Friday, May 18, 2012

" Let The Beats Rock "

Three questions came to mind after listening to Will C's latest instrumental project (Adieu or Die)...

1..What type of equipment did he use making this ?..

2..How long did it take him to make it ?..

3..Who mixed this down for him, or did he do it himself ?

Will took the time to put this all together rocking strictly "Beach Boys" samples....I usually bypass this type of shit, but for some reason I decided to give it a chance...

There were a couple joints that definitely caught my attention.

Here are HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD'S top picks..

"In A Ocean".....This is a straight up B-Boy explosion right here...Heavy layers and unpredictable sequences, I wish he would of made the whole project like this..

"Dilation".....The drums are real nice, floating chord changes, well thought out arrangements.....Some cats might consider this corny, but this reminds me of some fresh Yo Gabba Gabba type shit...HAHA.

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