Friday, May 11, 2012

" SP - 1200 Steez "

There is something about the SP-1200 that just grabs your attention..Maybe it's the weird ringing sound it attaches to your samples, maybe it's the insane punch it gives to the drums, or maybe it's the creativity it forces you to adopt due to it's limited sample time?

Beat Junkie "Rhettmatic" opens up the vaults and hits us with some good old fashioned "SP" business...This is what he had to say regarding the project..

"So now, what you hear right now is some of old stash of SP1200 Beats that were made from 1994-1998. I actually recorded the beats straight from the SP1200, without any additional mixing…..just straight arrangement, & added scratches & sound effects to keep a little things interesting. What you hear is straight, raw, gritty, 12-bit texture, mono SP1200 beats with the ringy tone samples & smacking drum sounds. I hope you enjoy listening to them (& hopefully you're not making fun of them) while walking down memory lane with me. Who knows, if the response is positive, i might put out more beats to listen….& maybe actually make some new ones too".

released 10 May 2012
Produced by Dj Rhettmatic for Beat Junkie Sound
Recorded at The Sound-O-Matic Lab - Cerritos, Ca.
Beats are from 1994-1998

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