Thursday, May 24, 2012

"JS-1 : Rap Is Out Of Control "

Here is the latest edition of RIOC with JS-1 filling in for Eclipse....I haven't spotted a link for this show in a long time so this is a nice surprise...


1-Eclipse Rap is Outta Control Intro - Kool G Rap n AG
2-Comin' 4 U (solar diss) - Big Shug
3-Occupy All Streets - Sean Price
4-4 Finger Ring - Trez
5-Golden State (of mind) - Copywrite feat Casual, Evidence n Roc Marciano
6-Walk Hard - Gangrene
7-I do Whatever I want - Homeboy Sandman
8-Fuck Rappers - Planet Asia feat Fashawn
9-Early 90's - Double AB, Karniege, Torae
10-Just Rhymin' w Skizz - Dj Skillz n Problems
11-Rise n Shoot - D Strong feat Prince Po
12-New York City - Punchline n SoulClap feat Torae, Ruste Juxx
13-All or Nothing - Asylum Lifetime
14-Times Up - Mike Flo
15-People's Champ - OC n Apollo Brown
16-That Nigga Crazy - Show n AG
17-Power of Rhyme - Craig G n Marco Polo
18-Nautica - OC n Apollo Brown
19-Berri Love - Show n AG
20-Takin' Over - Illa Ghee
21-UndagroundGoOn - Dj Premier n Bumpy Knuckles
22-No Apologies - Planet Asia n Raekwon
23-Hardest from the Underground - Ruste Juxx
24-All Day - KRS-One
25-Knock on my Door - Wordsworth
26-Dead Pool - Rah BoomBap
27-Easter - Artifacts & Dj Dutchmaster
28-Biters - Dj Soko feat Guilty Simpson
29-Get the City - Neek the Exotic n Bumpy Knuckles
30-Wolves - Show n AG feat OC
31-Gregory Heinz - Soul Khan n J57
32-Effortless - Craig G feat Chaundon n Big Pooh
33-Pushin' Aside Pushin' Along - De La's Plug 1 n 2
34-I'm good - Erick Sermon
35-Today - Jay Love
36-Kaboom - Punchline n SoulClap feat Stricklin, Masta Ace & Wordsworth
37-Takeit2theTop - Dj Premier n Bumpy Knuckles
38-Thug Poets - 1982 feat Roc Marciano n Havoc
39-Miles White - Gee Dubs
40-Greatest Force - Truth
41-When You Sleep - Dj Numark feat Large Pro
42-Elite Status - J57 feat Rasheed Chappell
43-Holy Smokes - Mr. Complex
44-Freak Rock - Pep Love


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