tempting
Verbal Kent- Big Buildings
Common- Stolen Moments
Mik Luter- Let The Games Begin


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