Friday, March 18, 2011

" Friday Firepower "

Without the aid of the internet this O.C. Starchild remix project would have never seen the light of day (Unfortunately).....Grit Records were set to release this in 2005, but somehow it got lost in the shuffle....

So strap on your helmets, turn the volume to ten, and prepare for some heavy turbulence......Two thumbs up....

Via-Claaa 7..

01. STARCHILD (The Beat Fanatic Remixes Promo):
* "Intro" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Who Run It" [prod. !llmind]
* "Acid" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Mush" [prod. !llmind]
* "Underboss" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Outro" [prod. !llmind]
02. "1nce Again" [Pete Rock Remix]
03. "Childhood" [Pete Rock Remix] (Snippet)
04. "Story to Tell" [!llmind Remix]


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